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The W - Pro Wrestling - WWE SMACKDOWN WORKRATE REPORT 5/9/2002
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I really hate the WWE. I used to really hate the WWF- but then they changed their name. It's not some grandstand elitist shit I'm pulling. I used to really love WCW and they were just as purile and insipid and moronic as the WWE. Go figure. Maybe it's the whole stinking heap of complete artless shit that WWE shoots for that is so far removed from what I like in wrestling. Who knows? Anyway, I love Phil Schneider like a brother/son/cute runaway teenage boy in the alley, so when he wanted to bring back the Workrate Reports (which was a concoction of the Great Canadian Patriot- Ollie Postlethwaite, from way back when), I said sure. I was hoping to get a show that was something easy and quasi-Worldwide-like such as Metal. I couldn't ever figure out when they show it in Richmond so HELLLOOOOOO SMACKDOWN! We'll ease into this and I'll try not to be a dick. Oh fuck that. I'm a dick. Okay, I'll prolly hate everything because I haven't watched this shit (big league US wrestling) in two years, so bear with me while reacquaint myself with this tripe.

- The Hurricane and Al Snow skit was fun. It was like watching those GLOW Hee Haw sections at the end of the GLOW run. Boy, that Ninotchka was a prime piece of Soviet ass. CAN I GET AN AMEN?!

- Chuck and Billy whip out their sweet asses in highlight form and I know one guy in Virginia Beach who appreciated the effort. If I were actually a man who loved other men, I woulda toasted one. Yeah sure. We're all adults here secure in our menhoods. Yes. Yes, we are....

- D-Von vs HHH was fun. D-Von has a peppy little offense, throwing a good Elbow Drop. HHH sold the damage of the beatdown from the opening- in that he sold D-Von's offense like a Main Eventer should sell for the undercard guy in the same situation. Deacon Bautista was actually fun on the outside hitting his spots with aplomb. The ending was effective, I guess. There you go.

- Billy and Chuck come out with Ricky Rachtman? Al Snow and Maven and Rikishi! THINK OF ALL THE MALE ASS! I'm all chipper just thinking about it. Rikishi looks great. Being twice the size of his former SST combined didn't effect his ability to work like a motherfucker for being such a big big fat guy- plus he will still bump like a fucking freak. Palumbo rocks it with the punches and the suplexes. They shoulda kept Maven out of the match more. Al Snow looked like shit. He should try to wrestle more like he did against Benoit in ECW in 1995. Or like he did against Osamu Nishimura in that warehouse in 1995. I'm kidding, of course. I'm glad you can pay the mortgage, Mr Snow. God knows you paid your dues back in the day. NOT ENOUGH MALE ASS.

- Lance Storm isn't nearly as good as when Yuji Yasuraoka was carrying him in the WAR Junior Heavyweight Division but this was a good little match against Randy Orton. The Hardcore Holly as ref was pretty retarded. Lance with the Cravate was cool. Orton needs to get on the gas. Maybe sucking on HHH sweaty t-shirts would do the trick. Orton looked greeen and the finish was complete shit. LANCE~! and the RUN-INS~! WOW~! C'mon Lance, be a man and regrow the mullet rattail combo. That was balls out.

- I can't figure out if Edge assuming the roll of Dave EVAD Sullivan was a good thing or a bad thing. An Evad Sullivan run-in would be a SWERVE that I could get into for a few minutes. Bring him in, get the obscure internet pop, send him over to Europe for a tour and fire him when he gets back. OO-OO! OR OR HAVE EDGE AND EVAD TAG TOGETHER AS THE HULKAMANIAC MACHINES 2002 AND THEN HAVE HOGAN GIVE EVAD A PET RABBIT! EDGE WOULD BE a.)JEALOUS OF THE RABBIT GIFT and b.) ALLERGIC TO THE RABBIT! I AM MOTHER FUCKING TORQUED~~! Yes, Edge the Hulkamaniac works.

- Attitude and Entertainment? That sounds like something that Rod at Big Entertainment from the DEVO movies would say. "You're ready for the barrelroom! I'm not telling you what to DO, I'm telling you what you're DOING." DDT has better graphics than Smackdown and if this was DDT, Vince McMahon would sing a standard show tune to kick off the show.

- Stacy Kiebler walks out to start off the show and a million fat 38 year old virgins blow semen all over their Dr Who figurines. Gooey and pungent!

-Vince talks a while. Stacy bends over a lot for Vince and the crowd says "what?" quite a bit. They kinda recycle the Steve Austin vs McMahon angle but with HHH assuming the role of Austin. En Lieu of chugging a Stevieweiser, he seems to have taken just really really large amounts of steroids. Like a whole bunch. It all seems to be pointing to a HHH vs Vince match. HHH isn't Austin on the STICK~! so this keeps a-dragging on for a while. HHH throws punches of sheer LUGEROCITY on the Vince Squad before succumbing to a beatdown. Jericho walks out and smacks HHH around a bit and HHH hits a Hogan-level bladejob- I'm assuming it would be more of a manly bladejob but the green ooze that coats the inside of HHH's radiative skin tends to heal cuts very quickly. One day he woke up and a third thumb was growing out of his forehead. It was very muscular. HHH gets over Jericho's finisher a bit and we have a main event.

- Tajiri is a man's man and keeps his bitch at bay. The Hurricane match held promise- as Tajiri being a poor man's 1996 Ohtani is kinda okay. The finish involving a woman in her underwear would have been better if I didn't have access to women with actual asses on the internet. And you know kids- this is a life lesson- if you jack off to the internet, you can be done in 15 minutes and you would have the other hour and forty-five minutes to weatch something good- like AAA from Mexico. At least if you are going to try to attract the teenage retarded sexuallity demographic- at least watch stuff aimed at the openly HOMOSEXUAL teenage retarded sexuality demographic. It's far more Carney and far less pathetic when your girlfriend walks in. The latent homosexuality of the WWE is so beyond sheer pansy-assed. I can't imagine why this company is going straight down the terlit.

- Mark Henry vs Test wasn't good. Test throws really shitty punches. His lariats aren't bad. Henry's aren't good- as he is quite the Hercules Hernandez '02. Test is almost the new Brian Lee until he hits a nice Flying Elbow. The finish sucked shit and made them both look like pussies. I need to go back and compare, but I think Ice Train vs Scott Norton 2 out of 3 on WCW Saturday- WHERE THEY WENT BROADWAY ONCE- might have been more compelling. Maybe I need to get used to ridiculously short matches again.

- Kurt Angle's PROMO~! fell flat because Edge's baldness made him look the singer of System Of A Down and those young chicks dig that look, right? What with the piercings, the tattoos, and those funny pants that make you look like the singer for Grand Funk Railroad. BACK IN MY DAY! Angle looked like George Foreman after the computer enhancement. What could be better than that? Forman knocked down Joe Motherfucking Frazier 6 times to win the World Heavyweight Title. This didn't really start enclosing it's mouth on the giant penis of suck until Hulk Hogan came out. Angle sells for Hogan like Kawada sold for Baba in 98. As for the creepy pops for Hogan, it's the North. We had Flair in 85. It's all good when thinking in retrospect.

- The main event was an odd assortment of sizes and skills. Hogan's punches were SOOOOOOO fucking horrible but he has a nice elbow drop. Angle bounces around the ring like a young Ricky Morton but then throws the Released Belly to Belly that Morton never threw. Angle is such a bump freak. The second heaviest guy in the match shouldn't take the fattest bumps. Jericho's offense looked pathetic. Somebody should sit him down and tell him that his kicks suck. Edge is a victim of a HEAT SEGMENT~! which is smart considering Hogan's has Murder She Wrote episodes on videotape at home. Hogan wags his finger and says in his mind as it goes back and forth, "Americans- Are-Stupid. Americans-Are-Stupid". Then HHH runs in with a slege hammer and ruins the whole thing. God, this sucked. Then McMahon and HHH get on the stick and I deeply cannot give a shit at this point.




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Can I assume that you watched this whole thing with the "mute" button on?
(Thinking back to the WOW reports...)

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I'm not generally a member of the Dean Rasmussen Is God posse, but this report, I liked.

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If Dean is God, does that make Rippa St. Peter?

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I tend to agree with most of Deans stuff. I'm guessing it's cool to add everyone's thoughts in here (i

I found myself laughing a lot during Smackdown last night. Tazz was busting Coles balls more then usual. Which is a good thing... Smackdown has had a lot of odd homoerotica hints to it. Which is a not so good thing

Opening segment was fine, but what is with HHH and when he was gone Stephanie for having all these people finding them attractive... urh

Hurricane v. Tajiri - well something overshadowed the match. Torrie locks fantastic (not my favourite diva at all but she does). The idea of how offensive Geisha outfit but her parading around in an arena in her underwear is liberating is beyond me. But it is the WWF..... Snow and Hurricane backstage ruled (my vote goes SHannon Moore)

Test v. Henry - why did the ref kick Test's hand when he was reaching for the rope?. If this means Henry's push is ending that's good. I guess we'll see him making out with a panda or something in the near future.

D-von v. H - D-von beat H!!...D-von beat H!!.. Hey this guy is main event bay-bee. Ross said so on his ross report, you have to accept it. Personally in the H beatdown getting this win I'd be much happier. But I guess he's the one with the gimmick so he gets the win and of course J.R stating he's got main event buh-gawd writen all over him on his report. (D-von should drop the collar and go with a flashy diamond suit like Steve Martin in Leap of Faith).... I didn't hate this match that much, and I guess Jericho nailing H with the collection box was a good visual.

*I guess Michael Cole will say something stupid at a closing of every D-von segment, this week "That donation box should be used for heavens work but tonight it was used for Jericho's dirty work" and after he said it I truly felt he thought to himself what an epic line,. just like last weeks after d-von cheated to let christian/test win "I thought one of the d-von commandments is thou shall not steal"

Angle interview, it was kinda creepy seeing bald Edge up there on the like a character from American History X... Also odd that Angle starts screaming "you think you're so good looking" and also addmited Edge is a "good looking young man"... Hogan coming out like bitter old man saying "sonny dont' make fun of bald people, I'm bald" was oddly entertaining.

The "What r u looking at" team vs. Maven/Rikishi/Snow - To be honest going into this, I didn't like any of these guys. But I Didn't hate the match, the match was pretty decent... I like Rico (what r u looking at) I think he should be a major part of the light-weight division. He's got personality and isn't just a nameless cruiserweight... I didn't like Snow trying to pull chuckys tights

Storm .v Orton - Nice match, godd tech wrestling. Holly pulling the rope away with his foot was classic... The main story here is how Tazz was busting Cole big time during the match
Cole "I blame Stacy she was the one was coming on to Orton"... Tazz "Wow you are really on tonight Cole"
Tazz "Orton is a good looking kid"...Cole "He's a real good looking kid"... Tazz "easy there Cole"

Hogan/Edge v. Angle/Jericho - with all the odd guys checking out guys stuff in this smackdown, I'll throw one out myself. Last night I really noticed Hogan had old man ass, can't really explain it but he does. He also reminded me of my grandfather when he was standing on the apron walking around waving his hand for Edge to get up, he looked lost and confused. (saying that I'm still a hulkAmanic maybe because he does remind me of my grandfather)
Errr back to the match. It was really funny that when hogan came in the entire style changed (which is expected and should of course). I got a kick of Hogan teaming with edge, the match was above average... H coming in and going crazy was cool Jericho getting in the last shot with the "Hat Trick" shot to H's dome was even better.

I really thought the backstage stuff shined last night

Jericho shoving his fist in Stacy face and telling her "Look I still have Triple H's blood on my fist, see" He's so proud. (lol)..... THe what r u looking at team backstage with Chucky calling the interviewer "hey whoever you are" and after stating this is Rico's first match him screaming out "That's right I'm coming out boys".....Christian temper tandran inring = sucky, But Christian temper tandran backstage = Funny. I get such a kick when Christian freaks out backstage while others look nervously at him..... Ortons a horrible interview. isn't he friends with the Hardyz??. Storm was funny stating he has been placing bets on if Henry can bend a frying pan (lol).... Edge backstage was cute (what r u lookin at) I could really see him at home 10 years ago doing the same thing. NO not as funny as Kane's a month or so ago, but Edge was pretty good.

Boy I wrote a lot, I guess the show had a lot of stuff I thought off. I liked the show. I liked RAw a lot as well. Don't think I liked Smackdown as much as I liked Raw this week. Smackdown had decent inring stuff but really great backstage stuff.

There were so many great Lines from Tazz busing on how pathetic Cole is, and Rico's "coming out" party... But MY LINE OF THE NIGHT has to go to Jericho backstage saying "I still have Triple H's blood on my fist, SEE" and shoving it in Stacy's face, while she does a good job selling ewwww.

Sign of the night, only for a mili-secend but the Billy + Chuck "not like there's anything wrong with that"... I also liked the Maven with the thick eyebrows sign.


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I was totally with Dean here until he tried to tell me AAA was good. CMLL, baby...CMLL.

As for the matches, I find it unbelievable that Billy Gunn and Chuck Palumbo are consistantly busting out the best matches on Smackdown every week, random awesome matches that come out of nowhere not included. I have a feeling that they'll be losing the tag titles at Judgement Day, but I could be proven wrong.

I'm definiately thinking Hurricane's nemesis is Shannon Moore, but it could be Rey in a long shot. Misterio sounds like a supervillain name to me. =P

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He is DEAN

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    Originally posted by Travis
    Can I assume that you watched this whole thing with the "mute" button on?
    (Thinking back to the WOW reports...)

DR: The fact that it wasn't Tony Schiavonne made the commentary a complete non-factor to me.




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Just realized something I noted while watching last night: wasn't there a bit of... er, I guess you could call it "Psychology" when Al seemed to go for Chuck's tights and Chuck skittered away in fear? Could they be actually be building psychology over fear of being pantsed?

Twelve wrestlers (and a singer) cooler than Hogan

Nate Patrin

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    Originally posted by ManiacalClown
    I was totally with Dean here until he tried to tell me AAA was good. CMLL, baby...CMLL.

    DR: I was kidding. Though AAA has my old guy role model: ANGEL MORTAL~!



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#10 Posted on

What does this mean?


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I'd be more interested in your RAW Workrate report where you can at least see your boy Eddy and even RVD. This is a damn good read though, hopefully you don't stop at one.

He is DEAN

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    Originally posted by Karlos the Jackal

    What does this mean?


DR: Time Limit Draw. It's one of those annoying carney terms that pretentious jerks like me use.



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Yeah, it's weird to see such rudimentary wrestling on national TV. I'm not exactly a savvy in-ring technician but even I can see guys hesitating, guys hitting the ropes and not knowing what the called spot was, guys being in the wrong position.
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