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12.6.21 2051
The W - Pro Wrestling - Who will be cut?
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Since: 23.1.02

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Ok, so apparently the WWF roster is gonna be split. Assuming that does happen, somebody's gonna be cut, the active roster is just too big, and they have a lot of fresh talent in the farms that may never get used with the current roster. I'm curious as to who you all think Vince will drop. It can't be someone that you "just don't like", I'd like to hear a rational argument for your choices. For example, you can't really say "UnderTaker because he's old" because he'll NEVER be cut unless they have a HELL of a farewell tour before the split, and even then Vince would bring him back eventually for ratings if nothing else. Or if he's terribly injured or does something insanely stupid like make a pass at Steph. Of course Vince might even let that go...

My list:

1) Godfather (can't think of a way to update this guy, and his pop is really mainly for the girls)
2) Big Boss Man (he's out of shape and not really too popular, if you're going for nostalgia keep Perfect who can actually wrestle)
3) Essa Rios (yeah he can fly, but if you ain't using him let him go. Or is he gone already?)
4) Haku (see above, I like him but if you are not gonna use him let him go.)
5) Mike Awesome (yet again, use him or lose him)

I'll admit my reasons for these choices are not real clear but from a business standpoint it makes sense to get rid of unneeded expenses. Of course, it will be very interesting to see how the split works. Will they tell us or just say in essence "Tune in to see who we've got?"

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Since: 2.1.02
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I think Essa Rios has already been released. And I will ignore as the rantings of the insane your proposal to eliminate the lurking monster that is Haku.

There, I feel better now.

Since: 5.1.02
From: London, Ontario

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I'd say that it's far more likely that the developmental guys will be cut before any of the names that you've listed. BTW, I believe Awesome is currently rehabbing an injury and Essa was fired when the developmental roster was trimmed.

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Yeah, Rios is gone. Let's all take a moment...

If the criteria is "use em or lose em" then you might as well as get rid of all the cruisers unless they're going to do a serious division (which apparently, they might, but I'll believe it when I see it). I figure if the guys can't put on the matches they're capable of because they're being squashed by Bradshaw or whoever, then I'd rather see them go to Japan. I think a lot of the cruisers under contract deserve more than being "enhancement talent".

If it's "who Vince will drop" though it'll propbably be, erm, the cruisers. Seriously though, apparently Vince is good buddies with Boss Man so he's probably not at the top of the list but I agree about Godfather. Awesome is injured, so don't know about him. If I was going to single someone out, I'd probably say DDP. WCW World champion to a ruined career via two failed gimmicks and heading up the Heat/Metal brigade in a year. The poor guy gave up half his guarenteed contract to work in the WWF as well. Poor guy. Someone doesn't like the guy, obviously. I hope something will come of this Euro title run, I really do.

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Since: 23.1.02

Since last post: 6673 days
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Yes, my proposal to release Haku was written in a state of dementia, but what are the chances Vince will really use him to his fullest potential?

As for DDP, I actually didn't even think of him. Shows how popular HE is nowadays. I don't think they'd cut too many "farm-boys" just because they need fresh reserves and the next "big thing" once in a while. Maybe someone like Mark Henry, but the unknowns might be pretty safe.

For some reason upon rereading your Haku remark I had a Samurai Jack flash...

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Since: 6.1.02
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Right now with one roster they aren't cutting people, but when they split it into two rosters they will? Huh? Am I the only one that doesn't understand this? Won't splitting the rosters make it possible to not cut people.

Anyway, if they do cut people I suspect Lynn and Awesome will be at the top of the list once they are healthy since they were going to get cut last time they were cutting people. Sure I wouldn't care if Godfather was released too. But other than that I don't know of anyone that the should or need to get rid of.

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Yeah, isn't one of the reasons for splitting into two rosters so that the WWF can give some of the people currently off TV more exposure?

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    #8 Posted on
    I agree with the last two posts, if they split that means more room. Plus I never heard anything about the developments being cut either.
    Think about the Rock will be only on one show, so instead of two twenty minute interviews a week there will only be one freeing up room for like two matches or something.

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    Since: 23.1.02

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    #9 Posted on

    My assumption in saying that someone will be cut when the roster is split is that if Vince is gonna divide up his people, is he really going to retain everyone, or might he take the oppertunity to "streamline" things? I mean, if he dumped the Godfather right now, it would draw more attention than if he did it during the spilt, when it could be lost in the shuffling. Of course the argument could be made that without the "Godfathers" of the WWF, who would the "Rocks" be measured against to show their popularity?

    I'm quite certain that I had a good, logical point when I started this thread, but now I can't remember what it was....

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    Since: 19.2.02

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    #10 Posted on
    Does anyone honestly think the split will work? I can't see them doing it. Sure it'll give some guys a shot, but the marks (aka 70% of the fan base) isn't going to watch the one that doesn't have their Hero on it. Both shows will probably dip in ratings, and they'll reunify the roster's quickly. The only way the split could work, would be if the "split" group was WCW. Then at least it'd have some history behind it, 2 WWF's will just confuse people.

    Omega Red

    Since: 4.1.02
    From: The Hague, Netherlands (Europe)

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    #11 Posted on
    Other than the problem with some audiences not being able to watch both shows I could see it work.

    They can divide the roster pretty easily down the middle and get Rock on one, AUstin on the other show for example. Now most people would tune into both shows then. They then have a few weeks to build up some midcarders/new guys to the level that you at least thinkg 'hmm..interesting fellow, I will watch again next week'.
    It all depends on the booking shortly after a split..

    As for cutting people, I don't think many will be cut, I think guys like Godfather and such will be roleplayers. Get the people to watch while you build the others..
    Hey, just came up with something:
    Godfather as escort boss sux, even the wwf says it (on screen so its a work/angle)..what if the show before a split he goes Pimp again, people will be like 'ooh..pimpin' and the true Ho's! Let's tune in!' Still his in ring work will suck but people will watch the show, again while you build others.
    Now they couldn't have just have him show up on the new show so that is why he is already back, escorting and jobbing..

    Btw, Bossman isn't on tv anymore I believe, so his return was probably just because they needed someone and I am sure guys like him can teach new guys alot about the business backstage so maybe he has a reason for being there after all?

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    #12 Posted on
    Boss Man was on HEAT this past Sunday

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