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The W - Guest Columns - What is Good about the WWE?
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Lap cheong

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It seems like there has been a lot of bitching and moaning across the web as of late about how terrible the WWE is, and is continuing to be. Even in the face of what seems to be positive steps forward, every move the E makes is griped about, berated, and trashed. More often than not, it turns into a fantastic basHHHing session for our favorite Raw Main Eventer. While some of these complaints may have merit, we as fans are just a few stumbles away from completely losing our ability to appreciate anything that Vince and Company put out. While there is plenty of bad things out there to complain about, it seems to me that we all are missing (or ignoring) the good that the WWE has to offer.
So, without further ado, I present to you a list of the good things that the WWE has offered us of late. In no particular order, of course. And please keep in mind that this is a positive thread, so there will be no basHHHing of any kind here.

- Kurt Angle

- The Split
Yes, I said the Split. Or the “Brand Extension,” if you prefer. The WWE seems to be doing just about everything right when it comes to the Split. Despite plummeting ratings, they have really stuck to their guns, and moved forward with their designs on the new WWE. And it has yielded some very positive results.
I recall a time where, two nights a week, we all got the privilege of seeing pretty much the exact same show twice a week. Same people in the Main Event, week after week, horribly put together Main Event tag-matches to try and get a hint of exposure for some of their lower-upper card, and the virtual drowning of the under card. Now, the situation is quite different. Edge, Eddie, Benoit, Angle, Brock, RVD, Booker T, Jericho, Kane, the Cruiserweights, hell, even Tommy Dreamer… they have all been given an opportunity to shine. Some nay-sayers will point out that it is not nearly enough, but I say that it is a vast improvement over the way things were prior to the Split.
And the WWE has adapted to keep it alive. Vince vs. Ric was simply not working. They changed it, and made the Raw vs. Smackdown “feud” a lot more interesting. The constant talent-jumps started to get old? They did away with it. Yes, there was the recent “Big Show Trade,” but that is not nearly the same as the weeks and weeks of constant shuffling that were going on. They have reigned it in to a much more manageable level.

- Booker T.
Really, there is not much I can add to what has been said so far about the Booker man, other than I crack up just about every time he is onscreen. And that Goldust has become quite the overlooked contributor to his recent success.

- The Elimination Chamber
It almost drives me nuts to read the nay-sayers who are out in force claiming this match is a terrible idea. Honestly, I do not know what they are thinking. This match has the potential for all the elements of a great match: two Clique performers in the spotlight, facing off; the randomness that makes the Royal Rumble special. The potential for blood, a lot of blood; and finally the fact that it is a new idea. After having the same old gimmick matches grow tired by being rammed down our throats, it is a refreshing change to have something like this, which is totally new. Sure it stole a few ideas from other gimmick matched, but didn’t it steal the best parts of those matches? No matter how the match actually turns out, it is something to be excited about now. My only question is that if there is “no getting out,” what happens to the competitors who are eliminated?

- Tough Enough Brats
Enough about Jackie and Linda. Lets talk about Christopher Nowinski and Maven. I am sorry, but I am really looking forward to this feud. Nowinski, is of course, gold on the mic, and reminds me, and most people for that matter, of an early Kurt Angle. It’s True. Maven, on the other hand, has been seemingly forgotten in his absence. I, for one, found him entertaining to watch, and he showed a great deal of promise during his short stint. Now both of these guys are not the best in the ring, yet, but they have many things going for them. First off, they know each other. They began their training together and probably, as a result, have very similar styles of ring-work. Secondly, Al Snow is involved. He is probably helping them put together their matches, and who better than their trainer to help them in a feud like this. And finally, again, it is new. They are from Tough Enough, so they are going to get screen time for this feud, and honestly- when have we ever seen Maven and Nowinski feud?
Lets not forget about Nidia, who has been a constantly entertaining and believable character. So far the brats from T.E.I have shown to be very impressive. Lets hope the subsequent classes eventually show this kind of promise.

- Brock Lesnar
This guy has actually convinced me he is a legitimate champion. The backstage stuff aside, he has been doing a fantastic job of portraying not only “ruthless aggression,” but also the beginnings of an actual personality that they can base his character on, long term. I am actually hoping he loses the belt this weekend, not only so that I can see how his character handles the loss, but how Brock will fare in a feud that does not revolve around becoming the champion.

- Test and Stacy
I won’t talk about these two too much, but I honestly believe that this angle will do a world of wonder for both of them. Most of you will agree that Test needed the change, but are wondering why I think Stacy needed help? Well, I am one who believes that just because she bends over a lot, looks good doing it, and has great legs does not make her a great character. Sex is the cheapest kind of pop you can get. Of course she was over! But she was one-dimensional. Test and Stacy play well off each other and have become a lot more entertaining as a result. My only hope is that Test does not become Meat. But I think that is a long shot.

- No Vince!
I know I am not alone here. We were ALL getting tired of seeing Vince all the time. We were tired of the family ego-fest. We were tired of seeing every gorgeous woman in the locker room fighting to play tonsil hockey with the lecherous old man. We were frankly, tired of him forcing his fantasies for himself on us. We were tired of him forcing his family on us. Now we are limited to one McMahon (I do not count HHH, ooops! Dammit…. I promised myself…) a week on one show. It is actually bearable! Keep Vince away for a few more months then bust him out for a one-time-only appearance and I will mark out like I am twelve. But that is all...

- Eric Bischoff
I can’t tell you anything you do not already know about this, so I will not even try. Thank God Vince took a risk here.

- The Women’s Division
They have impressed the holy hell out of me with this division, even more so than the cruisers of late. All of the women in the top level feuds have been wrestlers, no eye-candy. The challengers for the title have been legitimate. The matches have been well above average. One thing is for certain, I do not tune out the women anymore. And I really think they are only going to get better.

I have high hopes for Survivor Series. I am very disappointed that they still have not booked a single Survivor Series style match, though. Looks like that is one gimmick that is pretty much dead, I am sorry to say. Here are a few predictions from yours truly-

The Elimination Chamber- Triple H vs. Sean Michaels vs. Kane vs. Booker T. vs. Chris Jericho vs. Rob Van Dam for the World Championship
HHH retains. I hate it, but that is what will happen.

Brock Lesnar vs. The Big Show for The WWE Championship
Brock is going down hard on this one. Heyman will turn during the PPV or on the Smackdown after, and Lesnar will solidify his face status by taking a horrible beating and enduring a Paul Heyman “I told you so!”

Hardcore Rules- Trish Stratus vs. Victoria for The WWE Women’s Championship
Victoria in a decent match takes this one.

Six-man Tag Team Table Match- Bubba Dudley, Spike Dudley, and Jeff Hardy vs. Three Minute Warning and Rico
This match will be one of my bathroom breaks. Why the hell they did not add a couple more guys and make it a real Survivor Series Match is beyond me. Three Minutes to victory here.

Well, if anyone actually cares about my signature tag, I lost a bet on the Lions/Packers game this past weekend with cranlsn. So I get to be a “Packer fan” until Wednesday. Go cheese-heads! Go Head-cheese?

Enjoy Survivor Series, folks. There is a lot to look forward to.

cranlsn was right by God-

The Lions were the Packers' B$#CH!!!!!

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Excellent column! Good to see that in these days of everybody pointing out WWE's flaws, there are still those who appreciate the current product for the most part.

I agree with all of your positives, particularly the split. While the brand extension hasn't always been perfect (or even all that well-done), I think that WWE's gamble in this regard has paid off big-time. New main-eventers are being born, and more guys are getting television time. That was the whole point of the brand extension to begin with, was it not?

Slowly but surely, WWE has taken advantage of this concept. Now if only it could find a way to differentiate RAW from SmackDown without saying, “Well, RAW's the crappy Sports Entertainment show, while SmackDown's the awesome 5-star wrestling show,” WWE would be all set. I, for one, am entertained by RAW for the most part, but I breathed a tremendous sigh of relief when the necrophilia angle was mercifully dropped. (Although I cracked up hysterically when Goldust sheepishly admitted to having once had sex with a dead body. “What? I was young and stupid!”)

As for your predictions: I believe Triple H will probably win as you say, although I hope that anybody but him or HBK wins the match. I hope WWE's not stupid enough to give The Big Show the WWE Championship for the second time, after his miserable flop of a title reign back in 1999. The hardcore Women's Title match intrigues me, because I can't remember ever having had one before. Hell in a Cell Women's Title match for Armageddon, baby! Anyway, I agree, Victoria goes over here. And the six-man... I'll go with the Dudleys and Jeff Hardy, because they've jobbed to Three Minute Warning the last few weeks.

Anyway... great column!

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#3 Posted on
Smackdown. That's what is good about the WWF. Even if they have The Big Show.

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Spaceman Spiff

Since: 2.1.02
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#4 Posted on

    Brock Lesnar vs. The Big Show for The WWE Championship
    Brock is going down hard on this one. Heyman will turn during the PPV or on the Smackdown after, and Lesnar will solidify his face status by taking a horrible beating and enduring a Paul Heyman “I told you so!”

I find it highly unlikely that, after putting Brock over Hogan, Rock, and Taker, they'll job him to Big Show. Brock losing will have to be meaningful, and jobbing him to Big Show would just be dumb, considering that less than 1 month ago Show was jobbing to everyone on the Raw roster. That, plus I don't think they're ready to turn Brock face yet.

And Test? I'm sorry, but Test does absolutely nothing for me, Stacy or no Stacy. He's got below average mic skills & charisma, and they've pushed him in the past to negligible results. And having him squash Helms (who should be getting a push) 2 weeks in a row hasn't exactly endeared him to me, either. I'll admit that Test is one of the better big men in the fed, but that's not saying much when the others are Henry, Rikishi, Taker, Big Show, and Kane.

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#5 Posted on
Great column Pool-boy. I share you sentiments on the WWE as of late. I think it's just that people have gotten so used to being failed by the WWE's promises to deliver that they've grown cynical. I can't say that I blame them, but I tend to have faith that something good will happen and the good that is there will remain.

Missing from your list and I'm a bit shocked by it is Mattitude. I can't get enough of Matt Hardy and this character enhancement, if you will. He is another one of the many reasons why I love Smackdown so much. I think this was the proper way to send him into his singles career and I'm loving it.

Anyway, kudos on a great column.
Net Hack Slasher

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#6 Posted on
Very good article Pool-Boy I pretty much agree with everything.

Personally I'd add the Smackdown announce team of Cole and Tazz. I'll be honest when the split happened I (along with many) said on this board "There is no way this team will be able to put an entire roster over." And I'll be the first one to admit I was wrong. Last few months they have this real comfort zone together and playing off each other well They've become real solid announce team and a pleasent surprise.

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I was late starting the tape, so if anything happened before the opening pyro (like packages, whatever) – who cares? We are in Grand Rapids, Michigan for the first Smackdown! since Paul Heyman’s departure!
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