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The W - Pro Wrestling - Vince Russo defends the "Beaver Cleavage" gimmick
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Lap cheong

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    I’d like to think that I wrote a “Thinking Man’s Wrestling Show”, one that you had to follow, week, after week, to get the FULL UNDERSTANDING of what exactly happened and why. I know that’s the Television which I enjoy the most and I am a PROFESSIONAL Television Viewer.

Rebooting ...

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Big Brother

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I was a professional television viewer once.

    Originally posted by me in the March 15, 1999 RAW recap
    It's the Cleavage household! Ummm?

    Originally posted by me in the March 31, 1999 RAW recap
    Another shot of the Cleavage household and must still wonder what that is

    Originally posted by me in the April 26, 1999 RAW recap
    There's the Cleavage house! And there's...Mosh...and there's... "Does Mother's little hairy beaver want some of Mother's milk?" And it's in black and white and there's some sitcom laughter and boy it sucks. Oops, another snap judgement!

    Originally posted by me in the May 10, 1999 RAW recap
    Hooray! Another moment with Beaver Cleavage! Double entendres are funny! Black and white and red all over!

    Originally posted by me in the May 17, 1999 RAW recap
    Cleavage vignette. Here, I'll transcribe this for once, but I STILL won't like it! "Gosh, Mom, your flapjacks look great!" "Oh, honey. *Gasp!* Oh no, my little hairy Beaver's all wet! Let me get that for you. That's better, now we have a dry clean hairy beaver." "Thanks, Mom! Nobody likes a sloppy Beaver!" Or maybe it's "Harry Beaver." Oh, who cares. I mean, *snigger snigger* the WWF Brain Trust has DONE IT AGAIN! GENIUS! BRILLIANCE! It works on SO MANY LEVELS. Awww, fuck it.

    Originally posted by me in the May 31, 1999 RAW recap
    CHRISTIAN (with a burning ring o' far) v. HARRY "BEAVER" CLEAVAGE (with
    Mrs. Cleavage)
    - Christian comes out alone with Gangrel's entrance and music. The Beav comes out in black'n'white filmovision. Beav thinks Christian's a hippy! Some people think that about ME, too. Everybody figured out that this is Mosh, 'cause this is the last time I bring it up. Okay. Lockup, arm wringer from Cleavage, Christian off the ropes, shoulderblock from Cleavage, off the ropes, leapfrog, off the ropes, head down, shot from Christian but runs into a powerslam for 2. Into the corner, whip into the opposite corner, dueling hiptosses and Christian hits it. Gutshot - facebuster for 2. Mrs. Cleavage on the apron with a scolding finger for Christian. Christian manages a kick off the ropes, anyway. Ten punch count along only goes 3 - Cleavage counters with snake eyes. Cleavage stomping away - sprinboard lariat to Christian on the apron - quick embrace for his mom. Bossman straddle on the second rope - now he's riding him like a hobby horse. Mrs. Cleavage with a stern lecture, her son with a whip - Christian sidesteps the charge and hits a belly-to-back suplex. Cleavage with punches, whip, go behind from Christian - Slop Drop! Whip into the corner, Cleavage goes under and dumps him onto the apron - Christian scales the turnbuckles but Cleavage crotches him. Superplex? No, Christian shoves him off and then hits a - frog elbowdrop? Frogs don't HAVE elbows! MICHAEL HAYES & HARDY BOYZ are out and holding the legs. Apparently Mrs. Cleavage is distracting referee "Blind" Teddy Long as Hayes hits a walkin' stick shot. Cleavage hits a suplex from the slop drop position and gets the pin. (color=#00FF00>3:49
    ) Christian is rather unhappy with this, springs to the turnbuckle and hits a plancha on his trio of nemeses. But even with a surprise advantage, the three quickly overtake the one. While Hayes wails away on Christian, the Hardys lie in wait for GANGREL & EDGE, successfully staving them off for a while - double charge - double back bodydrop over the top rope. Now Hayes being doubleteamed, but off the ropes, Hayes manages to hang on and slide out. They depart, leaving the Brood in the ring.

    Originally posted by me in the June 21, 1999 RAW recap
    MICHAEL KING COLE interviews BEAVER & MRS. CLEAVAGE - he's got a big match tonight with Meat - "Aww, Mom, I don't wanna have a match with a guy named Meat..." and he lowers his head to the comely young lass' bosom - then he gets up and says "I can't do this..." removes the beanie, and walks off as a voice offstage says "Chaz! Chaz, we're live! Chaz...." and we cut to an ad break.

    If you've been paying attention, the previous interview was a work, but meant to make us think otherwise. Hey, guess those Head Banger rumours are true!

    Ross says due to "philosophical differences," the Meat/Beaver match won't take place.

    Originally posted by me in the June 28, 1999 RAW recap
    Earlier Tonight, Michael King Cole interviewed Chaz. "Well, Michael Cole, all due respect to you and to the creative team of the World Wrestling Federation, I've been down gimmick alley before. I've been a Spider, I've been a Head Banger, I was a Sister of Love, and then I was Harry 'Beaver' Cleavage. Through the support of my girlfriend Marianna, she's convinced me to go out on my own and do what I've always wanted to do - become my own star here in the World Wrestling Federation. I'm Chaz, I'm a kid from New Jersey, I'm here to have fun and THAT'S what I'm gonna do."

    Originally posted by me in the July 5, 1999 RAW recap
    JEDOUBLEF JADOUBLEREDOUBLET (with De-Bra) v. A BACKSTAGE LOOK AT X-PAC & ROAD DOGG LOADED INTO A POLICE CAR - NO, WAIT - IT'S CHAZ (with Marianna) for the Intercontinental Title - Ross wonders why Chaz suddenly gets an IC title shot - hey, yeah! Me too! Ross mentions that Chaz is wrestling in his underwear, causing me to wonder who could POSSIBLY be interested in seeing some guy wrestle wearing THAT. Chaz has the mo' until missing a second rope elbow drop. Whip is reversed, powerslam from Chaz for 2. Off the ropes, dropkick, off the ropes, Bossman straddle. Debra up on the apron and undoing her top - Chaz motioning to Marianna, who starts to give Debra what for - while we're busy watching four breasts - no I won't say "puppies" - whoops - anyway, Jarrett hits his Death Penalty for the pin (1:45) - before being able to break the geetar on Chaz, THAT GUY WE KNOW AS THRASHER runs in and cleans house. A joyful reunion between the former Head Bangers ensues. Uhhh....yeah!

    Originally posted by me in the September 12, 1999 HeAT recap
    We open up with a look back at the Cleavage vignettes, and Chaz breaking away from that character, thanks to the loving support of his girlfriend Marianna...who ended up gettin' down with Meat backstage. Pay attention here.

    DROZ v. CHAZ - your hosts, MICHAEL KING COLE & KEVIN KELLY, promise a battle tonight between Venis & Brown against Henry and Blackman. On Deja Video, a look back at the St. Valentine's Day Massacre. Have you heard? Chaz is just a kid from Jersey trying to make it on his own. An "Earlier Tonight" interview has Chaz saying that Marianna realised playing tonsil hockey with Meat was a mistake, but still, their relationship is least as Chaz sees it. We learn that Triple H managed to leave the ambulance before Stone Cold rammed a semi into it, darn. This match is rather bad. Chaz tries a flying headscissors, but it kinda turns into Chaz falling to the apron and Droz flipping himself over and through the ropes. Ending comes when MARIANNA runs out, distracting Chaz into walking over and saying "It's over" until Droz strikes from behind with a gutshot and powerbomb for the pin. (3:19)

    Originally posted by me in the September 13, 1999 RAW recap
    GODFATHER (with ten - no, five ho's) v. CHAZ - What does "roll a fattie
    for Pimp Daddy" mean? It's a battle between a fun-loving guy who loves to have fun and a kid from Jersey trying to make it on his own. Let's take you back to Heat in case you missed Chaz' interview - he and Marianna are unfortunately through. "Hey, you know what man, I don't know if I should offer you the ho's or not, man, because you haven't had real good luck with women lately - so you now what, I say since this is my first day back in a while, let's say me and you just have an old fashioned wrestling match, whatchoo say?" One more loving look at the ho's as they leave the ring. Lockup, side headlock by the Godfather. Powers out, shoulderblock by the Godfather. Drop toehold by Chaz, arm wringer, to a wristlock, reversal into a rollup for 2. Drop toehold from the Godfather, elbowdrop misses. Chaz pounding on him. Armwringer. Godfather takes him to the corner and whips him out. Charge misses. Gutshot, right, whip into the corner, reverse splash. Let's see MARIANNA walking down to ringside - she looks a bit different this week. She's crying, and removes her sunglasses to reveal a black eye. She's saying over and over "just tell me why." Godfather takes a look at the shiner, make an assumption, comes to a conclusion, and waylays on Chaz - because as we all know, the LAST thing a pimp likes to see is unnecessary violence against women. Into the corner, it's time once again for the Ho Train! Here's the Pimp Drop and THERE'S the 1, 2, 3. (2:23)

    Originally posted by me in the September 20, 1999 RAW recap
    Terry Taylor is backstage with Marianna, who's got a big red mark at the side of her mouth. She again claims that Chaz is beating her up. Chaz tries to find out what's up, but some cops happen to walk by, come to some conclusions, and lead him away...

    Originally posted by me in the October 11, 1999 RAW recap
    The United States Coast Guard presents the Rescue of the Week! From last night's Heat, Glenn Ruth supplied the rescue with the timely intervention of a GTV clip preventing another night in the pokey for former partner Chaz Warrington
    CHRIS MONDAY JERICHO & CURTIS HUGHES (with TV-14-DLV logo) v. HEAD BANGERS - Looks like we have an admission that they never should have bothered taking these guys apart - Chaz & Glen are gone and Mosh & Thrasher are back.

(edited by CRZ on 16.12.22 1203)

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Say what you will about Kevin Federline, but he was fired up during his promo. He can probably talk better than half the Raw roster. Re: Kenny (Don't call me Ken Doane) Dykestra, check this out, courtesy of Raw's result page. ( Newcomer?
- Oliver, RAW #708 12/18/06 (2006)
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