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The W - Guest Columns - Tough Enough [#307, 11/28/02]
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TV 14 L open - wait, TV 14? Hmmm. This isn't a pre-PPV Heat

Previously: Al painted out Nick's name. Scott: "Nick really shouldn't have been the one who left - it should've been Kelly." Kelly needs to get over the back injury or she's in deep trouble. John hurt Jonah's neck in that pseudo-wrestling match they had and Jonah threw up a bunch.

House. Morning. Red room. Jonah and Eric wake up. Breakfast, Jonah is sitting kinda alone at the table. Jonah tells us that he's been having dizzy spells - during the night and when he wakes up - over the last week and a half, but doesn't want to say something and get sidelined. 

We're down so far they can all fit in one van to Trax. Speaking off, let's watch the kids work - seems like they've added Boston Crabs to their moves. Matt says there's "about" 8 people left and the training is just gonna get tougher with few of them, but faster. More working in the ring - Al warns Jamie they'll hold her back at one point, and asks if someone they have any aggression in them. Al explains he's got a timetable of where he wants the kids to be - which seems faster than last year. Anyway, given the very limited time he's got with these kids, he can't afford to have one person hold them back. Unsubtle zoom in of Scott applying a Boston Crab here - he's going for an angry face but I think it looks more constipated. Oh no not an evil laugh - Al's cracking up at Scott's over the top antics. Scott is aware that he's behind everyone else in skills and is trying to make it up with ring charisma, he tells us. Hey, he's already more self-aware than usual.

For no particular reason I can discern: Jonah to Bill: "Okay, alright, so - so what's my problem right now?" Bill: "You're a fat piece of sh[bleep]t!" I guess being funny is a reason, though. Ivory says there's many parts to becoming a great WWE superstar - physique, look, technical skills - I think she wanted to go on there but we clipped away to Jonah and John wrestling, with Al telling them that this is their chance to impress. Anyway, Ivory thinks that at this point, Jonah would fail horribly in front of a crowd. Why are we even bringing this up? Must be a cut coming.

More Trax, than off to now two vans, just to confirm that this was someday totally unrelated to that opening shot. Ah, they're going to the DeMott canyon - Eric: "That's where we spend our Tuesday's getting our ass beat." Jumping side to side, fun. Obstacle course, lovely. Bill explains at some point that if you're not a person participating in the obstacle at that moment, you get to do squats while you wait. John said Bill said something or other about working as a team and it all fell apart in the running with the heavy bag part. The "too heavy for Kelly to apparently hold" part, exactly. Matt helps her get it up but she's ever so slowly walking while trying to keep it balanced from falling. Bill: "You better not drop that!" And of course it slips free a few seconds later - pushups for everyone! Bill to us: "The last thing you want to do with me is fail, especially when I know you can do what's put in front of you. We're not picking flowers." After the 25 pushups (actually, that might be a nice break from the contestants squats - then again, maybe not), Matt rushes over from the waiting area to help Kelly get that bag back up and on her shoulder, then sprints back to where he's supposed to be. Kelly drops it again, so Matt sprints right back out to help her get it up, and then, she drops it again. And again. And again. That's a 100 pushups at least. Kelly, you're not very good at this at all. I don't think Jamie had the same problems with it, and even Scott is point out how unphysical and unathletic Kelly is. Bill gives her a pep speech after.

House. Tired people. Jonah is Whining about Kelly dropping the bag over and over again. Matt's like "I know, but I'm not gonna talk about it." Jonah points out that Kelly can't physically keep up. 

Big's over. They're all like "oh no not a scary challenge!" but it's trip time, apparently. They're going to - Iceland. Everyone manages a "oh my god, Iceland, how truly wonderful!" reaction, which is probably for their best. Actually, Scott seems a little confused, like he's trying to figure out where he's heard about this country before. Jamie admits to us that she has no idea about Iceland at all, but she's really excited. Big has more news - they'll be a cut before they leave. Matt points out they on a big high and took a big drop. Big says it'll be a trip of a lifetime for those who make it - Kelly's wearing a look that says she's not exactly shopping for parkas at this time, and an interview confirms that she thinks she has no chance.

Night. House. Exterior. Five second clip. It was light when Big was talking to the kids, so I don't know why we made this trip.

Morning. Vans. See, now they're in one van again. I'm so confused. Maybe van 2 was Ivory and Bill? Must've been. 

Trax. Editor is bored so he figure he'll cut this one clip Reservoir Dog style for no particular reason. 

In the ring. Hiptosses - here's the switch from one to another clip bit that I like. No one's sure exactly what the trainers are looking for. Jonah says that John is Spiderman, and he's the opposite. In a not good way. Ever get a feeling Jonah might be considered to get cut this week? Because they keep bringing it up. Back in the ring, Matt throws a nice looking missed clothesline (key: it looked like he was actually trying to hit Jonah), then backdrops Jonah on the next pass. Jonah over rotates, landing on his feet but with his knees totally bent as the rest of his body is still heading down and landing butt first on the mat. He yelps ion pain, and Matt says everyone crowds along to see what was wrong. He was kinda of out of it. We don't get a clear shot or an extended piece of the conversation, but it appears that Jonah is finally telling AL about the dizzy spells and it hurt here. Bill says Jonah's crying, can't hold his head up, ringing in his ears, he's seeing spots and he can't sit up straight. I think Bill's lived that. Jonah wants Al to promise him he won't get pulled for this - Al says he won't promise anything till Jonah sees the doctor. "I won't make a promise I can't keep." Bill and Big help Jonah gingerly walk out of Trax, and presumably to the hospital. Break.

Hospital. Jonah, still dressed in his workout clothes, nervously sits on a bed. "Everytime I've gone to a hospital, something's been wrong with me." Don't expect Jonah to visit you if you end up the hospital. Jonah doesn't want to be cut. You can see TE Trainer Dan is in the room although the camera half tries to ignore him. Dr. Samaniego here - Jonah explains his problem, and she wants to refer Jonah to a neurologist. Hey, "Set Medic Dan" gets a caption, if only because he positioned himself in a way where he couldn't be cut of the picture. Good work, Dan! Jonah is very nervous. At some point later, Jonah is in a hospital gown and now going into an MRI. I'm assuming this was a couple days later unless there's some sort of walk-in MRI facility Trax has access to.

Trax. They want to wrestle, yet they do not want to die. Imagine the tension. Matt explains. Bill and Al tell them to start thinking. Oh man that was a bad armdrag taken by Scott. Worse hiptoss. Worse armdrag. "I wasn't able to do front bumps, I wasn't able to do a back bump, I wasn't' table to do anything they taught us correctly." Al tells Scott that his performance has to change (and I guess at this point, the only possible change is an improvement) or Al's not gonna let him work no more. Scott is scared - it's one of his worst days on Tough Enough, which says something. Al asks Scott if he even knows what's causing him to go wrong, and Scott doesn't even know. Uh oh.

Back at McMRI, Jonah is released from the MRI. He studies the pictures. Right before we get to hear his stunning prognosis, we flash back (I assume) to Dr. Samaniego telling Jonah that he has a non-serious problem that can be solved with medication. He can continue. Jonah celebrates with Set Medic Dan. Dan has nice sun glasses. 

With that (the diagnosis, not the glasses), Jonah decides to pull a rib on his fellow contestants. He lets Big in, while Dan tapes up his head. "What makes a good prank is that you stun the people - shock them." Jonah gets a neck brace to - his plan is to lie and tell them he's to injured to continue and he's got to quit. I guess it IS all the same day, because Big's wearing the same outfit. It's so hard to tell.

Anyway, Big has all the kids take a break and sit down. "Some things are a little tough in this business. And it's especially tough when something bad happens to a good person. [break] He wants to talk your personally, and we're gonna give him that, because we feel it's only right to hear it from him." Matt explains that Bill looked at him, then looked down, and Matt was all caught up in the seriousness of the moment. Here comes Jonah, walking in with the help of Set Medic Dan's. Dan's all taking him to take it slow. Matt is shocked. Eric is despondent. Poor Kelly is bawling. Sad piano music plays. Justin is depressed. 

Jonah is taking his time breathing - trying not to bust out laughing? "I just want to tell you guys - I'm not sure [mumbles - I think Eric is crying now, maybe John too and I bet Jonah is keeping his eyes on his mat to avoid busting out] - throughout this whole competition, you guys have been like my brothers, and my sisters. [rubs tears out of his eyes, rubs forehead. Breathing deep again.] You guys have all impacted my life so much - everybody in different ways. [Matt's crying for sure] I could say so many things about each one of you, but, you know, maybe if you said something nice about me, it'd be kinda cool before I left." 

Kelly, through TEARS: "Every morning when I was feeling down and my body was hurting, you were always the one to push me and you and I were always to get each able through get it and make each other happy when we were feeling down."  

Scott, also with tears: "You know, you might have not liked the bad stuff about me, but instead of making me feel bad about it, you kinda just laugh about it, and feel better. That's the thing I'm never going forget about you." 

Justin, wiping away tears: "You were one of the funniest bastards I've ever met, and I really appreciate you just having fun with us and being you. 

Erik, not looking up as to hide the tears: "When I first met you, boy, I thought you were the biggest f[bleep] in the world, I'm not going lie to you. I thought you were an as[bleep]ole. These last four or five weeks, then I get to anyone here."

Let's interrupt to have Jonah talk to us: "Going down the line, I really didn't feel that bad. 'This is a great rib! I was gonna get them.' Then all the sudden it gets to the last person in line - Matt." 

Matt, crying  - "you like my brother, kid!" Matt gets up, goes down to one knee to hug Jonah while he's still sitting on the chair. Jonah to us: "At that point, I honestly felt really bad." Matt: "Thanks for everything, dude." Matt is totally broken up. Jonah to us: "I was thinking in my head, maybe I should whisper in his ear, 'Hey man, it's just a joke. It's just a joke.'" Matt is still talking: "You'll be with us through this whole thing - where you from, kid? Where you from, kid? [Jonah: "Boston, kid."]" We miss where Matt was going for that, though he sits back down. Jonah compares it to going to his own funeral - you get to know what they really think about you.

"I hope you guys remember what you said about me today [stands up, normal voice] when I'm kicking your ass in the ring." From Jamie's reaction (and yell), I think she had a clue. The rest? Not so much. Bill is cracking up and giving Jonah a hug. Matt is angry, walking off. Scott sits despondent. Jamie thinks it's hilarious. Big gives Jonah credit for a masterful rib. Eric promises revenge. Matt is walking around stunned - he and Jonah are okay with each other, though. Jonah: "It was a good rib - tasteless, but good." 

Big KILLS THE MOOD by announcing the cut's coming tomorrow. Thanks a lot Big. Break.

House. Night. They're still talking about Jonah's rib with Jonah. Scott gives Jonah credit for the face. Matt says the crying did it. Jonah points out that one day, he's gonna get really hurt and they'll not believe it. Scott says it was a good rib - and he tells us that it would be boring with out Jonah. Eric says everyone is a little closer now.

Scott and Kelly discuss the cut speeches they thought they were getting last time. They're both aware that they're on the edge - his inability to do basic moves this week might kill him off. Kelly tries to remember who sat down first last time between them, and Scott remembers that he was the last one. Both times, he notes. Kelly to us (this is a new interview we haven't seen before) says Scott should be cut because he's going to hurt someone. Scott goes to bed. 

Trax. Cut discussion period - Big says they have to take it down to 7 for Iceland. Let's go through the whole list

  • Matt - Bill gives him credit for showing his heart on the rib Jonah played
  • Eric - Ivory says he has a good look, leader quality
  • Jamie - Al says she has the desire and a marketable look
  • John - Bill says physically and mentally, he's the best [it sounds like there's a "but" coming that we don't hear, but that's probably true for most of these]
  • Jonah - Al says he had a scare with the head injury, but he seems to be okay and he should be kept around
  • Justin - Al thinks hasn't demonstrated that beyond his technique, he's not a person Al would pay to watch. (No personality.)
  • Scott - Bill says he's a great kid, lots of heart, gives everything he's got. Al says Scott's always taken more time to instruct, which is okay in the beginning, but can't be afforded now
  • Kelly - Al gives that she's on shaky ground, but isn't sure if it's because of her back injury or because she's just not any good.

Cut is made - we don't get to hear, of course.

Trax. Jamie explains one more time that it's the Iceland cut. Big makes this all over dramatic by saying that Al's got tickets for Iceland...but "someone's not getting one. That's the person who's cut." Ahhhhh, the person who gets cut doesn't go on the trip. Now I've got it!

Actually, instead of telling people to sit down this week, Al gonna physically hand a ticket to the people who are going. Silly but I guess it works. Ticket for Justin. Matt calls this "the Walk of Death." Ticket to Matt. Eric is explaining how it's tough this time and someone's dream gets thrown away and ZOOM in on Scott. I think the camera guy picked his horse. Ticket to John. Jaime does not fear this walk. Eric. Jamie. Jonah. 

Yes, Kelly and Scott are the only two left in this game of Musical Airplane Chairs. Look at Scott. Look at Kelly. Look at Al. Look at Dawn. Al: "These cuts are never easy. I could see in Kelly's face, and she was almost expecting me hand that ticket to Scott. And I could see in Scott's face that he was expecting me to hand that ticket to Kelly." Look at Scott. Ticket to Kelly. "I'm sorry, you're cut. I appreciate your heart and your desire, but this is not your time. You can say our goodbyes now." 

Hugs from everyone. Al is noticeably sad. Jonah says that people didn't expect Scott to get cut - he's one of Jonah's brothers now. "And this is coming from someone who didn't like the kid, for the first three weeks." Matt says they were all sad to see him go - he came a long way in the time he was there and grew on everyone. Al tells him to keep on going, he's got in his heart. Ivory says the whole group was affected by Scott leaving - "I think he crawled into everyone's heart." I guess that better than worming your way into hearts.

Scott's parting interview: "The five or six weeks I've been here, I've lived more of my life than the first twenty one years of living. [Dreamer canes Scott. Scott gets the numbers. Scott dances with club girl. Scott gets buried in the sand.] It's a very sick feeling, having your dreams cut short like this. But the way I see it, it's the end of one dream for me, and the beginning of another. I'm never gonna quit on this WWE dream that I've had since I was a child." Bye.

Next Week: Iceland! They've heard the nightlife is supposed to be really good - and for Eric, it apparently is. Big: "We decided that there needs to be a cut. Here. In Iceland."

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Lap cheong

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Jonah rules.

Since: 2.1.02

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Good recap, Cubs.

"I just got pinned by a friggin twelve-year-old."

Kurt Angle

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#4 Posted on
You do a great job with this Cubs...I seem to miss 3 out of every four shows and you allow me to keep up.

Pretty big of the group to forgive Jonah...although from what I've read elsewhere you had to see it to understand. Maybe I'll be able to catch a replay.

8-3 OK...road games just suck!! We'll see how next week goes...


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    Originally posted by cranlsn
    You do a great job with this Cubs...I seem to miss 3 out of every four shows and you allow me to keep up.

    Pretty big of the group to forgive Jonah...although from what I've read elsewhere you had to see it to understand. Maybe I'll be able to catch a replay.

I don't know. I mean, it's an MTV show. They'll probably only show it fifty or sixty times between now and next Thursday. You've gotta be lucky.
(I swear, I've seen the season premiere of "The Osbournes" five times. And, of course, it's one of those shows I *have* to watch every time it's on...)

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----------Hermann Goering, one of the original Nazis at his Nuremberg trial in 1946
Cherries > Peaches

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Excellent recap, Cubs. I laughed out loud about 4 times reading it, & its dead-on accurate besides!

Regarding the MRI: Most good trauma centers have an MRI machine real close to emergency. If you come in with the right sorts of symptoms (& really good insurance -- no heckling from the Canadians, please), they'll get you in there quick as a bunny, & have the specialist looking at your pictures in no time. The thing that suprised me about it was that they let him walk out of the exam room -- I'd figure they'd at least insist on rolling him over there in a wheel chair.

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The Jonah stuff was darky funny, but I'm not sure if I got that across well at all...

Thanks for the MRI info Emma - there was that shot of someone in a wheelchair they kept showing in previews - maybe it got cut out here?
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Tell me he didn't just say that. I love it when a plan comes together
- Guru Zim, Hate to do this Justin... (2002)
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