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The W - Movies & TV - The Rock on Dan Patrick show
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Lap cheong

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I know we're not supposed to post "in real time", but I just heard Dan Patrick say that he will have the Rock on his radio show to pick NFL games (in the 2PM Eastern hour, I thought I heard). Dan said he'll ask if the Rock has any embarrassing stories from wrestling that he'll share.

EDIT - That's the 3 PM Eastern hour, sorry.

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Mr Heel II
Lap cheong

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Hopefully he's better than he was on Letterman the other night because MAN that was painful to watch.
DJ FrostyFreeze

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So can anyone who listened give the rest of us the scoop on what we missed??

The batteries in my radio at work died on Monday & I've been too lazy to replace them :(

Mr. Boffo

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It's actually available at . Click "Listen to The Dan Patrick Show, live or on archive". I'm listening right now, and I'll transcribe it in case the link goes down (although it shouldn't until Monday).

It's about 2 hours and 20 minutes in.

DP: The movie is "Doom", opens up in theaters nationwide later on tonight, The Rock joining us now on the Onstar Hotline on the Dan Patrick Show on ESPN Radio. Last time somebody took a swing at you?
TR: Um, it would have been back in the day when I was at The U, down in Miami, because all we did was just talk trash all the time.
DP: But nobody wants a piece ... They didn't want a piece of you as a wrestler?
TR: No, no, it never happened that way, surprisingly so. And I have to be honest with you. It was never, ever like that. I don't know, because, it happens, it happens a lot. It's happened to a lot of buddies of mine, I don't know, who used to wrestle, and kind of still wrestle today. But no, it never happened that way. With guys, it was always just "Hey, dude. I just wanted to say 'What's up'". It's like, "Ok, cool, man." And that was it. But no, never ever.
DP: Because I talked to Stallone last week, and he said that people always wanted a piece of him. They ...
TR: Well that's because they probably thought they could take him. (laughing) I love Stallone, but he's 5'9.
DP: How big are you?
TR: Uh, 6'4.
DP: Yeah, so, yeah there's a little bit difference if you see a guy who's 5'7 or 5'8, and then you say "Well, you're not so tough looking", but with you, you may, they may think twice about that.
TR: Uh, I think they may. And you know immediately, guys come up, if they do, if I sense that there's any sort of bravado or testosterone, then I quell it right away. You know, it's like, "It's all good man, life's too short. It's fine."
DP: When you were at the University of Miami, you played with, you were around some ...
TR: You gotta say the U.
DP: I'm sorry. When you were at "The U", you had some pretty talented guys around you.
TR: You bet.
DP: Okay. Out of all of those guys, who was the best?
TR: All around, Ray Lewis. I would say, well, you know what? It's a toss up between Ray and, and Warren Sapp. You know, and Warren was the guy who, who beat me out at my position, and uh, and I remember watching him play back then, and I just knew then. Like I was one of those players that, like had good upper body violence, was able to get to the ball, but Warren was one of those who was just exceptional. Like him and Ray, 'cause they both came on at about the same time, and it became very, very clear at that point that there was, there was a big difference between the way I played and the way Warren played. Like he just set himself apart from everyone else. Him and Ray, by the way. And here's a story about Ray. We were playing Colorado when Kordell Stewart was there, and our middle linebacker went down, Michael Barrett. And I know you know Michael. And he went down, and Ray was a true freshman. He was 18 years old. And they put him in the game, I think it was the second quarter or third quarter, Ray goes on to make 18 tackles, probably about 12 solo, and becomes player of the game, and never lost the starting position, as a true freshman. And uh, that's when, you know the defining moment, there's lots of defining moments in sports, but for Ray, I realized that he was just special. He was one of those special players.
DP: Sometimes what happens though, is, you'll be a part of something, but you're not the main guy. And then you've gone on to stardom as a wrestler and an actor. How long did it take after the fact for those guys, like Warren Sapp and Ray Lewis, to say, "Oh yeah, that dude used to play with us?"
TR: (laughing) Exactly. Probably '98, '99. Because about '99 was when things started happening for me. And then Warren and Ray used to come to the show. But you know, the irony of it is, it's so funny, because when they, back when I was wrestling, and they'd come to the show then, they would come to the shows and they were like "Not only are we proud of you, but like, the crazy thing is nobody believes that we know you."
DP: Instead of the other way around.
TR: Instead of the other way around, yeah. It's funny, because I mean, when I see those guys, it's like, "Yeah, of course I played with Ray, he's awesome, and Warren", and you know, they would believe me but they were like, "Dude, it's the craziest thing. Nobody believes, like, we know The Rock."
DP: The movie is "Doom", it opens up in theaters nationwide, we're talking with The Rock on the Onstar Hotline on the Dan Patrick Show on ESPN Radio. What would be the most embarassing moment you had as a wrestler?
TR: Aw, man, let me see. Um, one time, I was (laughs) in like, all my glory on the turnbuckle, up there. It's like, after the match, my arm's raised way up in the air, in victory. People are going crazy, and they're like "Ahhhhh!". And uh, I saw a picture of it, like a still picture, and uh, let's just say that, and the picture was like shot from below, from the photographer so he's like looking up. It's like a really cool shot. What made it really, really, uncool, was the fact that I had popped out, like one of the, uh, like a Rock (bleep?) popped out. (laughs) And I was like, "Oh, nice. Very classy." And it's like "This picture has a lot of class in it, and it all happens to be low."
DP: And uh, had I known that, I would have thought of you a little differently in the movie "Be Cool", when you were Vince Vaughn's ...
TR: Playing gay.
DP: Yeah, you were playing gay, weren't you? You were playing gay, right?
TR: I was totally playing gay. Yeah, I was channelling Warren Sapp, yes.
DP: Alright, I've got 3 NFL games for you to pick.
TR: Okay.
DP: And I'm going to make you start with the game tonight with Miami against Kansas City. Who you taking?
TR: Oh, I gotta take my boys. I gotta take Miami. You know, but here's the thing. For the past two weeks in a row, I've been picking Miami, and I've been, first I said they were going to go up to Buffalo, and they were going to slap the lips off the Bills. I said there was going to be about 50 pair of lips floating around on the field that they were going to have to pick up. And they got beat. I said that about Tampa Bay. They got beat. So I'm just going to say, this time, flat out, they're going to whip Kansas City's ass.
DP: Okay, Miami giving 1 1/2 to Kansas City. Oakland -3 against Buffalo?
TR: I'm going to have to go with Oakland. I will go with Oakland this time, they've been on a streak. Not a winning streak, either. (laughs)
DP: Uh, and then you've got Cincinnati against Pittsburgh, Cincinnati giving 1.
TR: Ah, man. That's tough. Roethlisberger's back?
DP: Yeah.
TR: Still going to go with Cincinnati.
DP: Okay.
TR: Yeah, gotta go with Cincy.
DP: We're talking to The Rock, the movie is "Doom", it opens in theatres nationwide coming up this evening, joining us on the Onstair Hotline on ESPN Radio. Did you want to rough up Ashton Kutcher when you got PUNK'D?
TR: (laughs) Well, at that point, by the time I realized I was being PUNK'D, I was so thankful, I was like, oh, thank God, because, you know, that ... And they got me, by the way, they got me good.
DP: No idea?
TR: I had absolutely no idea. No. Because they, they went to great lengths, Ashton had been trying to punk me for a long time, and my publicist and my managers kept saying, "No, you know what? He's not the right guy to PUNK." And Ashton was like "No, I know him! He's a cool dude!" And they were like "Yeah, but it's just not the right thing to do", so he circumvented them, and went to the director of "Be Cool", went to production, and they were like "Yeah, let's do it." And as I was trying to go after that guy, I pushed a cop. So when I pushed the cop ... Luckily the cop was an actor that I didn't know, he was part of PUNK'D. And I thought, any moment, and I had been arrested in the past, like 8, 9 times, for fighting, and I had gotten into it with cops before so I thought, "Any second now I'm getting a night stick and then, like that's it. There goes my movie career. I'm done." But funny story is that it was actually John Travolta's bodyguard who immediately got in there. He wasn't in on the joke, but he knew a joke was going down. He got in there and he was like, "It's not worth it" and I was like "Yeah, you're right" and he kinda calmed me down. That was what happened. And once I found out I was being PUNK'D, I was like "Thank God. I didn't get a nightstick, and I'm not going to jail, and movie career is still intact."
DP: Well at least you didn't cry like Justin Timberlake did.
TR: I know! (laughs) What the hell?
DP: Come on.
TR: It's like, "Come on. Don't cry. No, man-gina, don't do that."
DP: Strangest request from a fan?
TR: Well, you know what, I mean Dan, they ranged. I mean they ranged from, you know "Can you speak to my wife?", "Can you speak to my husband?", "Can you come to my birthday?", Can you come to my graduation?". Here's the funniest thing that happened nowadays. I don't go to a private gym. Like, I still choose to go to a public gym. And I kid you not. I always wish that I could have a voyeur camera in my shirt, on my chest, so that I could tape these conversations. It is... During my workout, people will come up to me, and especially on the west coast, in LA, they have a movie idea, they have a script they want to give me, they have a CD they want me to listen to, which is all coo, and I understand the grind. But it's like, you know, this is not "American Idol: Rock" happening, and I kid you not, the funniest thing is when people in the gym are like "Hey, listen, real quick, I know. I don't have a CD on me, but I'd like to sing you a couple lines from the song."
DP: While you're working out.
TR: While we're working out. And it's like, first couple of times, I said, "No, it's not the right time, you know. Call my agent." And then I started saying, "You know, what the hell? I'm going to have some fun. Good ahead and sing it." And they'll just flat out start singing.
DP: But do you act like Simon Cowell and then ...
TR: Yeah, I'm like "You suck!" Um, no, I'm usually like "Wow, that's pretty good, so uh, why don't you just make a call and call my agent." Like, wait a minute. I'm sorry? When did I win a Grammy?
DP: I was going to say, why do they think you're a musical hookup?
TR: Right, why, why? I think probably just the entertainment industry, and they know that I know musical people, but it's like, I didn't win a Grammy, I don't have a studio that we're gonna go to after and sing, and start laying down tracks. No, it's not me.
DP: Well, good luck with the movie, uh, opening theaters nationwide. "Doom".
TR: "Doom". I appreciate it.
DP: Yeah, but uh, we'll check, we'll monitor how your teams do over the weekend, but uh, good luck with it, and thanks for joining us.
TR: Awesome my man. Thank you so much, I appreciate it.
DP: It's The Rock, "Doom", opening in theaters nationwide tonight.

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