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12.6.21 2049
The W - Pro Wrestling - SmackDOWN! & Heat Spoilers
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from rajah (of course):


Dark Match:

-We missed all dark matches, so if you attended, we would appreciate results to fill in this spot.

Sunday Night Heat Tapings:

William Regal vs. Rikishi

-Feed comes on with Rikishi hitting a back elbow and going for a belly-belly, but Regal elbows out and hits Rikishi with a knee 1-2-kickout. Stomps by Regal, who starts punching away in the corner. Regal chokes Rikishi on the ropes, but Rikishi fires back with punches until Regal trips him up and lands an elbow drop 1-2-shoulder up. Regal locks in the sleeper hold. Rikishi uses the crowd to fight up and clothesline Regal down. Another clothesline and Rikish hits a side belly-belly. He calls for the end and hits a standing legdrop. Unfortunately for Rikishi, Regal rolls outside before he can pin. Regal grabs his Title belt and rolls back inside, but Rikishi Superkicks him before he can use the belt. Rikishi Backs That Ass Up and then gives Regal the StinkFace! Regal again grabs the belt, but Teddy Long pulls it away. As Long gives to Tony Chimmel, Regal whips out the brass knuckles, clocks Rikishi in the head and pins 1-2-3!

Val Venis vs. Booker T

-I won't even bother with the Venis stuff anymore. It's stupid, and I don't care if I never see it again. For that reason, I'm not even going to do the "blah blah blah" stuff. Just for future reference. They roll around the rign in a lock up, but upon the ref-mandated break-up, Booker shoves Val away and starts chopping him into the corner. Stomps by the outraged Booker. Val explodes out of the corner with a clothesline, then another. Back elbow by Val, followed with an elbow drop, then a knee drop 1-2-shoulder up. Booker hits a reverse thrust kick. Chops by Booker then a thrust to the head. Punches in the corner from the Booker Man. Val fires back, but Booker spinebusters him down 1-2-shoulder up. Val hits a falling neckbreaker and both men go down. Val punches upon regaining his legs, and hits a diving shoulder. Back body drop by Venis, but Booker low blows him. Val comes back with the low knees and a Russian legsweep 1-2-shoulder up. Booker hits a knee of his own and then the Scissors Kick. His glove sends him secret messages to go for a jumping calf kick, but Val ducks it and clotheslines Booker down. Val sets up the Figure Four, but Booker grabs the ropes and escapes to the outside. Outside, Val chops Booker against the barrier. Back in the ring, Val hits a Sunset Flip, but Booker falls forward and pins using the ropes 1-2-ref sees the ropes. Val kicks Booker in the gut and powerslams him. He goes up top for the Money Shot, but Booker gets his knees up. Booker leaps to his feet and hits the jumping calf kick 1-2-3!

Hurricane vs. Tajiri

-The men shake hands to start off the match, with their respective ladies cheering them on. Hurricane rolls under a clothesline, so Tajiri rolls under an elbow. Each man hits an armdrag and takes a few moments for the crowd to cheer them on. Shoulder block by Hurricane. Tajiri hits a hard kick to the head, then chops Helms against the ropes. Hurricane ducks a chop and hits a clothesline, then starts punching Tajiri's wrenched left arm. Back suplex 1-2-kickout. Helms underhooks Tajiri's arms and stretches him out, but Tajiri uses the crowd to break the hold, only to be neckbreakered down. Helms does up top and flies, but Tajiri kicks him out of the air. Punches and kicks by Tajiri, who hits the handspring rope elbow 1-2-shoulder up. Tajiri leaps over a charging Helms and locks in the Tarantula. Tajiri goes second rope, but Helms punches him and pulls him off by one arm 1-2-shoulder up. Helms goes second rope himself and dives, but Tajiri ducks. He misses the Kick of Death, allowing Helms to neckbreaker him down 1-2-Tajiri rolls over and reverses the pin 1-2-3! After teh match, Helms extends his hand and congratulates Tajiri on a well-fought victory.

Godfather vs. Test

-Test gets Godfather in a side-headlock and then shoulder blocks him down. Godfather gets Test in a headlock now and shoulder block him down. Scoop slam by Godfather, followed with an elbow drop. Godfather misses a Superkick, allowing Test to clothesline him over the top rope. On the outside, Test rams Godfather into the stairs. Back in the ring, Test knees Godfather into the corner and punches away. Clothesline by Test, then a hard whip into the corner. Vertical suplex by Test 1-2-kickout. Test chokes Godfather on the ropes, but Godfather fights back. Test clotheslines Godfather, but misses the running leg drop and lands on the ropes. Godfather kicks him down and then kicks him in the head. Legdrop by Godfather. Test with a backelbow and bridging pin 1-2-using the ropes. Tsk, tsk. Godfather rolls up Test when he yells at the escorts for a two count. Godfather whips Test into the corner and goes for the Escort Train, but Test moves and hits the reverse neckbreaker 1-2-3!



Earlier Today: Vice McMahon calls the nWo's actions "reprehensible". They should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. He's sure that all parties involved will be content with the action taken: the insistence of a public appology tonight.

Kane vs. Kurt Angle

-The video opens and the pyros explode, as we go LIVE! "Medal" hits, and Kurt Angle marches out. He's not in the mood for the fans' What?ing. Last Monday was a travesty. He was robbed of his WrestleMania Title shot. Since then, he's been dying to take out his frustrations. So he's going to stand in the ring, all night if he has to, until someone in the back is stupid enough to come out for a match. He's ready to go Olympic on someone's ass. BOOM! The fires of hell erupt, as Kane marches down the ramp, but Angle isn't scared at all. Kane slides in the ring, and Angle immediately beats him down. Kane starts punching back and clotheslines Angle down. Angle goes over teh back and back suplexes Kane. Angle goes outside and grabs a chair. He cracks Kane in the back once, twice, three times as the DQ bell rings. Kane stumbles up and Spears Angle out of the ring. On the outside, Angle and Kane exchange uppercuts, with Kane getting the better. He whips Angle into the stairs and starts dismanteling the announce table. Unfortunately, when he throws a monitor away, it hits the table and the table collapses. WHOOPS! Kane locks in a choke on Angle, but Angle low blows out and hits a German suplex onto the pieces of the already-broken announce table. He goes for a chair, but the time-keeper pushes him away. Angle suplexes the time-keeper and takes his chair. He slams the chair into Kane's ankle over and over before locking in the AngleLock. Kane tries to escape but can't, until the refs pull him off. Angle again wrenches the ankle, but gets back in the ring. He yells at the refs from the safety of the ring before storming off.

In the back, Flair and Arn are watching what just happened. Flair says they need to get a grip on these situations. Taker comes in, and asks if he and Flair are going to dance at WrestleMania. Flair says that, between the nWo, Rock, and Austin, he's got a lot on his plate. No match. Taker says Flair's just a coward. He can book Taker against Triple H tonight, but won't fight him at WrestleMania? Fine, but this is the last 'no' he's going to get. Something tells him that on Monday, Flair will say yes. Fade Out.

Video of the nWo's entrance at No Way Out, their interference in the Austin/Jericho match, Angle getting Austin arrested on Raw, Hogan and Rock agreeing to fight at WrestleMania, the 3-on-1 beatdown of Rock, and the subsequent event of Hogan ramming Rock's ambulance with the cab of a semi.

We come back to find the nWo walking through the halls to the ring, never thinking it would come to this. Fade Out.

Kane/Kurt Angle

-They have a little mini-fight so that the crowd doesn't realize what's happening. They immediately go to the outside, where Kane whips Angle into the stairs. This time, Kane makes sure to drop the monitors in safe places. Kane gets a choke on Angle, but he low blows out and German suplexes Kane through the newly-built announce table. He German suplexes Kane again into the broken announce table and straps in the AngleLock, which is apparently where they will go back to the original footage. Fade Out.

nWo Interview

-The screen flickers and goes black and white, as the nWo sadly make their way to the ring. Nash reads a written statement, publically appologizing to viewers of the television program "Raw". He asks that we accept his heartfelt appology and understand that no one realizes more than they do that their actions were heinous and reprehensible. Hall continues reading the written statement. He wishes Rock a speedy recovery, hoping he will be at 100% for WrestleMania. Regardless of their reading from a pre-approved statement, this is heartfelt. They are not appologizing because of Vince, but because they know they were wrong. Hogan takes the statement and thanks the District Attorney Office for accepting Mr. McMahon's lawyers' plea for a lesser charge, and Vince for his support. He asks Rock's forgiveness, because he forgives Rock for attacking him first. Hogan puts the statement away and says that he won't be sorry for what he does to Rock at WrestleMania. The glass breaks, and Austin drives out in his truck. He jumps out with a tire iron. Hogan and Nash run, but Austin catches Hall and beats his legs with the tire iron. Austin gets in the truck, allowing Hogan and Nash to pull Hall to safety before Austin can run them over. Fade Out.

During the break, the nWo get to their limo, but they find that Austin has slashed the tires and spraypainted "What?" across the side. They run down the hall just before Austin gets there to run after them.

Christian vs. Edge

-Christian beats down on Edge to start, but his posing allows Edge to push him into the corner and punch away. Edge tosses his brother over the top and pulls him onto the apron. On the outside, Edge whips Christian into the apron and punches down on him. Back inside, Christian kicks Edge in the head and then shoulder blocks him off the apron. Back on the outside, Christian smashes Edge into the stairs. Inside, Christian drops Edge onto the ropes and goes with the blatant choke before pinning 1-2-kickout. Chops by Christian in the corner. He goes second rope, but Edge pushes him back and hits a spinning heel kick. Clothesline by Edge, into a front facebuster 1-2-kickout. Back body drop by Edge. He goes for teh Edgeacution, but Christian blocks and hits the reverse backbreaker. Christian looks for teh Unprettier, but Edge pushes him back and Spears him down. He gets his brother in the new "Figure Four Edgelock" for the submission victory. After the match, Christian gets a mic. He's sure the fans expect him to throw a tantrum, that they like the fact that a former IC-Euro-Tag Champion can't even win a match anymore. He's not going to cry, though. As of now, he quits!

In the back, Nash and Hogan run into a room, but realizes Hall isn't with them. Nash wants to go find him, but Hogan says they should lay low until they're sure Austin isn't around. Fade Out.

Hardy Boyz & RVD vs. Dudley Boyz & Lance Storm

-Jeff and D-Von start, with D-Von taking the early advantage. Jeff hits a front dropkick and clubs D-Von, then hits a flying forearm. Tag to Matt. Matt and Jeff hit a double suplex and Matt pins 1-2-kickout. Punches to the face by Matt. BuhBuh distracts the ref, allowing Storm to run in and take Matt down. Lance with a straight punch to Matt 1-2-kickout. Exchange of punches, with Storm hitting a dropkick 1-2-kickout. Tag to D-Von. Back elbow by D-Von. Tag to BuhBuh. BuhBuh with elbows and clubs to the back. Scoop slam by BuhBuh, who follows with two elbow drops. He mocks RVD and hits an axhandle smash 1-2-shoulder up. BuhBuh 'buckles Matt and clubs him in the back. Matt elbows BuhBuh away and hits a moonsault 1-2-shoulder up. Tag to D-Von. D-Von keeps Matt from pinning, but Matt hits a neckbreaker and tags RVD as Storm tags in. Spinning heel kick by RVD, then another. RVD with a step-over kick to D-von and a punch that sends BuhBuh off the apron. Spingboard spin kick by RVD to Storm. He goes up top, but Stacy knocks him off. Lita gets behind her, but D-Von gets behind her! Lita spins Stacy around, so D-Von spins Lita around. Matt goes to spin D-Von, but BuhBuh whips him and they hit the 3-D 1-2-broken with a Swanton! Some stuff happens that I miss, but Lita hits the Litacanrana on Storm and RVD follows up with the Five Star 1-2-3!

Flair is on the phone when Stephanie confronts him. How dare he make a rematch of Kurt Angle vs. Triple H and ban her from ringside? Angle deserves to go, and she knows, because she counted the 1-2-3! She says she'll slap the taste out his mouth, when she hears a toilet flush. She thinks it's Arn and turns to hit him, but finds herself face-to-face with Triple H. Trips lets Flair in on the age-old secret of life, "Life's a bitch; and then you marry one." Steph storms out.

Tazz & Spike vs. Chuck & Billy [Tag Team Title Match]

-Tazz and Chuck start off, with Tazz taking Chuck down and hitting the mounted punches. Billy breaks them up, but as the ref admonishes him, Spike leaps from the top and lands on Chuck. Tag to Gunn. Gunn pounds away on Tazz in the corner and tags Chuck right back in. Straight punch by Chuck. Tazz hits a back elbow and hits a Northern Lights on Chuck 1-2-kickout. Chuck clotheslines Tazz down, but he comes back with an overhead throw. Tag to Gunn and Spike. Spike with punch after punch and then a back elbow. Gunn goes for a tilt-a-whirl, but Spike turns it into a Tornado DDT 1-2-kickout. Spike and Gunn go to the outside, while inside, Tazz gets the Tazzmission on Chuck. Gunn and Spike run in. Gunn tosses Tazz over the top. Spike goes for the Acid Drop on Gunn, but he blocks and tosses him into a Chuck Superkick. Gunn hits the FameAssEr 1-2-3! Billy and Chuck win the Tag Titles!

In the back, Lillian congratulates Billy and Chuck on their win. Billy says he couldn't do it without Chuck, but Chuck says he couldn't do it without Billy. They couldn't do it without each other.

The Acolytes walk up and congratulate them on their win. Bradshaw tells them to get pictures with the belts and get real close, because at WrestleMania, they'll have to kiss the belts, and their asses, goodbye. Fade Out.

Stephanie/Chris Jericho

-"Our Time" hits, and Stephanie McMahon comes out. Before we watch Undertaker kick Triple H's ass tonight, she has an announcement. Triple H may be going to WrestleMania, but he'll win the Undisputed Title over her dead body! The Y2J Countdown hits 0.00, and out comes the Ayatollah, the Living Legend, the Undisputed Champion, Chris Jericho. They haven't spoken much since he became the Undisputed Champion, but he had to tell her something face-to-face. He used to call her a dirty, disgusting, bottom-feeding, trashbag ho, but he never really meant it. He just said it to try and get the fans on his side. But that never got him anywhere. Just as he was wrong about caring what the fans thought about him, he was wrong about how he thought of her. He kind of admires Steph. Now that he can focus, he can see her for what she really is: a brilliant, calculating, coniving genius! It is because of that genius that he is convinced that, without her, Triple H is nothing. Steph knows that Jericho is totally right. She is the reason for his success. She is why he's a 4-time WWF Champion. But that gives her a hell of an idea. Chris wants to beat Triple H more than anything. She wants Triple H to lose more than anything. Who knows Triple H better than she does? She knows how he thinks, how he trains, his strengths, and his weaknesses. With Steph in his corner, Jericho would be an unstopable force. She can make sure he never, e-e-e-e-ever lose the Titles. They can be more than friends; they can be business partners! She extends her hand. Jericho says that Triple H's worst nightmare just came true, and shakes Steph's hand. They leave the ring and take a seat at the announce table.

Triple H vs. Undertaker

-Triple H comes down and stares at Jericho and Steph. He takes a drink and spits it out at them. Jericho lunges at Trips, but Trips rams him into the barrier. In the ring, Trips hits Jericho with a high knee, but Steph slaps him! He grabs her by the hair and sets her for the Pedigree, but Jericho breaks it up. Triple H hits Jericho over the top and follows him outside. He knocks Jericho over the barrier when "Rollin" hits. Trips begs for Taker to get in the ring, having to be held back by Tim White. Taker gets on the apron, and Triple H punches him in the face. Taker gets back on his bike and drives back up the ramp. Fade Out.

Austin's Revenge

-The glass breaks, and Austin pulls up in his truck. He goes to the back, tosses a cooler in the ring, and then pulls out Scott Hall! He rolls Hall into the ring and nails him with a beer can. Hall staggers up, and Austin hits him down again. Austin does the "Hey yo", asking if Hall wants to play with Stone Cold. Does he think he's funny? Well he's not. Hall crawls to the ropes, but Austin stomps him down. He thought they could have a beer. Hall cost him the Title and now he doesn't want a beer? That makes Austin sad. Again Hall crawls to the ropes, and again Austin kicks him back. In fact, he's going to stomp on Hall everytime the fans say "What?" The fans erupt in a chorus of What?s, and Austin stomps away. He tells the fans to stop lest he wear out his shoe. Austin pulls Hall up and smacks him down. Stone Cold is the last son of a bitch you want to mess with. Hall can give Hogan and Nash that message. He tells Hall to stand up and take a beer because he's tired of whooping Hall's ass. He gives Hall a beer and they toast, then Austin explodes into a Stunner! Austin goes into his truck and brings out some spraypaint. He pulls Hall's shirt off and shakes up the can. He listens to his watch, which must have told him to spray 3:16 on Hall, because that's exactly what he does. End Show

Dan's Note: The following occured after the tapings finished.

-Austin picks up Hall and gives him another Stunner. He takes some beers and goes out to the technical deck and climbs the stuff so he can toast with the fans. He comes back and picks Hall up. He'll give Hall a chance to say he's sorry, but Hall is too beaten up to speak. Since he won't say he's sorry, Austin Stunners him again.


Cool show. Steph and Jericho FINALLY unite and the Ambiguously Gay Duo win the Tag Titles.... which means that Billy Gunn is a 9-time Tag Team Champion. Yikes.

(edited by Kawshen on 20.2.02 0225)

Can you dig it, sucka?
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Well Hall/Austin sounds cool.

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Dammit. Stephy and Jericho have become buddies. I did NOT want to see that. Damn, damn, damn. Why can't Slutanie just go away? I doubt the ratings would plummet. Oh, but you just gotta have the McMahons in the main event. *gags*

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Aye, this'll be the fifth WrestleMania in a row in which a McMahon was involved in the main event-- in some way, shape or form.

Damn it.

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"Gunn hits the FameAssEr 1-2-3! Billy and Chuck win the Tag Titles!"

Well, looks like it's time for me to gloat, since I've been calling this for months. At the first Dudleys/Midgets match, I said the Midgets would win the tag titles (which they eventually did) because the WWF needed a face team to transition the titles from the Dudleys to Billy and Chuck. It took a month or two, but I'm still right
Not that anyone here is surprised by the title change though.

Still, I wonder if Scott Keith feels rather silly about bitching that Billy and Chuck lost at No Way Out. I know I would if I overlooked the obvious, and used my lack of foresight to make a stupid slam against the WWF (cuz it's kewl to make fun of the Whiff).

No matter how bad things may get, just imagine what would happen if Vince Russo was booking again, and you will feel better.

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#6 Posted on

    Originally posted by heartbreakgirl
    Dammit. Stephy and Jericho have become buddies. I did NOT want to see that. Damn, damn, damn. Why can't Slutanie just go away? I doubt the ratings would plummet. Oh, but you just gotta have the McMahons in the main event. *gags*

Oh, come on. Half of this forum has been ranting that Jericho and Stephanie would join together against HHH - this just makes it official. Admittedly, Stephanie is not my choice for title-match accompaniment - I'd rather have Shane, since he takes bumps better and can cut a promo without inducing bleeding from the ears.


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What frightens me is that Stephanie will be featured prominently in promos for WrestleMania's main event. Hell, they're more likely to talk about Stephanie's attempt at fooling Triple H than about the match itself.

“Do you expect me to talk, Goldfinger?”

“No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to die.

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When was a McMahon involved in the main-event of Wrestlemania 14? Sure, Vince was interviewed about his thoughts on Austin winning, but he didn't interfere at all.

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Don't worry, a McMahon won't be a part of the main event. Do you guys honestly think that Triple H vs. Jericho will headline the event? Oh, I think it will be promoted as a main event, but it will be one of those triple main events or quadruple main events or whatever to make everyone happy. But the true main event is almost always the last match on the card, and I just don't think it will HHH and Jericho. I may end up wrong, we'll see.

(Actually, I probably speaking too soon. There's still plenty of time for Vince or even Shane to get involved in one of those nWo vs. WWF matches!)

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So it looks like Kane vs Angle will be going down at Wrestlemania.

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    Originally posted by TheBucsFan
    So it looks like Kane vs Angle will be going down at Wrestlemania.

Nah, that was probably just one of those "Kane had nothing better to do" angles.

They really need to find something for him, cause in a good angle Kane is one of my all time favorites.

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The most interesting thing to me out of the whole show is this:

After the match, Christian gets a mic. He's sure the fans expect him to throw a tantrum, that they like the fact that a former IC-Euro-Tag Champion can't even win a match anymore. He's not going to cry, though. As of now, he quits!

Be interesting to see where they go with this....

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squiz wrote re: Christian "quitting":

Be interesting to see where they go with this....

I see three possibilities here.

1) He'll be the first defection to the nWo. It would give the nWo a much needed smaller guy (and jobber) without bringing in *ugh* X-Pac, while giving Christian something to do. I'd be all in favor of this, so long as there aren't many more additions after him. Unlikely, but it would be nice.

2) Time off before just showing up again on the "second" roster after the split? Seems the most likely, albeit the most pedestrian, angle.

3) We'll be seeing a Conquistador again... A guy can dream, right?

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You forgot option four, my personal fave:

During Edge's inevitable IC title match against whomever at Mania (let's say a fatal fourway), it comes down to Edge Vs. RVD. Christian runs in and, while trying screw Edge in their hometown, "accidentally" nails RVD and costs him the strap. Edge celebrates with the belt as RVD confronts Christian-and Edge wafles RVD from behind. E&C reform in front of their hometwon fans to give both guys some direction and purpose.

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#15 Posted on
I didn't forget that possibility so much as I don't want to think about it. It all just seems too obvious. Granted, the promotion hasn't been doing a great job of coming up with fresh, sensible storylines but I'm trying to be an optimist here and hope that they don't take the easy way out with E&C.
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Putting an early stop to this one since the show has already been taped. Not that it looks like anyone noticed or cared.
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