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The W - Pro Wrestling - SmackDown #581: 10-8-10
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TONIGHT! The buildup begins for the Bragging Rights PPV in two weeks. Didn’t we just HAVE a PPV a few days ago? Plus, it’s Rey Mysterio’s Syfy in-ring debut, as he makes his big return against Alberto Del Rio. Hmm…shouldn’t they save that blowoff for a PPV or something? SmackDown on Syfy is NOW!

Opening credits – Do you know your enemy? Opening pyro!

Tonight, Kane has a message for The Undertaker.

Your hosts are Todd Grisham, Matt Striker, and Michael Cole. Why the hell is Cole doing this show AGAIN? Does the word “overexposed” mean ANYTHING anymore? I don’t remember Jonathan Coachman getting shoved down our throats like this after his heel turn.

We start the show with GM Theodore Long. He stands at the top of the ramp, with mic in hand. “Ladies and gentlemen, it is my distinct pleasure to introduce your newest Superstar to Friday Night SmackDown! He is a man that I personally traded for. He IS the Rated-R Superstar, Edge!”

Edge comes out and greets Teddy Long on the top of the ramp, before coming to the ring. And it looks like we have a match.

Todd Grisham gets the obvious question out of the way, asking Michael Cole why he’s here. Cole responds that he’s inspired by the Miz, who called him a visionary when it comes to broadcasting. Sigh…so I’m getting him every week now, aren’t I? Joy. Anyway, Jack Swagger stops on top of the ramp with a mic, so it’s promo time!

“Hold on, hold on, hold on! Congratulations, Edge! I’m actually glad you’ve been traded back to our show. Now I can ruin your return to Friday nights, much the same way you ruined my return to Oklahoma on SmackDown’s season premiere. There we were, flying high, the kings of the world! And you have to come out and try to embarrass us. You go and spear my personal mascot? The Swagger Soaring Eagle? Why, Edge? He’s friendly, children love him, he’s an endangered species, for God’s sakes! Do you know how hard it is for an eagle to get medical insurance? But you know what? You think that’s stupid? You’re on your personal crusade against everything stupid…”

Edge has a mic now and cuts in. “I tell you what, why don’t you get in here and I’ll make you look stupid in about three seconds! And Swagger? Hey, Swagger! Tell your little mascot to get out of here, because I have no problem flipping the bird!”

Swagger has to hold back his eagle, before entering the ring. We start the match proper with both men locking up. Edge is backed into the corner and Swagger grabs a leg before backing off. Swagger gets a single-leg takedown before Edge backs into the ropes. We take a quick breather and we go back to action with Swagger getting the better of a wrestling sequence, laying Edge down on his stomach. Swagger follows this up by doing push-ups off of Edge’s back! Edge takes a few seconds to gather himself on the outside, but sees Swagger celebrating with his eagle standing on the apron. Edge quickly gets back in and goes for the spear. Swagger dodges, but the eagle doesn’t and down goes the bird again. That takes us to our first ad break of the night.

We come back with Edge hitting a spinning heel kick. Cole tells us that the Swagger Soaring Eagle is being stretchered out, as Swagger backdrops Edge out of a corner charge. Edge lands on the apron, but Swagger hangman’s Edge’s arm to send him down to the floor. Swagger follows and pulls Edge’s arm through the post. Back in the ring, a cover gets 2. We hit the armbar, as we get a replay of Edge spearing the eagle and the subsequent stretcher job. Swagger hits a single-arm DDT for 2. Swagger wrings Edge’s arm around, but Edge hammers away with his other hand. Swagger comes off the ropes, but Edge ducks and comes off the ropes to hit a flying forearm. Clothesline follows and Edge drop toe holds Swagger into the 619 position. Edge follows with the 619 a cross body onto the prone Swagger. Schoolboy gets 2. Edge goes for an Irish whip, but Swagger reverses it. Clothesline misses, but Swagger catches Edge going for a cross body and hits a backbreaker. Swagger goes for the running Vaderbomb and anticipates Edge’s counter and lands on his feet. Swagger goes for a corner charge, but eats elbow and Edge hits a tornado DDT for 2. Edge scales the second rope, but an axe handle attempt is caught and countered into a belly-to-belly suplex! That gets two for Swagger. Swagger goes for an Irish whip, but Edge slides out of the ring. Swagger tries to give chase, but gets hanged on the top rope. Edge gets those crazy eyes and he winds up for the spear, but the spear attempt is caught. Swagger picks up Edge, but Edge falls through for a sunset flip attempt, which Swagger tries to turn into an anklelock. Edge shoves him down. Swagger quickly gets up and goes for a gutwrench, but Edge spins out and turns it into the Edge-O-Matic for 2! Swagger’s up first and goes for the anklelock, but Edge cradles him for two. Swagger boots Edge in the bad shoulder and scoops him up, but Edge falls back and shoves Swagger into the corner. Swagger shakes off the cobwebs, but turns around to see Edge come off the ropes with the spear! That’ll end Swagger’s night at about 15 minutes shown.

WINNER: Edge - A better match than their PPV outing and a great TV match. I would have rather seen an actual drawn-out feud between these two, but I’ll take what I can get.

Post-match, Edge grabs the mic. “Hey Swagger, I don’t know if you can hear me and I know this is a PG show, but…I definitely flipped the bird.”

Clip shown of Alberto Del Rio’s first encounter with Rey Mysterio. Their rematch comes later tonight.

Ad break. Legendary DVD ad.

And now it’s time for still more Grooming Tips with “Dashing” Cody Rhodes. “Rotten, decaying, diseased and yellow teeth are disgusting. My name IS ‘Dashing’ Cody Rhodes and I’m here to tell you how you too can be dashing! Proper care for your teeth is a must for any distinguished gentlemen. But don’t use a regular toothbrush. These are for regular people! I use an electric toothbrush. It’s easy to use and it’s gentler on the gums. You want to go back and forth and then in a circular motion. Be sure to hit all your incisors and your canines and don’t forget your molars! They’re the teeth in the back. Remember not to swallow the toothpaste. Spit it out gently. And then rinse your mouth out with a cold glass of bottled water. Just swish, swish, and spit. I’m ‘Dashing’ Cody Rhodes, bringing you one step closer to dashing!” Close with a goofy shot of those pearly whites. Striker follows this segment with an Isaac Yankem reference.

Man, Kelly just doesn’t give up, does she? I guess that tends to happen when there are only about three female babyfaces on the roster. Kelly wears a Stars ‘N Stripes bikini top to complement Natalya’s Maple Leaf top, because Americans and Canadians just love each other TO DEATH! In what can be considered either dedication to her craft or WWE persistence in humiliating the women on their roster, Layla continues to keep her distance, remembering the “Smelly Kelly” angle.

Layla starts off with a headlock takeover and Kelly follows with an alleged armdrag. Layla slaps Kelly for that one, so Kelly shoves her. Matt Striker takes me completely out of the recap by recalling when Layla and Kelly Kelly were friends during Extreme Expose. Cole reminds Striker that no one gave a crap about ECW and that it’s been off the air for a year and a half. My head just exploded. When I come back to my senses, I’m still in the middle of a crappy Kelly Kelly match. Kelly hits her shitty Thesz press for two. Shitty handspring elbow is countered with a kicked to the back. The Lay Out will finish for Layla.

WINNER: Layla - It’s a Kelly Kelly match. What could I possibly have to say about this?

Post-match, Natalya checks on Kelly. Layla runs back in looking for a cheat shot, but Natalya scoops her down for a Sharpshooter attempt, before Michelle pulls Layla to safety.

Later tonight, it’s Dolph Ziggler and MVP for the Intercontinental Championship: Take Two.

Ad break – It’s Rock-tober on WWE Classics on Demand! Check that crazy blurred-out WWF logo!

The Big Show’s music hits and he SPRINTS down to the ring, shooting finger pistols into the air. Hey, remember when Show got the supposed biggest beatdown of his career from the Nexus last week? Yeah, he’s selling NONE of that here. He’s got the mic and it’s promo time!

“Whoo! I’ll bet you never saw a fat man run that fast, huh? October, huge, HUGE month for The Big Show! Huge month for The Big Show. October 22nd, Knucklehead comes out. You guys gonna go see Knucklehead, my movie, right? Where else can you see a fat man in his underwear, other than here? Knucklehead. Which brings me to October 24th, we got Bragging Rights. I just found out a few minutes ago that I’ve been named the team captain for SmackDown. So it’s SmackDown versus Raw at Bragging Rights. Now my first decision as team captain is I had to find a way to unify the SmackDown roster. Put past grievances aside. Bad ill-wills, put all that aside, I gotta give SmackDown a symbol to rally behind. Something that shows our determination, our willingness to fight, something that the SmackDown roster can BELIEVE in! I give you, SmackDown’s mascot for Bragging Rights…Hornswoggle.” Hornswoggle comes down in SmackDown shirt, blue face paint, and a Viking helmet. He gives Big Show a hug, just to give us the size differential. Show continues on. “Ok, don’t adjust your television sets. Don’t adjust your television sets. It’s ok. Smurfette did NOT grow a beard. This is Hornswoggle, my man. Alright, moving forward, over the next week, I’m gonna look really hard at the SmackDown roster, try to find the best Superstars that I can to put together one heck of a team to defeat Raw at Bragging Rights…”

Interruption comes from The Dudebusters, of all people. They’re also decked out in SmackDown blue. Striker acknowledges that Barreta and Croft helped move the SmackDown set to Syfy. Oh lord, this should be…interesting.

Croft: Hey guys, oh, so glad to be here.

Show: Can I help you two?

Barreta: We’re your guys, man! The Dudebusters!

Croft: Show, we’re your guys for Team SmackDown!

Show: Who are you?

Croft: Yeah, we’re your guys!

Barreta: The Dudebusters.

Croft: Team SmackDown, man, we want in! What do you say?

Show: Dude, dude, dude, dude, dude, dude…dude…sorry, I don’t know who you guys are.

Croft: Aww, it’s DudeBUSTERS!

Show: Dudebust…what? What do you want? I don’t get it. What are you busting? No! I don’t understand! What do you want?

Barreta: We want to be on Team SmackDown, man!

Show: I appreciate your enthusiasm. Welcome to SmackDown, I know you guys are new talent here, however, I just became team captain today. I mean, this (referencing Hornswoggle) was the biggest decision I was capable of making today. I mean, you gotta give me a little bit of time to review the roster and I’m gonna pick the best I can for SmackDown. You guys can’t expect me to make a decision on the first day like this, can you?

Barreta: If you’re gonna be like that, you realize we can just go to Teddy Long, get ourselves traded to Raw, join The Miz’s team…good luck sleeping at night, knowing that’s on your hands, buddy.

Croft: You don’t want that on your conscience.

Barreta and Croft take off their blue SmackDown shirts to reveal red Raw shirts underneath. Hornswoggle wants to charge like a bull, upon seeing the color red, but Show holds him back, threatening him with the kennel before turning his attention back to The Dudebusters.

Show: Look, you guys aren’t being fair about this, ok? You’ve got to give me more time. I want everybody’s input on SmackDown. We want to make the best team possible, you can’t dump all this on me right now. ‘Swoggle, what am I supposed to do?

After some midget mannerisms, Show opts for the double chokeslam. He tears the red shirt off of Barreta and plays El Matador with…GODDAMMIT, Striker just made the same joke! Sigh…is my sense of humor really no better?

More ADR/Rey buildup, as we see footage of ADR originally putting Rey on the shelf. Their rematch is later tonight.

Ad break – WWE Magazine ad.

Striker gives us the backstory on the Kaval/Kofi pairing. Kofi was playing WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2011 at a local Gamestop. Kaval walked into the same Gamestop and they played together for three hours and thus, we have a tag team. I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP! And obviously, the stupidity of that backstory is PERFECT ammo for Michael Cole to start ranting like the dope that he is.

Match starts with Cody hammering on Kofi before he quickly tags out to McIntyre. Drew hammers away in the corner and whips Kofi into the other corner. Corner charge misses and Kofi starts hammering away. Kofi goes for a Stinger splash, but Drew steps aside and chucks Kofi into the corner. Kofi staggers right into a Cody Rhodes clothesline. We already hit the armbar, less than a minute in. Kofi gets up and hits an armdrag, but Drew catches him before he can make the tag to Kaval. Drew tries to run Kofi into his corner, but Kofi slides down and goes for a sunset filp. Drew’s able to make the tag before Kofi completes the move and Cody starts stomping away. Cody tries to pick up Kofi, but Kofi shakes his weight enough to stagger Cody towards the opposite corner. And the tag is made to Kaval. Kaval hits a running knee to the gut. Cody reverses an Irish whip, but Kaval gets a handspring cross body block! Kaval hits a pair of Low Ki kicks, before he decides to dispatch McIntyre by knocking him off the apron. Cody tries to take advantage, but misses a clothesline and gets a spin kick to the face. NOT THE FACE!!! Kaval knocks Cody down with a standing kick to the back of the head. “HERE WE GO!!!” Kaval comes off the ropes and Cody catches with a tilt-a-whirl, but Kaval clamps on a Dragon Sleeper! That doesn’t last long, as Drew comes back in and hits a big boot to the face! Kofi comes back and clotheslines Drew over the top rope. Kofi tries to follow up with a pescado, but Cody simply dumps him over. Kaval tries to fend off Drew on the outside, but that allows Cody to hit the Stun Gun and finish with Cross Rhodes for the pin.

WINNERS: Drew McIntyre & “Dashing” Cody Rhodes - Another brief showcase for Kaval and it was fun to watch him while this lasted. Why is Kofi suddenly doing throwaway tag matches? Have they run out of things for him to do already?

Ad break – Raw promo.

We come back with the arena lights out and with one lone spotlight in the ring. No, it’s not Batista. It’s Paul Bearer. And I guess that means it’s time for the heel turn explanation. Take it away, Captain Obvious!

“Allow me to introduce to you, a man that should be respected. A man that should be feared. A man that should be revered. Allow me to introduce you to the man, who single-handedly destroyed the myth of The Undertaker. The man that left him in a pathetic, writhing mess on the canvas, with his very soul seeping into the concrete. Allow me to introduce to you the devil’s favorite son, MY son, the Heavyweight Champion of the World, Kane!”

Kane’s pyro hits and the champ makes his entrance. Paul Bearer hands Kane the mic and it looks like Kane’s taking things from here. Cue the cheesy horror music! “Years ago, when I was devising my plan, I never thought it would be so easy,but then again, I never thought my brother’s pride would make him so weak. Undertaker, you may have sent Paul Bearer to the dark side, but it was me who brought him back, because I am more powerful than you could ever imagine. But you know, big brother, even more satisfying than beating you at Hell In A Cell, was seeing the look on your face when Paul Bearer turned his back on you and handed me the urn, punctuating your demise and betrayal. But you weren’t the only one deceived. It was everyone watching, it was everyone here tonight, it was everyone in the entire WWE Universe, you see, YOU ALL thought that with the return of Paul Bearer, The Undertaker was once again whole and the only thing missing was The Undertaker’s inevitable triumph. And that is the most delicious part. With the fall of your idol, The Undertaker, all of your vicarious visions of grandeur, all of your dreams, they came crashing down, as well. You realized that The Undertaker, THE PHENOM, the man who you revered above all others…well, he’s just like you…weak, pathetic, helpless…at the mercy of his superiors. You see, just like The Undertaker, ALL OF YOU answer to someone, whether it’s your parents, whether it’s your spouse, whether it’s your boss, all of you answer to someone and now the Dead Man…the Dead Man answers to the Devil’s Favorite Demon. The legend of The Undertaker allowed YOU to escape reality. I destroyed that legend and now YOU have nothing left but your empty, miserable, pathetic lives! And as for you, big brother, you have been betrayed by those closest to you. Your legacy has been shattered. You have failed all of your creatures of the night. It must feel like you’re in your own corner of Hell. But don’t worry, big brother…because we are just warming…up! Hahahahahahahahaha!” Cue the Kane pyro and music! Wait, so they’re leaving Paul Bearer’s turned unexplained? Now that’s just lazy.

We get a clip of ADR’s piñata celebration from a few weeks ago. He faces Rey Mysterio tonight. But up next, Dolph Ziggler defends the Intercontinental Championship against MVP.

Sigh…do I seriously have to put up with Michael Cole creaming his pants over Vickie Guerrero? Dolph’s thankfully taken off that stupid dog collar. We get footage from NXT last week, where Kaitlyn beat Vickie Guerrero in a match and Kaitlyn ambushed Dolph with a hug post-match, incensing Vickie.

MVP starts off with some jumping jacks before both men lock up and roll around. Ref separates the two in the corner. Dolph goes for a cheap shot, but gets knocked on his ass. Corner whip and drop toehold follow. MVP gets a running knee to the back for 2. MVP hits a back suplex for 2. Dolph takes control with an elbow and stomps away. Jumping elbow gets 2. Dolph chokes away at the ropes. The plot thickens, as MVP’s wide open for a slap and Vickie opts to do nothing. Dolph takes a breather outside and wonders what’s up with Vickie. Vickie responds by walking out. Dolph stays distracted for a bit too long, because MVP hits a baseball slide to take us to our next break.

We come back with Dolph hitting the chinlock, shifting into an armbar. Hangman’s neckbreaker gets 2 for Dolph. Fireman’s carry takeover gets 2. Back to the chinlock. MVP rises up and starts hammering away, but Dolph gets the Sleeper Hold. MVP breaks it and rolls Dolph up for 2. Dolph goes for a clothesline, but gets rolled up again for 2. Dolph takes control again with a Rocker Dropper. That gets 2. Another jumping elbow hits, but it only gets 2. Time to hit the chinlock again. MVP stomps the foot to break that up, but Dolph gets control with elbows. Dolph tries to come off the ropes, but MVP hits a belly-to-belly throw. MVP with an old favorite, Iblockyourpunchyoudo​​​n’tblockmine! A series of clotheslines follow before MVP drops Dolph with a pancake for 2. Uranage suplex gets 2. MVP tries to keep the offense going, but Dolph hits a jawbreaker. Irish whip is reversed and MVP tries to hit a big boot, but Dolph hangs back to avoid it. Unfortunately, Dolph walks right into a second one. D’oh! That gets 2 for MVP. Now we get Kaitlyn coming down the ramp, just as Dolph reverses a vertical suplex into the Sleeper Hold! MVP backs Dolph into the corner to break the hold and follows with a belly-to-belly suplex. MVP sets up for the Ballin’ Elbow, but Kaitlyn trips him up! That distraction allows Dolph to hit the Zig Zag for the pin!

WINNER: Dolph Ziggler - Hmm...the plot thickens with Kaitlyn and Dolph.

Post-match, Dolph and Kaitlyn celebrate until Dolph realizes Vickie’s going insane from the ramp. As soon as he spots her, he shoves Kaitlyn aside. Ok, this is getting interesting.

Clip from last week show’s Rey Mysterio’s return. He faces Alberto Del Rio in tonight’s main event.

Ad break – Just when you think anti-tobacco ads can’t get any stupider. Thanks, “Shards O’ Glass”!

Raw Rebound! So long, Michael Tarver! It was fun!

Josh Matthews is backstage with Alberto Del Rio. ADR is not concerned about Rey Mysterio tonight. That match is NEXT!

Ad break – “Legendary” DVD ad. Truly a movie made for Wal-Mart.

Fret not, fellow W’s! Ricardo Rodriguez is fully recovered from last week’s savage attack and he’s here to introduce Alberto Del Rio. This week, ADR comes out in a vintage red Rolls Royce. Rodriguez obviously spices up his intro to throw some shots in at Rey.

Grisham reminds us that Del Rio beat Mysterio clean in his debut match with the jujigatime, which…I don’t know…would have been nice to SEE in one of these video packages, but what do I know?

We start with the lock up and ADR hammers away in the corner. Ref pulls Del Rio back and that allows Rey to take control with punches, but it doesn’t take Alberto long to reassert the power advantage. Rey ducks under an ADR dive and Del Rio falls all the way to the floor. Mysterio tries to come off the apron, but Del Rio dodges. ADR charges, but gets a face full of steel steps, thanks to a drop toehold. Rey follows that with a baseball slide into ADR’s left arm, kicking it into the steel post. Rey steps on ADR’s hand before going up top and hitting a cross body on Del Rio all the way to the outside. That’ll take us to our last ad break of the night.

Rey’s still in control when we get back and he places ADR into the 619 position, before Alberto slides out. Rey continues the chase and stomps on ADR as he points at Rodriguez. Rey kicks the crap out of ADR in the corner and hits a baseball slide right into Del Rio’s face. At this point, even Grisham’s pointing out that Del Rio hasn’t had ANY offense here. Rey climbs the turnbuckles, but Del Rio FINALLY gets an offensive move in when he nails Rey with a gorgeous enziguiri! Del Rio slides to the outside and chucks Rey into the barricade. And we hit the armbar. Rey kicks out of it, but Del Rio keeps up the punishment. Rey tries to come off the ropes, but Del Rio gets a kick to the gut. ADR whips Rey into the corner WITH AUTHORITY! Rey fights out of another armbar, but a corner whip gets reversed. Corner charge eats boot and a second one fares no better. Rey tries to climb again, but ADR pounces on him. Second rope suplex is blocked and Rey gets a sunset flip powerbomb for 2! Rey goes low and dropkicks the knee before kicking ADR in the face for 2. Springboard senton hits, but Rey comes off the ropes and runs right into a powerslam for 2! Alberto hits a big back suplex for 2. ADR shoves Rey into the corner and goes for the enziguiri again, but eats air, as Rey moves. Rey climbs the ropes and hits a top-rope headscissors that sends ADR into the 619 position! Rey goes for it, but stops when he notices Rodriguez about to get in the way again. The distraction allows ADR to waffle Rey from behind. Rodriguez climbs the apron, as ADR sets up the double underhook. Swinging jujigatime won’t connect this time, as Rey turns it into a headscissors that sends Del Rio colliding with Rodriguez, knocking him off the apron! Rodriguez is down and ADR’s in the right place, as Rey connects with the 619! Rey will finish with the top rope splash at about 14 minutes shown.

WINNER: Rey Mysterio - About as clean a blowoff as you’ll see. You see why I said no one should get excited by ADR’s debut win? I hope I’m wrong about this, but I get the sense that the E’s already bored with him.

Show ends with Rey talking trash to Alberto Del Rio on the outside. And I guess that’ll do it for this feud.


Well, that’s discouraging. After a decent shakeup, we’ve once again established Rey Mysterio as the Plucky Underdog That Never Dies and Alberto Del Rio as Just Another Guy. Huzzah for the status quo!

Aside from the main event scene, you've got a lot of guys wandering aimlessly here. Jack Swagger doing one-shot matches with Edge, but that looks to be over already. Kofi Kingston's doing throwaway tag team matches, for lack of anything else to do. Matt Hardy doesn't even look to be employed anymore. They had to throw Drew McIntyre and Cody Rhodes on the same team, just because they had nothing else to do. What is going on here? Are the writers honestly this bereft of ideas that we can't find something decent for ANY of these guys to do?

ANGLE ALERT: CM Punk was noticeably absent from tonight’s show and only mentioned once (for the WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2011 ad), so it’s looking like JimBob Skeeter’s right on the money when he guessed Punk as the Player To Be Named in the Edge trade. We’ll find out this Monday.

Also, I will be flying into Wisconsin for a wedding next Friday, so I won't be doing the recap for next week's show. Looks like the SD recap is once again in InVerse's capable hands.

(edited by It's False on 9.10.10 0008)

We're flying a giant orange "CONAN" blimp over the baseball playoffs. Finally, subtlety in advertising.
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Quote of the night: "Do you know how hard it is for an eagle to get medical insurance?"

Unfortunately, the team of Kaval & Kofi Kingston made me think of Krusty's Komedy Klassics..."K-K-K? That's not good..."

You're right about no one seeming to have any real plotline to do much with, aside from Kane & Taker.

Shouldn't Rey Rey have gotten his big babyface revenge win on a PPV? Say, Bragging Rights? Instead of the 2nd SyFy SD!? Isn't this what Lance Storm was talking about?

"You’ve got the crazy eyes." - RAW GM Laptop, 9/27/10

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Considering where he was during his feud with Orton/Legacy, is Kofi Kingston far and away the winner of this year's 'Who's FruitLoops did he piss in' Award?
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    Originally posted by redsoxnation
    Considering where he was during his feud with Orton/Legacy, is Kofi Kingston far and away the winner of this year's 'Who's FruitLoops did he piss in' Award?


"Rick Astley asked me if he could borrow my Pixar DVDs."Okay," I said. "You can have Toy Story, Cars & Wall E but Im never gonna give you Up"
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You know, there's one thing that Teddy Long does that I truly appreciate. Unless his announcement is truly major, he makes them from the ramp instead of forcing us to wait for him to walk all the way down to the ring. Even when he makes an announcement from the ring, it's not uncommon for him to already be standing in the ring at the beginning of the show sans entrance.

Come to think of it... Teddy Long didn't seem overly upset about Nexus taking over last week. While I can understand it being a bit of a letdown, I'd pop to see Teddy Long revealed as the Anonymous GM on Raw. In a way, it would make sense... Vince is tired of flying through so many GMs on Raw and sees that Teddy Long has survived infinitely longer than anyone else on Smackdown, so he offers him the Raw position as well. Long agrees on the condition of the laptop so that he doesn't have to over exert himself by being on both shows. And Michael Cole's reaction to discovering he's been a puppet for Teddy Long the entire time would likely be awesome.

I admit it, I laughed at Swagger talking about how hard it is to get health insurance for an eagle. Screw you all.

Kelly took that Layout like a champ. Or like someone who didn't know what she was doing, thus nearly killed herself. It almost looked like a back-to-back Stunner.

After Cole went on his rant about how ECW had been off the air for "a year and a half" (try seven months), the stated that it had been replaced by NXT and then mumbled himself into oblivion about it being off the air as well.

And while you can bitch about Kelly Kelly's wrestling being sub-par, at least she usually loses. We could be in the middle of another Torrie Wilson push.

I actually had completely forgotten about the Nexus beatdown on Show from last week, so I enjoyed his methed up enthusiasm. Maybe this would be the opportunity to turn Kofi heel. He's picked for the Smackdown team and then gets revenge on Big Show for turning on him last year when they were both on the Raw team.

First the Dude Busters get blown off during the live debut after single (double) handedly moving Smackdown to SyFy with only a leprechaun to help. Then they get chokeslammed for asking to be on Team Smackdown. I sincerely hope they team up with the newly unteamed Kurt Hawkins and become Smackdown's answer to Nexus.

The smoothness with which Cody hit the Cross-Rhodes after hanging Kaval up in the ropes was impressive.

The Paul Bearer "turn" was explained by Kane. The Undertaker "sent him to the darkside" but Kane "brought him back." Paul Bearer never turned on the Undertaker, the Undertaker turned on him. Bearer's return was a setup all along. Really, the Undertaker thinking Bearer was back to help him would be about as stupid as Sting accepting an invitation to join Fourtune, which he would undoubtedly do.

I, for one, was never big on Alberto del Rio, so it doesn't bother me to see him lose clean. On the other hand, I'm sure the majority of the reason I don't care for him is fault of the writers, so I won't hold it against him personally.

I don't mind handling the recap next week unless someone else wants to do so.
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"He’s an endangered species, for God’s sakes! Do you know how hard it is for an eagle to get medical insurance?" Swagger's bringing it lately, and I think he comes out of the Edge angle with a new sheen, even if he loses their last bout.

Kane's ring of fire was AWESOME. I have no problem with music playing during a long monologue, and I'd like to see more characters get that treatment.

I was through mentioning old references, but Striker and Cole gave Grisham the business for citing the Bee Gees -- surprisingly, not because it's a disco reference, but because it's dated. This is after the NXT references to Green Acres and The Flintstones, mind you.

The "WWE In Your Corner" segment was nice.

Taker and Rey win their debut SyFy matches, and I think Rey's win is connected with Taker's PPV loss. Taker is pursuing Kane and the title. Putting Rey in a similar extended vengeance pursuit is overkill for the two top SD faces. I'm also OK with Rey and Alberto moving on to different opponents for now. Too bad Christian is out.

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    Originally posted by Psycho Penguin
      Originally posted by redsoxnation
      Considering where he was during his feud with Orton/Legacy, is Kofi Kingston far and away the winner of this year's 'Who's FruitLoops did he piss in' Award?


A feud with Edge and large segments every week? I gotta' go with Kofi too.

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    Originally posted by kentish
      Originally posted by Psycho Penguin
        Originally posted by redsoxnation
        Considering where he was during his feud with Orton/Legacy, is Kofi Kingston far and away the winner of this year's 'Who's FruitLoops did he piss in' Award?


    A feud with Edge and large segments every week? I gotta' go with Kofi too.

Talk to him two weeks ago/two weeks from now.

    Originally posted by Matt Tracker
    Kane's ring of fire was AWESOME.

All the talk of fire and burning in that promo made me think they'd embarrass CRZ by changing it to an inferno match and save Buried Alive for Survivor Series. In the UT/Kane "scary match" catalogue I think they're down to those two, casket match, and whatever that match he had with the Executioner was called.
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    Originally posted by JustinShapiro
      Originally posted by kentish
        Originally posted by Psycho Penguin
          Originally posted by redsoxnation
          Considering where he was during his feud with Orton/Legacy, is Kofi Kingston far and away the winner of this year's 'Who's FruitLoops did he piss in' Award?


      A feud with Edge and large segments every week? I gotta' go with Kofi too.

    Talk to him two weeks ago/two weeks from now.

      Originally posted by Matt Tracker
      Kane's ring of fire was AWESOME.

    All the talk of fire and burning in that promo made me think they'd embarrass CRZ by changing it to an inferno match and save Buried Alive for Survivor Series. In the UT/Kane "scary match" catalogue I think they're down to those two, casket match, and whatever that match he had with the Executioner was called.
I don't really want to get caught in the TV rating dialogue but is an Inferno match really PG? Even if no one ever really gets burned and it looks pedestrian since everyone's being careful (ala the scaffold match) it seems iffy for the obvious reason.

Click to see it fullsize! Thanks Jen!
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I feel sorry for Robert Roode boring me everytime I watch him. I know I'm probably suppossed to like him.
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