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The W - Ladies Only - Sizzlelution - Raw 9/1
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Lap cheong

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Well, I have to tell you that my annoyance with WWE hasn't changed, but I went to the main board's Raw thread like I always do, and most of the wieners there are actually saying nothing but NICE things about HHH! My jaw literally hit the space bar. Well, when something like that happens, that means I had to go to the tape to find out why.

As usual, my brother comes through. He didn't tape the crap segments like the jumper cable thing (?!) or Test/Stacy, just the goodies, like The Chris and Christian Show and HHH's anti-Goldberg promo (one of his best in forever) and the main event of all things. Good stuff, and may I say that while I'm still hesitant about the biker shorts, HHH and Orton look yummier than ever.

Seeing HHH in his heelness is something quite exciting, and has been for me for a long time. Personally, I don't want him to turn face, since he's now the master of pissing people off again. But, keep saying things like that about Goldberg, they'll come to you. Anyway, good night for the cuties. Jericho looks really hot in black, I must say, and Christian's so underrated, so I'll give him props for keeping the kewl haircut. Kane and Shane can play with car batteries all they want, HHH was the one who truly sizzled last night! Comments?

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I missed the first three minutes (Did I just hear myself say...THREE MINUTES?!) of Raw, so when I did tune in the first thing I heard was J.R. saying "...inform you that Kane is dead!". So I was a bit confused for a second. But then he continued.

Coach/Lawler was well...forgettable. Even though the Snow twist was a bit suprising. J.R./Coach at Unforgiven? Thank you WWE! Now I know NOT to order the PPV!

How do you get a Renegade's attention? By putting Jericho in black leather, of course! Ooo, of my favorite words that I probably just spelt wrong. "EXCUSE ME, INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION HERE!" God, I never get tired of that. Even though I still miss Christian's hair, I'm starting to like his new look. Jericho/Christian match? two current favorite wrestlers in a match! And a damn good match if I say so myself.

Now, I don't really remember the order of the rest of the show, so bear with me...

Molly/Gail vs. Trish/Ivory: Eh, whatever.

Hurricane/Rosey vs. La Resistance: Again, whatever.

Triple H promo: As much as I dislike H, this was a decent promo. Only because most of it was true.

Stacy/Test vs. Stevie/Victoria: Hmm...Stacy and Stevie's pants matched. Did anyone else find it funny when Steiner had a bit of a hard time getting in the ring? Stevie and Victoria made the match bearable for me.

Kane/Shane: "Now THAT'S a stain on the underwear of life!" Hmm...I'll have to use that one sometime...
This skit was so utterly bad and stupid that I got a good chuckle out of it. And I don't think that was a good thing. But I'm sure that there's gonna be an overabundance of Kane/Shane slash fanfics on after this skit.

Goldberg/Maven/HBK vs. H/Flair/Orton: It had some good moments.

And that's my completly random thoughts for Raw this week.

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I was very happy with Raw. I hadn't seen it since before the PPV and it was nice to catch up.

Evil Coach, I love it! Isn't that sad? Announcer type people shouldn't be wrestling...they should be announcing. But I did like the attitude Coach came off with. He does not deserve a PPV spot. Then again, neither did the Miller Lite cat fight girls...

Shane, honey, stop talking and go take some sick bumps.

Austin was very appealing to me last night. I dunno why. He was so appealing I actually had a dream about him. Him and not Hunter. I was actually in Raw, a part of the show, and I had to drive Austin's truck into the arena, throw some chains over it, lock it up, take two beers, smash them and drink them Stone Cold style. Is that fucking bizarro or what??? I have no idea as to what purpose any of it served except I was very excited to be driving his truck. Whatever, much randomness.

Christian and Jericho wearing shiny, shiny pants. Nice pants. That was kind of weird match. Face turn says what?

I got to see some of the FOOTAGE! Elim Chamber - and Hunter is wearing biker shorts??? Whoa. I so did not just see that.

Everyone must have been tired because I noticed a lot of guys tripping over their words and saying weird things. And the ladies were sloppier than usual, with Trish screwing up the hurricane-a-rana or whatever the hell it is, luckily for her Molly grabbed her feet. But at least it was a little more interesting, Ivory, I think, added something. Gail was okay but she has yet to wow me.

Vince looking for love. Don't give it to him SHANE! Go take a sick bump! Ok, I meant sick bump, not get your balls fried. Dumb ass. Yeeeeeaaaahhh, no slash here. That's gonna be my new fav line because the slash is just mad nowadays. The segment was pretty funny though. Disturbing in a 'I wonder what the hell Kane is gonna come up with next week like maybe tie Shane up to the cage and let loose hungry rats and taunt them with fire' kind of disturbing, but funny. RVD...yeah...

I don't like La Frenchies. And because of that I'm not liking Hurry and Rosey with them. Stupid match. Why do those guys still have the titles? Oh, yeah, okay, then there's the alternative...*sigh* Hurry back Batista, hurry back...

How adorable was Orton eyeing up Terri (ok, bad taste) then realizing 'oh' there's smack talking going on. hehehe Cute. Maven has been tweezing his eyebrows. Good boy.

The Stacy, Test, Steiner, Stevie, Camera guy, Random People match was just a little too confusing to me. I have no idea what happened except that this Test/Steiner thing is STILL going on. Stacey needs to hook herself up with a hot chick, the boys are just not worth it.

Ah ha. Hunter is wearing biker pants! *snicker* Pfft, like I'm gonna watch a match with that going on? What a great fucking main event. Shawn, don't just jump in the ring, let Maven take the beatdown. And Trips, damn, great promo in the beginning with that classic 'fuck' look when Goldberg showed up getting in his face. And you could just see the tension in Hunters body as Goldberg is staring at him and hoisting Randy over his head to bury him. Sah-weet! In all, I'm happy. I think HHH v Goldberg is going just fine.

Worth the price of parking: Shane being handcuffed and pinned to the ring post (but just up to there because male parts like that should not be damaged unless it's from a well placed foot/knee to the area because said male really deserved it)

Worth the price of admission: Biker shorts!!!

~Tomboy, wishing Triple H would hold me down...
Cherries > Peaches

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(First order of business -- I know you'll all want to know -- I did indeed get a HHH action figure for my birthday. My friends know me so well!)

I prefer the naked thighs, but I'm fine with the biker shorts. Where did I read that the snug spandex helps support his owie? (No, that's not a euphamism. Unless it's "an owie & 2 boo-boos". Don't ask.) Plus the biker-style shorts cover up the assorted wraps that he's certainly having to wear. More studly that way, not admitting to the injury. :-)

I liked the Al turn. I don't know that I really want him involved with an announcer feud storyline, but he certainly made the whole thing more interesting. (I wonder how Matt & John are doing in OVW?)

Chris in the shiny black was indeed very, very nice. The Cajun read of "Auh-stohhn" was classic. He's back on my list -- particularly after seeing him live last week. And I'm loving Christian -- "Excuse me, Intercontinental Champion over here!" is perfect.

Austin's watch hasn't been talking to him much lately. Looked like perhaps Shane's watch had a few words for him though...

The HHH promo on Goldberg was excellent! Definitely a gooood HHH-night.

    Originally posted by Tomboy
    Austin was very appealing to me last night. I dunno why. He was so appealing I actually had a dream about him. [what!] Him and not Hunter. [what!] I was actually in Raw [what!], a part of the show [what!], and I had to drive Austin's truck into the arena [what!], throw some chains over it [what!], lock it up [what!], take two beers [what!], smash them [what!] and drink them Stone Cold style [what!]. Is that fucking bizarro or what??? [what!] I have no idea as to what purpose [what!] any of it served except I was very excited to be driving his truck.
OK, you either need to go back to the Coronas, or move up to a better quality of vodka. (Chris Jericho advocates Grey Goose.) Chaining up Austin's truck besides -- that's even more concerning! :-)

Other than the one badly screwed-up Trish spot (Interesting try -- not ready for prime-time.), I thought the women were decent. I think Ivory's great, & wish we got to see her more consistently.

If we're going to keep escalating the slash at this rate, we're going to be on a porn channel after midnight by the end of the month! Are we going to have to add Kane & Shane into the "don't try this at home" commercial? And have they hired AlberTrain onto the Raw cast as special kink consultant?? (Not that I'm objecting, on principle, mind you.) Toast, are you OK? Just checking... :-)

Note to Kane: If you're going to keep playing with handcuffs, you're going to have to get more skilled at applying them. (Fumbling does so disrupt the mood.) Nicely confident application of the jumper cables though. (Ahem.)

I laughed my ass off at JR's ill-considered use of the adjective "electrifying" for the following match. Even Lawler had to call him on that. (Hey, is Kane now the Most Electrifying Man in Sports & Entertainment?)

I don't have a problem with Rene's wrestling, & (especially for a serious baby-kins) he covers for Sly pretty well. Rene & Hurricane were fine. C'mon though, you gotta like Sly's "Rene! Get da table!" :-) Thus provoking the Dudley's protest of gimmick infringement.

Shawn's better without the ponytail. Very nice pre-match interaction with Maven.

Victoria & Stevie, & asshole Test were almost enough to salvage Stacy in the ring. I liked that both teams entered to the girls' music. Renegade, I so laughed at poor Scotty getting tangled up in the ring apron/skirt. He can't buy a break.

I meant to check the tape again -- I didn't notice a mark on the back of Goldberg's calf where he had the gash after SummerSlam. Maybe I just missed it ...

Evolution vs. Maven & HBK was good! Shawn rescuing Maven from his own impetuous impulse was cute. Lotta work for Shawn while Evolution tagged around. Keeping Goldberg out of the ring for as long as possible -- good.

And I always love to see HHH in the ring!
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After poking around on the board, it seems that I am the only person on the whole internet who LIKED the Kane/Shane sequence. And not just because it had my boy Shane in it either. I'm a big fan of over-the-top wrestling bits, and I thought it really made Kane look like a psychopath. And now I want to know what crazy thing he is going to do next week. It falls into the so bad, it's good catagory, and I think that is actually what they were going for.

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Personally, I'd like to see *serious* women's professional wrestling, like you find in Japan. Unfortunately, Tanya's right - all women are allowed to be in today's American pro wrestling is eye candy.
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