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The W - Hockey - Shanahan's ten commandments
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Commandments, recommendations. Same thing ( I just wish Brendan Shanahan grew a full out hockey beard and carved it in Tablets.

1- Thou shall Create a competition committee.

2- Thou shall reduce obstruction. (okay I'll stop lol)

3- After a 5-minute overtime, penalty shootout to decide the game.

4- Reduce minor penalties in overtime to one minute instead of two minutes.

5- Streamline goaltending equipment.

6- Adopt AHL experimental rules, that includes the tag-up offside, the wider blue-lines, pushing the net back two feet, and restricting the goalie's ability to play the puck in a designating zone behind the net.

7- Automatic (no-touch) icing.

8- A puck shot directly into the stands in the defensive zone is a two-minute penalty for all skaters, not just the goalie

9- Improved access for broadcast rights holders (coaches live game-in interviews with the broadcast booth)

10-Improve communication and partnership at all levels of the game

Quick thoughts

1) Okay lets get the boring stuff out of the way lol... 2) They tried this in the past, it would be nice but that's a suggestion every year.

3) I don't mind a a well played game that ends with a tie. I personally never felt cheated (I do feel cheated sitting through bad hockey). If this rule does come into play they should change the point structure. 3 for a win during the game, zero for any loss (even in overtime) 1 point each if you go into the shootout the winner gets an extra point. You have to make winning the actual game more rewarding then just winning a shootout... 4) I think the refs will still be a little hesitant to give out penalties in overtime. If it's going to be 4 on 4 there's a lot of ice out there anyway so I say let the guys play.

5)This rule is a must, some Goalies are padded up like sofa's out there. Regulation and smaller pads is a must. But if you do that you HAVE get these new whiplash sticks every player seems to have these days & ban them. If you are going to have goalies with less padding the players shouldn't have these new high tech sticks... 6) I don't think you should punish a goalie for having the skill to play the puck? Tag-up offside keeps the game going so that's good. Don't really have an opinion on the pushing the nets back or the wider blue line.

7) I respect the players & if this is a major concern I'll be okay with it. But I do love seeing the race for the puck exciting. A tired defenseman with heavy legs struggling to get back to get the icing as the speedy forward races to get the offensive advantage. Having no-touch icing is going to take away some exciting spots... 8) I wonder if any defensive defensemen were on the committee lol. Don Cherry #1 rule of clearing the puck is hit it off the glass to get it out. That's going to be risky now. Maybe they can give a team warning first & then give a penalty for repeat offense.

9) I always found those interactive moments during games annoying, but whatever... 10 They should all exchange friendship bracelets.

What I would add

I would add the removal of these new sticks everyone is using. They say they have more snap to it & are really light-weight. I see a connection of these new sticks & the rash of serious high-sticking incidents as these players don't really have any control of their stick... Speaking of high-sticks that's another issue I wish they talked about. High-sticking was a plague on the NHL the last couple of years. These players seem to have no respect in how they handle their stick, by swinging wildly or carrying it up high, stuff like that would be frowned upon by kids playing street hockey let alone professionals. If you cut someone you should get a game suspension automatically, multi-time offender, the suspension gets harsher each time, accidental or not. These players need to be responsible of how they control their own stick.

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Lap cheong

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1. Good idea...most of what they would address right now is touched on by the other points, but a standing body works. It never hurts to review what's working and what's not, especially when the game is at a low point in it's popularity.

2. Sure. I don't care for how this is not accompanied by a specific idea...something for the competition committee to address?

3. I'll take it. I agree with NHS that good hockey is good hockey but to an overwhelming majority of people a tie is disappointing no matter how good the game is. Re-tool the point system as well, but let's remember that sports are entertainment first now. People enjoy shootouts, so why not send them home happy (a shootout) rather than having them feel ripped off (a tie). This might also help address the previous point in a roundabout way as it gives an advantage to the more skilled teams. Or, in other words, if you build a team full of clutch and grab guys just hoping to make the playoffs, you could lose out on a lot of points when those guys can't score on penalty shots.

3a. They better not even think of changing playoff overtime. Games that go for six hours are what makes hockey hockey.

4. The only way this point works is if they start actually calling penalties in overtime. As it stands you practically have to McSorley a guy to get called, and if that penalty gets reduced to one minute you might as well go straight to the shootout because OT will be so chippy that you might as well skip it.

5. No argument here really, those guys are huge now.

6. Moving the blue line out isn't bad, but I do not like the idea of moving the nets back. That would effectively take away any room to move back there and limit offensive creativity. Look at a guy like Gretzky, he made his living back there.

As for the goalies, sure, let them play the puck...but if they leave the crease they should be fair game. How you can have a guy loaded to the nines with protective equipment who gets a free pass to play the puck pretty much anywhere in his own end is beyond me. There's really no risk to leaving the net, unless the guy trips over his own feet. Don't punish the skilled goalies, but don't give them an unfair edge on the forecheckers either.

7. Another idea that is long overdue, and should be matched with the return of touch-up offsides. Both would help speed up the game and eliminate downtime, which you would think would be a priority for a game that for years marketed itself as the "fastest game on earth".

8. This one I don't like, because it can result in penalties in situations where taking the cheap way out was clearly not the motivation. Give the refs a bit more latitude to call intentional over-the-glass shots, but to make it automatic will lead to some sticky situations.

9. CBC already talks to guys at the intermission, I'm sure the same rights could be extended to other networks if they wanted. Talking to the coach while he's coaching isn't of interest to me, let them do their jobs.

10. I never cared for friendship bracelets. I'd settle for a league-wide group hug every year at the draft.

Screw Ricky

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I just wanna comment on a couple of the things as a guy who has played in goal since I was like 8.

I don't mind the goaltender's equipment being reduced, as long as there is some real way to make it equal. I don't think this is going to lead to a huge increase in goals, though, because goaltender's are *THAT* much better. They're usually some of the best skaters and athletes on the team now.

I don't agree with restricting goaltender's playing the puck because I think it CREATES scoring chances. Most goalies are poor puckhandlers and often give it away. The great ones like Brodeur, create odd man rushes by getting it up to the forwards quickly. I do think that the goalie's should be fair game if they come out to play it. The would make it much more exciting because of the added risk.

One improvement that they never talk about (except for Don Cherry) is reducing PLAYERS equipment. They've got on these pads that cause so many injuries and go beyond protection. They make the players like football players out there. In the old days, players didn't make as many huge risky hits because it hurt THEM to throw such a big hit.

I don't have a problem with a Shootout in the regular season because it would simplify the standings. You win the game or you lose the game. If you think deciding the game in a shootout is too risky, too bad, because you had 60 minutes + 5 minutes of OT to win the friggin' game. Playoffs don't have a shootout, though, you keep playing 5-on-5 until there's a winner.

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I've posted this before, but I will whole-heartedly agree with anyone who wants to give three points for a win, but I'd rather see them do away with overtime in the regular season altogether.

Did you know, that St. Louis' record in OT games last year was 11-2-11? Those 11 OT wins made up for the Blues' 28-30 (below .500!) record in games that ended in regulation, and they had three less regulation wins that Nashville, who the Blues ultimately beat out for second in their division.

Also, the Bruins played to an astonishing 30 OTs, en route to winning the Northeast. They had SEVEN less regulation wins than Ottawa and EIGHT less than Toronto, and they won their division by one point.

If there were two points to be gained at the end of regulation instead of one, a LOT more instances of teams playing to win instead of not to lose would take place.

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    Originally posted by JayJayDean
    Also, the Bruins played to an astonishing 30 OTs, en route to winning the Northeast. They had SEVEN less regulation wins than Ottawa and EIGHT less than Toronto, and they won their division by one point.
And we all saw where that got the Bruins in the playoffs, didn't we?

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Dieter Krap

Since: 14.9.03
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#6 Posted on
3. We've had that here in Sweden, for the last four or five seasons, but got rid of it this season after lots of complaints. The major complaint, from coaches I believe, was that it was too much of a lottery. As a fan, I was happy seeing it go as well. Sure it was fun at first, but when you see it every other game, it gets old.

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I hate shootouts and see no place for them in Hockey or Soccer or wherever. Play until you win the game with a real goal.

While watching a Wolfpack game this weekend, John Davidson talked about a suggestion being made to make penalties in the 5 min OT period just one minute long. I like the idea as it might actually get the refs to quit swallowing their whistles in OT.

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Did anyone see that game? I can't believe Matt Cooke scored with 1.2 seconds left to tie it. Cloutier looked a little off today, but he will bounce back. Canucks in 5!
- richcon, Canucks win in O.T. (2003)
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