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The W - Guest Columns - ROH Death Before Dishonor 2: Night Two
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Here’s another piece I had done prior to my computer breakdown.

I am in desperate need of drive space, so let’s kill another 3 gigs and get this bad boy out of the way...

If you’re interested in the results of Night One, you can read them here.

ROCKY ROMERO (with Julius Smokes, Low Ki, Homicide, and Ricky Reyes) vs. CHAD COLLYER

Well, they’re just wasting no time on THIS show are they? I’m sensing an ass kicking of epic proportions here. JIMMY BOWER welcomes us to night two of DBD, and has MARK NOLTE by his side again. Bower points out Homicide looks fairly beaten up from his fight with Joe last night, while Romero hiptosses Collyer. Chad comes back with a drop toe hold and side headlock - but that won’t keep Romero down long. Collyer threatens a stomp to the groin, but thinks better of his actions, and focuses on working an armbar. They trade monkey flips, leading to a pair of two counts. Romero slaps on a mat headscissors, but Collyer escapes and nearly hooks the Cloverleaf. Romero tries to just kick Collyer into submission, but Chad fires back with some stiff chops, and hits a vertical suplex for 2! A backdrop suplex gets 2. Romero comes back with an enzuigiri, and puts on a cross armbreaker to try for a tap out. Collyer scurries to the ropes - but Romero won’t let up and kicks Chad in the face a few times. He tries another cross armbreaker, but Collyer rolls through and blocks it. Chad stumbles back in pain, allowing Romero the chance to hit a running kneelift. However, cockiness allows a chance for Collyer to hit a German suplex with a bridge for 2. The surprise certainly surprises Romero - and the pair roll around with victory rolls. Collyer sends Romero outside, and STUPIDLY follows, because he’s immediately surrounded by Rottweilers. Chad quickly gets Rocky back in, heads up, and hits a top rope crossbody for 2! He hits a dropkick, goes for the win with a brainbuster...but Romero kicks out at 2! Romero suddenly gets the cross armbreaker on out of nowhere again, and seems to have the match locked up...but somehow, Collyer makes the ropes to break! Now Collyer goes for the Cloverleaf - but it’s Rocky’s turn to get the ropes, despite the fans pleas to “TAP, TAP, TAP!” Romero hits a rana, puts on the cross armbreaker again, and THIS time Collyer taps at 11:31! **3/4 Solid opener, and without interference, Romero looks THAT much better.

JIMMY JACOBS vs. ALEX SHELLEY (with Jack Evans and Roderick Strong)

Yikes, no backstage interviews, no angles, nothing - just match after match tonight apparently. Shelley sweeps the legs out from Jacobs, but Jimmy comes right back with an ankle lock. Shelley makes the ropes to the taunts of the fans. Jacobs does his idiotic stomp around the ring, and quickly finds himself tied up in a half Cloverleaf. Shelley goes to the snot rockets, because Alex spells Class. Jacobs tries a rolling pinfall, but can’t get more than a 2 count. Jimmy whips off a quick rana, but is stunned with a neckbreaker over the ropes - and then sent back into the ROH guardrail! Back in, Shelley hits a knee drop off the top for 2! Alex tries a figure four sleeper, then rolls over and bounces Jacobs’ head into the mat like a basketball. I dig it. Shelley hits a floatover snap suplex, but when trying to follow up, he’s given a drop toe hold face first to the buckle! Jacobs jumps on Shelley’s head to accentuate the move - but it doesn’t keep Alex down, and Jimmy takes a fireman’s carry into a backbreaker for 2! A slingshot elbow drop gets 2! The crowd does their best to will Jacobs back into this - and it helps because he hits a clothesline and follows with a bulldog! A kneedrop over the back of the head gets 2! Jacobs heads up, because he’s WILD, hits the tomahawk chop, and gets 2. Tatanka would be disappointed with the lack of force behind said chop. Shelley hits a DDT from nowhere for 2! He goes for a fisherman’s buster, but Jacobs blocks, and then hits FIVE consecutive backbreakers!!! Impressive. Jacobs warms up the band, but Shelley blocks and goes for the Shell Shock. Jacobs surprises by reversing it and hitting a Shell Shock of his own for 2!!! Jacobs goes for his finish, but Shelley escapes and hits his fisherman’s buster for 2! To the top, Jacobs fights off Shelley’s attack, and hits a SWEET senton backsplash, getting another 2! The fans all figured that was it! Jacobs goes for Contra Code, but it’s blocked, and he’s put in the Corner City Stretch! Forget it, Jacobs taps at 14:30. *** Another good wrestling match, and again I was surprised to see the lack of interference.

Post-match, Shelley tells Jacobs that was one of the toughest matches he’s had, but he still carried him like a backpack, and orders his cronies to finish Jacobs off. RICKY STEAMBOAT slowly heads out, and Gen Next totally backs right off! Fans: “FUCK ‘EM UP STEAMBOAT, FUCK ‘EM UP!” Steamboat verbally tears them a new one for their handicap attacks - and says he’s got a couple of guys waiting to make then tap out...

JACK EVANS and RODERICK STRONG (with Alex Shelley) vs. MATT STRYKER and JOHN WALTERS (with Ricky Steamboat and Jimmy Jacobs)

Walters gives Evans a NASTY powerbomb, and then Strong a double knee to the face! Ouch! Strong goes to the outside for safety, but Steamboat rolls him right back in. Stryker tosses Evans about 600 feet across the arena, in an impressive show of strength. Strong hits a double knee to the ribs of Walters, and then runs him over with a big boot. Tag in to the suburban white boy. In fact, the fans hilariously break into a “YOU ARE WHITE!” chant. Standing corkscrew splash excites me, and gets 2 from Evans. Strong helps Evans hit a standing 450 for 2! Strong goes for a double underhook, getting 2. Strong starts in with his vicious chops, and follows with a standing vertical suplex that lasts over 15 seconds! Evans is in with a gourdbuster, and follows with a handspring elbow. Brainbuster gets 2. Strong threatens a surfboard a couple of times, opting instead to smash Walters’ face into the mat - before putting it on, and allowing Evans to dropkick him for 2! Walters comes back with a knee to the back of BOTH guys simultaneously - and makes the tag to Stryker! He come in and hits Evans with a quick leg lariat for 2! A powerslam gets another 2! A Thesz press is followed with a Lionsault attempt, but Evans gets out of the way! Strong picks up Walters in a Torture Rack, Evans comes off the top, bounces OFF them, hits a moonsault onto Stryker, while Strong hits the Torture Rack Bomb onto Walters. Whew! Evans gets a 2! Stykes disposes of Strong, and the faces hit a double teamed double knees to Evans...but Jack’s not legal, and the referee won’t count! Stryker ties up Strong in a Strykerlock, but Alex Shelly saves! Steamboat’s on him, but here come AUSTIN ARIES! Stryker rushes over to try and keep things even with Shelley and Aries, but in the ring, Strong hits a big elbow on Walters! A spinal shock ends it at 10:47. **1/2 Generation Next cackle because they’re EVIL!


WWE fans are familiar with Daivari for his awesome foreign promos, and little else. Delirious starts with Daniels. They do some stuff with eachother’s arms, but it goes nowhere. Delirious clotheslines Daniels, hits a rana, and tags out. Bower notes that a lot of these guys desperately need wins, since guys who lose all the time generally aren’t asked back. Kazushi and Daivari square off, with Kaz spitting red mist all over the place for some reason. Daivari thinks he’s an idiot, and mocks him. Daivari hits a rollup for 2. Trent Acid heads in, and goes after Daivari. He misses Sydal flipping in with a rana, and gets 2. Acid turns his attention to the fight on the floor, and winds up getting thrown into the guardrail by Daivari. Daniels and Sydal square off. Daniels hits a torture rack backbreaker. Delirious gets involved, and together they take out Daniels. Daivari comes back in, and drives his knees into Sydal’s back. Acid nails Kaz with a swinging DDT, while Delirious hits Daivari with a rana on the floor. Daniels suplexes Acid in the ring, but Kaz comes back in and starts chopping away with Daniels. Both guys reverse piledriver attempts, and neither guy gets one off. Meanwhile, Acid, Sydal, and Daivari wind up in a stack, and they all sunset flip eachother. There’s too much going on, and it’s really taking away my enjoyment of this match. Acid kicks at Delirious, but Delirious wheelbarrows him on his head for 2. Daniels nails Delirious with a stuff piledriver for 2. Kaz spits green mist at Daniels for 2. Sydal hits an interesting version of the rocker dropper for 2. Daivari uses Sydal as a battering ram on Delirious, then gives BOTH guys a death valley driver at the same time for 2! Acid grabs Daivari, hits a jumping Death Drop and scores the pin at 8:43. *1/2 Too many moves scrunched killed this one for me.

AUSTIN ARIES vs. DOUG WILLIAMS (for the ROH pure title)

Williams offers the hand of friendship, but Aries decks him. As the referee is putting the belt down, Williams nails Aries with a closed fist! Since the referee missed it, he just gives Williams a STRONG warning that if he sees it again, he’s losing his title. Williams laughs it up, and works a hammerlock. Aries tries to reverse, but Williams continually escapes - and Aries goes to the ropes to break. Nolte can’t believe he’d waste a rope break on a hammerlock, but Bower figures he forgot the Pure rules, and now he’s down a break. Aries goes to a headlock, and throws some closed fists at Doug’s face, Ric Flair style. Williams escapes, and throws one of his own out of frustration...and the referee gives him a rope break penalty. That’s bullshit! Williams calms himself down, and puts on a figure four sleeper. Aries tries to power out, and stands on his Williams stuffs him piledriver style. That’s a good way to get him to knock that off. Aries escapes and hits a dropkick. He chokes out Williams on the ropes, while Nolte really questions why you get a rope break penalty of using a closed fist, but not with a choke. Aries puts on a crossface submission right near the ropes, hoping Williams goes to break - but he refuses. Williams throws some uppercuts, but gets nailed with a backbreaker. Aries drops a knee on the back of Williams’ head, and he quickly puts on a headlock. Williams fights out, but Aries is on him with a knee to the midsection. Williams throws a big boot, but on the follow up charge he’s hit with a drop toe hold. Aries puts on a deathlock submission, and Williams opts to take his second rope break. Aries sends him to the floor with a baseball slide dropkick, and follows him out with a slingshot corkscrew plancha! Back in, Williams decks Aries with a forearm. A hiptoss sends Aries into the corner, and Williams starts dropping some vicious looking kneedrops. A running kneelift looks to knock Austin loopy, but it only gets 2. Another one takes him down again, and Williams then nails a kneedrop off the top!!! Williams bridges a hammerlock, and Aries breaks with the ropes. That’s his second. Aries hits a side Russian legsweep out of nowhere for 2. A roaring elbow gets 2 - but that move hurt his arm as much as it did Williams. Williams applies a stretch, but doesn’t put it on the whole way in order to entice Aries to go to the ropes - which he does, and he’s out of breaks. Aries refuses to let go of the bottom rope. Williams drags Aries up to the top rope and goes up...hitting an arm stunner off the top! Aries rolls out, and when Williams follows, Austin hits him with a jawbreaker. Aries heads up, but Williams catches him, and since he can’t break anymore, Williams just slaps on an arm submission hooked over the ropes. Aries immediately taps, and Williams retains at 14:16. ***3/4 Another beauty from Williams, who’s quickly becoming my favorite ROH wrestler. Post-match, Williams asks for a handshake, but Aries just leaves the ring instead.

MARK BRISCOE vs. LOW KI (with Julius Smokes, Rocky Romero, and Homicide)

Briscoe wants a handshake, but Low Ki slaps him in the face instead. Mark locks Low Ki in a rear naked choke, but it’s quickly broken. Low Ki throws a few uppercuts, and goes to a chinlock. Mark escapes, and they feel eachother out a little. Ki chops away, and goes back to the chinlock. Bower calls Low Ki an asshole, which makes me laugh. The fans go back and forth with “LET’S GO BRISCOE” vs. “LET’S GO LOW KI” - and Low Ki responds by getting down on all fours and daring Mark to ride him. Mark does, and Low Ki rolls out. Back in, Mark pounds away, and throws an elbow at Ki. Mark nails a backdrop, and Low Ki heads outside. Low Ki grabs a chair which distracts the referee, and that allows Julius Smokes to nails Mark. Back in, Low Ki fakes a leg injury as he’s prone to doing from time to time, and the fans call bullshit. They check on him, and Low Ki nails Mark with a springboard enzuigiri for 2. A kneelift gets 2. In the corner, Low Ki chops away. He’s only able to get a 1 count. Low Ki moves to a figure four sleeper, and Mark fights it hard. The move is released, and Ki gets 2. Low Ki throws a big uppercut at Mark, and then gives him a jawbreaker over the top rope. Back in, Low Ki hits a brainbuster and goes up. A double stomp off the top is good (Spike Dudley - take note of how it’s done) - and an arrogant cover gets 2. Mark starts to fight back, but Low Ki hits a spinning heel kick, and works him over with stiff kicks in the corner. Bower: “I used to refer to Low Ki as an ROH I only say his name with shame.” Bower’s sensitivity about Low Ki is hysterical. Mark starts to fight again, and again Low Ki cuts him off with a dropkick to the face. Low Ki chokes Mark out in the corner, and when he releases Smokes gets in a freebie. More chops. A bodyslam gets 2. Low Ki throws a nasty kick, but it’s too close to the ropes for a pinfall. Mark is dragged closer to the middle of the ring, and an arrogant cover gets 2. Mark finally gets in a move, by firing off a spinning heel kick, and he pounds on Low Ki in the corner. A running lariat knocks Ki down - and a dropkick causes him to stagger. Mark nails a fisherman’s buster, but only gets 2!! Mark goes to finish with the cutthroat suplex, but Low Ki escapes, and drops him back with a belly to back for 2. Mark escapes an attempted dragon clutch, and avoids a springboard buzzsaw kick! Electric chair drop from Mark gets 2! A rollup is countered into a dragon clutch from Low Ki - but Mark escapes, and ducks an enzuigiri! A German suplex gets 2!!! Mark goes for the cutthroat suplex again, but now Julius Smokes gets involved. Homicide hands Low Ki a chair - but the referee sees it and takes it away. Smokes decks Mark, Low Ki hits a handspring enzuigiri, and applies the dragon clutch for the tapout at 16:40. *** The Rottweilers attack Mark after the match, and Low Ki grabs a mic. He says that respect is earned, and bitchslaps him.

JAY BRISCOE vs. HOMICIDE (with Julius Smokes, Rocky Romero, and Low Ki)

Jay goes nuts on Homicide, beating on him something fierce. A superkick sends Homicide to the outside, and Jay is RIGHT behind him with a plancha! Homicide goes for a piledriver, but Jay backdrops him on the floor. Bower again announces how great it is we have no backstage promos or anything other than wrestling. What IS it with promoters who can’t find balance? Back in, Jay nails a dropkick off the top for 2. Jay connects with another dropkick, and follows with a snap suplex for 2. Homicide hits a jawbreaker to change the momentum, and a Diamond Cutter gets 2! In the corner, Homicide chops and stomps away. The referee gets him to piss off, but Homicide comes flying back in with a running knee strike for 2. They move into a neck grapevine that looks downright nasty, but Jay makes the ropes. Homicide drops a knee for 2. They slow it down temporarily with a chinlock, but Homicide releases and opts to go upstairs. Jay catches him, and nails an overhead belly to belly superplex!!! A clothesline is followed by a Falcon arrow, but Jay only gets 2. Jay starts what looks like an Outsider’s Edge, but he changes that into a powerbomb...but it’s only 2! Jay continues on...but Homicide nails a Flatliner into the turnbuckles, and follows with a piledriver for 2!! Homicide calls for the finish, and goes for the Cop Killa, but Jay escapes and goes for the Jay Driller! Homicide avoids the move, nails a sitdown powerbomb, and gets 2! Both guys start throwing big boots to the face, with neither guy willing to go down. Jay wins when he knocks down Homicide, but that just serves to piss him RIGHT off - and he hits the Clothesline From Hell for 2! Jay can’t get back to his feet because he’s so punch drunk, but Homicide makes the mistake of pulling him up - and Jay fires off a belly to back! Jay heads up, but Smokes catches the leg. The distraction allows a superplex from Homicide, and the Clothesline From Hell finishes at 11:24. **1/4 I didn’t like the fact that so many vicious moves were more or less no-sold, and the worst part was the fans KNEW they weren’t going to finish because they weren’t reacting. This was a world of difference from the Joe/Homicide match from Night One. Just like the previous match, Homicide bitch slaps Jay. Not a good night for the Briscoes.

COLT CABANA vs. SAMOA JOE (for the ROH world heavyweight title)

Colt is of course massively over. Funny spot during the entrance sees Colt drop his tag-team belt while entering the ring, prompting a “YOU FUCKED UP” chant. Colt goes to check on the title, gives it a kiss, then holds it high in the air shouting “IT’S ALIVE!!!!” to a loud pop. The boys shake hands here, and we’re off. Immediately, Cabana grabs one of the streamers that was left over from Joe’s ring entrance, throws it in the air, and yells “COLT CABANA - YAAAAAAAAAYYYYY!” ala Special Ed. They lock up, and Cabana powers Joe back to the corner. They release slowly, and Cabana gives Joe a high 5. Joe looks REALLY annoyed. Joe takes down Cabana down with a headlock. Interestingly, Bower says that Joe was offered the night off after his match with Homicide the night before, but Joe told them to forget it, because he’d made a commitment to defend. Colt and Joe go nose to nose, and Cabana, for whatever reason, decides his gameplan will be shoulderblocks. None of them remotely phase Joe. Cabana ducks a clothesline, nails another shoulderblock...and this one works! Colt misses a butt butt, which comes back to haunt him when he gets nailed with a forearm shot. Cabana takes a powder on the floor. Back in, they go for a test of strength, and one guess who wins that. It’s broken, Cabana goes for a double kneelift in the corner, but Joe sidesteps and slams Colt! Joe goes for a big kick, but Cabana ducks and rolls him up for 2! Joe pounds and chops at Cabana in the corner, and starts paintbrushing with his boot. A running boot nearly kills Colt, and he rolls to the floor for safety. Cabana tries to get back in, but Joe smacks him around on the apron. Colt climbs to the top, but Joe continues to slap him from up there, and Cabana falls back in. A backdrop suplex from the champion gets 2. Colt starts to fight back, but is the victim of a chop block and goes down hard. Joe catches Cabana with a half crab in the middle of the ring, and sits down on the leg. Colt makes the ropes. They trade punches, but nobody’s gonna successfully go toe to toe with Joe - and Colt gets caught in a full nelson. He uses a great escape, then hits the double knees to the chest! Cabana slams Joe, and calls for a moonsault! Joe’s playing possum though, and shoves Colt off the top, and down the ramp. A fan: “NICE MOONSAULT!” Hah! Joe follows Cabana to the floor, and kicks at him. Joe uses Cabana as a battering ram, running him face first to the guardrail. The fans start chanting for the Ole Ole Kick - but Cabana blocks it with the chair, and then slams it over his head! Cabana encourages the fans to chant Ole Ole, and hits the move himself!!!!!!! Man alive, when Joe recovers, he’s going to be one seriously pissed off mofo. Back in, Cabana kicks Joe in the face, but Joe comes back with a powerslam for 2! A clotheslines looks to decapitate Cabana for 2! Colt comes back with a back elbow, and slams Joe. Up he goes...missing the froggie splash - but he doesn’t miss a follow up backdrop suplex for 2! Cabana goes up a second time, THIS time hits the froggie splash and gets 2!!! Joe is caught with an STF in the middle of the ring, and has nowhere to go. Luckily for him, Colt can’t lock it in underneath the chin, and Joe is able to claw his way over to the ropes. The challenger calls for the Colt 45, but Joe gets away and starts peppering him with punches. A clothesline gets 2! Cabana hits a big boot in the corner, but when he goes up, Joe catches him! The Muscle Buster off the top is enough for Joe to retain once again at 17:29. **3/4 THE ROTTWEILERS return AGAIN - and immediately get to beating on Joe. THE BRISCOES are right behind them, with chairs in their hands. The Rottweilers bail, and stand off with the Briscoes at ringside. Joe stands between each of the Briscoe Brothers on the turnbuckle, with his belt in hand, and calls out the whole stable. The Rottweilers leave. Colt slowly gets to his feet now, and shakes hands with Joe, before going in for a hug instead.

ALLISON DANGER comes to the ring in a neckbrace, due to the Cop Killa she took the night before. Fans: “YOU GOT FUCKED UP!” Danger says she made Maff and Whitmer, before blaming them for the Cop Killa she took. Fans: “SHUT THE FUCK UP!” Danger promises that tonight will be Maff and Whitmer’s last match, and demands her weapons of destruction be brought to the ring. Ladders, a barbed wire board, tables, a barbed wire two by four, and more are brought to ringside for the main event.

DAN MAFF and BJ WHITMER vs. CM PUNK and ACE STEEL (in a non sanctioned Chicago street fight)

Steel promises that Maff and Whitmer are going to die, but I bet he’d feel pretty guilty if they really did. The Saints get the full streamer treatment in their hometown. Maff and Whitmer just get a “PUSSIES” chant. Cute. Maff and Whitmer pull the Saints out to the floor, and Whitmer throws Punk into the guardrail. Maff sends Steel face first to the guardrail, and rolls him in. They double team Steel in the ring, until Punk yanks Whitmer to the outside - whipping him into the guardrail. The Saints throw elbows at Maff until he drops. Whitmer tries to jump back in, but Punk nails a t-bone suplex, and sends him right back out again!!! Punk dives to the outside with a crossbody on Maff. Steel goes for a tope suicida - but it’s blocked with a steel chair to the face! Punk also eats chair! Steel’s busted open, and gets thrown face first to the guardrail again. Both guys are rolled in, and the heels take their belts off! Punk and Steel are WHIPPED with the leather, and we see that Punk is busted open now. Maff chokes him out in the ropes with the belt, and lets him know that death is coming. The blood squirts out of Punk’s forehead, which makes a great visual. Punk throws a big boot at Maff, and grabs the belt! The Saints start whipping the former Prophecy, with Steel clotheslining Whitmer using the leather. 10-punch count-a-long on Maff! Whitmer nails a back elbow on Punk, and everyone heads back out to the floor. Steel throws Maff to the guardrail a few times, and Whitmer grabs a table! Steel sends Whitmer into the guardrail, and the Saints then double team Maff, pounding him head first to the guardrail over and over. Punk goes into the crowd, and comes back out with a running clothesline! Punk grabs a ladder, and a chair. The chair is held over Maff’s face...and Steel dropkicks it into him! Maff is then placed face first between the ladder, and the chair is SLAMMED onto the ladder to close it further! Maff screams, and rolls out! Whitmer takes the face washing from Punk’s boot, and the fans chant “ONE MORE TIME!” He complies! Maff is busted open on the floor - while Whitmer has his head placed between a table at the corner! Nolte: “They’re gonna break his neck!” Bower: “They’re gonna take his life!!!” Steel holds a chair in front of Whitmer’s face, and Punk slams a ladder INTO the chair, which is driven to his face! Nolte: “Oh my god, they’re gonna kil him!!!” The blood starts POURING from Whitmer’s face! Punk grabs the barbed wire two by four, and hits Whitmer in the arm! Maff takes a shot over the back! Punk goes for another, but Whitmer steals the board, and hits him with a Russian legsweep, USING the board! Maff then gives him a shot in the nuts with it! Fans: “YOU SICK FUCK!” Steel also takes the barbed wire to the nuts! Maff now decides to introduce the barbed wire board! Punk FLIPS out when he sees it, and starts to throw punches at anyone. They try to suplex Punk on it, but he blocks and goes to send Whitmer BARE BACK on it! Punk is put on the top rope by Whitmer...and THROWN onto the wire!!! Whitmer goes for an Exploder onto the wire, but Steel makes the save!!! Steel goes to suplex Whitmer into the wire, but Maff moves the board out of the way JUST in the nick of time!!! The board is set up in the corner on an angle, but after some fighting from both teams - Punk is SPEARED through it by Maff!!!! Punk gets COMPLETELY tangled up in it, and the referee has to save him. Steel picks up the piece of the board that’s left, and sends Maff into it!!!! Steel untangles him, hits a tiger bomb...and gets 2!!!! All four guys grab chairs, and we’ve got a stand off! Punk begs Maff to hit him...and Maff happily complies! Whitmer does the same to Steel! The Saints fire back with chairshots of their own! Maff and Whitmer fire eachother up with chops to one another - and then SLAM the Saints! The Saints come back by BREAKING their chairs over Maff and Whitmer’s heads!!!!!! Maff heads out of the ring, and Flair flops. Maff and Whitmer go to get more chairs...but in a scene STRAIGHT out of ECW, the fans start LAUNCHING THEIR CHAIRS into the ring!!!! Over a hundred chairs in the ring, burying the referee!!!! The wrestlers decide to keep going, wrestling on the sea of chairs! Punk is hit with a half nelson suplex from Maff! Maff takes a German suplex from Steel! Bower: “This is what happens when feuds explode in Ring Of Honor!!! Everyone’s standing because they have to!” Maff puts Ace Steel on a ladder between the guardrails on the outside, and Whitmer heads up! Punk superplexes Whitmer back onto the sea of chairs - and Steel slides off the ladder! He drives it to Maff’s face, and puts Maff on the ladder! Punk heads up...and he SPLASHES Maff! Steel gets back into the ring, and picks one of the hundred chairs, slamming it over BJ’s head!!! He’s put on a table, and Steel goes up...but Whitmer gets up, and goes for a super Exploder! It’s shoved off by Steel, and Steel then TOMBSTONES WHITMER THROUGH THE TABLE for the win at 27:43!!! ****1/2 In the words of Carlito: “Now that... That’s cool!” The fans chant “THANK YOU!” at the wrestlers, who roll over and die.

GENERATION NEXT hit the ring, and beat down the Saints. Of course, it’s not much of a fight, since Steel and Punk are all dead and stuff. COLT CABANA tries to make the save, but the numbers are too much. RICKY STEAMBOAT comes in, and evens the odds! He tries to fight them 4-on-1, but it’s not happening. They tape Steamboat to the ropes, which Gen Next calls a front row seat to the destruction of the Saints...and our show fades out.

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