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Big Brother

Since: 9.12.01
From: ミネアポリス

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I stole this from Kim, who got it from Jane, who got it from...I dunno! We get all our best stuff from Jane (, really. At least this time I won't shoulder the burden of AFFECTING LIVES from encouraging like results, like I did with the okcupid quiz. OR WILL I?!?

It's Flash, so you kinda have to roll your own graphics...

What is your Pantone birthday colour? (

Here's MINE!

People look to you for inspiration. You are one of a kind and are
not afraid to be different. Your talent comes from a deep and
powerful place. You were born to communicate, so it is important
that you are conscious of what you say and do. You have an
innate talent for building your dreams and can do well financially.
Your personal color resonates with spirituality. Wearing,
meditating or surrounding yourself with Violet Ice helps you
maintain balance as you share your life with others.


Anyway, my MONTH'S colour is actually even more like my FAVOURITE, so here's that one, too...

The color for the month of June is Aspen Gold. Energizing and
stimulating, yellow is a color filled with radiance and light. Aspen
Gold has the ability to lift up our spirits and bring sunshine into
our lives. Mercury, the planet of communication, moves through
the heavens during the month of June. Yellow is known for
stimulating the brain and increasing intelligence and mental
agility. Wearing, meditating or surrounding yourself with Aspen
Gold connects us to joy and is known for increasing our memory
and communication skills.


Who knew?

to go!
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DJ FrostyFreeze

Since: 2.1.02
From: Hawthorne, CA

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    Originally posted by CRZ
    The color for the month of June is Aspen Gold.
Hey! Dont you have a tie this color? I trust this is not a coincidence.

You heard me, fella
-Even a well-read, seemingly educated troll is still A TROLL.

Since: 17.11.03
From: Tallahassee, FL

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March 2- Bay...(Emotional, Creative, High Ideals)

There is a strong creative spirit to those born on this day [sidenote: also born on March 2 are Jon Bon Jovi, Lou Reed, Mikhail Gorbechev, Karen Carpenter, Dr. Seuss and Desi Arnaz -JM]. You have high ideals and are not afraid to make them a reality. Some have a high talent for finance. Born to promote fainress and help others, you may find yourself involved in the arts or in a humanitarian position or occupation. Your personal color helps ease your nerves. Wearing or surrounding yourself with Bay enables you to sacrifice for a cause without draining all your energy.

Great, that's not me, that's the INFLATED, IDEALISTIC BUT NOWHERE CLOSE TO THE TRUTH version of me.

"I never understood how the hell they got more chicks than I did. Now I know. They sold crap on eBay."

Since: 2.1.02
From: Seattle, WA

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The color for the month of January is Sunburn. Logical and surefooted, this is a color of substance and determination. After the exuberance of December, we are met with the practical and down to earth month of January. The earth tones in Sunburn help us to feel stable and responsible. This color encourages us to ground our earthly ambitions through discipline and persistence. Wearing or surrounding ourselves with Sunburn promotes practicality and aids us in manifesting our dreams.

Interestingly, "Sunburn" is color not at all resembling an actual sunburn.


You have an ambitious spirit and can accomplish a great deal with a positive point of view. People born on this day know that it takes discipline, hard work and enormous intention to achieve the high goals that you have set for yourself. Your personal color helps you integrate love into the picture. Wearing or surrounding yourself with Bombay Brown stimulates optimism and reminds you to stay flexible and lighthearted as you move toward your goals.

So, the apparent message to me is I don't have enough of this "Bombay Brown" in my life.

RIP, Pat Tillman, 11/6/76 - 4/22/04

To get ass, youve got to bring ass." -- Roy Jones Jr.

"Your input has been noted.
I hope you don't take it personally if I disregard it."
-- Guru Zim

"Speak English or face admin retribution." -- CRZ

Since: 10.12.01
From: Aurora, IL

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This reminds me.

At the ROH show, I sat next to, well, I sat next to Scott, that's not the story.

On the other side of me, guy in a yellow shirt, glasses, and shoulder length dark hair.

I was going to ask "wow, that must've been a long trip" but the hair was too short, I think.

(You are a force with whom to be recokened)

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Potato korv

Since: 27.2.03
From: Seattle, Washington

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    Your birth month and day colors are currently in development. If you would like to be notified when they are available, fill out the form below and we will send an e-mail to you when your colors are ready.

BOGUS. Every month is finished except September.

"It's the four pillars of the male heterosexual psyche. We like naked women, stockings, lesbians, and Sean Connery best as James Bond because that is what being a [man] is." -Jack Davenport, Coupling
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Mr Heel II
Lap cheong

Since: 25.2.02

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Amazingly, not only are my month and day colors basically the interior colors of a movie theater I do the website for, but my day color is called Cameo Pink, and the theater in question is called the CAMEO.

How very odd.

Since: 3.1.02
From: Knoxville, TN

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#8 Posted on | Instant Rating: 7.00
I find it interesting how "Lotus" (month color) and "Silver Pink" (day color) look like almost the exact same color. Silver pink is slightly darker than Lotus, though, for whatever that's worth. (Not much.)

Since: 1.2.02
From: Appleton, WI

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May 23rd - Holly Green

"Some of the greatest, most giving people are born on this day. Your natural affinity to help anyone at any time is unparalleled. Your talent with words makes you a natural at writing, speaking and storytelling. You are good at so many things you may find yourself scattering your energies. Your personal color resonates with physical vitality. Wearing, meditating or surrounding yourself with Holly Green replenishes your enthusiasm and stamina so you can continue to touch other peoples lives and inspire others.

Hey - I can't argue with being called the "greatest". But does regular green work, too?

Edit: Yes it does. As "greenery" is the color of May.

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"ScreamingHeadGuy, don't fear the wang. Know the wang. Embrace the wang. BE the wang....."
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Summer sausage

Since: 29.1.02
From: Michigan

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    Originally posted by CRZ
    ...At least this time I won't shoulder the burden of AFFECTING LIVES from encouraging like results, like I did with the okcupid quiz. OR WILL I?!?

You WILL! Thanks to Michele Bernhardt, Jane, Kim, & CRZ, I now have a middle name!
( May 30: (
Action could be your middle name. You are never boring and your life usually moves rapidly. Your mind is quick and quirky. You can do more in a week than most people can do in a month. Scattering your energy in too many directions is often the problem. It is important that you care for your body and learn how to stay in present time. Your personal color reminds you to embrace each moment. Wearing, meditating, or surrounding yourself with Burnt Orange encourages loyalty, moderation, and relaxation.

After all these years of feeling inept because my middle name line was always left blank, I can add "Action" on all of those job applications. Callbacks from potential employers should increase with a middle name listed as "Action."... shouldn't it?

I am certified. Booyah!
As young as
he feels

Since: 11.12.01
From: China, Maine

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Peach? Peach? Peach sucks. I got Peach?

Gabba Gabba Hey!


Since: 2.6.03
From: Littleton, CO

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    Originally posted by pieman
    Peach? Peach? Peach sucks. I got Peach?

November 19 - Ketchup

    It is very hard for anyone to tell you what to do. You tend to dance to your own drumbeat. Although your independence is a wonderful quality, it is important that you don't shut other people out. Compassion for yourself should be one of your ideals as well. Regular goals and career ambitions will be easy for you to achieve. The emotional area of life needs to be honored and maintained. Wearing or surrounding yourself with your personal color helps you feel safe, centered and secure.

I only have one "ketchup" colored shirt I rarely wear, but it's great having one of my favorite condiments as my birthday color.

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Since: 7.11.02
From: Dallas, TX

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I used to think these list/what are you type threads were stupid (which is why I was here). But, that was before I was LOTUS (soothing, receptive nurturing) for the month and AQUATIC (which enhances my appealing nature) for the day. I shall soon wear, meditate AND surround myself with AQUATIC to protect myself from debilitating emotions while allowing me to receive the good fortunes that await ME!ME!ME!

As Pantone has commanded, Corajudo shall obey.
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Speaking of the internet... I heard three different interviews on Canadian radio the other with Chris Zimmerman, the president of Easton Sports. I did a double take the first one I heard.
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