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The W - Pro Wrestling - Old Lucha Tape Watching - EMLL TV 1/98 - A mini Cibernetico
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EMLL TV - Jan. 17/98

1. Mogur/Arkangel/Mano Negra vs. Hijo del Solitario/Sendero/Ultraman (all matches originate from Arena Coliseo)

Mogur is an unmasked rudo with reddish brown trunks. Hijo del Solitario is a legitimate Hijo, and wears a gold mask with a black band around the eyes. Sendero's ring attire is a mishmash of red, yellow, white and black, combining to create all sorts of ugly.

Fall 1: The matwork pairings see HdelS/Mogur out on a mediocre display. The segment with Ultraman & Negra quickly becomes a 2 on 1, which sets the top for the rest of the fall. The rudo beatdown is on. Arkangel looks to try the move where you press their running opponent to the sky, instead Sendero falls down. He'll later pin Sendero with a powerbomb. HdelS sells a spinkick from Negra like a drunk staggering to find a cold place to vomit. He stumbles from the ring, and has to be brought back to get triple-teamed for the submission.

Fall 2: The rudo beatdown continues. The only thing of nore in the opening minutes of this fall is that Sendero gets a Stun Gun from both Ark & Negra. HdelS starts a comeback with a quebradora, causing Mogur to cower. Arkangel regains the rudo advantage with the back headbutt that sends Ultra outside. Angel follows up with a tope that knocks Ultra up the aisle. The remaining rudos double team HdelS, and gain a double submission. Sendero is 2 on 1, and he quickly slams Negra onto Mogur, and jumps on top to pin Mogur, then rolls the pile over to eliminate the other rudo and even up the falls. Creative ending.

Fall 3: Some mediocre brawling from Ultra/Arkangel. We do see a headscissors on the floor from Sendero, but that's about all in highspots we see from this tecnico. He does backdrop Ultraman into a plancha on Arkangel, but gets pinned right after as Mogur & Negra do a double slam. Some hit and miss as the rudos try a double team on HdelS, but he quickly dumps Mogur, and pins Negra with a Northern Lights Suplex for 3.

I like Arkangel & Ultraman. But they didn't save this one with a complete mail-in. I want to go back in time and replace Hijo del Solitario's mom's TicTacs with birth control pills. 68.

2. Cibernetico: Cicloncito Ramirez/Pequeno Chochisse/Pequeno Sayama/Damiencito el Guerrero/Fierito/Tritoncito/Guerrerito del Futuro/Orito

A minis Cibernetico? Yes! There is an interesting stipulation to this. The survivor will get an opportunity to wrestle with the full-sized luchadores.

Ciclon wears the light blue/white look that his full-sized wrestler does, except the mini is still masked. PC is wearing a black bodysuit with no mask. PS does a martial arts gimmick. DeG is in a black body suit, and has a painted face. Fierito looks like Felino's mini, but is named like Fiera's. Tritoncito is in green, with a gold lightning bolt on his mask. GdF is in black and silver, as is Orito.

DeG and Orito start off with some takedowns and matwork. The other segments involve Fierito/PS, Tritoncito/Fierito, CR/PC (which had some nice near submissions with a canel clutch and tapitia respectively) and finally GdelF gets in with Orito to give everybody their time. DelG and PS are next up. They work a fast series of takedowns and strange armdrags. Lots of flipping by Tritocito, only for Fierito to knock him down. They work the monkey flip to the outside segment into their segment, sending out Fierito and bringing in PC, who is quickly tied up in an abdominal stretch combination for 2. Orito and GdelF are the next ones. Orito gets booted to the floor almost immediately, and in comes CR. Armdrags galore from the tecnico. Both head out, and we finally get the first elimination when Tritoncito gets a sharpshooter/armbar combination on PC, about 12 minutes after the opening whistle.

GdF and PS are next up. A quick back body drop has PS flopping around like a fish out of water, so GdF just dumps him to the floor. Orito comes, and he gets backdropped as well, before submitting to a Gory Special. DeG & CR are next. These two had a mini-feud for the minis title in the mid 90's. A quick Half-boston is put on DeG, but he crawls his way to the ropes, ending that segment. Fierito & OS are up next. Fier swats away the tecnico for a few spots, but PS comes back and dropkicks Fier from the ring, following that up with a tope. They return to the ring, where PS goes to the top. Fierito meets him with an armdrag off the top, and then eliminates PS with a sit-down powerbomb. Down to 5, and it is 4 as the replay of Sayama's elimination engs just in time for Tritocito to eliminate GdF with a kneel down powerbomb. CR & DeG's segment is great, highlighted at the end as Cicloncito escapes the Gory Special, and headscissors Demiancito to the floor. Fierito takes over for the rudo side,with no success. Dropkicks and armdrags, until it ends with a rana and 3. Damien moves in for the kill, nearly getting it off a German Suplex. In is Tritoncito at this point. All the eliminated minis stick around for the end. Lionsault only gets 2 on DeG, and DeG continues to fight off at the two-count. Cicloncito tries an elimination with a Victory Roll, only to get dropped with an Electric Chair for a near fall. He does get a submission after holding onto a double armdrag, then tying up Cicloncito in some silly-looking (but obviously effective) hold. Tritoncito moves into end it, quickly sending DeG outside and nailing a tope. Back in the ring, Tritoncito gets DeG in the rocking chair, but it is perfectly countered as DeG goes with the upward motion, then bridges back for a nearfall. After that, DeG catches Tritoncito with a takedown, rocks him so he is across the back, grabs the arm and gets the submission and the win.

He'd go up to wrestle one match with full-sized wrestlers, and would stay there. In June, he would debut his new name, and he still uses it on EMLL shows to this day - Virus.

Overall, with the great mat stuff in the opening minutes, acting as build to the eliiminations. I also liked Damiencito's selling of fatigue as he continued to escape pinning predicaments at the hands of the remaining tecnicos. Match went about 25 minutes without a commercial break - on free TV. 92.

3. Violencia/Rey Bucanero/Shu el Guerrero vs. Ninja del Fuego/Brazo de Oro/Fantasma

Fantasma wears a primarily-purple body suit and mask, with white around the face. He is NOT legendary wrestlecrapper Phantasio. NdF is weating what look to be Kwang's old togs, and SeG is a fat guy in a black mask with a red mohawk.

Fall 1: Low impact mat stuff starts it off from Fantasma & SeG. The NdF & Bucanero stuff takes it up a notch, as there were some nice counters. Violencia & BdO have a short segment, and it ends quickly as Ninja victory rolls Shu, and Fantasma sunset flips Violencia.

Fall 2: There are some elaborate armdrags in the SeG/NdF segment that opens this fall. BdO uses comedy spots instead to have fun with Bucanero. The rudos take over the fall as SeG hits a Stunner out of a Fireman's Carry on Ninja. Fantasma is then ganged up on (highlighted by a swanton bomb from Violencia), and SeG then gets a submission. Bucanero & Violencia do a leglock/camel clutch combo to finish Oro.

Fall 3: It starts with a rudo beatdown, but almost immediately Rey misses a twisting top rope splash, and everybody goes at it in or around the ring. The 'star' spot is worked into this equation. Bucanero bails out after that, only to get tope con hilo-ed by Ninja. Violencia lands a powerslam on Brazo, but his swanton bomb misses. Oro moves in and gets a figure 4 submission on Violencia.

There were a few nice spots on this one. It wasn't tremendous, and had a tough act to follow, but it wasn't Cien Caras level bad. 76.

Momentos Estrellas: Did I see Judo Suwa there getting tope-d?

4. Cien Caras(Speak of the devil)/Universo 2000/Black Warrior vs. Atlantis/Shocker/Lizmark

Fall 1: Some very unimpressive rudo brawling. Shocker, then Atlantis, then Lizmark Sr all take their lumps in turn. Lizmark sells a European uppercut from U2000 like mad, but thats about all of note until the tecs fight their way to the comeback. Lizmark spinebusters Warrior several times, and he tries to sell it like a foul. An Atlantida gets a submission on Warrior, and Lizmark dropkicks U2000 from the top turnbuckle for the 3.

Fall 2: More unspectacular brawling puts the rudos in control. Suffice to say that Shocker & Cien Caras don't exactly mix well in terms of workrate. Actually, this whole thing is a mess, but there is a psycho granny at ringside marking like nuts. Cien Caras tries a Jerry bump on the rope, bumping with all the style and grace of Dusty Rhodes falling out of bed in the morning. It comes down to Shocker & Caras at the end, and Lizmark grabs Cien's leg as he runs the ropes. One Magistral Cradle later, this one is over in straight falls.

Praise Zoroaster that this one was 2 falls. Welcome to mailing-it-in-ville. Population: These 6. 63.

Well, there's two matches that weren't very good. One that was decent, and one really good match. If you're a Virus fan, try to get this. However, this was different from the spotfest mini matches. A lot of mat wrestling, a lot of build, Damiencito is great at everything, but, there were no insane high spots. Not for everybody, especially Vince Russo marks.

I got this in a trade, but the tape appears to be available from this site:

Next up - Several Episodes of Los Super Astros. Mmmmmmmm. Maria Felipe.

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