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The W - Ladies Only - My Future is Clear...Raw 8/18
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Lap cheong

Since: 15.1.02
From: Philly

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I got my opinions on the main board, so do your thing, ladies...

"Friendship - The art of using somebody to your advantage so that they can help you succeed in life. Once they can no longer help you, they are no longer your friend." Brock Lesnar, Philosopher

1200 bitches and counting....
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Since: 6.3.03
From: Jersey

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I have to say Raw was very entertaining. Actually, I just say that every week. But this week, this week I mean it.

I was getting home late from a concert (actually left concert early) so I missed the Hilight Reel and Evolution. Sucks. But thankfully I missed the girls! I really shouldn't pick on them...but...there's just SO much material to work with...

Dammit I missed Evolution again. What I need is better timing. So, apparently I miss more and I'll just skip to what I saw.

Saw the Test, Steiner thing. I really thought Test was hurt then I saw the 'x sign' from the ref and I thought that was a direct dig into the IWC, or smarks, or whatever. When I saw that, I knew Test was faking it. He did a hella job though. Poor Stacey.

I miss all the Dudley stuff. What the hell is wrong with me that I keep missing these...what? I'm not really missing anything? Pshaw! GI Joe was there! I read Excalibur - DUKE was there!!! (we now get continuity across forums) I did miss them though and I was either doing something, or another, I'm not sure which one.

Ah, here I am. Just in time to see...Nash? Who's the dude with the long blonde hair? Oh. My. God. It is Nash. Okay, I'm so heating up food now because that's more stimulating. Actually, watching the tv when it's off is more stimulating but...

Jericho cutting Nash's hair and so proud of himself is so heelishly adorable!!! Jericho is the Man. And is the King of Multi-tasking: he does interviews, he wrestles, he cuts hair. Vince must be paying him some coin (or something).

Now this little girl is on my tv and I instinctivly know where this is going - and I'm so looking forward to it! Cat in a tree!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAA The f-ing sound effects of them flying, everything - totally loved it. Especially when Rosey started banging the cat into a tree! LOL What is that saying? The only good cat is a dead one? I had flashbacks and the sudden urge to throw some Steven Lynch in the cdplayer and listen to 'Kill a Kitten'. BWAHAHAHAHA No, I'm kidding to you cat lovers out there. Cats need love, too, kind of like the way ugly people do. My god, that's offensive.

You think that's offensive? Check out the next segment with Linda and Bischoff. I was offended by that outfit Linda was wearing. As for the content, I can def see people getting hyped up on it, (even the Boytoy was disgusted), I'm just waiting to see how it pans out...not very anxiously, but waiting nonetheless.

Oh, and Mack is a jobber to the stars, playa. I didn't know he was on the Wienerboard. Amazing. See, maybe Teddy should get on the Wienerboard cuz it's not the Man holding Mack down (cuz the Man is Jericcho - TADAH! - and even I have continuity in my posts HAHAHA) but it's indeed the Wiener Ranking System for posting. Poor Mack.

Shane...I'm so gonna hear about this - but what the fuck was he thinking getting into a car??? Tell me he's not a dumbass and was driving to a PHONEBOOTH because his cell phone died and he was gonna endorse 1-800-collect at the same time and spare us anymore Carrot Top commercials? Or even better Carrot Top and Stephanie commercials. Tell me, please? Cuz then I'm back on the 'I Love Shane' bandwagon. Until then, he should stick to taking sick bumps and looking boyishly handsome.

Oh, Rob and Christian! I read about Christians pants but I didn't see it. Course, wasn't really seeing anything...nevermind. So, answer me this, how is it that RVD is fighting Christian, but already has a match for SS? I don't get it. I have to be missing something - who is Christian really feuding with? Sometimes it's difficult being blonde. I probably shouldn't add alcohol to that, but let's face it, it makes me more funner. HAHAHA Yeah, um, anyway...

RVD handcuffed helplessly and gagged with a giant brooding maniac yelling at him. Riiiiight, no slash here. I could, I really could go on and on about this segment, but I won't. I will only say that that's the best I've seen RVD in a long time. I really like him handcuffed, not wrestling (insert joke about him really not wrestling anytime), and gagged. Nice!!! It's as if all of a sudden these guys I was not digging (RVD, Lance, Rosey) are suddenly...watchable. I mean, to me, of course. Course, that's not really saying much...

The entire end segment rocked! How great did Hunter look in that red shirt? And how much better did he look out of it? And I did not see that kick from Shawny until it was too late. Poor Hunter. You know what they say about he who stands last before the ppv. Yep, Nash and Shawny are not winning. Sah-weet! I would love to see Randy win (RELAX - hear me out): Randy wins so Hunter gets all jealous and pissy with Randy, plots with Flair (his bitch) to get back at Randy, and then Jericho comes in, steals the Title from them both and then Randy and Hunter can feud, Flair can play the sympathetic character caught between two friends and Jericho can go play with the likes of Goldberg and closets (HA! More continuity).

Worth the price of parking: RVD cuffed and gagged
Worth the price of parking your friends car, too: Rosey smashing useless cat into a tree several times before flinging it's carcass somewhere - THEN leaving the scene of the crime
Worth the price of admission: Jericho's obsessive fixation with Nash's hair and the maniacal response to finally getting to cut it

~Tomboy, wishing Triple H would hold me down...
Lap cheong

Since: 15.1.02
From: Philly

Since last post: 6204 days
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You know my usual comments about Evolution and the like. I thought Raw came off really boring, personally. I take serious exception at the hair vs. hair match, because they promised over and over again, that somebody will be bald. CREWCUTS AREN'T BALD! And of course, the really lame segments with Bischoff and Test and Stacy. I might be too critical, but deep down, I don't care because I know I'm right. Raw SUCKED last night.

"Friendship - The art of using somebody to your advantage so that they can help you succeed in life. Once they can no longer help you, they are no longer your friend." Brock Lesnar, Philosopher

1200 bitches and counting....

Since: 15.6.02
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I already responded about the "creepy" nature of Raw last night on the other board.

RVD/Christian was the most enjoyable match to me. I thought they both looked great.
Would like to see Orton in the opening promos as more than just Hunter's "mic guy".

Is anybody going to Smackdown in Philly 9/23? Wanna meet up?

Cherries > Peaches

Since: 1.8.02
From: Phoenix-ish

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I had a great time with the show last night. In my case there's the mitigating factor that every time they'd mention SummerSlam or set up a continuing plot line, I'd do my little "I'm going to SummerSlam! I'm going to Raw next week!" Happy Dance. (No haterizin' -- for Tomboy it's all in the timing -- for me, it's "right place, right time". :-) )

What the heck was the deal with Nash's bleached blond hair? I know -- colour before cut. Still...

Trish/Molly was fine! I didn't need the Gail run-in, but up til then it was good.

"Kane isn't the only one who likes to play with fire." Hmm, interesting choice of words there, Shane-O.

Lance goes into the women's locker room & is never seen or heard from again. Awwww, poor Lance! ;-) ("Hey Lance, wanna joust?")

OK, I'm just a smarky-smark. From the instant he did it, I was chanting "Bullshit!" at Test. That doesn't mean I wasn't enjoying how dumb it made Steiner & Stacy look. Does this mean Steiner's next fued is with Jack Doan? For a) not officially calling for the bell while waiting for assistance, & b) counting a 3 on Steiner in spite of all the interfering assistance that Test was getting? And wasn't Steiner & Stacy's exchange of doe eyes at the very end saaaaad.

Then the very next thing they give this smarky-smark girl is a fake air force guy -- I didn't believe that one for a second, either. But again, waiting to see what they'd do with the fake air force guy was entertaining -- I figured La Res would end up squashing him, I didn't anticipate him being a plant -- so I thought it was fun. So I guess we've got a third member of La Res now, right?

The Jericho/Nash match turned out to be pretty good wrestling -- we don't generally expect much from big Kev, but when he wants to make an effort, & has somebody who can help him look good, he really can be part of a good match. Nice work, Chris!

OK, after the match, when Chris was cutting his hair & Nash was supposed to be mostly out, what did he say to Chris? I couldn't quite tell, but I'm thinking it was a (broken kayfabe) "Not too short!" kind of thing. Anybody??

Jericho wallowing in the cut hair was excellent!

The kitty-in-a-tree segment was hilarious. (And I was watching it with 3 kitties on the sofa with me. If they weren't offended, far be it from me to be.) It's one of those things where, if they'd tried to make it look real, it would have been bad. By doing it obviously & campy, it was great. And after all, it was the kitty who flipped out & went totally psycho first. (Having been shredded by psycho kitties -- trying to get meds into them -- I can appreciate Rosie's reaction!)

I'm gonna avoid the Bischoff/Linda segment for right now, 'cept for one thing: at one point when Eric has her arms behind her back hurting her neck, she said, "Stop -- I can't take it any more." The infamous Ric Flair quote! Does that mean that Ric's been taking Linda to Space Mountain?

There was a point in the RVD/Christian match where I thought to myself, "Wow, it really looks like Christian is working uncharacteristically rough with Rob. Seems to be working for Rob though." That's what we've been doing wrong with Rob all this time -- he just needs it rough! The wrestling was good!

Shut up, JR! We've got the message that you want to have Rob's babies. You can stop now.

That chairshot to Rob in the middle of the suicide dive through the ropes? Wicked! Holy shit!

Kane with Rob was excellent. "Is there anybody in there, Rob?" Kane is a great psycho. (Wonder what Glen[n]'s wife thought about the segment.) Rob handcuffed, gagged & in terror was ... convincing! That segment was very, very good.

Meanwhile, as one of his superstars is backstage in terror & immediate danger of immolation, General Manager Steve Austin makes his ring entrance & wallows in the adulation of the crowd. I would think Rob's next feud should be with Austin: "You son of a bitch! Kane, whom you turned into a psycho, was doing unspeakable things to me, being shown on every monitor in the building, & you're out here showing off the new racing stripes on your knee braces!?!?!?" I'd be kinda perturbed about that, if'n I were Rob.

"How's that burn doin', JR?" I love HHH on commentary. HHH took his shirt off, & we're stuck on a camera shot of Goldberg?? Apparently the barber-on-duty had a chance to coif Kev brfore his stroll-in. That was a perfectly fine dissolve-to-mayhem ending for a pre-PPV. (Happy dance, happy dance.)

Since: 19.5.02

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Renegade,Mistress of Darkness says:

Missed Hilite Reel (dammit!) so I can't comment on that

The women's match didn't impress me any, but it sure got my one year old brother's attention.

Evolution/Stone Cold: Eh, I wasn't really paying attention/

Test/Steiner: Me (to my sister after test "injured" himself): "I bet they're gonna get people to carry him out, but he'll kick Steiner right in the face when he's about to leave the ring." Is Renegade a psychic or is that move getting WAY too over used lately? You decide.

La Resistance: Renegade (to her sister): "Gee, I bet that guy is a wrestler." Sure enough

Jericho primping his hair: Ah, such beautiful hair!

Jericho vs. Mr. Peroxide: Yeah, I read and knew that Jericho would win, but I'm still happy that Jericho still has his hair. Rubbing Nash's hair in his face was well...weird, but still kinda funny.

S.H.I.T. kills the kitty: Hilarious, of course that could come from my hatred of cats.

Bischoff/Linda: For a while, I thought I was hearing things when the door bell was ringing (since no one seemed to be noticing on the TV for a while), so I wondered if I was eating enough, till the woman FINALLY acknowledged the doorbell.

Bishoff (to Linda): I'm here to please you.
Renegade (who has read plenty of dirty fanfiction herself): Ewwwwwwwwww......

Mack/S.H.I.T.: Eh, whatever.

Christian/RVD: Since Christian is my second favorite wrestler and RVD is my sister's first favorite, this one got our attention. It was a pretty good match overall. And it looked kinda funny when Kane carried RVD over his shoulders.

RVD in chains: Eh, it was alright. But what was Kane doing with the matches? Has Kane lost his ability to seemingly start fires out of the blue? If so, that would explain why he couldn't light up a damn match, since he relied on his "powers" too much.

Goldberg/Orton: I honestly wasn't paying too much attention to the match itself, but the ending was alright.


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Toast Jr

Since: 30.1.03
From: Stafford Springs, CT

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Except for the Eric/Linda segment, I thought the show was excellent. The worst thing about that segment though, was that Eric gave a really good promo about how he hates Shane for stealing his WCW from him and ruining it, but it stuck inthe middle of the most inappropriate segment ever. Why couldn't they have just had him walk out to the ring and do this?

I was glad to see that everyone else wanted to know what happened with Lance Storm in the ladies locker room. If we don't get a pay-off next week I will be very sad.

Why on Earth were Rico and Stevie of all people watching Stacy dance? I mean, what will Victoria say? And Rico? What, is he just a fan of good dancing?

I don't care where Shane was driving to- he looked so delicious that I would have followed him if I could!

I liked Kane chaining up RVD. It seemed to me that Kane lighting people on fire is silly, but Kane *threatening* to light people on fire is scary.

Not as slashy as last week (boo!), but I thought RAW had a real good pace and wa pretty exciting, as long as you remove the Eric/Linda segment,
Cherries > Peaches

Since: 1.8.02
From: Phoenix-ish

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I maintain that Rico's character is not gay, per se. He & Miss Jackie are definitely more than "just friends". Rico's character is at least bi. Although I'm thinking that he's working on putting the Peter Pan into pansexual.

Toast, I absolutely agree that the content of Eric's promo on Shane was very good. And that sticking it in the middle of the rest of that mess was very, very stupid. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

Maybe I missed why it was stupid of Shane to frantically grab a car to drive off. I really doubt that his plan was to drive to Connecticut -- he was heading for the airport, & you've got to get there somehow. (Although another option might have been for him to find Rico, borrow his red sequined pumps -- you know he has them -- & try the "There's no place like home" trick.) Meanwhile, while in the car he can continue to frantically phone the Stamford police, their security company, local friends & neighbours, etc. Come to think of it, how exactly would Shane explain the situation to the Stamford police? "No, I'm in Minneapolis. How do I know my mom's being threatened by an intruder? See we were doing a live satellite interview, broadcast on national television, when this guy broke into my mom's house & threatened her. What -- you mean you're not watching Raw there at the station?!?!?!"

I'm guessing there's been quite the rush on Kane/RVD slash fanfic -- site admins scurrying to keep their servers up to meet the demand. ;-> Should I make an "RVD -- I brought my handcuffs" sign for the show Sunday?

Since: 6.3.03
From: Jersey

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#9 Posted on

    Originally posted by DarkRenegade
    Is Renegade a psychic or is that move getting WAY too over used lately? You decide.

Renegade is psychic. When I watch I usually forget most of what happened unless it was really good, or it was Hunter, or Orton, or , so humor me and let me in on the other times this has happened? I'm just curious because I know it has and can't for the life of me remember when/who/what.

I love the cat haterizing on this board. *snicker*

KathyNumbers - not going, wish I was. You have a GREAT time! Throw Angle some love from us Wienerchicks, yeah?

As per Excalibur (and Continuity), Eric has indeed been at least trying to take Linda for a ride on Space Mountain. I believe they are lovers. Or was it Linda and...fuck it. Nevermind. Who cares. Old people should not have sex on tv, or even somewhat imply it (is the visual turning your stomach yet?), it's disturbing.

    Originally posted by emma
    That's what we've been doing wrong with Rob all this time -- he just needs it rough!

'nuff said. We are all out of line here. hehehe

Also, I kinda heard Nash saying something to Jericho but I didn't catch it.

HAHAHA Even the cops don't watch Raw. Silly cops.

I'm all for the 'RVD - brought my handcuffs sign'! You so need to tell us what sign you do decide on and post it up here. Two nights of Hunter, I am sooooooooo jealous. Have an awesome time and toast the Wienerchicks when you're there!

~Tomboy, wishing Triple H would hold me down...
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Word up I all ready gushed over the show in the main board, but here I would like to share my dilemma with you gals. For a long while I have been declaring my undying love for Shane Mac.
- Toast Jr, Kick It! (Smackdown 5/1) (2003)
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