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17.6.21 0428
The W - Ladies Only - Kane, Shane, and a Groin in Pain - Raw 8/4
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Lap cheong

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You know what to do here. The show was much better than last week, no doubt. The crowd was great, but then again the Canadians always are (with all due respect to my fellow countrymen and women). Not to mention smart. Who the hell wants to see Kevin Nash and Y2J feud?! Okay, I won't do much complaining, because we get enough of that on the main board. Instead, I'll give you my weekly Evolution assessment.

They continue to be the highlight of my evening, well two out of three at least. Even with the strain on the groin, HHH gives me more and more reasons not to give up on him. Who here on this board wouldn't give him a massage where it hurts, bwahahahahaha...... I'm glad Coach didn't take the offer, because that my friend, is a WOMAN's job. Wait a minute, that means I'm qualified, right? Sweet! Randy was back to his half naked goodness, and I was very happy. I don't know about his nipples, but they're great too. I'm more of an abs person myself.

Shane and Kane? I hope ToastJr is okay after what happened. I worry about her after a beating like that. If you're okay Toast, let us know. I really don't like the main event change for Summerslam. Why should HBK and Nash get another title shot? Why couldn't they leave it at Goldberg/HHH no DQ? I understand the groin thing, but if they left it no DQ, then it would be quick, wouldn't it? Anyway, color me annoyed with the so called "main event".

But, not a bad show. If I leave out a few things, it's either on purpose or I forgot about it. Hit it!

1100 bitches and counting....
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I could never come up with a clever title thread like that. Props to you Ringmistress!

This was the first wrestling show I've seen in over a week. Why isn't the entire face of the planet covered in satellite dishes??? Really, who doesn't get 181 channels of nothingness and 2 channels of wrestling? Who ever, EVER, heard of preempting wrestling for baseball??? What the fuck? I mean, I love baseball and all, but there's some things you just don't do to chicks who expect every Monday night to be entertained by Hunter. I have a vivid imagination but even this girl needs some inspiration once in awhile. And inspiration was had...

Hunter looked great. He really looks like he's slimming down and finally understands the profound necessity of hair conditioner! hehehe

It's good to see Shane back. There's a lot of love on this Lady's Board for Shane and that's good because Shane deserves the love. After all, he does have to deal with Vince and Steph. The fact that he's 'boy next door' adorable helps a little, too. ;-) This whole storyline with Kane is great! I'm totally digging it and I can't wait to watch Shane O'Mac take some sick bumps.

Missed the Dudley's...I was busy.

Stacy looked great. I'm not a big pink fan but she wears it well...actually...she pretty much wears everything well. But the eyes are focused on Randy. I'd like to test out the Nipple Theory.

Rosey (Rosie?) apparently found his calling in life. Hell, I bet he's just happy he has a job at this point. I hope, spying the S.H.I.T. box, that Rosey puts as much effort into his wrestling as he is this gimmick. We shall see...

HA! Hurricane and Christian! Hurricane gets screwed! Here's a thought - wrestle naked! Yeah! A whole show! With just Evolution...and Evolution wrestling! God that would rock. So, Rosey, that's what was in the box. I see you did indeed put as much effort into your costume as you do your wrestling. However, as fashion retarded that costume is - you rock!!! This is just great!!! TWO superheroes now in RAW! We're all saved!

Oooo, Flair and Goldberg! Who cares - Hunter is on the mic! Yeah! Hey, if he can't wrestle I'll take him propositioning Coach. My, my, the slash is getting deep on Raw. hehehe So, there's some match going on blah blah blah, I need more Trips. There he is with the "I want to be your...Sledgehammer". Yeah! Hit him over the head!!! Damn, just one shot in? Stupid Michaels crashes the Goldberg beat down. Damn you Michaels (though thankfully you do not have some horrendously bizarre costume on). Jericho - Nash - everyone's coming to the party! Austin. You know what Austin needs? He needs more beer. He's no fun when he's not drinking. Elimination Chamber. I get cringy flashbacks and thank the wrestling gods that RVD is not in this match. *shivers*

Seriously, though, I was really looking forward to Trips/Goldberg but I do have to give props to the writers/bookers/whoever for the change in the match AND how they went about selling it. If those two are injured and would otherwise put on a short shitty match, then I'll take the Chamber. I would rather them be healthy and have a good fight as opposed to some squash or interference or other some shit. Now, some may argue that Trips and Goldberg would not put on a good match even if they were both healthy and that's fine, but I don't think so, I think they'd do a good job. Then again, they could air Trips sleeping for two hours and I would think it's good tv.

Did it look like after the match that when Goldberg went to do something to/on the ropes - didn't it look like he hurt himself???

The chicks - ok. Poor Victoria looked like she hurt her knee. And Gail...maybe I like her a little more with the run in and the Trish pounce. I dunno, the chicks aren't doing it for me lately.

Lance - I actually grinned watching him! He finally admits he's boring!!! And who better to teach him to be unboring then...Goldust!!! Sah-weet!!! These two are gonna be classic, and I may actually like Lance after all. Props to Austin for his inspiration.

RVD v Jericho, great match! I still wish RVD would sell unemployment...but he does have a great ass...and he didn't talk. Jericho v Nash in a hair match? I arch my eyebrow at the tv. I think two things: 1) Nash really, really, really pissed someone off and is being punished; 2) Jericho really, really, really pissed someone off and is being punished. I found out today why this match was booked because my stupid f-ing boytoy just blurted it out. Damn him. I hate spoilers.

Kane is out! So is Bischoff and he's just kicking around. It was pretty funny when he missed the last kick though...dumb ass. Kane tombstoning Shane into the stairs - nice!!! Shane had the classic dead look going on. I love that guy!

Overall, it was a decent Raw, but I'm easily amused. It seemed rushed and spotty but I guess that's to be expected. Hopefully, no more injuries will take up on the roster and they can firm up the storylines in the next few weeks.

Worth the price of...I'm glad I didn't have to pay for anything.

~Tomboy, wishing Triple H would hold me down...
Cherries > Peaches

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At least I've gotten to see the shows, although I've been too swamped to be able to comment much.

Ahh, HHH. And I like him with Flair a lot. "Oh, it's bad." "[It took] 3 scalding hot, beautiful, female therapists last night, just to get him to go to sleep." "They were in my room for a long time." Oooooh! Poor baby! I can do shiatsu, I'm sure that would help! To Bischoff, "Would you calm down? You're gonna pee yourself or soemthing." -- loved that. :-)

Am I the only one who thinks that the crowd chant of "Shane O' Mac" sounds like "Shave your back"?

DDP in a commercial for SlamBall -- that was unexpected.

I don't think Rene was quite expecting as vigorous a shot with the unbreakable flagpole as he got. I don't think that was bladed blood, & it looked to me like a distinct "Fuck." on the camera closeup after the match.

Of the various parts of Randy's body that I'm interested in looking at, his nipples per se are not real high up on the prioritised list. Randy was just bumping & selling his little ass off for Scotty out there, wasn't he?

Ya gotta love Christian: "What's your secret super power? To be able to eat a stack of cheeseburgers in a single bound?" If he can keep from damaging people, this incarnation of young Roosevelt could be kinda cute. Apparently the uglier Hurricane cape is back -- I'd hoped they'd abandoned it.

Speaking of gimmicks that I thought we'd got rid of, I see Goldberg's Door is back. Y'know, after he makes his way through his smoke & sparklers, he does this move with 2 punches & then the ugliest excuse for a kick that I've ever seen. Basically, he's got 2 strikes against him (with me) before he even hits the ring. See, I was not particularly looking forward to Goldberg with HHH, so I'm OK with them adding bodies to the match. And this means I get to see the Elimination Chamber in person, which should be a cool thing.

    Originally posted by Tomboy
    Did it look like after the match that when Goldberg went to do something to/on the ropes - didn't it look like he hurt himself???
I didn't notice at all when I first watched it, 'cause, well, HHH was on screen. But now that you mention it, yeah, it was weird. He did a fake lunge toward HHH between the ropes, that looked quite awkward, & then was limping on his left leg. Dunno whether he actually did something clumsy to himself on that move, or whether he just remembered that he was supposed to have been selling his left knee, from Flair working on it earlier. Dunno.

I love having HHH on commentary, given that I can't have him otherwise. (Ahem.) "I'm not trying to downplay it, 'cause believe me, on me a groin injury could be a huge catastrophy -- that's a large area." Oh you modest boy, you. :-) (That's almost as good as "landing a 747 in the Grand Canyon" from the last time HHH & Steph were arguing.)

The women were doing fine, til Victoria dropped Trish on her own knee. That definitely looked very unpleasant, in spite of that big ol' brace that she has to wear already.

When Chris Jericho is so inclined, he can be very, very good. I thought the overall result was a very good match, & I give Chris a lot (most? nearly all?) of the credit. I think Chris knows how to avoid Rob's weaknesses, & can work a whole match in that style. Rob looks good, Chris looks good in spite of needing to job, & Mr Canada gets love from his crowd. I loved Chris doing "points to self", & the crowd obliging with "Y-2-J" -- those Canucks know how to hit their cues! I liked it. And what about almost 12 minutes, uninterrupted, in the second hour, which we don't see very often!

Insert standard "Shut up Lawler" rant here. He was the worst during the Y2J/RVD & Hurricane/Christian matches. Some of us are interested in paying attention to the match, & the incessant [insert assinine obsession du jour here] __ ragging on Coach __ does not enhance my wrestling watching experience.

Did anybody else think that something went wrong with the timing toward the end of the show? Way too much Bischoff filling time, both before & after Shane 'n Kane. Kane had a mic at one point, but never talked. It seemed like they came up short & were desperately filling. Odd.

edit: I'm just now getting caught up on the main board. I swear I hadn't read NetHackSlasher's post ( before I wrote this one! (Big lumbering things not including Rosey -- teehee.)

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