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The W - Ladies Only - Four for The Road - Smackdown 7/31
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Lap cheong

Since: 15.1.02
From: Philly

Since last post: 6204 days
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Hey ladies. I have to tell you, I haven't even seen Smackdown last night, because I found out at the last minute it was preempted (Saturday at 8PM, again). I did read the recaps though, and as good as it sounds, there's something annoying about it. No, surprisingly it's not Torrie, it's just the way things are on the show. Not much is left to the imagination, I guess. I can't put my finger on what annoys me about Smackdown lately (outside of Vince), so I'll leave it to those of you who actually saw the show to lend us some opinions. I'm not even sure I'll see it on Saturday because I'll most likely be out. But enough about me, go right ahead...

1100 bitches and counting....
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Purple Pixie

Since: 27.7.03
From: Sunderland, England

Since last post: 7159 days
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There is nothing outside of Vince on Smackdown! There's Vince and Zach, Vince and Steph, Vince and Brock...

Cobra: If I stood on your (Zach Gowen's)foot would you kick my ass?
Zach: If you stood on my foot I would fall over.

Cherries > Peaches

Since: 1.8.02
From: Phoenix-ish

Since last post: 530 days
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OK, here's what you do. Toss your SmackDown tape into the ol' VCR. Now, fast forward over everything Vince (other than the very end of the show), everything Sable, & the re-broadcast of the entire Zach Gowan piece from Confidential. Since you're fast forwarding anyway, naturally you'll skip the commercials as well. I just finished watching the show using that strategy, it took an hour 15 minutes, & was a good, entertaining show!

I haven't been over to the main forum yet, so I don't know what the rest of the world is saying. I'd seen pieces of the show broadcast last night (but kept getting distracted by Satan's Baby Beagle ( I was having that same kind of non-specific dissatisfaction with the show, in spite of the good wrestling. Watching it today, I'm a happy girl.

A happy Kurt is soooo cute! "Was there any doubt? I'm Kurt freakin' Angle -- what'd you expect?!"

Rey vs Shelton was much, much goodness. I remember seeing Shelton at a house show last October & thinking that he had some good physical skills, but was kinda bleh overall. That was then, this is now. He's gotten to be really enjoyable to watch. Rey is amazing -- that counter up in the air that left him sitting on Shelton was cool, & "Shelton's counter to the West Coast Pop which Rey turned into the rollup for the pin" was way slick. I'll happily take Charlie in my corner any day.

I was expecting "Jamie sleeps with Torrie" to be awful. It wasn't at all! Jamie was hilarious, Nidia was great. Torrie's never been better than when she was playing drunk -- not saying that much, but anything helps. The segments were short, they had someplace to go. It was funny. (Who'd'a thought?)

Billy seems to have wised up & got rid of the appalling hair extensions that he'd let somebody talk him into for Vengeance. Perhaps he lost a bet.

I could have done without Doink redux, but it gave Benoit a nice, easy squash. Lookat that Rhyno up there on the big screen! Talking! Effectively!

Eddie & Tajiri got a lot of time! Their match alone was like 13:45+, & then there was the most excellent ambush at the beginning. Lots of good stuff throughout. Eddie's on the top ropes & Tajiri's hitting effective groin kicks to Eddie -- very nice. Tazz: "Hey, he just stole my water!"

Reshowing the Zach Gowan piece was a bad move. It is a very good piece for Confidential, but it is not a good piece to stick in the middle of a fun, action-packed, excitement-abounds show. I know there are UPN-only people who wouldn't have gotten to see it on Confidential. But it did not work to stick it into the middle of SmackDown. The piece plus its bordering commercials was 15 minutes -- I've seen the piece already, & that was 15 minutes that totally tossed me out of the flow of the show.

"Matt Fact: Matt is twice the wrestler Zach Gowan is." OooooOOOOOooooh, Matt!! Tsk-tsk-tsk.

Zach & Shannon's match was pretty wild. I don't know what the long term plan is for him, but Zach sure can put together an interesting & unique match. And Shannon did some really nice work in the match.

Cena vs. Orlando was fine. I think they wanted to book something that wasn't a squash, that kept Cena over & that gave Orlando some visibility -- OK, done.

OK, I know I said to fast forward over Sable, but what was the deal with her? It looked like she'd had some kind of horrible fake-tanning-lotion accident. I didn't pay much attention at first to the fact that her legs were a weird dark orange -- figured bad panty hose or something. But as she was flailing her hands around, I swear her palms were the same weird orange! Euuuuw! Maybe she was in on the same bet as Billy Gunn.

Brock/Kurt/ATrain/BigShow turned out to be fine. I wasn't terribly excited at first -- haven't we seen enough of Kurt/Brock/BS yet? But tossing ATrain in there was good -- I like him & Brock together. And Brock & Kurt had their meta-story to tell, & that worked out pretty well. (Brock wasn't quite adequately motivated to F5 Kurt, but it's the thought that counts.) I swear every time Brock F5s Big Show it gets easier. Don't know if he had just been selling it more, or if they're really getting more fluid at it with practice. Either way, it's actually staying fun.

If you watch the show the right way, it was good!
Lap cheong

Since: 15.1.02
From: Philly

Since last post: 6204 days
Last activity: 6203 days
#4 Posted on
Thanks Emma, sorry to hear about your new pet :-)

1100 bitches and counting....
Cherries > Peaches

Since: 1.8.02
From: Phoenix-ish

Since last post: 530 days
Last activity: 42 days
#5 Posted on
(I figure we might as well tack Velocity onto the SmackDown thread, since it's "the guys we didn't see on SmackDown"...)

Velocity -- 8/2/03

Spanky in a legitimate singles match!! Spanky's "Hey, yeah" music followed by the Mattitude "Oh, yeah" music opening was nice counterpoint. I would have been a little happier if we'd let Spanky get a little more consolidated Spanky-style offence, rather than a spot here & there. Still good to see him work though.

Shannon seems to have put on some more muscle in some nice places. That's a good thing. And the 2-tone hair really looks good on him -- something about the dark right around his face giving him a little more definition, but keeping the rest blond.

Shaniqua, I know they're not very big, but because they're all natural, they will move around. If you're going to wear the very tiny bikini top, you will benefit from the double-sided tape. (A good Mistress should not need to readjust her wardrobe in the middle of a scene ... uh, promo.) I thought it was a fun promo -- laughed out loud at Farooq trying to get Shaniqua to give him a little tap. :-)

Hmmm, Ultimo Dragon. He sure gets a whacking huge amount of fire for his entrance, doesn't he? He got one reasonably nice set of offence early in the match -- decent enough that I was thinking, "Good, he's getting it together." But that one set of stuff was about it. Nunzio certainly was doing his part! (Did we notice Nunzio's green panties peeking out from under his red trunks? Keeping with the team colour scheme!) And the mid-match commercial didn't help matters much.

"I'm absolutely shocked, Cat! That was a great point!" I like Josh a lot. :-)

Josh also called Tony Chimmel on the "interesting" weights announcements. First he'd announced Nunzio as "two hundred and one and one-quarter pounds", while U.Dragon is a simple 185. Then the combined weight of the APA plus Funaki as 886?? "I think Chimmel's still drunk!"

Sean O'Haire pal-ing around with the Bashams -- hmmmm. :-) For the second time tonight, Cat said something appropriate, regarding the Basham's tag team partner: "I knew it'd be somebody freaky!" Funaki was getting some fun offence, all over the place, especially on Sean. Sean is always splendid to look at. A reasonably fun outing, for an ad hoc 3 on 3 match.

We'd been getting 4 matches on Velocity for a while there. Hopefully, the fact that we just got 3 last week & again tonight is just because of the Vengeance hype & recap. We hope.

Confidential (rerun)
Although this was a rerun, I don't remember seeing it before. Really nice piece on Fit Finley's contributions to the women's division. And a piece on Val Venis, including lots of old footage from when he had long hair, & was even smuttier -- fun! :-)
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2) No-selling Madame Manga's comment as well? Interesting tactic. 3) Second & third instances of the passive-aggressive "Why do you always?" accusatory form. Another intersting choice. 4) Zoom.
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