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Why should I register an account at the board?

   This board requires users to register an account in order to be able to post, or use many of the features this board offers. Unregistered users can still view it, but not participate.

   Among other features, registered users can change the number of posts they see on a page, change their thread view to only display "new" posts, specify users to ignore, and give user ratings. They also can see the spiffy graphics...or (by changing a setting) eliminate most of them.

Can HTML be used?

   Yes, except in thread subjects, and a few other places. It will always work in posts.
Is there some sort of replacement code for HTML?

   Yes, but it's pretty limited. Here's what's can be used:
[img]URL of image to display[/img]
[link]URL to be linked to[/link] - link displays as "Click Here"
[link Some text]URL to be linked to[/link] - link displays as "Some text"
(Alternatively, most of the time hyperlinks are autosensed and linkified on the fly, so you don't even have to use the code if you don't want to!)
[amazon ASIN]Link to an Amazon product using our referral code[/amazon]
[amazonca ASIN]Link to an product using our referral code[/amazonca]
[quote]Indents quoted text[/quote]
[quote Username]Identifies quoted text as Username[/quote]
And several color codes like [red], [green], [blue], [orange], [yellow], [pink], [white], and [black] (use [/color] to revert to normal color)
[hide]Hide text from unregistered visitors[/hide]
[spoiler]Obscure "spoiler alerts"[/spoiler]
Are cookies used for this board?

   Yes, it uses cookies to store your login information. You can still use this board with cookies disabled, but you'll have to enter your username and password every time it's asked. The cookie will remain on your system indefinitely UNLESS you click on the "Log out" link.
What are announcements?

   Announcements are messages posted by administrators only, to which nobody can reply but everybody can view.
How can I become a moderator or administrator?

   Only if the administrators trust you enough. Don't ask us, we'll ask you if we ever feel we need any more help.
What is Level and EXP, and how do I get more EXP?

   EXP is calculated from your amount of posts and how long it's been since you registered. Level is calculated from EXP. Simple as that, but also pretty meaningless.
What's the deal with these Instant Ratings?

   Users are allowed (and encouraged!) to rate their fellow posters on a zero to ten scale. These ratings will fluctuate from day to day and sometimes from post to post. Users are allowed to filter out the lowest-rated people if they wish, but don't tie TOO much value into ratings - as with any ranking system, it's only as good as the people doing the rating. (Huh?)
What are the user rankings?

   It's all listed on the Ranks page, which also lists all moderators and administrators on this board. Ranks nobody is on aren't listed (to keep some suspense), unless you're a full moderator (moderating all the forums) or administrator on this board.
What are all the smilies?

   Here's all of the smilies:
-- :)
-- ;)
-- :D
-- :LOL:
-- 8-)
-- :(
-- >:O
-- >_<
-- :P
-- :S
-- O_O
-- o_O
-- ^_^
-- ^^;;;
-- ~:o
-- x_x
-- :owl
-- :wwpd
-- :arr
-- :heart:
How do I add a background to my post?

   It's nothing more than simple HTML, just do as described below, and exactly like this so you do not mess things up:

Add this at the start of your post header, replace URL by the URL (address) of the background picture:
<table background=URL width=100% height=231><td valign=top>

To just have a background colour, determine the hex value for your colour and replace "xxxxxx" in:
<table bgcolor=#xxxxxx width=100% height=231><td valign=top>

And add this at the end of your signature, if you don't it will cause things to screw up!
What's the best way to embed a YouTube video here?

   Check out the instructions in this thread.
How can I learn more HTML?

   We're big fans of this page ( Or, you can always head over to " Site Feedback" or "Test Forum" and ask us!

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