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The W - CRZ's World - ECW #2 20.6.6
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If the print looks too small, just hit <CTRL>-+ until your eyes stop hurting.

Thanks for the kind words after last week's review. If you somehow missed it yet are reading this, a link to THAT review will be provided HERE (The W). I'm still planning on operating in "stealth" mode until I feel I'm back in a groove - and then I'll probably just quit again, but please feel free to share the link to this article at your favourite elsewhere and let people know I've gone back on my word to never do this again. (I said that, right? I think it must have been something like that.)

UPON FURTHER REVIEW: I watched last week's show again and here are a few things I probably should have said last week that I didn't. First of all, last week's show wasn't live, so you can probably ignore the battle royal elimination times (or adjust up or down depending on your scientific method). After Kelly's "striptease" - oh, first let me say that I gave Kelly a pass on not being able to undo her bra because I can sympathize - I used to have a devil of a time with those things myself. Okay, just AFTER that, when they cut to the commentary team and Tazz is lying about how he's going to like this new ECW and all that, be sure to look right behind them at the front row fan who's doing a dynamite pantomime act of yawning, then drifting off to slumberland. Quite an adept commentary on what we'd just endured.

One of the most amusing things about all the people putting in their two cents about the show was the fact that way too many people got excited about The Zombie. They even *hoped they'd see The Zombie again!* Fans, the segment with The Zombie was not to get The Zombie over - it was to get **The Sandman** over. You know, the Sandman? The other guy in the match? The Sandman? Maybe you've heard of him.

Okay, now let's talk about 2.8. 2.8 is the rating ECW #1 got. "Farscape" never got to 2.0 during its ENTIRE run. SciFi did backflips and wrote many a press release when "Doctor Who" got a *1.3*. Do the math.

2.8 is higher than 23 out of the final 24 episodes of Nitro, and something like 90 or so out of 100 Thunders if you're bored enough to go back that far and check. And keep in mind it wasn't RATINGS that took WCW off the air.

2.8 was ALSO the highest Tuesday night show on the entirety of cable television, and probably also beat UPN, the WB and Univision to boot.

It ALMOST beat Smackdown (which isn't saying much as Smackdown's ratings will be cheerfully ignored, fortunately or unfortunately, until The CW starts up in September.)

My point is no matter how crappy the show seemed - and there seems to be universal support behind the theory that the show was pretty crappy - a 2.8 will be good enough to keep them on SciFi just about as long as SciFi decides to give/sell them the time slot. Good enough? Hell, that's about double what it would have taken, if you read the right articles.

Of course, the ratings might tank tonight. If this show is as bad as last week's, we could only hope. You might have a sinking feeling that tonight's show couldn't POSSIBLY be as bad, and I'm with you there. Let's find out together? PUSH THE BUTTON


Candles. Goth chick. "Last night, Paul Heyman delivered a message." Let Us Take You Back to RAW. Tarot cards. "RVD's presence was felt." Clip. "Sabu taught John Cena EXTREME." Clip(ped sentence). "But tonight.... - ECW's RVD & Kurt Angle battle RAW's Randy Orton & Edge." Graphic.

TV-14-DLSV - CC - ECW "Bodies" opening - "the tribe of Extreme has risen again!" AND gone back to sleep!

LIVE from the Pepsi Arena in Albany, NY 20.6.6, it's ECW #2 on SciFi! Look at this (possibly) excited crowd!

SABU (Bombay, India - 220 pounds - suicidial, homicidal, genocidal, death-defying maniac - with still of bleeding John Cena from RAW) v. TONY MAMALUKE (Bensonhurst, NY - 180 pounds - representing the FBI - the Full Blooded Italians - with Trinity) - Styles says Trinity is a "Full Bodied Italian" while Tazz says ECW has "vixens" and not divas. Holy cow, a MATCH! Sabu slides under the grab, then points to the sky. Single leg by Sabu, elbowdrop for 1. Dropkicks the ankles, legdrop to the back of the head, 1, 2, no. Right, right, off the ropes but Mamaluke drives the knee into the gut. Mamaluke with a kick, 1, 2, no. Brings him up, chickenwing into a Final Cut for 2. Arm over the rope...and walked into a head into the buckle. Mamaluke still on hinm, right, into the corner, boot up by Sabu, second rope into a - uh, sat on him I guess. 1, 2, no. Sabu with half of a camel clutch. Mamaluke grabs the rope. Stomp by Sabu. Mamaluke on the apron, Sabu dropkicks him to off and to the floor. Sabu out after him. Kick, looking for plunder, chair in the ring, Sabu in the ring, off the chair, balanced on the top - oh, that's the Triple Jump Plancha, says Styles. I remember it with less stopping in the middle. Oh well. Double Feature replay and now Sabu sets up a table. But Mamaluke attacks from behind - now everybody's back in the ring. Mamaluke grabs the chair, points to the sky, and drives the chair to the sternum. Up top - but as he tries the splash Sabu throws up the chair to meet him there. give that a replay. Everybody's out again - right by Sabu and Mamalukes on the table. Sabu into the ring - pescado (sorta) through Mamaluke and the table! Placed back in - Sabu with a somersault legdrop on HIS way back in - Camel clutch fully applied - and Mamaluke gives it up. (3:32) Sabu almost fails to heed referee Jim Molineaux's instruction to let go, but does finally relent. Here are some replays! Replay of the triple jump plancha, the chair defense, and the table attach. Point to the sky! What oh what has John Cena gotten himself into for Vengeance? (Also, why does he HAVE to take part in this match again?)

"Hi! I'm Kelly - and - I'm an exhibitionist!" Y'know, I'd HEARD that about her... "Well, last week I was so excited that I couldn't get my bra off! But tonight...I'm going to show you...everything I have. So stay tuned." Don't believe her, she's a LIAR - also, when's someone gonna piledrive her

ADS: Geico
"Nacho Libre" (now playing)
Lotrimin Ultra
SciFi spot
(local) Minnesota State Lottery
(local) McDonald's
SciFi Pictures' "Android Apocalypse" starring "WWE superstar Chris Jericho!"

Shaky camera - belts - purple curtain - Rob van Dam. "Check it out, fans - everybody's favourite wrestler, and mine, and ECW World Champion - Points - To - Self. Tonight, you get to see me wrestle! In a tag team match, at that. My partner is the Olympic Hero, Kurt Angle. Kurt would be here with me right now, but I couldn't wait for him to twist ANOTHER one up. That guy makes pretzels out of his sparring partners. A good partner to have in my match tonight against Monday Night RAW's Randy Orton & Edge. Yeah, the same Edge who's gonna have his ass handed to him on Sunday at Vengeance when he comes after my championship. But Edge, you don't even have to wait 'til Sunday to find out what's gonna happen, 'cause tonight you and Randy get to get an extreme asskicking. Big match - RVD needs to get rollin' (if you know what I mean). ...okay, one more time. POINTS - TO - SELF."

WELL IT'S THE BIG SHOW (no location, no height, no weight, "Ladies and Gentlemen, The" - with "Crank It Up" Wreckless Intent Brand New Sin Available Now graphic - hey look, BRAND NEW SIN are in the front row tonight) v. TOMMY DREAMER (NO intro from Justin Jason Justin Jason Roberts - with Wachovia Center 4 July taping graphic - tix on sale Friday) - hmm, maybe this isn't a match? No official in the ring. Dreamer on THE STICK: "Big Show, last week in the extreme battle royal, you were dominant! And you got your very first taste of what it's like to be hardcore. But if you wanna feel the heart, and if you wanna feel the passion of what is ECW! - and if you wanna make a name for yourself in ECW - well then you gotta go through me." And he SLAPS him. Smart.

Right, right, well it's a big right, make it three, well it's three big stomps and Dreamer is out. Show follows. Tazz says this ISN'T a match. Dreamer into the STEEL steps. Dreamer meets the barricade. Hello, barricade! Well it's a big right. Well it's a big right. Got him up - and Dreamer's back is rammed into the STEEL post. Dreamer in, Show up the steps and back in. Tazz reminds us they're "not for everyone!" Dreamer tries a left and a right, nope - well it's a big blow. Dreamer tries to make it onto all fours - well it's a big field goal kick. Dreamer crawling up the Show - well it's a big right to put him down again. Show wants him to stay down - I'm guessing Dreamer is showing "heart" or something - Dreamer back up - cobra clutch into a backbreaker on the knee, STILL has the cobra clutch on - and then doing the throw from that same cobra clutch. Show puts down the strap and leaves. Wow, that really showed us....I guess...Show is really big? Yes. A Big Show. Here are some replays. Dreamer is smiling!

Let Us Take You Back to "the wildly successful ECW One Night Stand" where Orton tapped out.

TONIGHT: RVD & Kurt Angle vs. Edge & Randy Orton! Expect Lita, if this graphic is any indication!

Ads: SciFi's "Stargate"
CapitalOne Small Business
Verizon Wireless
Just For Men - Say, these sponsors seem a little....well, tony to you?
Burger King (well, that ends that streak) and
"Superman Returns"

Vengeance ad hypes the return of Degeneration X in their match against the Spirit Squad

Here's a look at the dude with the fangs, staring at the marquee

And now MACHO LIBRE (254 pounds) hits the ring. He's dressed mostly like Nacho Libre, although he also has some gaudy sunglasses. I think you can probably imagine what other "Macho" we're supposed to take umbrage/homage from here. Macho with THE STICK! "Buenes nochas - oh yeah, dig it! Livin' la vida loca, yeeah, livin' la vida loca. Say everything twice, yeeah, say - everything twice. Ooh yeah! So this is E - C - W. Well, Macho Libre is lookin' for a fight - yeah! Lookin' for a fight. Ooh yeah! Snap into it!"

MACHO LIBRE v. THE GUY WHO WRESTLED THE ZOMBIE LAST WEEK - Well at least they give us an inset interview as he makes his way down the stairs and through the crowd (while not drinking or smoking, or coming out to any Metallica songs). "Yo, I am The Sandman - an ECW original. I love drinkin' beer, chasing women, and if you get in my way I'll cane the holy hell outta ya." Meanwhile, Macho has drawn a few circles in the air with his index finger. He's gonna say a few more words! "Let me tell you something, something something something." The glasses are off! "Oooh yeah!" Cane! Cane cane cane cane cane cane cane cane. Beer produced, beer drunk, beer bashed on own head, White Russian leg sweep "on this big steaming pile of sports entertainment" calls Styles. 1, 2, 3. (0:26) Hmm, exact same number of cane shots as last week. They probably script that. (INT. - RING - Eight quick kendo shots in succession) Here's a replay. Tazz anxiously awaits Macho's debut on RAW - "but he needs a big cowboy hat."

Backstage, Paul Heyman is training Mike Posey in ECW officiating - by which I mean he's telling him to count the fall or accept the tap, and do nothing else. Molineaux appears and tells Heyman that John Cena's out in the parking lot. Heyman remarks on Cena's balls, then requests that everyone be assembled. "It's time for action!"

ECW is presented by SciFi on the 24th in Philadelphia, the 1st in Belle Vernon, the 2nd in Huntington, the 4th in Philadelphia again, and the 8th in Extreme Racine! Be there when Superstar Steve Austin may attack Sandman and Woman - or else this is a really, really old clip!

Ads: SciFi show "Who Wants to Be A Superhero?"
SciFi movie "Miners Massacre"
Just For Men
Sea-Doo Films. Heh heh heh.... Doo


When we come back, Heyman is addressing the troops...but we look over there and John Cena is actually in the building! He's sporting quite the shiner as well. Cena slowly walks through the crowd and to Sabu, who Heyman is holding back. "Rob...Sabu...scumbag. Gotta hand it to you, that was a hell of a stunt last night. And I'm sure that maniacal brain of yours has so many extreme ideas planned for me on Sunday. Well I'm here because I got an offer. And I will look you dead in the eye so you know that I'm serious. Matter of fact...I'll look you ALL dead in the eye. Because apparently ECW as a whole doesn't quite like me or the way that I do business. Guys, I got no problem with that. What makes me a little bit salty is maybe a guy hiding under the ring with a motorcycle helmet. Or a - a random dude jumpin' over the guardrail and hittin' a man while his back's turned. I tell you what, I'll spell it out for you - you want a fight, the fight's on Sunday. You want in? All you gotta do is show up! That's right, Paul - bring anybody you want - hell, bring EVERYBODY YOU GOT! My offer, for you, at Vengeance, John Cena and Sabu in an extreme lumberjack match. Because you see, Paul, I'm man enough to stare a good asskicking straight in the face. All I'm asking on Sunday is a chance to go down swingin' if you don't mind. How's that sound? We got a deal?" Sabu: "Deal!" Sabu speaks English? Sabu...speaks? Cena replaces his cap...and walks away. Various facial reactions from those assembled.

Roberts tells us it's time for KELLY'S EXPOS�. She even has a graphic AND a fancy accent over the second "E" in expose! Hey, you know what else has an "E?" Maybe even know as THE "E?" Anyway, this isn't exactly quality stripper dancin' here - seriously, it wouldn't cost THAT much to invest in those Carmen Electra workout DVDs - she at least seems to know the words to the song she's - er - "performing" to, since she's singing along. OH NO THE BELT IS OFF! She spanked herself with it! I'm NOT spanking myself! Well, we're down to something resembling a bra and panties - oh, and the boots that go most of the way up. She might be able to handle the bra this time - well, we're at the "hands on boobs" stage again - still a prominent display off panties that haven't/aren't been/being removed - well, after what feels like an enternity here comes SOME DUDE to cover her with a towel and lead her away. He's built like a wrestler and wearing trunks, so I will guess that - yes - he is a wrestler.

Fortunately, the guys in the truck had this clip ready - Let Us Take You Back To Last Week where Edge shook Rob van Dam's hand, speared him, know, just go back and read last week's first segment.

UP NEXT: that tag team match you've been hearing about

Hey, another Vengeance "dX" ad - I guess that's the only match happening this Sunday. Surely they wouldn't want to remind you that there are ECW wrestlers on this card,, wait. That's EXACTLY what you'd think they'd want to do! Oh, well.

Ads: "Android Apocalypse"
"Nacho Libre"
Burger King
Lotrimin Ultra
SciFi spot
(local) Brookdale Ford
(local) World of Wireless

Test vignette - yes, THAT Test - I shit you not - don't blink or you'll miss a clip with Stacy - "TEST IS COMING - ECW"

INTERPROMOTIONAL TAG TEAM MATCH: EDGE (representing RAW - Toronto, Ontario, Canada - 250 pounds - with Lita - and graphic: RVD vs. Edge for the WWE Championship at Vengeance!) and RANDY ORTON (St. Louis, MO - 240 pounds - with graphic: Angle vs. Orton at Vengeance!) v. KURT ANGLE (representing ECW - ECW's Very Own Olympic Gold Medalist) and ROB VAN DAM (Battle Creek, MI - 235 pounds - the ECW World Heavyweight Champion) - Hmm, 9:41 - about 24 minutes of show left - maybe this one WILL go a while tonight. Before Orton comes out, Edge talks first. "Just so I can se the record straight...I think that ECW SUCKS! And I think that each of every one of you that loves ECW, I think you all suck too!" So Edge would be the heel here. Styles talks over Orton's intro until he realises it/someone screams in his ear and then stops. At least we're finally getting some non dX Vengeance hype, finally. Styles says this is the first time Edge & Orton have teamed - I'll give him the benefit on that one, but usually they're wrong when they say stuff like that.

I note that the WWE title *does* now have an "RVD" plate where the "CENA" one used to be - whether or not this helps you handicap the WWE title match Sunday is up to you. Amazingly, we don't take an ad break after that fourth entrance despite the fact that we've ticked off another five minutes (not to mention some more wrestling fans, undoubtedly). Mike Posey rings the bell and all the house lights go out. It'll be Angle and Edge to start. Lockup, Edge pushes him back, Angle takes him down. Anklelock won't happen this early. Both men back up - Angle back to a double leg...picks him up...and throws him over his shoulder. Handful of hair - tag to van Dam - tix on sale this Saturday for Detroit, Nashville, DC - these are all ECW AND Smackdown tapings if the logos are to be believed. Angle holds him for a kick - forearm - to the corner, another forearm - Edge to the eyes to turn the tide. Van Dam's head meets the buckle, and Edge tags out to Orton, Orton right, to the corner, right, now trading blows, van Dam reverses the whip into the corner and hits the roundhouse kick on Orton's way out. Orton hung up on the top rope. Forearm, forearm, van Dam quickly up to the top - and off with a leaping side kick that takes Orton off the top rope to the floor (very slowly)! VAN DAM POINTS TO HIMSELF!!!!!! Van Dam out to meet Orton - head to the apron - forearm, right, van Dam jumps on the apron, moonsault onto Orton! Not too long to recover - Orton slid back in, but Orton manages a European uppercut in the middle of the replay. Tag to Edge. Edge with a stomp, stomp, brings him back up, elbow, into the opposite corner, elbow up by van Dam - quickly to the second rope and off with a kick - now going off the ropes, but Lita lowers the bridge and van Dam's outside! NOW it's our cue for the ol' AD BREAK

Ads: CapitalOne small business
"Superman Returns"
SciFi spot
(local) Menards
(local) Minnesota Tropies & Gifts
"Miners Massacre"
"Android Apocalypse"

TONIGHT on SciFi: "Scarecrow Slayer", followed by "The Twilight Zone," followed by "The Twilight Zone" again

There's a big "ECW LIVE" graphic in the upper right corner when we come back - and interestingly (or not), that ad break lasted EXACTLY as long as the in-ring action preceding it (3:17 by my watch) - Edge and van Dam are exchanging blows - now it's van Dam coming back - Edge with a drop toehold and a tag to Orton - Orton stomps as we Take You Back to During the Commercial where Lita gets in a rope choke on van Dam - Orton with another stomp, off the rope...and a kneedrop to the head. 1, 2, Angle breaks it up. Orton back to his corner for a tag to Edge. Van Dam tries to kick Orton's head behind him - Edge with a right, right, taken across the ring and through the ropes to the outside. Angle is over to check on him but Posey won't let him get near him. van Dam climbing up the commentary table. Edge with an axehandle from the apron to the floor. Replays of the dive through the ropes. van Dam whipped into the STEEL steps. Styles suggests Edge is softening him up for Sunday. Everybody back in now - cover by Edge, leg hooked, not even 1. Tag to Orton - Orton with a boot to the head, stomp, picking up van Dam, right hand, nice standing dropkick, leg is hooked - annnd 2. Tag to Edge, stomp. We get a replay of the dropkick. van Dam blocks the head to the corner attempt and kicks Edge - and one more flying heel kick from van Dam. Both men are down and Angle is chomping and champing. There's the hot tag! Angle in, ducks a clothesline, waistlock, German suplex, two, three, goes for Edge but Edge backs off to the floor. As soon as he turns back to Orton, Edge is in, but Angle ducks and catches Edge for a released German. Orton tries a waistlock but Angle drops down - he's trying to pick the ankle! Anglelock! Orton fighting for the ropes and Edge grabs his hands - Angle is pulled into the ropes and the hold is broken. Edge climbing up top - but Angle blocks, then gives him a belly-to-belly overhead throw! Angleslam coming up on Edge - no! A chop block by Orton stops that. Orton grabs Angle's left knee and drives it into the mat. Kicking the back of the knee, again, leglace takedown with the knee as the point of impact. Let's take a quick peek at Angle's "ECW" moutpiece while he's writhing in pain. Tag to Edge. Boot to the head by Edge. Got the tights - Angle is thrown outside the ring. Edge decides to follow back out after him - Angle's head meets the STEEL steps. Edge brings him back out - and puts an elbow between the shoulderblades. Angle rolled back into the ring - Edge in, leg is hooked - just 2! Angle attempts to shoot a double leg - got it AND Edge is rolled into a rear choke AND a body scissors! So Lita comes in and claws away at the face until Angle breaks it up. Tazz complains that Lita should be sent to the back, which confuses me because I'm assuming that under "ECW rules" what Lita's doing is perfectly find. I guess they don't like it when "RAW" people start taking advantage? Well, here's a tag to Orton. Orton kicks Angle. Knee to the back. I guess we're not working on the knee any more. Orton stalking - but Angle grabs a single leg - but before he can lock in the anklelock, Edge is tagged in. Crowd appears to have flatlined. Edge with a forearm across the back. Angle into the corner, whipped into the opposite corner - but Angle gets a boot up - another German suplex for Edge! Both men are down and Posey begins the count. Angle crawling - hot tag to van Dam! Clothesline on Edge, clothesline, superkick, free shot for Orton, Edge catches the leg so van Dam hits the stepover heel kick! Pescado on Orton on the floor -

and now van Dam is chasing after Lita! Or maybe just grabbing a nearby chair - before he can get in, Orton grabs his legs. So van Dam throws the chair at HIS head instead. Orton is out. But Edge hits van Dam from behind and HE ends up landing on the commentary table on his way to the floor. Meanwhile, the distractions continue as Angle takes advantage of Edge's back being turned - ankle pick, ANGLELOCK! Lita comes in with the WWE title - Angle ducks, Lita drops the belt as Angle hits the ANGLESLAM ON LITA! Lita's boobs fails to pop out. DOWN COME THE STRAPS!! But, oh no, Orton was waiting while ANGLE was distracted - there's the RKO! Styles: "Dammit!" But there's one more to come - it's van Dam off the corner with a flying kick! van Dam off the ropes - arrgh, Edge with a dropkick to block the Rolling Thunder attempt. NOW Edge is the only man standing at this point and waiting for the spear chance. But van Dam's picked up the belt and crowns Edge. van Dam to the top - Five Star frog splash connects! 1, 2, 3! (16:12) Crowd got a little excited during the last sequence of distractions, but....still not too hot. Will van Dam pin Edge Sunday as well? Eh! Here's a replay. Styles says there are three reasons this Sunday's pay-per-view will be great - the letters E - C - W.

We're out at 10:03. I believe that ALSO isn't a long enough overrun to count towards the ratings but I'll tell you for sure next week after I steal it from someone else.

Yes, it was better than last week. It would have been hard not to be! Still...sure looks like an awful lot of - let's just say "not ECW" talent dominating this show. Maybe that's what people like! And by "people," I mean "people who run this company!"

Two down, ten to go...

Wait. So who was the goth chick?

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I missed it, but I had faith that you wouldn't flake out *yet* and you'd come through for a second week in a row. Nice work

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    Originally posted by CRZ

    well it's a big right
    well it's three big stomps
    Well it's a big right.
    Well it's a big right.
    well it's a big blow.
    well it's a big field goal kick.
    well it's a big right to put him down again.

This made me laugh (and brought back the memories of your old recaps)

*sigh* Why bother?

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    Originally posted by CRZ
    Don't believe her, she's a LIAR

Quote of the week, right there.
As young as
he feels

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    Originally posted by CRZ
    If the print looks too small, just hit <CTRL>-+ until your eyes stop hurting.

Or do like me and cut and paste it into a Word document to read at lunchtime!

Does Scaia know you're doing this? Isn't he looking for a recapper for ECW?

Gabba Gabba Hey!
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    Wait. So who was the goth chick?

Shelly Martinez. Was in OVW (I think), appeared w/ Burchill a couple times on Velocity (what do you mean you weren't keeping up w/ Velocity?) before that idea was scrapped.

(Ongoing?) Sandman Opponent Rankings
1) The Zombie
2) Macho Libre

The Zombie is going to be tough to knock out of the #1 spot. It'll probably take a Phil Hartman-esque Frankenstein ("fire...BAD!") to seriously challenge Big Z.


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    Originally posted by Spaceman Spiff

      Wait. So who was the goth chick?

    Shelly Martinez. Was in OVW (I think), appeared w/ Burchill a couple times on Velocity (what do you mean you weren't keeping up w/ Velocity?) before that idea was scrapped.

    (Ongoing?) Sandman Opponent Rankings
    1) The Zombie
    2) Macho Libre

    The Zombie is going to be tough to knock out of the #1 spot. It'll probably take a Phil Hartman-esque Frankenstein ("fire...BAD!") to seriously challenge Big Z.

Okay then, how would this work:
Reprise Big Z with Zydrunas Ilgauskas Big Z. That would be 50 kinds of awesome.

Thanks too for making me smile - I loved Hartman's Frankenstein, especially when he lost it on the Tonto, Tarzan, and Frankenstein talk show sketch.

Great recap too, Big Z! ;)


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    Originally posted by CRZ
    Before Orton comes out, Edge talks first. "Just so I can se the record straight...I think that ECW SUCKS! And I think that each of every one of you that loves ECW, I think you all suck too!" So Edge would be the heel here.

Brilliant. I laughed. Good recap.

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    Originally posted by CRZ
    Sabu: "Deal!" Sabu speaks English? Sabu...speaks?

I think he mastered the language when he was pulling the barbed wire out of his body during the Funk match.
If they want to make Sandman interesting show him drinking 10 beers before attempting to go down the flight of steps. At least once every three weeks we'd have Rolling Sandman.
Since they keep talking about the newbreed of ECW, where are they? All I've seen is Sabu/RVD/Sandman/Dreamer. This is 2006, not 1996, right? Incorporate some of the new guys while they still have the novelty/crossover audience.
Tazz/Styles seem to be forcing it way to much. If things had been done differently, perhaps Styles/Foley would have been a better announcing team, as Vince does allow Mick to go off the reservation with his comments, which might allow a better flow.
If you are going to bring Test back, at least give him a new name.

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    Originally posted by CRZ
    Of course, the ratings might tank tonight. If this show is as bad as last week's, we could only hope.

At least you have removed all doubt of bias. Thanks.

Big Brother

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    Originally posted by Jackson
      Originally posted by CRZ
      Of course, the ratings might tank tonight. If this show is as bad as last week's, we could only hope.

    At least you have removed all doubt of bias. Thanks.
Does anybody know what this guy's whining about?


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    Originally posted by CRZ
      Originally posted by Jackson
        Originally posted by CRZ
        Of course, the ratings might tank tonight. If this show is as bad as last week's, we could only hope.

      At least you have removed all doubt of bias. Thanks.
    Does anybody know what this guy's whining about?

I am thinking he doesn't understand your line. Let's see if I do:

If we humans had some sort of brains in our heads, IF this week's show was as bad as last week's show, we wouldn't watch anymore, so the ratings would go down. Because, you know, we have an ounce (or in your traitorous Canadian wanna-be world of putting Us in words that don't have them like Honor, millilitre [see - I even spelled it your way]) of discretion, we turn crap off. If it's NOT crap, I think you intimated, then a 2.8 might be justified.

How'd I do?

By the way, entertaing recap, especially when I missed the show. Thanks.

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We'll be back right after order has been restored here in the Omni Center.
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Rating news, from Scherer:

This week's edition of ECW on Sci Fi did a 2.3 cable rating, with a 4 share. That is down from last week's 2.7 but given the show it was coming off of and the competition from the NBA Finals, I would call it a solid number.

Another good sign in the rating is that they built on the audience throughout the show, starting with a 2.0 quarter hour and finishing with a 2.6 for the overrun. Every quarter hour improved throughout the show.


CRZ: TV-14-DLSV - CC - ECW "Bodies" opening

where's cubsfan with the breakdown of the intro?

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Demonstrations are a drag. Besides, we're much too high

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    Originally posted by CRZ
    Hmm, exact same number of cane shots as last week. They probably script that

    (edited by CRZ on 21.6.06 0542)

Aw man that is so great.

K Thor Jensen pointed out that Sandman was working the Sandman from Showtime at the Apollo gimmick. And well of all the jokes in the world, that may be the joke I'm most angry that I didn't come up with on my own. A rhythmic precise number of cane shots just adds to the sense of whole tap dancing shuffle and get the hook shtick.

I was dissapointed that you didn't count the number of times the announcers said "Unleash the new breed!". That feels like its going to be my new drinking game.

I mean I can't decide which is more ridiculous "the tribe of extreme" or "unleash the new breed".

But neither Styles nor Tazz are the TNA griot and you really get the sense that they know how silly they must sound. Which just makes it even more fun.
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    Originally posted by CRZ
      Originally posted by Jackson
        Originally posted by CRZ
        Of course, the ratings might tank tonight. If this show is as bad as last week's, we could only hope.

      At least you have removed all doubt of bias. Thanks.
    Does anybody know what this guy's whining about?

It seems he thinks you're being unfair in preferring good wrestling to bad. Shrug.
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