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The W - Pro Wrestling - AEW Double or Nothing
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#1 Posted on | Instant Rating: 8.76
I’m on my phone so I’m not putting full results here - but this show was great. Surprises (Moxley! Bret! Awesome Kong!), some great (and varied) matches, good commentary, enthusiastic crowd. A few rough edges in production but nothing insurmountable for a first show. I shouted “fuck” like 30 times during the Bucks/Lucha Bros match. Dustin Rhodes bled so much he drove my wife out of the room. Lots of obvious matches set up for the next show. Scattershot thoughts because editing is hard. This was good, go watch it.
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Since: 3.10.02
From: Right side of the tracks

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#2 Posted on | Instant Rating: 1.46
They need a producer and a director ASAP. You've had weeks to get video packages, etc together. They were okay.

Showing Aja Kong face and into twice before she came out is avoidable.

At times good Old JR sounded very lost.
Alverez and the other announcer were barely passable. But, first time calling a live US PPV may be just nerves on their part. I thought Colt Cabana did great on the one he did for the ROH/NJPW show, he would have done great here.

Why bring out Aweskme Kong just to have her stand outside the ring most of the match?

Girls 4 way was sloppy,including an early bell by the time keeper.

Dustin waited until he was being spearerd by Brandi to gig himself (visible on the replay) which is probably why it was so deep. Lots of blood. Thought they may go to the finish sooner with that big of a cut. But bravo to the two for fighting through it.

Finally saw a Young Bucks match I liked tonight.

What happened to Bret? Why was he limping.

Jericho vs Omega was a really fun match. Those chops tore up some flesh in both sides. Omaga's broken nose wasn't as bad as Samoa Joe had. But still that must suck

The 6 woman tag match was great. Lots of good action.

Thumbs up, but they have lots of production errors to iron out.

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#3 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.99
I watched the pre-show here in the UK yesterday and was really not sure this was going to be good. I signed up and recorded it to watch this morning and was glad I did.

There was a lot that I didn't really like, or maybe appreciate, to start with but the last 2 hours were brilliant! Great action, emotion and, dare I say it, wrestling. Vince might not be worried, but I expect Steph and Hunter are. If AEW keep this up then Vince had better make sure he has got everyone under a long term contract.

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#4 Posted on | Instant Rating: 7.09
Like a good New Japan show, it got great in the second half with the first half being kind of okay, but overall I really liked it. So far, AEW feels like the right mix of PWG, New Japan, and just enough of the WWE "entertainment" mixed in.

For the first time, it really feels like there's competition at least in the area of talent acquisition. Even if they aren't a huge ratings competitor to WWE, there's now a place for people like Moxley and Cody to go who were only held back by the McMahons' opinions of them rather than their actual talent.

I look forward to Moxley and Omega having room to breathe, because I know Vince would only just see them as future Lesnar victims anyway.

Dustin/Cody was some of the best pro-wrestling I've seen (at least in North America) in ages.

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#5 Posted on | Instant Rating: 2.14
I had the opposite reaction, I really like most of the first few hours, but I was wiped out after Cody/Dustin. I thought the main event was good to great. I do think they need to pace out the matches. Not every match needed to be fifteen minutes plus. The production was rough to start with the Battle Royale. However, I'm sure they will get better as this is episode one and there is not many places in the US to be a wrestling director/producer.

Loved the shot at HHH, fuck that guy.

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Now previewing the Fall TV lineup.@realjoecarfley

Since: 10.12.01
From: #yqr

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#6 Posted on | Instant Rating: 8.76
    Originally posted by StaggerLee
    They need a producer and a director ASAP. You've had weeks to get video packages, etc together. They were okay.
It was also their first show. There were some issues for sure, but nothing disastrous.

    Originally posted by StaggerLee
    At times good Old JR sounded very lost. Alverez and the other announcer were barely passable. But, first time calling a live US PPV may be just nerves on their part.
I thought Excalibur did great as the main announcer. I came in with real low hopes for JR - he's past his prime, isn't familiar with the product, doesn't really like the modern style, and stunk up some New Japan cards) but thought he did well in what was more of a colour commentator role - added some flourishes in a role that helped hide some of his weaknesses. Alex Marvez didn't need to be there (and uh largely wasn't) but it was his first time calling anything ever, and he was low-energy but not terrible on the pre-show - just had nothing to offer in between Excalibur and JR.

    Originally posted by StaggerLee
    Why bring out Aweskme Kong just to have her stand outside the ring most of the match?
I don't think she mas much beyond presence anymore. I assume this was to build to her losing to Nyla Rose in a hoss battle, but we'll see.

    Originally posted by StaggerLee
    Finally saw a Young Bucks match I liked tonight.
I yelled "fuck!" so many times. Lucha Bros. are the best.

    Originally posted by lotjx
    I really like most of the first few hours, but I was wiped out after Cody/Dustin.
Fans did seem to tire out near the end. Might be a blessing in disguise that Page/Pac wound up scrapped. Gave everything else a little more room to breathe.

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#7 Posted on | Instant Rating: 7.31
The top 3 matches - Jericho/Omega, Bucks/Lucha Bros and Dustin/Cody were by far better, excluding matches involving Gargano, than anything WWE has done this year, or the past several years = 1 point

Bret Hart AEW vs. Bret Hart WWE Hall of Fame. Except for Davey and Dash beating the shit out a stooge, gotta give it to AEW. 2 points. Especially! When

MJF showed up and laid the badmouth to him. MJF > anybody in WWE. 5 points! Vince has had years to make his wrestlers stars AND AIN'T

Production and Presentation. Again, AEW had it's issues, but Vince and Kevin Dunn have spent a lifetime perfecting this and we still get mistimed shows, long, long, long shows, production gaffs, and worst of all CUTS AND CUTS AND CUTS with the camera, specifically when Shane is throwing those lousy punches. Enough to drive one epileptic. I thought AEW did great job with the right camera shots at the right time and if you want to nitpick, fine, but I could easily spend 1000 words ripping apart RAW or a PPV, and WWE is supposed to be the professionals. How many times have they shot an angle and the immediately gone to a commercial that totally contradicts what you just saw? Who keeps track of this type of thing? AEW, 2 points

Announcing - there is no one, and the Rock means no one that is worse than the RAW announce team. There's another 1000 words. I have very personal reasons for why I do not like Marvez, and was disappointed they went to him for this, but not enough of a child to not watch. I've tuned him out for the last 30 years and barely even noticed he was there. Putting 6 women that JR had never heard of out there seemed like a rib Vince would do, but he'll be fine. He'll go on his podcast, fall on his sword and draw sympathy - back to square one. Excalibur should be a WILD CARD and send Renee and Graves to announce at the video game convention in Daytona Beach. Or call races at the Dog Track

Speaking of Renee. I guess we will wait and see. We know Vince has no class and takes grudges out on whoever is around so she might end up through a table or in a bra and panties mud wrestling match - TV14 will save us ! AEW 5 points

Okay, so the old saying goes - Follow the Money. Vince has the TV deals locked up and will be fine financially , but he really needs to get his shit together. This Saudi deal sickens me, but again, I'm not going to quit watching because of it. From an investors point of view, I've seen the stock drop $22 in the past 3 weeks, which does have something to do with things overall, but after that last Quarter Report call - PEEYEWW...

The Kahns have Billions and already have a football team. Vince is doing what he can to spend his children's inheritance on - who wants to watch Spring football? Especially when you live in Florida and you got pool side, BBQs, the beach. We were season ticket holders to the XFL in 2001 and it was a lot of fun and basically one big party. But that's spring in Florida and not snowing at the NY and Chicago teams venues. Maybe the only benefit is Vince will be away and maybe leave the wrestling business to someone who isn't batshit crazy. AEW, 10 points

Although, having a family name like Kahn in the wrestling business is almost as funny as giving yer money to someone with the name Madoff

Verdict - landslide for the first AEW show. Watched it twice and really got into the Bucks tag match the second time with all the call backs, especially the MCMG spots; those were great matches for Impact. Nothing has touched Dustin and Cody in a long, long time and they even made me care about Ambrose. Or Moxley. Goddamn Omega is going to get a great match out of him one way or another. MJF will be the star of the business in a couple years. Hangman too. Both Thumbs Up for this show. Next stop FyterFest


StaggerLee: what happened to Bret? Why was he limping.

Hey Dude - Bret's a a pro. Still selling the WM13 Match with Austin


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Demonstrations are a drag. Besides, we're much too high

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#8 Posted on | Instant Rating: 6.59
I had high expectations. This show exceeded them all. I watched with my two young sons (17 and 12) who are old enough to know WWE sucks these days. Through the entire show they kept commenting on how exciting it was. I told them, "Yes, this is what it used to feel like watching wrestling!"

I hope AEW conquers the world.


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#9 Posted on | Instant Rating: 7.54
The show was a grand slma. Everything on the main show landed well. Dustin-Cody was everything I was hoping it would be.

The battle royal was not the best match to make a first impression with, but it was all uphill from there. Sonny Kiss though could be a very big thing if they let him.
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I always go straight for the sunshine girl when i read the Toronto Sun. That pic of Lita was major hot. Tommorow's Sun has a 20 page pull out on WM.
- MarchOfThePigs, WWF Divas as Toronto SUNShine Girls (2002)
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