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We start this week with a recap of what's been going on with Joe and Nakamura. It's a pretty solid recap package that condenses a month's worth of stuff into an exciting couple of minutes, culminating with the beating Nakamura gave Joe last week. You WILL see this again before Takeover, I assure you.

We go to the open, and when we come back we're in the ring for some Dusty Classic action. Swann and NWJ take on Nese and Gulak, two guys who have really gelled as a tag team over just a few weeks. Also, it really seems like they're trying to push a Swann/Nese feud between this and a few other confrontations, and I am well into that. I start off trying to keep with these guys, and it turns out that I am not nearly that fast, so instead I settle in and just enjoy the match. And an enjoyable match it is. NWJ is the only guy in here that could stand some seasoning, and he's actually coming along about as well as you could expect. He's got Dana Brooke's Disease, where he had a character ready to go and they decided to get him ring-ready by throwing him in the deep end with some talented workers. It's not the worst strategy in the world, and even Dana Brooke herself has recovered nicely by this point, so there you go. Anyhoo, this is actually a really, really good match. I managed to write down a spot where Gulak really quickly caught Swann into a roll-up, and another where NWJ picked Swann up for an assisted splash, but really, it's all good stuff. The finish comes when Swann corkscrew planches out of the ring onto Nese, while NWJ delivers a mediocre cobra clutch slam to Gulak for the pin.
Match Rating: Too Good, Too Fast, Too Hard To Recap.
Afterwards, the winners get on the mic to call out their next opponents in the tournament, the Authors of Pain. That's...maybe not the best strategy? Although, really, what do they have to lose at this point?

We recap the beating Sanity gave Dillinger, then catch up with him. He's pissed off, but not at Sanity. He wants the man who abandoned him, Bobby Roode, at Takeover: Toronto on November 19, and GM Regal has obliged.

Battle of Canada!

Austin Aries (with Banana) refuses to answer any questions about his tag team partner. I had been doing a really stellar job of avoiding spoilers on that up until about 5 days ago when I saw something about NXT signing Roddy Strong, and I knew that was the only possible guy. No spoiler warnings for that because he comes out later in this very episode anyways. While we've got Aries, though, he does take some time to talk shit about Hideo Itami, who said that Aries wasn't tough enough, but who is now injured himself. It's a fair point, but still a dick move, Aries.

Incidentally, if you haven't seen the latest reports, it looks like Itami's only out another month until December. It's a shame we don't get the Aries match in Toronto, but holding it off until the next special won't kill me.

Bobby Roode's got a match next, and. And. I'm sorry, Bobby Roode's robe is so amazing, I just completely lost my train of thought. It's so sparkly! It's absolutely coated in sequins, and in the ring lights, it looks like it's made out of pure light. It is next-level ring gear, and I'm actually kind of mad he didn't save it for Toronto. It's one of the finest pieces I've ever seen the WWE seamstresses turn out, and if it wasn't done by them, I think Roode's guy is going to be getting a lot more business soon. Anyhoo, he's facing Sean Maluta, I guess. Maluta comes out hot with a drop kick, headscissors, and a roll-up, but it's pretty much all Roode after that. A back suplex turns it around, and after a little bit a spinebuster puts Maluta down, and the Glorious Impaler DDT puts him out.
Match Rating: So Shiny! So Chrome!
After the match, Roode gets on the mic. He tried to pull Dillinger up to his level, but Tye's just a loser, and also he's here right now, laying fists into Roode's head. A big clothesline sends Roode to the floor, and the crowd seems pretty behind Dillinger here, so at least Roode will be the heel for this one.

Liv Morgan is backstage, and she wants you to know what? Nevermind, because the Aussies come up from behind her, and they are just wrecking her shit. They drag her ass out to the ramp, and continue the assault until Liv ain't gettin' up. They grab a mic, and they put the division on notice, including the champ, Asuka. That's a feud that I can behind, I think. Two of them makes it a little bit more credible.

We've got another Dusty Classic match, as Otis Dozevic(sp?) and Tucker Knight take on Aries and Strong (see, I told you). Otis and Tucker have a real Natural Disasters thing going on here, which I respect, but there's basically no chance of them beating Aries and Strong. The Not Natural Disasters do better than I expect, though, getting in a lot of offense, and generally looking pretty good here, but Aries/Strong take over with a nice back stabber/sprinboard senton combo. Otis manages to tag in Knight, who hits a big double corner splash, but misses a second one that sends him out to the floor, where Aries kills him with a suicide dive. He gets sent back in, where Strong hoists him into a fireman's carry, Aries delivers a rolling elbow, and then Strong dumps him with a gutbuster. This, somehow, is not their finisher. Instead, Strong delivers what Tom Phillips somehow incorrectly identifies as a running dropkick, but which is definitely a running boot. That's the finisher?
Match Rating: Again With The Boots!

Andrade Almas has a sit down interview, which is sadly translated for you. Weren't you listening to me last week, NXT? The upshot is that he feels he hasn't been getting the respect he spent a lifetime working to achieve, but now he doesn't even care. It's not about respect; now he just cares about himself.

Sanity's out. Turns out Nikki Cross has a match with a jobber we've seen before, Danielle Kamela. Nothing can quite top their first entrance, but they do have a great spot where all four of them get up on the apron, pull of their masks, and turn to face the camera at once. They look crazy, dangerous, and crazy-dangerous. Also of note, it looks like all of them have their national flags somewhere on their vests now. Not sure if that's going anywhere, or just for fun. Anyhoo, the match starts with Cross laying forearms into Kamela. Cross comes across as s a real lunatic here, hitting and biting herself while she wrestles. Kamela tries to rally and pulls off a suplex, but Cross pretty much no-sells it, hits a neckbreaker, and then a swinging fisherman's suplex for three.
Match Rating: That Was Quick.
Too quick for Cross, I guess. She's back in, raining fists down on Kamela. Young pulls her off, but she pops him, and goes right back to work on Kamela. Fulton pulls her off, and the ref reverses his decision, giving Kamela the win.
Match Rating: I Love That Cross Is The Loose Canon Of This Group.
Following that, Cross climbs up Sawyer Fulton's back, and rides him out like Master Blaster. These four are my new favorites.

Our final segment tonight is the Champion's Address. Shinsuke Nakamura wants Joe to know that he's not done with him yet. If Joe wants the belt, he can come get it. He starts to say something else, but he gets interrupted by Patrick Clarke, of all people. Clarke thinks the people deserve something brand new, like the Patrick Clarke Experience, and this is when I realize he's actually going for a Jimi Hendrix bit, and it's actually a pretty good one, and I'm kind of sad that I went right to Prince (like everyone else did) without realizing what he was up to. Anyhoo, it doesn't matter, because Nakamura beats the ever-loving shit out of him for interrupting the champ. Kind of serves him right. While that's going on, Joe's out to take advantage. Wait, no, never mind. Nakamura spots him before he can do any damage, so he backs right the hell off. Joe just stands at ringside while Nakamura delivers a Kinshasa to poor Patrick Clarke to send us out.

Lot of good stuff this week. NXT's been on a real tear here lately, finally getting it all together and becoming a show that you don't want to miss again. I've been really happy with all the new talent (even Otis!), and I'm interested to see what the final card for Toronto winds up looking like.

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