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#1 Posted on 13.9.16 1155.28
Reposted on: 13.9.23 1156.33
No Raw thread!

Live from Baltimore, MD!

The show opened with Mick Foley congratulating Becky Lynch on her championship win before re-iterating his belief that Raw has the premier women's division. He introduced Charlotte, who demanded an apology from Dana Brooke that she got. Sasha stopped that lovefest to promise Charlotte that she'll be taking the belt at the PPV, but Bailey showed up to point out that she too is owed a title shot. Dana suggested a best-of-seven series between Bailey/Sasha to sort it out (!), but Foley settled for a match tonight. Charlotte got in Dana's face one too many times, resulting in Dana slapping the taste out of her mouth and getting added to the #1 contendership match tonight. This was all good in theory, but Charlotte and Sasha aren't the strongest on the mic, so it fell flatter than it should have. The resulting match was perfectly acceptable, got plenty of time, and allowed each woman to showcase her strengths. Dana's character work continues to be brilliant, Sasha is fire in the ring, and Bailey is adored by the crowd. Sasha won it with a lovely bridging pin, even though it looked like a double pin (but no one spoke of it again, so it was probably unintentional). Dana regretted her choice to slap Charlotte and apologized to her backstage, and Charlotte responded by telling her to shut up and carry her bags.

Tom Tyler caught up with KO backstage, who made several statements about his potential opponents, but then retracted them all because "I would never actually say that." Brilliant. Jericho showed up to berate Tom Felipe some more, promising to show the world tonight what a stupid idiot Sami Zayn is.

Bo Dallas beat some jobber with the Roll of the Dice. Apparently Bo's gimmick is that of an angry rhymer? The crowd got behind the jobber with a "Let's go Jobber" chant that I hadn't heard before.

Jericho began the Highlight Reel by complaining that Foley's illogical matchmaking had deprived him of KO, so he went in the other direction ("the lowest of the low," all the while practically crawling in the ring) and got Sami as the guest. Sami couldn't get over Jericho's ridiculous love of KO, and warned him that one day KO will turn on him, because KO cares only about KO. Sami re-iterated his ambition to one day be champion and then railed on Jericho for losing sight of who he used to be. Zayn pointed out that guys like KO and himself traveled the globe to one day be a "craftsman" like Jericho, yet he can't even recognize the Jericho that stood in front of him today. Sami's sincerity in his mic work was golden here. Jericho had enough of Sami and clocked him in the face with a cellphone, and left him lying after a Codebreaker, setting up a match at the PPV.

Sheamus and Cesaro went at each other in match #5 (Cesaro got a win in London on a house show last week) - the story remained more of the same - Cesaro's back is jelly. He couldn't do some of his trademark spots, but escaped with a rope-aided rollup to make the series 3-2 and stay alive. I liked the growing story here, and it helps that these two guys are willing to hit each other hard to make it look good.

Seth and Mick had a heart-to-heart in the back, with Seth demanding why Foley is giving an opportunity to Reigns. The end result was Seth promising not to question Foley's integrity about being in Steph McMahon's pocket. KO continued his needling of Seth in a separate segment, and that played into the main event.

Nia Jax moved on from jobbers to Alicia Fox (not much of a promotion, Alicia is basically is a jobber with a name), and demolished her. This is the follow-up from last week's altercation between these two. Nia didn't officially win, but she did ragdoll Fox impressively and then put her through the barricade, so there was that.

The New Day pointed out that last week The Club wasted 5:37 of everyone's time with an awful segment, but they promised to put an end to that. The Club came out for a match against Woods/Kofi, in which they displayed a more serious style and the commentators did a fantastic job of establishing both teams' wrestling credentials. It was good to go back to fighting as both of these teams have talked more than they have fought in recent times. The Club's aggression paid off and they finished Woods with the Magic Killer.

Jinder Mahal, now "the Man that Comes in Peace" came out to talk about how he was consumed by hate, but has now found peace. That's a mighty powerful message, but because he's brown and knows a foreign language, he's a heel. Sure, WWE. Jack Swagger was the opponent, and Jinder made fairly quick work of him in a sloppy match. Jinder probably has his ceiling as a lower-midcard guy, but it doesn't hurt to give him a character. Swagger's story was that his contract is up soon, and it is implied he may not have a future with the E if he continues his losing ways.

Enzo had a match with Epico to continue their little feud. Earlier, Enzo interrupted the Shining Stars backstage, who were selling tickets to a Puerto Rican resort to R-Truth. Heel strategery lead to Enzo eating the pin.

I want to point out here that KO's promo where he needles and needles Seth backstage is absolutely fantastic. After pointing out that Seth's been nothing but a glorified failure since his return, KO left him with "Redesign, Rebuild, Replaced."

The main event was KO and Roman, and those guys have fantastic chemistry. This was a good match, tending toward great, until Seth interfered to cost Roman the match by DQ. Foley, who was mighty irritated, promised repercussions for Seth and restarted the match, leading to even more goodness and a series of excellent nearfalls. KO kicked out a Superman Punch and a deadlift powerbomb, and Roman was looking like he might gain the upper hand when Rusev interfered and KO used the distraction to land a Pop-up Powerbomb for the 1-2-3. Rusev then gave Reigns a receipt beating for the one he suffered at Summerslam, ending with the Accolade.
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#2 Posted on 13.9.16 1158.44
Reposted on: 13.9.23 1159.01
Sasha won a triple threat with Bayley and Dana with a flash rollup pin on Bayley in which she may have accidentally pinned herself, but she wasn't supposed to and that's what counts. Charlotte-Sasha at Clash Of Champions.

Bo Dallas squashed Brandon Scott.

Cesaro beat Sheamus via rollup with a foot on the bottom rope, closing the gap in the best-of-seven series to 3-2.

Nia destroyed Alicia in an apparent no-contest.

Anderson/Gallows d. Kofi/Xavier clean(non-title) to set up the title match at Clash Of Champions.

Jinder Mahal d. Jack Swagger. Epico d. Enzo with an assist from Primo.

In the main, Owens initially beat Roman by DQ due to Seth attacking Owens, but Foley restarted the match. That meant Rusev had to interfere instead and the distraction was enough for Owens to win via pop-up powerbomb. Rusev beat down Reigns afterwards and locked him in the Accolade as the crowd chanted for Rusev.
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#3 Posted on 13.9.16 1514.41
Reposted on: 13.9.23 1514.43
We got four main eventers with shades of gray as the show ended.

Seth should be the outright babyface, but he seems to have hampered his title shot by attacking Kevin (Dark Helmet: Good is dumb.). Roman is the presumptive good guy against Owens, but he's seen as undeserving. Owens gets the bigger cheers because he's the cool heel. Rusev gets cheered because he opposes Roman while avenging Lana. Even Foley loses luster by upholding his standards against Seth but then he restarts the qualifier match.

Weird mojo.

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#4 Posted on 13.9.16 1631.17
Reposted on: 13.9.23 1631.17
The main event was good but not sure where they are going with the Seth and Foley confrontations. I guess Stephanie will be back next week so it depends on whose side she takes. Surely they should turn Roman heel - everyone wants it and it is not helping him by losing all the time and getting booed while doing so.
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#5 Posted on 13.9.16 1651.27
Reposted on: 13.9.23 1651.27
Show was solid.

What if, while Stephanie didn't know HHH was coming, Foley knew the entire time?
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#6 Posted on 13.9.16 1841.32
Reposted on: 13.9.23 1841.32
Turning Foley heel rarely works unless you have a red hot face. Rollins could be that guy, but I hate to think Foley is going to take the bumps HHH and Steph refuse to take.
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#7 Posted on 13.9.16 2157.30
Reposted on: 13.9.23 2159.01

Let's see:

- Top heel neutered by megalomaniac and his shrill wife while playing 'cool heel' faces Top face who everyone boos and hates.

- Bloated show that has no focus other than the 2 authority figures and their 'tension'

- Character that everyone wants to cheer still comes across as a whiny arrogant ass

Could not see this one coming.

(We all know what this will lead to next week. A build up to the end of the show where Stephanie makes some 'earth shattering' news and become MORE the focus. Because McMahons = Ratings!)
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#8 Posted on 14.9.16 1026.31
Reposted on: 14.9.23 1026.32
Mostly bored with the show this week, but I did like Nia vs ALicia. Alicia is good at being thrown around, and I like Nia just destroying her and doing the spear through the barricade. That'll pop up in highlights for quite a while, which is a good thing with continuing to develop Nia's character.
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#9 Posted on 14.9.16 2151.32
Reposted on: 14.9.23 2151.51
    Originally posted by DirtyMikeSeaver​wwe-​news/​raw-​ratings-​plummet-​against-​first-​nfl-​competition-​season-​220781

    Let's see:

    - Top heel neutered by megalomaniac and his shrill wife while playing 'cool heel' faces Top face who everyone boos and hates.

    - Bloated show that has no focus other than the 2 authority figures and their 'tension'

    - Character that everyone wants to cheer still comes across as a whiny arrogant ass

    Could not see this one coming.

    (We all know what this will lead to next week. A build up to the end of the show where Stephanie makes some 'earth shattering' news and become MORE the focus. Because McMahons = Ratings!)

You also forgot "football season", which WWE doesn't.
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