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13.4.17 2026
The 7 - Pro Wrestling - NXT #306 11/11/15
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#1 Posted on 14.11.15 1138.45
Reposted on: 14.11.22 1144.12
Okay, this recap is way late, so let's get to it. The show starts with a recap of Samoa Joe's heel turn from last week. Tonight, Joe's going to explain his actions. Wait, really? I mean, his actions seem pretty self-explanatory to me: He wants the belt, right? Anyhoo, we'll getting words from him later no matter what I think.

The first match is Perfect 10 Tye Dillinger against Baron Corbin. P10's got this one, yo. Actually, it doesn't even matter, because this match never gets started. Apollo Crews immediately runs out before the bell even rings to start wailing on Corbin. Corbin heads for the hills, and it looks like we're not getting that 4-way match I was hoping for.

Our first real match is the six-person tag - Bayley and the Hype Bros against Bliss/Murphy/Blake. I again point out how much I actually like BMB's entrance as a means of explaining who their characters are. Just watch them walk to the ring and you know everything you need to know. Ryder and Murphy start, but Bayley and Bliss are quickly tagged in. Bayley does her Samoan "turnbuckle headbutts don't hurt me" spot, and when she turns the tables on Bliss, that's enough for her to take a powder. Mojo and Blake are in now, but Mojo and Ryder pull some double-team moves to take the advantage. It's all going well until Ryder gets pulled off the turnbuckle, and the heels work him over good and proper for a stretch. He's eventually able to make the hot tag to Mojo. Really, this has mostly been a (fairly good) regular tag match to this point, so Bliss decides enough is enough, and steals the Women's Championship before running off. Bayley is understandably pissed, but the ref is keeping her from following. Murphy gets in her face, and Bayley's had enough. She absolutely blasts Murphy with the Bayley to Belly and heads out after Bliss. The best part is that she has to walk past Blake on her way, and Blake's just doesn't want any part of her. Not that it does him any good, as Ryder dropkicks him to the floor and Murphy eats a Hyper Ryder. That'll do it.
Match Rating: Actually A Pretty Good Tag Match.

The Ascension have a prerecorded acceptance promo for Jordan and Gable, so we'll be getting that match next week.

Nia Jax is up next, but on her way to the ring she gets intercepted by Eva Marie, who wants to have a word with her. I can actually get behind this; Eva Marie being generally awful, but forcing legitimate opponents to go through Jax to get to her is a time-honored and successful strategy for hiding someone's weaknesses. Yeah, we can work around this.

Oops, before Jax is up, Apollo Crews has some words for Corbin, mostly amounting to the idea that Corbin now has AC's full attention, and he's going to regret costing him the title. Direct and to the point.

Okay, now it's time for Nia Jax, whose designated victim is Deonna. Deonna charges her straight out, and runs into a wall. Jax picks her apart with classic Samoan offense (seriously, all that's missing is the top rope splash), and her Urinage thing/legdrop combo wraps this one up.
Match Rating: Squash Match Is Squash.

Jax will be facing her toughest opponent yet next week: Carmella. I said toughest yet, not, you know, actually tough. Seriously, who did the Jersey crew piss off?

Coming up, Dash and Dawson get their tag title match against the Vaudvillains, so here's a reminder that they beat the Vaudvillains in the Dusty Classic.

Meanwhile, Bayley has finally found Bliss...and also Nia Jax. She's lucky to get off with just a cheap shot from Bliss off a distraction from Jax, because that could have gone much worse for her. It's starting to get a little crowded at the top for our beloved Women's Champion.

Tag title match time. We start with a quick bit of feeling out from English and Dash Wilder, who I feel needs a name change pretty desperately. Really, with their southern boys gimmick, he should definitely be renamed to Tommy Dash. Tell me I'm wrong! Anyhoo, this takes us to the return of the Dukes Up! spot that I love so much, and the elbow drop/running boot combination that the Vaudvillains do so well. We all know that it's just a matter of time before the heels get their groove going, and it starts up with a chop block to Aiden English's knee. Now D&D are going to town on it, mirroring what they did to Big Cass. They even smash his knee against the turnbuckle post a few times. The ref is really giving them a lot of leeway here. English counters an attempted leglock, but he's not able to tag out, and the punishment continues. Dawson hits an absolutely beautiful slingshot suplex, and I think Tully Blanchard literally was the last person I saw perform that move, and D&D return to working the knee. They try to take his knee to the post again, but this time English is able pull Dash into it, stunning him long enough to make the tag. Gotch is in cleaning house, but after hitting a pumphandle suplex, he inexplicably tags English back into the match. This is most assuredly a mistake, as Gotch gets tossed around outside, and English's knee eats a stomp from the middle turnbuckle, again in a mirror of what happened to Cass. An inverted figure four leglock is applied, and English has no choice but to tap out. We have new champs.
Match Rating: Huh.

Backstage, D&D have come to the end of a long, hard road, and celebrate their championship victory. Huh.

No, really, it's weird that they did this title change on a regular episode, right?

Anyhoo, next week, in addition to Jordan and Gable vs. The Ascension, we're also getting the women's match between Bayley and Bliss. It'll be interesting to see if that one goes to a clean finish.

Tonight's "main event" is just an explanation from Promoa Joe. The crowd is split on cheering him as he comes out. It's going to take more than beating up Finn Balor to get folks to turn on him completely, so Joe opens up by claiming that Finn came to him, asking for a partner in the Dusty Classic (Demonstrably false - Regal assigned them as partners. Look it up.) and that Joe carried him through the tournament (Debatable. Definitely in those last two matches, though). Joe's real beef, though, is that he wants a title match (See, told you.) and is pissed that Finn let Regal override him. Uh, Joe, you did watch this show before you signed your contract, right? You know that the champ doesn't have matchmaking power here, right? Well, whatever, because as soon as Joe says that he's entitled to a championship match, out comes Finn. He's not here to talk, although he does yell at Joe that he'll get his match. Probably should have stuck to talking, though, as Joe throws a referee at Finn, which is enough of an advantage to apply the Kokina Clutch. That's lights out for Finn, and Joe walks out triumphant.

Honestly, I didn't really care for this week's show, and not just because my beloved Vaudvillains lost the tag titles. Not just. The wrestling on the show was really mediocre by NXT standards, and neither the Vaudvillains or Dash and Dawson were performing at their best in that match. The six-person was okay, but more angle than match. Everything else moved along okay, but the show somehow felt both sluggish and short compared to what we usually get. Next week's got Bayley/Bliss, which I'm really looking forward to, and Jordan and Gable, who at this point I'm always looking forward to, so maybe we'll get a better show then.

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#2 Posted on 16.11.15 0546.21
Reposted on: 16.11.22 0546.38
I didnt get the impression that Nia was distracting her on purpose so thar Bliss could attack.
More of a "hey little girl, soon you'll face me" kinda thing.
What scares me is Jax working for Eva Marie.

The tag title match was solid but what I don't like is that iit feels like the Vaudevillains haven't done anything with it. Feels like teams win it and then what?
I do expect Wilder and Dawson will heel it up a bit then drop it to Jordan and Gable.

I'm gonna assume the women title match will not see a winner to set up a Takeover match.
The same could happen for the tag match. Not sure on that one.

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#3 Posted on 16.11.15 1450.47
Reposted on: 16.11.22 1451.55
I love the idea of Jax working for Eva Marie. I can put up with months of that as long as the payoff is Jax powerbombing Eva Marie through a table. A flaming table. Covered in thumbtacks. Face first.
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