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13.4.17 2001
The 7 - Pro Wrestling - NXT #305 11/4/15
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#1 Posted on 6.11.15 0931.17
Reposted on: 6.11.22 0933.12
Tonight's main event is the big title match between Crews and Balor. I mistakenly said that the Bayley/Bliss six person was this week as well, but that's evidently on next week's show. Still, the title match should be a lot of fun, so let's get into it.

Our opening match is Asuka against...Cameron?! That doesn't sound good. No, wait, that's the wrong attitude to take into this. We haven't seen Cameron for months, and maybe she's been down in the Performance Center honing her craft and becoming a better pro wrestler. Let's start the night positive! The match starts with a nice lockup, and Cameron forces Asuka into the corner. She tries for a kick; Asuka catches her, but decided to let her go in a display of good sportsmanship. To repay her, Cameron goes for a cheap shot, and is countered into a cross-arm breaker with lightning speed! Camron gets loose and goes on offense, culminating with a splits-kick of some kind, and I retract any positive thinking I had about Cameron. She is not any better than the last time you saw her. Let's make the rest of this quick. Asuka gets back on offense with a pair of Rear Views, reminiscent of Cameron's old tag partner, misses a kick, but still comes up with a Fujiwara armbar. Two spinning backfists later (ouch!), and she's ready to deliver a running knee that I think is some kind of Shining Wizard varient, but whatever it is, I can feel it in my teeth. The crossface chickenwing locks it up for Asuka.
Match Rating: A Painful Squash.

We get a recap of Dash and Dawson putting Cass out, and Carmella's on hand to let us know that it's a knee injury that'll have him shelved for a while. D&D interrupt her, though, because now that they're done with Enzo and Cass, they're getting a title shot next week against the Vaudvillains. After they run down everybody, they bring out their special gift for the Vaudvillains: a wheelchair with their names on it. Nice.

We also go backstage to Jordan and Gable. They're on their way...up. He's pointing up. In fact, Gable wants to show everyone that they're the World's Greatest Tag Team, but Jordan reminds him that they've discussed this before, and that phrase is off limits. Still, they want to show what they can do, so they challenge arguably the best tag team in NXT history, the Ascension. These guys are the best.

Bull's out to face Angelo Dawkins, who's accompanied by Sawyer Fulton. It's anybody's match! Bull's got a new theme that doesn't sound identical to Dean Ambrose's, which is bittersweet to me. Dawkins is...I have no idea what Dawkins is doing. He', really, I don't know. Okay, let's start this match. OKAY, I take that back. Dawkins lays in some forearms, and he's awful. In fact, everything he does here looks terrible. I'm checking out of this one. Bull wins with a top-rope butt drop.
Match Rating: How Is Angelo Dawkins Still Employed Here?
Afterwards, Fulton's as disgusted as I am, and he takes off, leaving his partner behind.

The Vaudvillains want to respond to Dash and Dawson. They're not taking D&D lightly; in fact, they see D&D as their toughest challenge so far. They're dangerous, because they're not gentlemen. But being gentlemen has worked out pretty well for the Vaudvillains so far, and they're not backing down here. Did I say Jordan and Gable are the best? I misspoke - These guys are the best.

The match is next week, but Bayley lets us in on who her partners are going to be right now. It's the Hype Bros. I don't hate this. I've always been a fan of Ryder, and Mojo, to my chagrin, has actually improved quite a bit in the last year. But I'm just dying to see Ryder turn on Mojo. Anyhoo, at least their T-shirts complement each other, so we'll see what they can do against BMB next week.

Eva Marie is out to fight my attention span. Her in-ring opponent doesn't even get a name, but she looks like Alexa Bliss's little sister, wearing a football jersey that actually says "JERSEY" on it. Huh. This match gets started and I get set to check out, except that it turns out that Jersey here is actually super, super good. She does the old Ma-Trish spot and a couple of other neat things, and she's just all over Eva Marie, who doesn't sell for shit. Things are looking good for Jersey for all of a hot minute, then EM lands...huh. I'm baffled for the second time this evening, as I have no idea what that move was supposed to be. Jersey's down on the mat, and EM kind of slides in and does, maybe an inverted side-Russian legsweep? Maybe? Whatever it is, it looks like shit, like EM just gave her a hug. I guess it's less likely to get someone hurt or killed than the Sliced Bread #2, though, so it's got that going for it. Anyhoo, EM gets the win with that abomination.
Match Rating: I Hate Eva Marie. Perhaps, Too Much.

Emma's backstage with words for Asuka. She's not afraid, and she feels that Asuka disrespected her. Dana agrees, and says that she'd like another shot against Asuka in the ring. Emma decides that, no, it's going to be Emma that teaches Asuka some respect. That's a match I want to see.

There's a very quick announcement that the next Takeover is indeed going to be London, England. I feel like they need to stop naming the road shows after whatever city they're in.

Finally, it's main event time. AC's out first, followed by a paintless Finn Balor. I really like how thoroughly they've distinguished his two entrances. Different lighting, different graphics for the big screen, different fonts for his name. But it's all still unmistakably the same guy. Just an all-star effort all around. The match starts with Finn trying to get a quick pin, then we see the return of the NXT main-event style, which has been absent for a little while. Both guys try to feel the other out, hold and reversal, until AC does a backflip and eats a dropkick to the face for showing off. He shakes it off, and counters a suplex into a delayed suplex of his own. He's got Finn up there for quite some time before he brings him down. AC goes for a pin attempt, but Finn rolls through it and counters with another dropkick. The story of this match is that both guys are so evenly matched that no one can get a clear advantage for any length of time. It's pretty neat, and I can't remember ever seeing a match laid out like that before. Things start to shift for Finn when he enziguris AC off the top rope to the floor. That puts AC in the Danger Zone, and Finn's all too happy to comply with a big dive. Too big, actually, because he busts his own nose in the process. It's still not much of an advantage for Finn, though, because it's not long before AC lands an enziguri of his own, then Finn counters with the Sling Blade, and then AC comes back with his own big clothesline. It's all neck and neck, as Crews lands the military press, but gets the standing moonsault blocked by Finn's knees. Finn hits his inverted forward suplex and the knockback dropkick, but Crews gets out of the way of the Coup de Grace and lands a big boot. Finn stays in with a pele, and then Baron Corbin comes out to screw up an otherwise really fun match.
Match Rating: Boo, No Contest, Boooooooooo.
Corbin lays into AC, tossing him into the ring steps and leaving him laying outside. Then he sets his sights on the champ. Finn's in trouble, until Samoa Joe makes the save. Corbin's not interested in a fair fight, so he's gone. We're not done yet, though. Joe's making conflicted faces, and we all know what that means. Joe finally makes his turn, nailing Finn with all his big spots, culminating in the Muscle Buster. Joe grabs the belt and drapes it over Finn Balor's decimated body.

You know, Joe, it's not Finn's fault you didn't get the title shot. He was going to give it to you. I don't know what you accomplish by beating him up. Anyhoo, it looks like they're setting up a fatal fourway for Takeover, which they haven't done since Takeover: Fatal Fourway, so I'm kind of interested in that. Even Corbin can't mess up a match that has Finn, Joe, and Crews in it. Next week, though, is the six-person tag for real, as well as a Tag Title match. They've been loading up these shows lately.

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#2 Posted on 6.11.15 1114.48
Reposted on: 6.11.22 1114.57
    Originally posted by Tenken347
    ...then Finn counters with the Sling Blade, and then AC comes back with his own big clothesline. It's all neck and neck,
Whether intended or not, I LOL'd. I'm grateful for your writeups as I've been too busy to watch lately, and you really bring the show to life. Keep up the good work; you are doing a fantastic job!
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#3 Posted on 8.11.15 0312.34
Reposted on: 8.11.22 0312.53
It seems I go into this different than you, Tenken.
I thought Cameron did better than I expected.
Can she hang with Asuka? No, but her initial offense was feisty and nothing looked terrible.
And I really like how Asuka shows that she studied her opponents by doing their moves/poses.

THe interview with Emma and Dana was fun.
And while I don't care for the Hype Bros it makes sense for Bayley to pick those guys.

Jordan & Gable's promo was ...well that was sick.
They mix so well together I loved them referring to WGTT.
That's just hilarious.

The title match was nice, mostly putting over Apolo's versatility as he matched Balor in speed & agility.
I didn't expect Corbin to run in so that was an interesting twist. Did expect Joe to show up and eventually lay out Finn.
Heel Joe will be fun.

Good show, and I am looking forward to the next Takeover special, which I'll be attending! Woohoooo.

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#4 Posted on 8.11.15 1359.58
Reposted on: 8.11.22 1400.13
    Originally posted by Tenken347
    Even Corbin can't mess up a match that has Finn, Joe, and Crews in it.
What's sad is that Corbin was getting into a groove as a tag wrestler before they pulled him and Rhyno apart.

Jordan/Gable continue to be the best part of the show.

Can we hire Jake Roberts just to teach most of these guys to look at the damn camera during a promo? Can the camera men stop drifting to the right?

Eva Marie should be paired with the Ascension to consolidate their "making you want to facepalm" powers.
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