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29.1.16 0600
The 7 - Pro Wrestling - NXT #299 9/30/15
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#1 Posted on 2.10.15 0951.43
Reposted on: 2.10.22 0953.57
Takeover: Respect is just next week, so it's time to go home. We start the show with a full update on the Dusty Rhodes Invitational Tag-Team Classic Tournament, showing how all of the matches so far have shaken out, and bringing us up to speed on the last non-televised match, where Jordan and Gable went over the Hype Bros. They'll be facing Dash and Dawson at Respect, while the other semi-final match will be Rhyno and Corbin against the winner of tonight's first match.

Enzo and Cass versus Finn Balor and Samoa Joe. I'd like to see Enzo and Cass win this, but I don't like their odds. Finn's entrance is toned down just a bit this week, which makes me think that he's caught the eye of someone on RAW. That's a bit worrisome. Enzo and Cass run their schtick to start, but Joe gets in the ring and he and Cass get it started. They start trading shoulder blocks, but everybody's no-selling, until finally Joe manages to knock Cass out of the ring. Joe follows him out, but it's like a second before both Finn and Enzo dive out onto their respective opponents. There's a little boy in an Enzo and Cass shirt at ringside, and he is not impressed by Finn Balor at all. Finn, however, is awfully pleased with himself. That takes us to a quick break, and when we come back Enzo is getting worked over in the ring. He counters Finn with a jumping DDT off the middle turnbuckle and tags in Cass, but Cass just winds up taking another beating from Samoa Joe, culminating in a stiff STO. Enzo and Cass manage to rally, and surprise, surprise, they hit the Rocket Launcher! That should do it.
Match Rating: Oh, Shit, Wait! Never Mind.
Joe sells Enzo and Cass's finisher like he just got hit by a refreshing breeze. He hoists Enzo up like a toddler, and then Enzo eats a combo Muscle Buster/Coup de Grace, and for real, that will do it.
Match Rating: Take That, Enzo and Cass!

Wow, that sucks for Enzo and Cass. Backstage, we catch up with the Indy Guys, who are no longer New, really. They're disappointed in their performance so far, because they'd set a really high standard for themselves which they've failed to achieve. Johnny Garbanzo is fighting Apollo Crews tonight, and hopes to make it up there. Tyler Breeze interrupts. He figures if Garbanzo's fighting AC, then because Breeze is fighting AC at Respect, then maybe he can fight Toyota Camry tonight. Camry agrees, and we've got another match.

Fun fact: Chanel surfing after NXT was over, I stopped on TNA (sound of stifled laugh) for a second, and who should I see but good old Toyota Camry himself. If they want to win more matches, an exclusive contract would probably help them out a lot.

We see another Asuka promo, but this one's got some footage from her matches. Looks really cool, but based on what we saw from Hideo Itami, I wouldn't expect anything too awesome from her for a couple of months, until she gets comfortable around the NXT women.

It's time for Garbanzo vs. Crews. Garbanzo's got some cool stuff for us tonight, including what I'm going to call a modified Tarantula in the ropes and later on a modified abdominal stretch that looks pretty neat. He's also got some wicked-looking dropkicks, that just graze the top of Crews's skull and look like they hurt like hell. Unfortunately for Garbanzo, only one of these dudes is heading to Takeover, and it ain't him. Crews comes back with a suplex, a big splash, a big clothesline, and then the press slam/moonsault combo seals it up.
Match Rating: Neat Enough, I Guess.

GM Regal is backstage with Dana and Emma. Regal felt embarrassed by them last week, so he's going to make Dana fight Asuka at Respect. Dana calls Asuka a "hy-hena," which Emma awesomely just rolls with by nonchalantly stating, "She says it like that." Regal decides the best way to get through to Dana is to show her some footage of what she's in for, and pulls up a video of Asuka. We can't see what it is, but it sounds brutal, and whatever it is, it rattles Dana pretty good, and Emma decides that Dana's on her own for this one.

Nia Jax is coming, and Takeover would be a pretty good place to show up, I think.

Oh, we DO get to see the Asuka footage! She's...hitting a punching bag. That was awfully underwhelming.

Dana and Emma decide to hit some actual people. Specifically poor Peyton Royce and Billie Kay. Ain't no superstar ever named Peyton Royce or Billie Kay. Anyhoo, they're out with matching tights, which I think is a neat idea, and they wind up getting in a ton of offense to start the match. Billie Kay in particular gets to show off a damned impressive delayed vertical suplex. Once the heels take over, though, this starts going more like you'd expect. There's a great bit where Emma makes it look like she's going to allow Billie to tag out and then cuts her off, but eventually the hot tag is made to Peyton, who comes in with a bunch of roundhouse kicks. She goes up top, and it looks like she botches a crossbody, but I think it was supposed to look like that. I think. There's a brief bit of back-and-forth, but Emma makes sure that Billie Kay is dumped to the outside, then distracts Peyton long enough for Dana to hit her Falcon Arrow for the win.
Match Rating: Dana Has Really Improved, But I'm Still A Little Concerned About Her Getting A Major Singles Match.

Jordan(call him JJ) and Gable are backstage, and they feel really confident, up until they get interrupted by Dash and Dawson. D&D remember how J&G cost them the 8-man match in Brooklyn, and all four of them wrap up the segment by trying to shout over each other.

Our main event is going to be Tyler Breeze against Toyota Camry. The match opens up with a series of pinfall reversals, which ends up with Breeze riding around on top of Camry who's crawling around the ring. It's actually pretty funny. After the shenanigans, Camry gets down to business with some elbow and knee strikes, and I start to realize that the thing I like about the Indy Guys is all their cool double-team moves, which obviously they can't do in singles matches. There's nothing wrong with this match, but I'm just not feeling it. Tyler Breeze does a neat swinging neckbreaker, Camry's got a rope guillotine TKO thing that's cool, but I've just got no interest in this until Breeze gets the win off of Christian's Killswitch, which if he's going to use it regularly I think we need to go back to it's original name of the Unprettier.
Match Rating: I Didn't Like It, But It Really Was A Good Match.

Rhyno and Corbin are backstage, just like all the other teams. They can't be stopped, they won't be stopped, and they can't be stopped.

After that, it's the Final Countdown to Takeover: Respect. The card is the last three matches of the Tag Classic, Dana vs. Asuka in Asuka's debut, AC vs. TB, and the Ironman match. I have to admit, that card's pretty underwhelming when you see it all together. I know they kind of had to rush Respect after Brooklyn, and while the card's not exactly thrown together, I don't feel like much of it's had the time it needs to feel important. It's very much a one-match card, and for the first time, I'm not feeling very excited for Takeover. What a bummer way to end the show.

Oh, wait. The show's not over yet.

There's a package for the Ironman match. It starts out with a quick recap of what we already saw; the Brooklyn match, the celebration, the rematch challenge. Then, it starts doing an homage to the original Brett/Shawn Ironman match, showing footage of the women training for the match. It's all cardio conditioning, and talking about what they need to do to win, why the match is important, and why *winning* the match is important beyond just the title, and I'm going to shit myself if there it is, it's Bayley doing upside down push-ups! And they even show the original video of Shawn Michaels doing that just so that the reference isn't lost on the youngsters out there. The whole thing culminates perfectly in the handshake that sealed the Ironman match.

Okay, okay, okay, it's a one-match card, but HOT DAMN am I excited for that one match. They didn't promise the moon; they promised the moon, the sun, and the stars. For the first time, they themselves are saying that this match is going to be the greatest match in the history of NXT women's wrestling, possibly in the history of NXT wrestling period. They are shooting for legendary status. And in the hands of lesser talent I'd be worried. But I'm not.

I'm excited for Takeover.
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#2 Posted on 2.10.15 1536.12
Reposted on: 2.10.22 1538.32
If every promo video was as good as the Ironwoman video, everything would seem important. It might just be my Sasha-Bayley love, but that was a perfect video package. Imagine a world where the divas division gets something like that.

Dana Brooke has grown on me. Eva Marie probably won't. I already dig Nia Jax and I know nothing of her outside of Twitter and "she's coming eventually" videos.

I'm ready to move on from the tag tournament. The shows have seemed a bit stagnant lately when all we are focusing on is this tournament, and then we don't see half the matches.

It's time to do something with Tyler Breeze. He's become the guy who always loses to the bigger deal at Takeovers.
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