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24.2.17 2042
The 7 - Pro Wrestling - NXT #297 9/16/15
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#1 Posted on 19.9.15 1002.11
Reposted on: 19.9.22 1002.16
No recap from last week, no setup for tonight's main event, we go right to the ring. Tyler Breeze is out, fresh off of the beating he gave Bull Dempsey last week. His opponent will be...Adam Rose? Hmm, okay. Rose has a new gimmick, which is basically that because his old party-time gimmick got crushed, his new goal is to poop on everyone else's party. And say "poop" as many time as a human possibly can say that word. By the end of this segment, the word poop loses all meaning to me. Rose finishes his spiel, but before we get to any action, Bull's out. He's fresh off that beating from last week, too, and he's not thrilled about it. He promises that what's about to happen to Breeze will be no accident, but he kind of stumbles on the promo, and that actually made it weirdly endearing to me. Kind of humanized the moment, if you will. Anyhoo, Breeze has to put up with the crowd a little bit, but when he finally gets a chance to speak, he points out that it was Bull's fault that he's out of the Tag Classic, and so basically, screw Bull. Bull wants Rose to leave so he can have Breeze to himself. Rose calls bullshit on that, and says he's not out to help Bull, and he's still got a beef with Breeze from the beating Breeze gave him, waaaay back in May. That's when this whole thing breaks down. The brawl goes to Bull, and demands a match next week. Breeze, however, just gets the hell out of dodge.

Okay, so that wasn't really a match, but it did turn out to be a pretty great midcard promo segment, so I guess I'm not really complaining. I also don't complain about Adam Rose coming back. Maybe this time they'll let him get his character all the way together before they try to shove him into far too many RAW segments.

Backstage, the camera crew finally catches up to Tyler Breeze. He's actually right in the middle of using his phone to record the answer to Bull's challenge. It's a yes, so we're getting that next week.

Our first actual match is just a squash, Perfect 10 Tye Dillinger against Some Jobber. P10 does a cool modified abdominal stretch, and the jobber does a neat bit where he steals the "10, 10, 10" taunt after his token offense, but ultimately a side Russian leg-sweep sets up Dillinger's rolling knee thing, and squash is served.
Match Rating: 6/10.

Later tonight, Rhyno and Corbin take on the New Guys as part of the tag classic. They're not worried, because they don't even know who these guys are, and they certainly don't care. Their team is based on respect (evidently?), and the New Guys will have to earn that. Okay.

Next week, we get the official signing of Asuka, who you may more likely remember as Kana, from her brief appearance ringside in Brooklyn. She's evidently a pretty big deal in Japan, and kudos to NXT for replenishing their women's division so quickly after it got gutted.

Apollo Crews is out to take on Solomon Crowe. I'm having real trouble figuring out if Crow or the Perfect 10 is the new CJ Parker. Anyhoo, this is just a platform for AC to show off his amazing combination of power and grace. We get a really cool deadlift suplex with Crow staring off sitting on the mat. We also get a very nice baseball slide, that unfortunately for Crews, Crowe sees coming a mile away. So he blocks it by catching Crews in the apron dressing, and wailing on him like a hockey player with his jersey pulled up over his head. Crowe has changed up his moveset, favoring a Kevin Owens-style grounded offense. Lots of grinding rest holds and such. He also appears to have dropped a little mass, giving him a leaner look. That's really all academic, though, because AC cuts him off with a jawbreaker, then it's a big boot, a big clothesline, a big splash, a big dropkick, and then a more sort of regular sized gorilla press/standing moonsault combo.
Match Rating: I Think It's Crowe. Crowe Is The New CJ Parker.

The New Guys are backstage, and look; we all had a lot of fun last week, but I really meant it when I said I couldn't keep that name gag going. I'm shocked I got as many as I did. So until these guys get better names, I'm just going to cherry pick my favorites from last week and run with those. Please welcome Johnny Garbanzo and Toyota Camry. They, uh, don't actually have a lot to say, other than they want to show the world what they can do. That, uh, doesn't really set them apart from everybody else, does it?

Emma and Dana Brooke have a backstage interview segment as well, and amazingly, they have even less to say than the New Guys. Let's move on.

Oh, hey, Sasha Banks is here in the parking lot. I didn't mention this earlier, but Bayley is making her big return this week, so we can all probably see where this is going.

There's a rundown of the Tag Classic from the Control Center set, which is actually pretty nice. We get to see all the first round brackets, and I think this is the first time they've actually announced that the final match will take place at the upcoming Takeover event in October. They also give us the highlights of the other two first-round matches that weren't worth showing on television. The Vaudvillains beat Blake and Murphy to advance, and two new guys (no, not those New Guys) named Wolf and Kokoa lost to the Hype Bros.

That takes us to the match which is, for all intents and purposes, tonight's real main event. Corbin and Rhyno against New Guys Johnny Garbanzo and Toyota Camry. I'm really just doing it to make a point: Change their names. Anyhoo, Camry and Rhyno start, and they get a good back and forth of hard chops and strikes, until Rhyno lays in an elbow that gives him a slight advantage. A clothesline turns it back around in favor of Toyota Camry, and a neat multi-part combination move sends Rhyno out to the floor. Rhyno's in the Danger Zone, and he gets treated as such by Garbanzo. Corbin quickly follows him out there, and Garbanzo's got a Danger Zone dive for him as well. Toyota Camry gets up on the turnbuckle, setting up an obvious moonsault, but does a disappointing crossbody block instead. Back in the ring, the New Guys deliver a double running kick in the turnbuckle, but Rhyno counters with a nasty short-arm clothesline. Corbin is in, and for a while Garbanzo is able to outmaneuver him, but a spinning sidewalk slam places him firmly in peril. Corbin and Rhyno wail in him for a while, until he's able to get into position for a missile dropkick, which allows him to make the hot tag. There's a really cool springboard DDT spot, and he even manages to dodge an attempted Gore, but ultimately he can't get away from the End of Days, and the New Guys are out.
Match Rating: Corbin Is A Much, Much Better Tag Wrestler Than Singles Competitor.

The Vaudvillains are backstage, celebrating their new championships as well as their success in the Tag Classic so far. These guys are great. And I know that people absolutely love Simon Gotch, and not without reason, but I think that Aiden English might be my favorite guy in all of NXT right now. Either way, these guys are great. Anyhoo, Blake, Murphy, and Bliss bust in. Now that Bliss has dealt with Blue Pants, they want their rematch for the titles. The Vaudvillains are happy to oblige, as Bliss makes wonderfully disgusted faces at them. Blake and Murphy look like they've finally managed to nail down a gimmick as well - they're morons. No, really, that's their gimmick. They don't know what words mean, and they can't talk. This is on purpose, and it is also great. Two meatheads with Alexa Bliss as the brains of the outfit. It just works.

Technically, the main event is Bayley against Some Jobber, but we all know what's going to happen here, and it's barely a match. Bayley starts by going out into the crowd. She seriously runs like three laps around the place. She brings Izzy her #1 fan, into the ring to celebrate with her, and it looks like Izzy's parents are almost as happy as Izzy herself is. Bayley is money, people! The match gets started, and it is, in fact, no match. The jobber gets in more offense than expected, but Bayley does a big power spot, followed by her corner elbows, a snap suplex, and then the Belly to Bayley.
Match Rating: The Prophecy Is Fulfilled!

Bayley gets a mic afterwards, but come on. We know what's up. Sasha Banks is out before Bayley can say more than two words. Literally. "Holy Moley!" That's it. Actually, she might have said, "Holy Moley, you guys!" I can't double check right now, and I refuse to allow myself to misuse the word "literally." I'm digressing here. Banks is actually pretty reserved and respectful here. She lost, and she knows it. She says that at Takeover, they stole the show, and put on the match of the night. Who gives a shit. Banks plays to win, and she wants her title back. Bayley is game whenever. Tonight, next week, name it! That's a great spin on the old, "Then let's do it tonight" routine. Banks, however, needs more than a regular match. She needs to make a statement, to prove that she's the best women's wrestler (she actually says "women's wrestler," and then Bayley does too) of all time. She wants to beat Bayley again, and again, and again, and you know where this is going. If you read last week's thread, you know they actually made the announcement in advance of this week's episode airing. The Full Sail crowd, however, even without the benefit of spoilers, knows exactly where this is going. They're chanting "Iron Man" at the top of their lungs. GM Regal comes out to make the match official, and officially name it the one, the only, the sole main event at Takeover. A handshake between the competitors seals the deal and takes us out.

I think my favorite part of that segment was the fact that nobody involved, Bayley, Banks, or Regal, could actually stay 100% in character for it. They all had giddy schoolgirl grins the whole time. This is a big deal, and they all know it. We all know it. They've kind of been doing this to themselves for a long time now, but they've put some absolutely huge expectations on this match. I want them to live up to them. Good luck, ladies.
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#2 Posted on 20.9.15 1128.18
Reposted on: 20.9.22 1128.52
I enjoyed the occasional mention of how "crazy" Sarah Dobsons offence was. ;)
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#3 Posted on 20.9.15 1420.38
Reposted on: 20.9.22 1422.01
Bayley is just truckloads of money and good PR if they capitalize on it right.

There's no match I'm looking forward to more than the Ironwoman match in the next few months. I'm glad they finally figured out that they might as well make the women the main event, because nothing can follow them.

Also, I'm always glad NXT gives us glimpses of awesome GM Regal. I almost wish we could get him as Raw GM again, just not as an Authority spokesperson.
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#4 Posted on 20.9.15 1456.27
Reposted on: 20.9.22 1456.50
I think we are missing the most important thing that happened both on this episode and the one before: Bull Dempsey patting his stomach in time to clap, clap, clap-clap-clap.

Also, Jonny Garbonzo and Toyota Camry sounds like a 15 minute program Cartoon Network would definitely green-light. Look at that legume drive a practical automobile- quirky!

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#5 Posted on 20.9.15 2147.45
Reposted on: 20.9.22 2148.10
    Originally posted by Greymarch
    I enjoyed the occasional mention of how "crazy" Sarah Dobsons offence was. ;)

This... to infinity!
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