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The 7 - Pro Wrestling - NXT #295 9/2/15
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#1 Posted on 4.9.15 0842.24
Reposted on: 4.9.22 0842.45
This episode of NXT marks the beginning of the Dusty Rhodes Invitational Tag Team Classic, which promises to be a lot of fun, but might also perhaps contain the odd clunker of a match. Case in point: The very first match of this tournament(? That point wasn't really made clear.) is The Ascension versus Rhyno and Baron Corbin. Three of these four guys ain't exactly magic, y'know? Right away, I notice that the Ascension look pretty rusty, and that's when I realized that I don't remember the last time they had a televised match, which might explain a few things. Victor takes a bump to the outside and I think he might have actually hurt himself, but he eventually waves the ref off and we get back to it. The match does pick up a little bit, and the highlight is probably Connor doing a little bit of Dusty Rhodes dancing in the ring. Eventually, everybody does a little do-si-do, which puts Rhyno in position to nail the Gore and that's that.
Match Rating: Really, More Like The Exact Opposite Of Magic.

We go backstage to Neville and we find out who his partner is going to be - it's Solomon Crowe, which is an odd, if interesting choice. Neville is being a serious professional, and Crowe is not. Neville seems genuinely perplexed regarding Crowe, but both like their chances of success tonight.

Alexa Bliss takes on Blue Pants next. Corey Graves refers to Blue Pants as the "Discount Diva," which might not be new, but I hadn't noticed it before, and I really like it. Old BP is out to have some fun, but Bliss isn't playing around. She lays right in with some hard shots, and once she puts BP down on the canvas, she takes a moment to stand on her face. I'm not sure I've mentioned how much I like Alexa Bliss, but I do. She's really great, and some of her rough edges that she started NXT with have been knocked off by now. Also, Bliss is fucking hardcore. She starts laying in some mean-looking shoulder tackles to BP's midsection and locks in an arm submission. Blue Pants gets out of that, and her counter is a very pretty Northern Lights suplex. It gets two, and Bliss goes right back on the offensive with a standing backflip into a double knee drop across BP's already worked-over midsection. It's a killer move, but the real killer move is when Bliss goes up top to nail the Sparkle Splash for the win.
Match Rating: Huh, The Women's Division ISN'T Dead.

GM Regal is in his office talking to...the internet tells me they're Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa. Regal actually says their names, but he does it so quickly and so quietly I had no idea who they were at the time. I haven't heard of them before, but that actually means very, very little. Anyhoo, they get interrupted by Tyler Breeze, who wants a good partner for the Tag Classic. Instead, Regal, who is getting very tired of Breeze by now, sticks him with Bull Dempsey to face the aforementioned Gargano and Ciampa next week.

We get a recap package of last week's main event botch, which we've decided to just roll with. Watch it again, and you can see just how surprised and legitimately angry everyone is. It's fun. Anyhoo, the recap take us into an interview with Emma, where she reminds us that the so-called "Divas Revolution" started with her at ArRival. That is an excellent point, Emma.

Apollo Crews is out to squash up Some Jobber. Nothing much to see here - well, nothing new in any event. Match ends with the press slam/standing moonsault combo that still doesn't have a name.
Match Rating: Crews Actually Does Have An Incredible Standing Jump.

Backstage, we find out that Neville and Crowe are taking on Jordan and Gable. J&G know that people think they're underdogs just because they're going up against Adrian Neville (Take that, Solomon Crowe!), but they're out to make history, while Solomon Crowe is just going to wind up forgotten (Take that, Solomon Crowe!). Gable gets Jordan to say his name for his catchphrase, which Jordan then states he will refuse to admit to in the future. Gable's response is that "it's all on camera, buddy!" and I love these guys.

Finn Balor is taking the NXT championship to Texas for their upcoming tour, but he'll also be teaming with Samoa Joe in the tag classic. Joe seems awfully chummy here. Suspiciously chummy.

Crud, we've got another Eva Marie match this week. It's against Some Jobber, so maybe it might be better than her match with Carmella. I mean, they can't all be the worst match I've ever seen, right? The match starts, and actually Eva Marie *does* seem to have improved. She does a couple of nice headlock reversals, and a rebound spot off the turnbuckle. Nothing beyond the basics, but it all looks okay so far. Then she slaps on her shitty rest hold, which is looking a little tighter, and then her shitty senton, which *isn't* any better than before. I'm still willing to be pretty generous with this one, but she goes to the rest hold again, and for real, somebody needs to tell her how many rest spots you're allowed to do in a five minute match. Still, this is miles away from the last two matches. Even the crowd is being pretty generous here. Right until Eva Marie fucks it all up. The Jobber gets in her token offense and goes for a cover. Obviously, she's not supposed to win. Eva Marie DOESN'T KICK OUT OF THE COVER. Unlike last week (and possibly because of last week), the ref doesn't count the pin and the Jobber jumps up off Eva Marie, but EVERYONE can tell what just happened there. The crowd turns on this thing immediately and VICIOUSLY. Hell, I turn on this thing. There's no recovering from that botched kickout. Eva Marie eventually hits the Sliced Bread #2 (and again, it looks more like the Jobber hitting a back suplex) and picks up the actual pin while the crowd shits all over it.
Match Rating: I Take It Back; This Match Killed All Wrestling Forever.

We get some footage of Enzo, Cass, Mojo, and Ryder celebrating their win backstage last week. Nothing much here, except at the end when they're all talking about going out to party, except for Ryder, who's heading to Long Island, and everybody's like "Why?" and he's like, "I LIVE there." The idea of Zack Ryder turning heel because he's tired of the party scene is oddly appealing to me.

Joe and Balor have their first match next week against the Lucha Dragons. Well, we've got a pretty good idea of who's going to win that, but it should be fun nevertheless.

Main event is the next match in the tag classic: Jordan and Gable vs. Neville and Crowe. This starts out with chain wrestling, and it's really, really good, but it is way too fast for me to be able to tell you exactly what happened. A lot of switches and crossovers. It's probably more chain wrestling in four minutes than I've seen of RAW over the last ten years total. Jordan and Gable eventually take control when Jordan counters out of a German suplex attempt by landing on his feet, and following it up with an absolutely monster release belly-to-belly. The heels work over Crowe relentlessly, including a really fun matador spot (not to be confused with Los Matadores) where Crowe is in their corner, and Jordan waves Gable's "Gable" towel in front of him while Gable charges at Crowe. Gable eventually pulls Crowe up into a modified bow and arrow, but Crowe reverses out of it into a pin attempt. That obviously does not get the win, but it is enough for Crowe to make the hot tag. Neville comes in kicks ablaze, nailing a combination on Jordan and one for Gable that sends him outside. Neville sets Jordan up for the Red Arrow, but he rolls outside as well. You all know what happens when dudes are in the Danger Zone, so Neville hits his signature massive moonsault on Jordan, while Crowe comes diving out onto Gable. Neville tosses Jordan back in, and tries for a springboard of some kind. Doesn't matter what, because Jordan catches him. Jordan doesn't stay in control for long, though. Neville wrecks him with a superkick, but then Crowe blind tags himself in. This is not a good plan. Jordan muscles him up into a belly-to-belly suplex, tags in Gable, and then they hit their finisher, which is being called a motion-assisted German suplex. That's enough for the pin.
Match Rating: Surprise!

Did not see that coming! Good for Jordan and Gable, though. We get a very quick glance at some brackets before we go out (Marcus Louis is teaming with some guy I've never heard of before!). The main event was definitely good enough to fill me with enthusiasm for the Tag Classic, and the two matches announced for next week should be pretty fun all around. But man, I seriously need a break from Eva Marie matches.

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#2 Posted on 4.9.15 1101.51
Reposted on: 4.9.22 1104.20
That Eva Marie non kick out was BRUTAL, and I've been a big supporter of her rebirth, but that can't happen. I have no idea why they didn't cut that match out. Just because you are taping it doesn't mean you have to show it.

Also never show Connor throwing punches.

I must have missed the bracket.

Good enough show overall.

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#3 Posted on 4.9.15 1128.46
Reposted on: 4.9.22 1129.01
From yesterday's Observer news update, here are the brackets for the tournament:

  • Samoa Joe & Finn Balor vs. Lucha Dragons
  • Enzo Amore & Big Cass vs. Angelo Dawkins & Sawyer Fulton
  • Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder vs. Tucker Knight & Elias Samson
  • Blake & Murphy vs. Vaudevillains
  • Mojo Rawley & Zack Ryder vs. Marcus Louis & Alexander Wolfe (née Axel Tischer)
  • Jason Jordan & Chad Gable vs. Solomon Crowe & Neville
  • Rhyno & Baron Corbin vs. The Ascension
  • Johnny Gargano & Tommaso Ciampa vs. Tyler Breeze & Bull Dempsey

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#4 Posted on 4.9.15 1304.19
Reposted on: 4.9.22 1305.35
The show - with the Eva Marie non-kickout - was actually/confusingly taped prior to Takeover: Brooklyn. (Same deal with next week's show.) It's possible the reverse happened - there was some discussion about not counting three here, and that's why the ref made sure to count three on Takeover.
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#5 Posted on 4.9.15 1438.58
Reposted on: 4.9.22 1446.15
I really wish Foley would stop trying to support Eva Marie. I know he isn't that guy that trashes other wrestlers, but he doesn't need to be the overly supportive Dad. It gives the impression that she is getting, but she is a fucking trainwreck. I can't believe they are contemplating giving her the massive push after Nikki.

I love the idea of the Dusty Rhodes tag tournament. It gives everyone some time and it looks like the talent is giving some respect to him as well. Shame Owens isn't in it part of it.
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