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#1 Posted on 30.8.15 0944.09
Reposted on: 30.8.22 0959.01
There was a whole lot of wrestling last weekend, so let's say that's why I gave us some time to cool down before putting up this recap. Okay, okay, this one is late, even for me. Moving forward, they're all going to be a little later, since my Thursdays are filling up for the foreseeable future. Expect recaps on Friday mornings.

Speaking of recaps, that's how we open this week's show, with a recap package of Takeover: Brooklyn. All of this week's matches were actually filmed last week before the big show, which give the crowd kind of an interesting flavor. The opening match is Enzo, Cass, and the Hype Bros. against Jordan, Gable, Dash, and Dawson. Enzo and Cass (especially Enzo) are just kind of over here in New York. Ha, just kidding, the crowd literally doesn't stop chanting for them for the entire duration of the match. Dash and Dawson come to the ring in a pair of matching members-only jackets that immediately remind me of the Brain Busters, and I am gratified that commentary calls that out as their intended purpose. While I'm doing fashion report, I'd also just like to say that I'm a big fan of the design of Jordan and Gable's ring gear. I don't know, I just think it has a solid design behind it. Anyhoo, the match itself doesn't have a whole lot going on. It opens with Enzo dancing in the ring, and leads to the faces cleaning house. Cass chokeslams one of either Dash or Dawson into the corner, which is followed by what is actually a very nice Stinger Splash by Mojo, and then a Broski Boot from Ryder. Cass then tosses Enzo out of the ring onto the other three guys to send us to break. When we come back, the heels have gained control over Enzo. Maybe using his body as a weapon isn't the best strategy? They work Enzo's arm pretty consistently, including Gable hitting a hanging cross arm breaker across the top rope. Enzo hits a DDT off the top rope, but can't make the tag in time, but still manages to knock enough of the heels off the apron that he's able to hot-tag to Cass. Then it's the cavalcade of finishers - Empire Elbow, Rough Ryder, Shatter Machine, Some Thing That Mojo Does That's Not Great, East River Crossing, and then finally Enzo gets tagged in to hit the Rocket Launcher and pick up the pin.
Match Rating: A Hot Opener For The New York Crowd.

Backstage, GM Regal reminds us that they're doing the Dusty Rhodes tag classic starting next week. Adrian Neville shows up (because NXT is going to the UK, including Newcastle specifically) and asks to be added to the event. Regal agrees, but we don't know who his partner is going to be.

They're doing a thing this week, where they actually filmed everybody right after their match last week for comments. We start with Finn Balor, letting us (and Kevin Owens) know that his win in Japan was not a fluke, that he deserves to be the champ, and that he, and NXT, are moving on to bigger and better things.

They're also doing a thing where everybody in the four-way main event tonight gets a spotlight package. We start with Emma, and detail her transition from popular face to bitter heel.

Charlotte and Becky Lynch talk about tonight's main event, but don't say anything much of value other than to disparage both Emma and Dana Brooke.

This gets followed by Becky Lynch's spotlight package, which is mostly the same as the last time we saw one, but now includes a couple of bits from her debut on RAW.

The next match is, bear with me now, Eva Marie vs. Carmella. This is even worse than Eva's match with Cassie, and no, I won't let this go. This is fucking terrible, like actually watching somebody in wrestling school. They move like they're trapped in amber. Carmella's been coming along for a while, but her entire offense revolves around her hooking her opponent's waist, and that becomes really apparent after about 30 seconds. Eva Marie hits a senton that's off the mark just enough that it looks like it really hurts. They go into a rest hold that's actually not bad, but this match is in no way long enough to justify the length of time this hold is applied for, and the crowd is eating these two alive. They just want the match to be over. I concur. Finally, finally we go home, but without someone like Cassie to assist the Sliced Bread #2, the move gets botched almost beyond recognition. From the initial camera angle, you can see Eva Marie start to come away from Carmella, and she almost loses her completely. On the replay, the angle hides that, but you can see how much weight winds up coming down on top of Carmella's collarbone, and how much she struggles to keep Eva Marie up for the move. It's bad.
Match Rating: It's Real Bad.

I'm not sure how every match Eva Marie has can continue to be the worst match I've ever seen. Anyhoo, we go backstage to Tyler Breeze, who's not thrilled about losing to Jushin "Thunder" Liger, but has big plans for the future. I'm intrigued.

Emma and Dana Brooke talk about tonight's main event, but don't say anything much of value other than to disparage both Charlotte and Becky Lynch. Deja vu.

Dana's package is up next, and it is just the same one we saw the last time.

Backstage from Takeover is Bayley, and she is so emotional she can't even talk. She manages to get out how happy she is to win, and how sad she is about being left behind (and man, that is really sad when she says it), but we don't have time to dwell on that because they bring Bayley's family out. They all talk about how proud they are of her, and Bayley loses it again, and the waterworks come on, and oh man, now I'm crying. Cut away, cut away!

Okay, okay, I've composed myself. We're back with Regal, who gets interrupted again. This time it's Baron Corbin who says something, but I'm too bored to comprehend anything that comes out of his mouth. Regal says that the first match in the tag classic next week will be Corbin and Rhyno against the Ascension. That's not promising.

Comments from Kevin Owens. He promises to break Cesaro at Summerslam. Here in the future, we know that he wins, but "break" seems a little over-optimistic in retrospect. He also gets asked about his future in NXT, and awesomely, instead of his customary refusal to answer the last question of any interview, he looks like he legitimately doesn't have an answer.

Next is Bull's return to NXT. His opponent is "The Drifter" Elias Samson, and now that he has a gimmick I care about him. He comes out with a guitar and a Chris Jericho scarf, and it's just ridiculous enough. Bull's out in a boxer's robe that has a Bull-fit logo on it, and when he takes off the robe you can see that it says "Bull!" on the front of his tights, and "Fit!" on the back. This is a competitive squash, but the match is laid out really smartly to show off Bull's improved conditioning, with him easily recovering from a bunch of stuff that's supposed to tire him out. A top-rope butt splash secures the win for Bull.
Match Rating: The Real Winners Here Are Gimmicks.

Comments from Samoa Joe. He means business and he wants a title. All right then.

Nia Jax is still coming. It's good to see how quickly they're rebuilding the women's division.

Apollo Crews is pretty flustered following his match at Takeover. He doesn't really say anything here, but he sounds like an actual person, which if it's being done on purpose is pretty cool.

Following that, we get comments from the former tag champs. As you can imagine, Blake and Murphy are pretty mad, but not half as mad as Alexa Bliss, who wants to fight Blue Pants one-on-one next week. Line of the night: "Is she even on this roster?" Blue Pants - her gimmick is that no one gave her a real name or knows if she works here. People love her.

This gets followed by Charlotte's spotlight package, which is mostly the same as the last time we saw one, but now includes a couple of bits from her debut on RAW. Deja vu!

Finally, we make it to the main event, which is Charlotte versus Becky Lynch versus Emma versus Dana Brooke. I saw that there was some kind of botch in the finish, but let's see how this whole thing looks on TV. The faces start by wanting to clear out the heels. They manage this with a pair of dropkicks followed by a pair of kip ups, and they really managed to nail the synchronicity on both. Becky tries to work a hammerlock on Charlotte, but Charlotte escapes, remembers to sell the arm, and then applies the figure four headlock, complete with a trio of takeovers. They work each other over for a while, and then the heels come back in to break up a possible pin. Everybody spills outside, and Charlotte gets removed from play for a while. Dana and Emma double straightjacket her and slam her into the ringside barricade. I'd, uh, probably have to sit down for a while after that, too. The heels work over Becky for a nice long stretch, until Emma tells Dana to go outside and polish off Charlotte. While she's out there, Emma hits a tiger suplex on Becky and goes for the pin. Dana breaks up the cover, and the heels get into an argument. They appear to make up, but then Dana is supposed to try to kick Emma. I say "supposed to" because Dana botches this kick BAD. Like, not bad enough that they can't continue, but this might be the worst attempt at a kick I've ever seen in a wrestling ring. Anyhoo, Emma catches her and gets the advantage until Charlotte comes back into the match. She nails her swinging neckbreaker and then a double DDT on Emma and Dana. Becky Lynch goes for a missile dropkick, but winds up hitting Charlotte instead of either of the heels. You know you have to beat all three of them, right Becky? Since she is in control, Becky nails a pumphandle suplex and an exploder suplex on Dana, but Emma puts her and Charlotte in opposite corners and does a double Emma splash. Here's where the botch is: she goes for a cover on Becky Lynch and gets the pin. The ref looks absolutely pissed as he calls for the bell. It looks like Dana Brooke was supposed to break up the pin, but judging by the way she looks, she rang her own bell when she went out of the ring.
Match Rating: Dana Brooke Is Definitely A Weak Link Here.
Afterwards, nobody is happy with the finish. Emma gets a spear and a Natural Selection from Charlotte, and they play her music, so I assume that was the intended finish. Dana interrupts the celebration, but eats another exploder suplex for her trouble, and the faces lock on their submission holds to send us out.

For a bunch of stuff that wasn't good enough to be on the special, this was still pretty decent TV. Excepting Eva Marie/Carmella, everybody put in a solid performance. I'm looking forward to next week, which I assume will be a little less "dark-matchy," but this was a good cool-down episode to follow Takeover.

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#2 Posted on 30.8.15 1042.14
Reposted on: 30.8.22 1044.00
I can't believe nobody ever mentions that Alexa Bliss now apparently has metal claws.
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#3 Posted on 31.8.15 0940.19
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To be fair, when Alexa is on screen, I'm usually focused on

*gets slapped*
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