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26.2.17 1115
The 7 - Pro Wrestling - SummerSlam Predix
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#1 Posted on 18.8.15 0944.32
Reposted on: 18.8.22 0948.46
I feel compelled to start this thread for some reason.

Matches Announced (via

(image removed)
Brock Lesnar vs. The Undertaker

(image removed)
Randy Orton vs. Sheamus

(image removed)
US Champion John Cena vs. WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins

(image removed)
Intercontinental Champion Ryback vs. Big Show vs. The Miz (Triple Threat Match)

(image removed)
Bray Wyatt & Luke Harper vs. Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns

(image removed)
WWE Tag Team Champions The Prime Time Players vs. Los Matadores vs. The Lucha Dragons vs. The New Day

(image removed) Stephen Amell & Neville vs. Stardust & King Barrett

(image removed)
Kevin Owens vs. Cesaro

(image removed)
Team Bella vs. Team B.A.D. vs. PCB (elimination match)

(image removed)
Dolph Ziggler vs. Rusev

(edited by CRZ on 18.8.15 0946)
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#2 Posted on 18.8.15 1124.55
Reposted on: 18.8.22 1129.02
Ziggler (wish it would be Rusev)
Team PCB
Team Arrow
Reigns/Ambrose (wish it would be Harper/Wyatt)
and of course, (image removed)
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#3 Posted on 18.8.15 1135.20
Reposted on: 18.8.22 1143.48
Orton (MITB holder must lose until he has the belt!)
Miz (because, why not?)
Team PCB (Don't remember who's on what team, so I defer to above)
Regins/Ambrose (Reigns gets the pin, because Ambrose isn't allowed to)
Team Arrow

I have no idea where they'd be going with Rollins as the US Champion, so Cena winning makes more sense here. I expect a schmozz, but if I have to pick between the two, I lean towards Cena.
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#4 Posted on 18.8.15 1232.17
Reposted on: 18.8.22 1235.23
Team Arrow.
Paige's Angels
New Day
Wyatt Family

Sheamus cashes it in.

(edited by lotjx on 18.8.15 1232)
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#5 Posted on 18.8.15 1258.08
Reposted on: 18.8.22 1259.01
* Amell/Neville
* Rusev
* Orton
* Owens
* Reigns/Ambrose
* Charlotte is the sole survivor
* New Day regains the titles
* Ryback retains
* Rollins retains
* Lesnar
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#6 Posted on 18.8.15 1330.33
Reposted on: 18.8.22 1335.13
Brock Lesnar vs. The Undertaker - LESNAR

Randy Orton vs. Sheamus - ORTON

US Champion John Cena vs. WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins - ROLLINS

Intercontinental Champion Ryback vs. Big Show vs. The Miz (Triple Threat Match) - MIZ

Bray Wyatt & Luke Harper vs. Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns - WYATT FAMILY

WWE Tag Team Champions The Prime Time Players vs. Los Matadores vs. The Lucha Dragons vs. The New Day - NEW DAY

Stephen Amell & Neville vs. Stardust & King Barrett - TEAM AAROW

Kevin Owens vs. Cesaro - OWENS

Team Bella vs. Team B.A.D. vs. PCB (elimination match) - PCB

Dolph Ziggler vs. Rusev - ZIGGLER
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#7 Posted on 18.8.15 1345.17
Reposted on: 18.8.22 1350.48
The Undertaker
Seth Rollins
The Miz
Team Bella
Wyatt Family (due to shenanigans)
Team Arrow
Lucha Dragons

(edited by GRL on 18.8.15 2225)
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#8 Posted on 18.8.15 1410.38
Reposted on: 18.8.22 1415.11
'Taker wins, we get a third retirement match at WrestleMania (though it won't be as big as this match, since this is too big for WrestleMania).

Rollins, Cena wins in the rematch next month.

Orton, in the "briefcase winner always loses" deal.

Ryback. They finally gave him a chance, he also loses it at the next PPV.

Team B.A.D. Sole survivor Sasha Banks, who eliminates both Bellas in the end against the odds.

Not the Wyatts.

Team Arrow.

New. Day. ROCKS.

Owens, despite being banged up from the previous night's ladder match. (What a weekend for the guy.)

Dolph. Surprised this isn't a mixed tag, that seems to be a SummerSlam special (see also Mero/Jackie vs Edge/Sable, Santino/Beth vs Kofi/Mickie).

Most everybody left for the pre-show is a good guy, so let's say R-Truth & Mark Henry beat the Ascension.
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#9 Posted on 18.8.15 1446.42
Reposted on: 18.8.22 1457.58
Undertaker Because if you can't beat him, join him kick him in the nuts.

Cena or Shenanigans Because Rollins as dual champ wouldn't make sense.

Orton Because Sheamus is going to cash in.

Miz Because I like him the best of the three, and these are MY predictions.

B.A.D. Because I love Sasha Banks. Side note: I wish WWE would realize that not every team has to be called "team". I blame Twilight and its fans.

ReignBros Because they fight, drink, and make the ladies fall in love with them. What else is there in the world?

Arrows Because celebrities never lose in WWE. Unless they're fighting each other. In which case, we all lose. But this isn't that.

New Day Because they rocks.

Cesaro Because he's not fat.

Rusev Because I love him.
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#10 Posted on 18.8.15 1447.17
Reposted on: 18.8.22 1459.01
    Originally posted by andy1278
    Dolph. Surprised this isn't a mixed tag, that seems to be a SummerSlam special (see also Mero/Jackie vs Edge/Sable, Santino/Beth vs Kofi/Mickie).

Yeah, I guess Zig doesn't want to tarnish the legacy of his successful partnership with Kaitlyn.
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#11 Posted on 18.8.15 1449.13
Reposted on: 18.8.22 1459.02
Brock Lesnar vs. The Undertaker - Undertaker

Randy Orton vs. Sheamus - Orton

US Champion John Cena vs. WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins - Cena

Intercontinental Champion Ryback vs. Big Show vs. The Miz (Triple Threat Match) - Ryback

Bray Wyatt & Luke Harper vs. Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns - Reigns and Ambrose

WWE Tag Team Champions The Prime Time Players vs. Los Matadores vs. The Lucha Dragons vs. The New Day- New Day

Stephen Amell & Neville vs. Stardust & King Barrett - Amell and Neville

Kevin Owens vs. Cesaro - Owens

Team Bella vs. Team B.A.D. vs. PCB (elimination match) - PCB

Dolph Ziggler vs. Rusev - Ziggler
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#12 Posted on 18.8.15 1455.04
Reposted on: 18.8.22 1459.03
Let's see:
The Ryback
New Day
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#13 Posted on 18.8.15 1740.35
Reposted on: 18.8.22 1741.03
New Day
Amell & Neville
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#14 Posted on 18.8.15 1752.42
Reposted on: 18.8.22 1756.26
Yup, spaced on this last night after Raw. Must've been especially pooped after the first day of school.

The Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar: Boy is Paul Heyman going to feel silly after all those passionate promos he cut, and Taker comes in and wins. They'll get at least one more match out of him at Wrestlemania next year, and I can't imagine him going into that one with a loss.

Seth Rollins vs. John Cena, WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match: I really want to see Rollins win, but I'm feeling Cena takes this one. Hope I'm wrong.

Randy Orton vs. Sheamus: Sheamus wins this time.

Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose vs. Bray Wyatt & Luke Harper: The BFFs get the win.

Ryback vs. Big Show vs. The Miz, WWE Intercontinental Championship Match: Ryback Rules.

Team Bella vs. Team BAD vs. Team PCB, Divas Elimination Match: Uh, the team with Charlotte on it.

Neville & Stephen Amell vs. King Barrett & Stardust: Neville and Amell.

The Prime Time Players vs. The Lucha Dragons vs. The New Day vs. Los Matadores, WWE Tag Team Championship Match: The Players retain.

Kevin Owens vs. Cesaro: A bit of a toss-up for me. I'll say Owens.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Rusev: Rusev, continuing to make Ziggler look ineffectual.
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#15 Posted on 19.8.15 0248.57
Reposted on: 19.8.22 0259.01
Is it just me or are there actually a lot of matches that could go either way on this card? I don't think there are many that I would place money on.

Lesnar - he should win but why bring Taker back to lose? Double DQ could happen as they just fight and fight, but then you would have to do it again. Maybe Lesnar gives him a low blow followed by F5 to win?

Rollins - not sure how but its what I hope for. Cena has been great lately but he doesn't need it and the fans don't need him to have it.

Reigns and Ambrose - should be a very good match with Harper showing some moves.

Ryback - no point in Show having it and Miz will be Miz without the belt so keep it on the big guy.

Sheamus - he has to win at some stage.

PCB - any of these could win but guess they will want Charlotte to win.

Neville and Amell - possibly the only absolute banker of the night.

New Day - they have been great and enjoying themselves so they may well lose because of that.

Owens - cheap win as they will want both to look good here. And they will.

Ziggler - Rusev will dominate with Dolph getting a roll up out of nowhere to win.
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#16 Posted on 19.8.15 0447.11
Reposted on: 19.8.22 0448.45
Brock Lesnar vs. The Undertaker - Undertaker

Randy Orton vs. Sheamus - sheamus

US Champion John Cena vs. WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins - rollin

Intercontinental Champion Ryback vs. Big Show vs. The Miz; ryback

Bray Wyatt & Luke Harper vs. Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns - ambrose and reigns

WWE Tag Team Champions The Prime Time Players vs. Los Matadores vs. The Lucha Dragons vs. The New Day - NEW DAY

Stephen Amell & Neville vs. Stardust & King Barrett - neville and the other guy

Kevin Owens vs. Cesaro - owens

Team Bella vs. Team B.A.D. vs. PCB (elimination match) - PCB

Dolph Ziggler vs. Rusev - Zigger
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#17 Posted on 19.8.15 0941.19
Reposted on: 19.8.22 0941.49
Brock Lesnar VS The Undertaker
I can see the logic to having Taker go over to set up a rubber match but the WWE has pretty much retconned all of Brock's pre-WMXXX jobs out of existence and I don't really get the logic to having a super part-timer on his last legs be the guy that takes him down. Brock Lesnar wins again, leading to The Undertaker putting his career on the line in what is ultimately his final match at Wrestlemania 32.

Seth Rollins (C) VS John Cena (C)

On the one hand, neither outcome really makes a world of sense and pretty much every sign points to some sort of no-contesty schmozz finish, likely involving some combination of Sheamus, Owens, Orton and Cesaro. But on the other hand, winning a mid-card title and spending months going over the mid-card wrestlers, presumably ultimately leading to putting a young guy over in a huge way - including a real cocktease with the presumptive Next Big Thing that ultimately ends him in anti-climatically tapping out - only to randomly get inserted into the world title picture, winning that belt and vacating said midcard belt without losing it to anyone is pretty much the most John Cena thing I can think of.

Ryback (C) VS The Miz VS The Big Show

The exact transplant of this cancelled Battleground match - that no one was exactly clammoring for - makes me think something significant was planned. I say The Miz wins, when The Big Show turns and becomes The World's Largest Mizdow.

The Prime Time Players (C) VS The New Day VS The Lucha Dragons VS Los Matadores

Tough call, this one could honestly go in any direction that doesn't have the word Matadores in it. I'll be wacky and predict that it's The Lucha Dragons turn.

Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose VS Bray Wyatt & Luke Harper
The Wyatt Family wins when one of their opponents turns and joins them. Roman could benefit the most from a heel turn and having Bray's promos and the overall Wyatt atmosphere cover his weaknesses - plus Dean's hottest run was the last time one of his Shield brothers betrayed him - but I think they still have eyes on him as the next top babyface star. Dean's character would probably gel well with the Wyatt dynamic and he honestly could use a freshening up of his character. Whoever it is, this is the next step towards the Shield Triple Threat at Wrestlemania.

Neville & The Guy From One Tree Hill Or Something VS Stardust & King Barrett
This is the least famous celebrity to ever get involved in a match, right? Like, at least I knew who Snooki was, you know? Anyway, by all accounts The Guy From Dawson's Creek is a big fan and seems like he'll at least be able to do that Sable at Wrestlemania XIV thing where they teach him enough spots to make it seem like he's actually a wrestler. Neville & The Guy From The OC win, when Insert Other CW Teen Drama From Ten Years Ago Because I'm Old And Those Are The Only Ones My Brain Can Register pins King Barrett because of course he pins King Barrett.

(Yeah, I know Arrow is supposed to be pretty good.)

Team Bella: Nikki Bella, Brie Bella & Alicia Fox VS Team Bangbus: Paige, Charlotte & Becky Lynch VS Team B.A.D.: Sasha Banks, Naomi and all the rest

I'm not sure if, when someone gets pinned, the whole team is eliminated or if this is a triple-threat Survivor Series match. Either way, some version of Paige, Charlotte & Becky Lynch win (Charlotte and Becky survive if it's elimination rules - and Sasha takes out Paige before she goes.) Charlotte submits Nikki Bella to end the match - the combination of that and Sasha's clean win on RAW leads to a triple threat at NOC - thankfully after AJ Lee's record is finally broken and Nikki can finally drop the belt to one of the NXT girls.

Kevin Owens VS Cesaro
Match of the night for sure. Two guys, with a style that meshes well together, both of whom are on the very precipice of the main event and come in with a hell of a lot to prove. Tough one to call - I honestly think Cesaro NEEDS the win more. Owens has that dickhead charisma where it honestly doesn't matter if he ever wins a match (something I'm starting to worry that they've figured out). But no one has ever won a fortune betting on Cesaro to win a big match, plus Kevin Owens is a likely first challenger if John Cena does win the title so I say him.

Rusev VS Dolph Ziggler
Rusev wins when Lana reveals that they've been working together the whole time for no real reason. The two of them reunite as anti-American crusaders, Lana is no longer the most embarrasing person on the roster, Summer Rae becomes Sasha Banks's backup in a BFFs reunion, Dolph Ziggler dies on the way to his home planet and the last three months of their storyline is never spoken of again. This may just be more of what I want that what I think will happen, I can't tell.

Randy Orton VS Sheamus
Because they made you care about the divas, but you still have to piss sometime. I guess Sheamus since he lost last time. I'm legitimately unclear why either of these two are still a thing. In a just world, this is the match that gets bumped to the preshow, but it'll probably be the tag belts.
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#18 Posted on 19.8.15 1035.42
Reposted on: 19.8.22 1036.29
New Day
Team BAD
Mr Shh
Lap cheong
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#19 Posted on 19.8.15 1054.04
Reposted on: 19.8.22 1057.04
Per commentary on Monday and this (, an entire Diva team is eliminated when one member is.

Jon Stewart is a wildcard. It's not impossible that he gets involved in some way. Cena/Rollins is an obvious choice. And he also reacted pretty strongly on The Daily Show after Brock conquered the streak, so he could get involved there as well. That last sentence was total sarcasm, but now I'm trying to picture Stewart and Heyman going at each other on the mic, and it's pretty exciting.




Rollins (no cash in)


Wyatts (Rowan returns)

New Day



Team Bella (if it wasn't for @backofthehead, I'd have no idea how off the 33/33/33 booking was for this story. Team Bella needs win...badly.

Lap cheong
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#20 Posted on 19.8.15 1458.38
Reposted on: 19.8.22 1459.01
Brock, to set up a final match at WM

Randy Orton -- Sheamus is MITB so he must lose

I'm gonna go against the grain and say that Rollins retains. Either way, this is a disappointing way to end the Cena Open Challenge.

Ryback retains

Wyatts win when the third family member helps out. I went back and forth between this and Ambrose turning, but I think Rowan is the more likely avenue.

New Day gets the belts back


Tough call on Cesaro-Owens, so I'll go with a double countout or DQ

No reason for Team Bella to win -- this will likely set up the next #1 contender, so I'll go with Team PCB

Rusev wins by cheating to continue the feud
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