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The 7 - Pro Wrestling - NXT #285 7/1/15
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#1 Posted on 2.7.15 1024.55
Reposted on: 2.7.22 1029.01
All right, vacation's over, and it's back to full recap duty for me. Now, if you watched last week's show (and of course you did, you're not some kind of animal, are you?) then you already know that this week's main event is going to be Samoa Joe and Finn Balor versus Owens and Rhyno. But on the off chance that you are some kind of animal (Let's say a fish. You're a fish) they start this week's show with a quick package to sum up last week and present the match for you. They are very considerate that way.

Once the show proper is underway, we are greeted by the Vaudvillains! Love these guys! They have new music identifying them as faces, because everyone loves these guys. They're taking on the former Mechanics, Dash and Dawson. You can...probably guess the outcome here. The Vaudvillains start with the old "Dukes Up!" a spot that I think actually would translate really well to RAW because it's fun and it give the crowd an opportunity to yell, which they always like. For their part, Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson have very solid power offense - nothing flashy, but everything good. Simon Gotch winds up playing face in peril for a while, but once the hot tag brings in Aiden English, this one is all wrapped up. A Whirling Dervish seals the deal.
Match Rating: Vaudvillains - Fuck Yeah!

A quick backstage segment lets us know that Becky Lynch is hurt. It doesn't seem real bad, though. She says she's out a couple weeks, which is basically one taping, so I expect her back on track fairly shortly.

Baron Corbin comes out to squash Some Jobber in about 10 seconds.
Match Rating: What, Really?

Backstage, GM Regal is dealing with Enzo and Cass and the Vaudvillains, all of whom are talking at the same time. Regal shouts them down, and announces that next week they'll fight each other to determine the #1 contenders for the tag titles. All right then.

Meet Finn Balor, part 3. We start off with some fan art of him, some of which I've actually seen before on the internet (What? Shut up, you!), and then goes on to his arrival in NXT. They go over his early training in the performance center, talk about how he picked his name, and in a moment I found absolutely fascinating, show how he worked out his entrance with HHH and the production team. He actually goes into a little tangent about how WWE programming is first and foremost a television product, and it has to look good for television, not just the live crowd. This has always been the biggest problem I've had with promotions like TNA, or currently RoH. They just don't understand how to set everything up for the cameras, and it makes them look very bad. Anyhoo, this transitions into a hard-sell for Beast in the East, which we all expected. What I didn't quite expect, though, is that this would end with one of the WWE's signature awesome video packages promoting Finn Balor as the second coming of everything good about pro wrestling. PUT ALL OF YOUR MONEY ON FINN BALOR THIS SATURDAY. For real.

If you missed any of these super rad video packages, or if you'd just like to watch them again, they're replaying all three of them together this Thursday at 10:30pm on the Network. They are great and you should watch this if you haven't seen them already.

We get a quick look at Eva Marie's try-out. I don't see anything remarkable here, but I appreciate that they're doing the legwork here to make us believe that she's ready for some kind of actual in-ring competition.

Speaking of, our next match involves Carmella, who has legitimately come a long, long way since her debut. Still not great, but really, look at those first few matches again. Long way. Anyhoo, she's up against Evil Emma with (ugh)Dana Brooke in tow, so improved or not, it ain't looking good for her. Emma's also got some new music which better incorporates her old face music. I like it. There's not a ton to see in this match, but it's solid. We get some dueling headlocks to start, Emma goes to a leg scissors for her rest hold, and Carmella busts out the Thesz Press witch has become her signature, but Emma pulls the Emma Lock kinda out of nowhere for the win.
Match Rating: Look, It Wasn't Great, But Carmella Really Is Getting Better.

Backstage, we have one of the finest segments they've done yet. Bull Dempsey is getting angry at a vending machine that won't give him what he paid for, shouting something I think literally everyone has said to a vending machine at some point: "What did I ever do to you?!" He gets ready to smash it with a chair, but Regal interrupts. He sits Bull down, and realizing that Bull's face is smeared with chocolate, gingerly wipes some off with his finger and tastes it. Regal tells Bull to sort himself out, and Bull looks ready to cry. Then he shoots the vending machine the stink-eye! This was amazing.

We get our final "Finn Balor Arrives" promo, and it is the best one so far. "There are no more barriers for me." "Set me free!" PUT ALL OF YOUR MONEY ON FINN BALOR THIS SATURDAY.

Jason Jordan still won't pick Chad Gable as his tag partner. At this point, it's not like he could be any worse than the other guys, really.

Hey look, it's NXT's most important guy who never wins anything important, Tyler Breeze. Poor dude's become Kane. He deserves a call-up. Anyhoo, he's out to face Tye Dillinger, who didn't even get an entrance (although the crowd is way into his thus-far-untelevised Perfect 10 gimmick). Dillinger's nice and crisp, as always, but Tyler hits an inverted DDT and a hurricanrana, and after a quick back and forth, it a Beauty Shot for the fait accompli.
Match Rating: That's Right: Fait Accompli.

Backstage, Emma and (ugh)Dana are admiring the women's title. Sasha ain't thrilled about that, and let's them know that she's the Boss of the women's division, and she'll take them both on. That doesn't seem real smart, Boss. Emma and (ugh)Dana agree, but tell her to get a partner. There's a couple interesting options there.

Main event time, and this one promises to be pretty great. Samoa Joe and Finn Balor against Kevin Owens and Rhyno. You know something? I fucking hate Kevin Owens. I mean, I love Kevin Owens, he's great. But I fucking hate Kevin Owens, in exactly the way you should hate a pro wrestling heel. I know a lot of you guys cheer for him, and want him to win all the time. I want to see somebody break his fucking jaw. Anyhooo, it's Rhyno and Joe to start, until Joe nails an enziguri and brings in Balor. Rhyno gets out in a hurry, and Owens comes in to eat a roll-through dropkick. Owens gets on him, though, and it's his trademark grinding offense. Rhyno does a triad of squats while holding Balor up for a suplex, and Joe properly loses his shit over that showboating. C'mon ref! KO comes in and does the five-knuckle shuffle to piss of John Cena and the five or so of his fans that watch NXT, but his attempt at an Attitude Adjustment goes awry when Balor wriggles free. This lets Balor make the hot tag, and Joe comes in to clean house, including a big senton on Rhyno. KO is able to distract Joe with a shot to the back of the head, though, and Rhyno nails a spinebuster. This just about puts the heels back in control, but Joe counters with a big chokeslam out of the corner on KO. He tags Balor back in, but their attempt at a Muscle Buster/Coup de Grace combo gets broken up. Then we go into one of the best finishing sequences I've ever seen in a tag team match. I actually had to go back and watch it twice to make sure I got everything. KO hits a Pop-up Powerbomb on Joe and goes for another AA on Balor, but Balor again gets loose. Balor goes for the sling blade, but Owens counters that and hits a superkick. As Balor is going down, though, he hits the pele. Both guys struggle back to their feet, and Balor rolls out of the way at the last second as Rhyno attempts a Gore, which means that the Gore hits KO instead! Balor nails the knockback dropkick on Rhyno, which again forces him into KO, and then hits KO directly with a hesitation corner dropkick. Balor goes up, makes the international sign of "I want the belt," and nails the Coup de Grace for the pin!

Great, great go-home show for Beast in the East. I probably will not get up at 5:30am for that, but I will be watching it on delay as soon as I actually do get up. Finn Balor is what it looks like when you do absolutely everything right from the moment you bring a guy into your company, and I am totally looking forward to Saturday when he "arrives."
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#2 Posted on 2.7.15 1912.17
Reposted on: 2.7.22 1913.30
Pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease give us the Boss/Blue Pants combo.


There's almost enough women to do a female tag division. That way, more women's matches and no one gets called up and ruined. #pipedream

Interesting to see Owens get pinned since the PPV/Go Home Rule says that now he wins in Japan... if that even applies here.
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#3 Posted on 2.7.15 2049.59
Reposted on: 2.7.22 2059.01
They really need to find something to do with Tyler Breeze. He's just spinning his wheels right now, and what the fuck is the point of Baron Corbin even? He's still just squashing jobbers in his speed run matches. Wait, has Corbin made a trip to Cuteville? Book it.

Props to the theme artists in NXT. They arranged Emma's theme to be more club house while mixing in how weird and oddly catchy it is. I replayed it and started boppin'. They also redid the Vaudvillians offbeat partially Regal-esque music to something consistent. Kudos.

Man Karl Anderson from NJPW (and in Finn's former heel stable Bullet Club) got some considerable screen time and was all but named as one of Balor's old friends. Makes me wonder if there will be a little scouting in Japan. God I'm begging for a few members of Bullet Club and New Japan to be in the crowd to support their old buddy.

Enzo may be one of the only wrestlers I know who's facial hair and hairstyle changes from week to week. How much money is his barber making off him?

The best part of the main event finish? Rhyno's over the top "The Scream" face he made when he realized he Gored Owens. I felt like I was watching Home Alone. The delayed suplex with squats was amazing! Rhyno never skips a leg day.

I can't believe I'm saying this but give me more Bull Dempsey. There are so many bad ass fat guys that the comedic fat guy role is wide open.
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#4 Posted on 3.7.15 0225.05
Reposted on: 3.7.22 0229.01
    Originally posted by J. Kyle
    Pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease give us the Boss/Blue Pants combo.

BOSSYPANTS, with celebrity guest manager Tina Fey
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#5 Posted on 3.7.15 2225.23
Reposted on: 3.7.22 2229.02
    Originally posted by CruelAngel777
    Makes me wonder if there will be a little scouting in Japan. God I'm begging for a few members of Bullet Club and New Japan to be in the crowd to support their old buddy.

Good guess! They did a tryout before Friday's show. NJPW has their own show Sunday, but it's possible they could turn up in the crowd for Balor - they're definitely all hanging out together, judging from the photo the Matadors posted on Twitter.
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