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3.3.17 2212
The 7 - Pro Wrestling - Lucha Underground #28 - 5/20/2015
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#1 Posted on 21.5.15 1524.13
Reposted on: 21.5.22 1525.39
With an excellent two-hour live NXT Takeover as competition, this week's Lucha Underground is going to have it's work cut out for it to keep up.

The recap shows us Marty "The Moth" approaching Dario Cueto in the parking lot (but not interfering in the #1 contender's match), Hernandez threatening and then turning on Prince Puma, Davairi's debut, and The Crew's failure to capture the Trios championship, much to Cueto's dismay.

As is the custom in Lucha Underground, we start off with a match. Melissa Sanchez (who has not been featured in midget porn) is being shadowed by Marty "The Moth" Martinez, who creepily stares at her as she introduces him.

He's wrestling Prince Puma in a non-title match. Why not? I suppose even Prince Puma needs a warm up match every now and then. "This guy's a joke," says Konnan as the bell rings. "Treat him like a joke."

Marty extends his arm for a handshake which Puma accepts and Marty pulls him into a hug, then looks to the audience for someone to take a picture of him posing with the champ. Puma goes along with it and motions for a camera. Meanwhile, Marty's face turns from a huge smile into a look of disdain and he levels Puma with a clothesline.

Marty stomps and punches Puma into the corner. He goes for a whip but Puma reverses, only to get leveled with a big dropkick. More corner shots from The Moth as Striker says a lot of the true believers have seen Marty hanging out in the parking lot and they all found him disconcertingly creepy.

Puma finally gets the upper hand with a spring board kick to the face. European upper cuts dizzy the newcomer, followed by a snapmare and a one-footed basement dropkick to the back of the head.

Puma misses a corner charge and gets flattened with a big lariat but ducks another clothesline. He's caught with another dropkick, however. Marty starts to play to the crowd but then realizes what's going on and runs over for a cover.

Puma quickly kicks out, so Marty climbs to the top rope but spends too much time doing his moth pose for the crowd and eats canvas on a missed moonsault. Spin kick from the champ takes him out, followed by a spinning sit out powerbomb and the 630 splash for the win.

I didn't see much from The Moth (who was Martin Casaus from the last season of Tough Enough) but he does play a good creep. Lucha Underground doesn't really have a "crazy" character, so he could fit in well.

Afterward, Hernandez comes out and poses at the top of the steps. Konnan grabs a mic and talks smack, calling Hernandez a "sorry son-of-a-bitch" who "make[s] lambs look dangerous". I guess that's better than making them run in fear. He calls Hernandez "baby nuts" which draws a chant from the crowd. Hernandez acts as if he's going to come down to fight, as Striker claims that Lucha Underground does things different and they can have the match right now if they can get a referee, but Hernandez thinks differently of it and walks away.

Up next, we have a sit down interview between Vampiro & Johnny Mundo. Vampiro doesn't want to waste time, so he starts off asking Mundo why he threw Alberto El Patron through Dario Cueto's office window.

Mundo came to Lucha Underground because he wanted to prove he was the best (as they show a clip of him beating Prince Puma in the main event of the first episode) not because he had no place else to go. Mundo did what he did to make a statement.

Vampiro notes that he's seen hundreds of guys all over the world who are overlooked and don't get the recognition they deserve. He talks about how El Patron showed up and stepped right over Johnny Mundo. Is Mundo jealous?

Mundo isn't thinking about El Patron anymore. He's finished with him, after putting him through the window. The rest of the locker room is on notice. "Johnny Mundo is the biggest star in Lucha Underground. This. Is. My. World. But you already knew that." In a brilliant touch, he finishes with El Patron's famous wink.

Next up, the Golden Warrior, Delevar Daivari is in the ring with his glass of Johnnie Walker (no mention of which label, but I'm assuming Blue.) He's facing off against Texano again after the last match never got started.

The former AAA champion charges in fired up Daivari takes a powder. Texano follows him to the floor but is suckered in a Daivari catches him on the way back in, stomping him down. Big chop from Daivari but Texano comes back with a clothesline and back elbow, then pummels him in the corner.

Striker focuses on how Daivari's parents handed him a fortune whereas Texano had to work for everything he's gotten. It sounds as if they're making Texano out to be the face and Daivari the heel, but nothing has been done to show that dynamic physically.

Back and forth with nobody gaining the upper hand until Texano misses a corner charge and Daivari hits him with an arm breaker. Daivari focuses his attack on the left arm as Vampiro continues to put over Texano's tough upbringing.

Texano catches Daivari on the top rope and lands a superplex to get back on top. They trade bombs with the crowd firmly behind Texano on the Boo! Yay! exchange. Daivari lands a kick to the back but then eats a leg lariat that gets a near fall.

Jaw breaker from Daivari followed by two German suplexes but Texano blocks the third and catches a go behind. Daivari fights out but Texano nails a codebreaker for a two count.

Texano runs into an elbow in the corner but is then dropped by a clothesline from Big Ryck on the apron. The crowd is all over Big Ryck as he beats down Texano and sets him on the top rope for Daivari to hit a top rope huricanrana. He then calls for his drink and demands the ref count a pinfall despite already having been disqualified. The ref refuses so Big Ryck shoves him to the ground and makes him count while Daivari nonchalantly leans back against Texano while sipping his drink.

I guess that was a double turn.

Dario Cueto is watching through the window. Someone taps him on the shoulder but when he turns around nobody is there. He sits in his chair and suddenly Catrina is behind him.

"You knew the moment you let him into your temple that he couldn't be stopped. If it's a sacrifice you want, Mils Muertes will deliver."

"Is he coming back?"

"More powerful than ever. Let him end the man who can not die."

"I can make it happen. Next week. Phoenix vs Mils Muertes. What do you have in mind?"

"Death Match"

And just like that, Catrina is gone again.

(In WWE, as Maxine, she was awarded Worst Match of the Year by the Observer. In Lucha Underground, she's been damn near perfect in the role given to her. This entire storyline has been the closest thing to wrestlecrap that Lucha Underground has produced and it's still light years ahead of the bulk of WWE and TNA programming.)

Speaking of wrestlecrap, Black Lotus is walking the streets. She doesn't know where in the world she is, but she knows where she must go. It's time to fulfill her destiny, to kill the brother of Dario Cueto.

as Dragon Azteca is reading her note, Chavo Guerrero shows up. "If you don't want her to die, you're going to need my help."

Back from commercial, Chavo and Dragon Azteca are sitting down for a drink. The Guerrero's, the Cueto's, and Azteca's tribe have a rich history, mostly painted in blood.

Chavo's family is in danger because of his actions against Blue Demon back in episode 2. Azteca promises to clear Chavo's debt if he protects Black Lotus. Chavo promises to treat her like familia.

With a little over 15 minutes left in the show, it's time for our main event. All three belts are hung above the ring. Melissa Sanchez states that the only way to win is to be the first person to climb the ladder and retrieve the belts, but nothing has been said about what happens if one member from each team ends up with a belt.

Striker notes that The Crew have experience in this type of match, thanks to their interference in the Prince Puma vs Johnny Mundo vs Big Ryck three way ladder match which was arguably the best match of 2014 and possibly the best ladder match of all time. Bael actually made his debut in that match.

Son of Havoc, Ivelisse, and Angelico not only lack the experience but are also not 100%. The Crew run up the stairs to attack the champions before they can even get close to the ring. Ivelisse is on crutches and has her ankle in a cast.

Cisco is beating down Angelico in the stands. Bael and Cortez Castro drag Havoc down the stairs. Ivelisse throws her crutches down the steps and hobbles down on one foot. Son of Havoc and Angelico finally mount a comeback and clear the ring but Bael just blindsides Ivelisse with a haymaker that takes her completely out of the match at ringside.

Havoc pulls a 15' ladder from under the ring but Bael and Castro jump him before he can get it set up. They pick up the ladder but Angelico somersault dives over the top rope onto the ladder, flattening them underneath it. Havoc tries to bring a smaller ladder into the ring but Mr. Cisco flies out of the ring with a seated dropkick, putting a stop to that.

"WHO'S THE MAN NOW?" yells Cisco. "YOU STILL SUCK!" the crowd chants back in response.

Cisco tries to set up a ladder but sees Angelico heading in. That doesn't stop him from catching a knee to the face, however. Angelico sets up the ladder but then pulls off his shirt and showboats, giving Cortez Castro plenty of time to make it into the ring and yank him down. All three Crew members attack but Angelico manages to fight back, chopping all three of them before missing a flying knee in the corner, setting up The Treatment series of kicks from the Crew.

Castro sets a ladder up on it's side, between Angelico's legs as he's seated in the corner. Cisco tosses a chair to Bael who winds up and nails the other end of the ladder with a homerun swing. Angelico's testicles are now hanging out of his nose, ala Mick Foley at Hell in the Cell.

Bael sets up a table in the ring. I'd like to take a moment to recognize Bael's facial expressions. Dude looks like Batista but has the range of William Regal.

All three men lay the boots into Son of Havoc, beating him down gang style. Bael charges Havoc but gets dropped face first into the ladder courtesy of a drop toe hold. Leg sweep takes out Mr Cisco allowing for a standing moonsault. Castro runs in but gets an old school backbreaker for his effort.

Havoc backdrops Bael onto the ladder and then sets it up to climb up for the belts. He only makes it up a couple of rungs, however, before Castro yanks him down. Castro then sets him up for a DDT which Mr Cisco assists with via double stomp off to the back from the ladder.

Mr Cisco adjusts the ladder and tries to climb for the belts but Angelico runs in to knock him off. Angelico quickly runs up the ladder himself but gets caught and thrown to the floor.

Cisco follows him out and slams him into Dario Cueto's now boarded up office window, then yanks another piece of plywood out of the hole and smashes Angelico with it. Castro pulls another table out from under the ring and sets Angelico across then but gets kicked into the ring apron. Cisco, who has been climbing the ladder on the floor tries to rush back down but Angelico grabs the ladder and dumps Cisco through the broken window.

Angelico sets Bael up on the double tables and then climbs up the ladder but decides that isn't high enough and crawls over to the balcony, but Castro nails him with the kendo stick and beats him down.

Back on the floor, Bael wants to powerbomb Son of Havoc through the tables but he slips out, only to meet a flying burrito in the form of Mr Cisco who dives back through the office window! A holy shit chant from the crowd suggests they no longer think Cisco sucks.

The Crew sets the ladder back up in the middle of the ring and all three of them surround the ladder but Havoc crawls back into the ring to stop them from winning the match. They beat him down and try to toss him back to the floor but he does his head-off-the-top-rope bounce and takes out Bael & Cisco with flying back elbows. Castro tries to run up the ladder but Havoc pulls him down and tries to climb up himself. Cisco & Bael try to dump him off the ladder but he lands on the second rope and nails Bael with an Asai moonsault. Clothesline takes down Cisco. Castro whiffs a chairshot and then catches a chairshot across his own back. Havoc then throws the chair into Bael's head.

Havoc lays Bael across the table and goes up for the shooting star press. Cisco crotches him and climbs up as we get a shot of Bael bleeding from the chairshot to the top of the head. Havoc headbutts Cisco repeatedly and then just shoves him off through the two tables on the floor, shattering them. That hit looked damn hard.

Havoc goes for the shooting star press but the table is too damn close and Havoc basically headbutts Bael and nearly breaks his own neck in the process.

Castro is the last man standing so he sets up the big ladder and positions it in the center of the ring. He starts to climb up and Angelico COMES FLYING OFF THE BALCONY AND DROP KICKS HIM OFF THE FUCKING LADDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111111111111

Striker barely manages to stop a HOLY SHIT of his own and Vampiro can be seen tossing away his headpiece and just walking off he's so in shock of what they just saw. It's easy to pipe in crowd noise on a show that was taped three months ago, but by the look of the crowd there weren't any special effects needed to make this one of the loudest (and most deserved) HOLY SHIT chants I've ever heard. Vampiro is actually standing in the crowd chanting along with them. That was a thing of beauty.

With everyone else dead, Ivelisse finally makes it into the ring and starts up the ladder as Angelico hangs on to the bottom to stabilize it. Mr Cisco makes it back in and tries to stop her but she bites his hands and pulls down the belts to retain the titles.

That was one hell of a match. There was no way they were going to match the storytelling of the first ladder match but there were so many really good spots here. And the huge spot actually serves a storytelling purpose instead of just throwing a dangerous move for the sake of impressing the crowd.

I absolutely hated Angelico from the moment he walked into the temple, but his performance throughout the trios tournament has sold me on him. Son of Havoc got over on sheer ability and they started booking him accordingly. Ivelisse has been great since day one. (And I just caught wind of a new female signing and can't wait to see the two of them lock horns sometime soon.)

If you only have time to watch one wrestling show this week, it's definitely NXT Takeover: Unstoppable, but if you can squeeze in a third hour, this show was absolutely worth watching.

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#2 Posted on 22.5.15 0615.51
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Because LU has no PPVs to build to, they don't have a reason to save the big spots for later, and it genuinely seems like there's a friendly competition to have the HOLY SHIT moment each week.
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