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6.10.15 1603
The 7 - Pro Wrestling - WWE Raw #1146 5/11/2015
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It's False
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#1 Posted on 12.5.15 0112.53
Reposted on: 12.5.22 0116.31
Oh, D-Bry, say it ain't so. Actually... scratch that, maybe say it IS so. Yes, Daniel Bryan popped up and noted that he's got another serious injury, with an MRI pending. He relinquished the IC title, noting that the possibility is there that he might be finished. If that's the case, I can hardly blame the guy if he walked away right now. Given the way he was treated after his Summerslam title win, the fact that no one in WWE management wanted him in the Wrestlemania main event to begin with, and the way his return earlier this year was horrendously botched, I'd really rather not watch him shorten his lifespan for a company that doesn't really appreciate him. I'd probably feel somewhat different if there wasn't that whole mess with WWE doctors that CM Punk pulled the curtain on a few months ago, but here we are.

We were well on our way to a potential MOTYC with Cena/Neville, but I also don't fault them for one second for going with that ending. It makes all the sense in the world that Rusev would rush in (Russian?) the moment his title shot was in jeopardy and it definitely was. This match made Neville look like a million bucks and it's one of the rare situations where all parties came out looking great. It's a great change of pace from The E's usual dreck that sees everyone come out looking worse.

I'll tell you what, I may be in for disappointment with Payback. But when you consider that Ambrose got paired with the Stooges and Reigns got paired with the rebellious Kane, I'm 100% interested in seeing what may or may not play out this Sunday, because a Shield reunion is not completely out of the question. It's one of those cases where I'm looking at it like, "Nooooo, they wouldn't..." and hey, they probably won't. But...what if they do?

And speaking of reunions, I don't know if we'll ever get the Wyatts back together again, but getting Harper and Rowan together will at least make the tag team scene a little more interesting.

I don't know who decided that Faux Mega Powers vs. Faux Road Warriors needed to happen, but.......well.....I guess SOMETHING has to fill the pre-show, doesn't it?
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#2 Posted on 12.5.15 0146.43
Reposted on: 12.5.22 0147.06
I bet we know more in the morning, but the impression seems to be this is WWE not clearing Bryan, not Bryan himself choosing to figure things out. Edge & Christian (& Corey Graves, as we might have seen last week) careers ended with WWE just saying they weren't going to let them wrestle any more. Bryan's in the same boat right now.

    I don't know who decided that Faux Mega Powers vs. Faux Road Warriors needed to happen, but.......well.....I guess SOMETHING has to fill the pre-show, doesn't it?

Someone apparently thought this was good when they did the same general skit on one of the C shows last week so they decided to repeat it here. They appeared to be wrong.

Of note, WWE announced there would be a special Network only Elimination Chamber show on 05/31. It was presented as if this was a full PPV, but I'd think it'd be more along the lines of the KOTR special from a couple weeks ago. Assuming it's for the heavyweight title, it kind of rends the Payback match a bit moot: the four guys in that match + Kane + one more probably are back at it again in two weeks. (Maybe Rusev post-Cena, to give one of the faces a new opponent?) Money in the Bank is just two weeks after that.

Running an elimination chamber on two weeks after they had said there were no plans to run elimination chamber this year kind comes off as a bit desperate. It also might indicate more things done to build the value of the network - adding that extra show opens the door to Seth losing the title on a Network show, then winning it back to keep the Seth/Kane and Seth/Brock stories on track. But who would get the short title reign? It'd be kind of iffy to have Dean or Roman win it for the first time only to lose it back in 14 days (though they did first reigns of similar dubious nature with Punk and Bryan.) Would not have believed any chance that Orton would end up with the title after Sunday, but now there's at least a way it could happen.
Pickled pork
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#3 Posted on 12.5.15 0558.24
Reposted on: 12.5.22 0559.01
Man, it sucks to hear about Daniel Bryan. As someone who has had 4 major spinal cord surgeries, unfortunately when you have one big neurological injury, they can pile up unexpectedly and for no reason. It may be best for him to retire so he can avoid spending the rest of his life in constant pain.
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#4 Posted on 12.5.15 0623.24
Reposted on: 12.5.22 0625.07
Triple H is back with his I'm the authority boo, but I'm really cool still haha you are short, suck it routine.

Wasn't part of the problem with the Elimination Chamber was that it was expensive? The way they announced it made me kind of think the vacant IC Title might be on the line.

What was with all the cosplay? PTP dressing up like the Outlaws came off extra dumb tonight after the dreadful Sandow segment.

Cesaro-Big E and Cena-Neville were excellent.

Michael Cole was calling every big move "out of nowhere" last night.

Danial Bryan being in a WrestleMania ladder match looks so reckless and irresponsible now. I'd be surprised if he ever wrestles for the WWE again. I don't know if he is crazy enough to do the Kurt Angel thing.

Harper and Rowan are back ... Fuck yeah!

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#5 Posted on 12.5.15 0700.45
Reposted on: 12.5.22 0703.30
After all this time, Brie Bella is still awful at wrestling.

Sandow as Savage... Brutal. There's a difference between paying homage to him, like CM Punk did with the ring gear after his death, and an imitation that was so poor, it bordered on mockery. I know that wasn't the intention, but I think the crowd felt the same way. That segment was a lead balloon.

Bryan should retire. This isn't something that is going to magically go away, and any further work will definitely have long-lasting effects.

Neville is more ready than I thought. He looked great in there with Cena.

It must infuriate HHH that he has to look up to speak to Kane/Big Show/Taker etc.
Lap cheong
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#6 Posted on 12.5.15 0751.33
Reposted on: 12.5.22 0753.43
I thought something came out that this latest injury for Bryan wasn't related to his past injuries? Or was that a theory rather than fact? I mostly remember there just being so much vagueness about what the injury was -- first it was a concussion, then it wasn't, then maybe it was. Did anything actually come out about it before his speech last night or no?
Mr Shh
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#7 Posted on 12.5.15 0820.07
Reposted on: 12.5.22 0821.53
While Dean Ambrose was getting incredible mega-star reactions from the hometown crowd in the opening segment, I totally expected them to stupidly have Ambrose make his entrance for his match during the commercial break. I like to think they called an audible and sent Ambrose out before they went to commercial.
JimBob Skeeter
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#8 Posted on 12.5.15 0925.59
Reposted on: 12.5.22 0927.45
I'm pretty sure they let Ambrose win in his hometown as that crowd surely would have rioted if he had lost, PLUS, they got to experience him standing tall at the end.

Sandow REALLY needs to watch some Savage matches as he is missing a shitton of his mannerisms, much like Axel was the one doing the wiggly fingers for the MegaHandshake. It's the other way around, you morons! Seriously, all Mandow needs to do is put one finger in his trunks and wave the other hand's index finger in the air. IT'S NOT THAT HARD! Now, all they need is Miss EmmaBeth running out in her poofy dress to counter act The Acension walking out with Summery in her spiky shoulder pads.

We got three words for ya........ The homosexual overtones in that bit got to be a bit much. We know! He's gay. HAHAHAHA. Don't let him say SUCK IT. Now, wrestle.

The ending to Cena/Neville was completely acceptable. If we get Neville being the one to accept the US Open challenge like every three weeks, it would make me smile.

Two out of three falls? It's about time they get to use The FreeBird Rule.
Matt Tracker
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#9 Posted on 12.5.15 0946.36
Reposted on: 12.5.22 0947.29
The flat mohawk looks good on Sheamus.

Feels like they overthought Barrett in light of Bryan's forfeit. Why not put the belt on Barret via a top-contenders match, and then give the King gimmick to Dolph or Sheamus? Dolph needs it. Dolph needs SOMETHING besides more denim.

Kane and Orton and J&J do nothing for me. The Authority story does nothing for me. I think we're all hoping for a Shield reunion to move the Authority aside as the main-event stable.
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#10 Posted on 12.5.15 1225.21
Reposted on: 12.5.22 1229.03
I mean. That probably should've been Neville's debut the night after Mania. My word.

LOL @ not using Ambrose in a main event spot between October and now.

Clock of "time the Authority could still be selling the Survivor Series stips without anything on TV changing" is still ticking strong, y'all.
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#11 Posted on 12.5.15 1313.16
Reposted on: 12.5.22 1313.17
WWE is never putting a belt on Bryan again. If they did, its a short month thing to give it to someone else. Walk away, Danny boy, just walk away. Payback has a great main event, but we all see the Kane interference coming.
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#12 Posted on 12.5.15 1453.24
Reposted on: 12.5.22 1459.02
btw on this show I noticed Cena's big white facelift scars behind his ears for the first time :(
Lap cheong
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#13 Posted on 12.5.15 1508.04
Reposted on: 12.5.22 1514.26
    Originally posted by JustinShapiro
    btw on this show I noticed Cena's big white facelift scars behind his ears for the first time :(

Those aren't facelift scars. That's just where they sewed the skin together over the cyborg. You don't really think Cena returned so quickly after that one big injury, do you??
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#14 Posted on 12.5.15 1513.39
Reposted on: 12.5.22 1515.38
This should have been Tamina's dominant performance, just destroying Brie as Lady Diesel. Instead they had her in an evenly battled match where she could barely beat the lesser of the Bellas. How is she supposed to be a threat as bodyguard when they barely let her beat Brie? The superkick looked great, though.

The Authority thing has just totally lost me. Love Seth, but it has just become a soul-sucking beast to try to enjoy.

The tag teams continue to look strong. New Day rocks! The PTP thing is running a bit long at this point. We get it, you're "funny" (they generally are), but okay, let's quit doing weekly sessions mocking the other teams now.

Macho Mandow is just a disappointment. We all thought that Sandow was going to branch out of this Miz thing and be his great self again. Instead, he's repeating what everybody else says in a mocking voice and doing a bad Macho Man impression.

They have done a great job of making Neville look like an absolute rock star.

I hate it, but maybe this is where we let Bryan take on the Corey Graves-style role for a while. Let him be GM, or awesome public relations guy, or whatever, but maybe keep him away from the ring for a while. He's fun to watch and obviously a fan favorite, but he could probably use a year or two to just heal.
Head cheese
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#15 Posted on 12.5.15 1546.56
Reposted on: 12.5.22 1550.18
Who would have thought that the tag team division would become so interesting again?! Cesaro is brilliant and great to watch. New Day have turned out better than anyone would have thought, which although was low they have done well.

Seth is so much better than the storyline he is in. In matches he is great and entertaining but the mic work is just becoming boring because of the story.

Neville/Cena was great and who would have thought Cena would need protecting?! Neville is fantastic. I watched him over here in the UK years ago and hoped that one day he would make it on TV in America so am pleased to see it. A great match.

Macho Mandow needs to stop. As does Sandow impersonating every week. Curtis is good doing his Axelmania but that is enough.
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#16 Posted on 12.5.15 1714.26
Reposted on: 12.5.22 1715.12
I'll say it once and I'll say it again. The fact that someone thought the son of Mr. Perfect has to imitate Hulk Hogan to get over is an insult to three generations of Hennig men. Damien Sandow is basically Charlie Haas.

My favorite hillbilly mountain giants are back together again. I'm glad they realized the split of those two was hasty and put them together to terrorize the tag division again. They are gonna need a definitively heel team together again because the days of New day being booed may be going away soon. The irony of them fully embracing being overly positive jerks is that people are gonna start getting in on the joke and stop booing them because it's the cool thing to do.

JimBob Skeeter
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#17 Posted on 13.5.15 0710.33
Reposted on: 13.5.22 0711.08
    Originally posted by CruelAngel777

    come on brie.....

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