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The 7 - Pro Wrestling - The Royal Rumble 1990
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#1 Posted on 11.1.15 1321.27
Reposted on: 11.1.22 1322.42
Royal Rumble 1990

Last year we saw the Rumble become a PPV event while growing from 20 men to 30. All of the top stars were on hand. Sadly most of them all drew number twenty or lower leaving us with a lackluster finish. Will the WWF learn from their mistakes? We are still doing two minute intervals, but this is the first year managers can linger at ringside. Your announcers are Tony Schiavone, yes that guy, and Jesse Ventura.

This year's #1 is the same man who drew #30 last year Ted Dibiase. #2 is Koko B Ware. Dibiase has control early on until Dibiase attacks Koko's head. Koko starts to starts to heat up and whips Dibiase to the ropes while charging after for a clothesline but Dibiase uses Koko's momentum and flips him over the top for our first elimination. #3 Mart Jannetty. We get two minutes of back and forth action and Dibiase more or less does the same thing to Jannetty that he did to Koko and ducks a flying leap eliminating Jannetty. #4 Jake the Snake Roberts and this gets the crowd fired up. Dibiase attacks before Jake can get in and they brawl on the floor. Jake gets him back into the ring and sets up for the DDT. Dibiase is able to get loose and here comes #5 The Macho King Randy Savage who attacks Jake. Jake gets double teamed by Savage and Dibiase.

#6 is Rowdy Roddy Piper and the crowd goes completely nuts. He destroys Savage and Dibiase, unties Jake from the ropes and they go to town on the heels, the crowd is white hot for this. #7 The Warlord. Ventura says it will take some work to get him out of the ring, even though last year it took a simple clothesline. This crowd is bananas and loves everything Piper does. #8 is Bret Hart, who is working as a face now. Two minutes go by and the buzzer sounds, we hear boos and it's #9 Bad News Brown who goes right after his longtime rival Bret Hart. Jake sets up for a DDT on Dibiase and Savage races across the ring and hits a clothesline on Roberts and sends him over and out. Believe it or not Jake still hasn't hit a DDT in any of the three Rumbles and he has tried a number of times. Here comes #10 Dusty Rhodes and the crowd is jacked up again. Rhodes goes right after Savage who fights him off and then he charges Dusty like a wild man only to get back body dropped out to the floor. #11 is a staggering broken down Andre the Giant. Warlord goes right after Andre and gets thrown right out for his trouble. This draws Mr Fuji on the apron and Bobby Heenan actually grabs Fuji by the coattails and pulls him back down to the floor. They have words and Fuji threatens Heenan with his cane. Cool little moment.

Andre gets busy crushing Piper and Rhodes in the corner. #12 The Red Rooster. Bad News Brown thinks he has Piper eliminated only Piper doesn't hit the floor and he pops back in and throws out Brown. Bad News is pissed, pulls Piper out over the top and now both men are eliminated. They have a street fight all the way to the back as referees try and break up the melee.

#13 Ax as he comes down Andre throws out The Rooster. Ax attacks Andre and beats him to the mat. Dusty and Ax get Andre tied up in the ropes and beat the snot out of him with fists and elbows. #14 Haku who is Andre the Giant's tag team partner and is co-holder of the tag titles as one member of the Colossal Connection. Everybody pairs off now. Funny moment when Bret Hart goes for a headbutt on Haku only for it to backfire and he reacts like he's been shot and falls to the mat clutching his head. #15 is Smash and we are halfway home.

Ventura is amazed that Dibiase is still in there. #16 and it's The African Dream Akeem who has done quite well in the previous two Rumbles. Ax and Smash get Andre down. As he tries to get to his feet Demolition hit him with a pair of running clotheslines and eliminate him. Andre might be a broken down shell of his former self, but he is such a huge presence in there, nobody has been the same in these matches since not Big Show not Kane it just hasn't happened. Andre getting tossed is such a big deal we all miss Bret Hart getting eliminated on the other side of the ring.

We get #17, a juiced up Superfly Jimmy Snuka. Akeem beats on Snuka a little and starts dancing with his back turned giving Snuka a chance to attack from behind and out goes Akeem. Too bad, I really wanted that Dusty-Akeem showdown. #18 Dino Bravo. We are stalling now. #19 Earthquake. He comes in and jumps around like a fat guy and then eliminates Dusty Rhodes. Ax then takes a shot at Earthquake and pounds away, but Earthquake overpowers him and throws Ax out and is so psyched that he does some more big fat jumping in the middle of the ring. #20 Jim Neidhardt, and he rounds up a posse and now all six guys join in to push Earthquake over the top. Short, but strong showing by the big guy.

#21 and the arena erupts, The Ulimate Warrior is here. The Warrior runs down to the ring in about two seconds and attacks Bravo and throws him out. They should have let him throw more people out the crowd was loving moment. #22 The Model Rick Martel. Haku throws Smash over the top, but he lands on the apron so Haku throws a big kick to the throat that sends Smash crashing to the floor. #23 Tito Santana and he goes after his former Strike Force partner Rick Martel. Now Shiavone brings up how amazing it is that Dibiase is still in there. #24 is The Honky Tonk Man, Jimmy Hart has done a full wardrobe change to match Honky. Warrior tosses Jim Neidhardt and then he clotheslines Dibiase over the top and out to the floor. #25 Hulk Hogan. He eliminates Superfly, goes over to Haku and Big Boots him out. Hogan levels Honky and finds time to tear off his Hulkamania shirt for all the Hulkamaniacs. Warrior tosses Tito Santana. Honky chokes Hogan in the corner with pieces of Hogan's shirt while Martel gets the upper hand on Warrior. #26 is Shawn Michaels. Hogan tosses Honky Tonk Man. Warrior throws out Michaels like a piece of trash in what was maybe a ten second appearance for Shawn and he then tosses Martel.

It's down to Hogan and Warrior. The crowd is on it's feet. This is a big moment. Hogan has never faced the likes of the Warrior. The do two separate charges off the ropes, and nobody budges. No ground is gained. They crisscross off the ropes, double lariat takes both of them down. #27 The Barbarian who takes advantage of both Hogan and Warrior while they are on their backs. Rick Rude who is #28 comes in before it's his time and attacks Warrior. Hogan is in trouble as both Barbarian and Rude have him on the ropes and Warrior comes and makes the save. Ventura can't believe Warrior would save Hogan. Now Rude and Barbarian have Warrior on the ropes and Hogan comes over with a wild clothesline and eliminates The Warrior in true dickhead Hogan fashion, while Barbarian and Rude hang on. Warrior comes back in and hits both Rude and Barbarian and leaves them laying and then sprints to the back? #29 Hercules. This thing has slowed to a crawl. #30 is Mr Perfect who had the Perfect Draw for the Perfect Number. Hercules eliminates Barbarian. Your Final Four are Hogan, Hercules, Rude and Perfect.

The pace picks up again as Rude tosses Hercules and now Hogan has to face a 2 on 1 against two fresher men. Hogan sends Perfect out on the apron and while Perfect tries to get back in he inadvertently pulls the ropes down and eliminates his buddy Rude. Mr Perfect ends up hitting a PerfectPlex on Hogan and that does nothing except cause Hogan to Hulk Up. Hogan throws Perfect over the corner post and wins the third Royal Rumble, but at what cost? Ventura claims he double crossed The Warrior and he may be right.

This was the smoothest Rumble so far. Tony Schiavone and Jesse Ventura were solid calling the action. Lots of stars throughout, no real dead spots and the one incredible Warrior/Hogan showdown. This is the second Rumble in a row where Hogan looks like a total douche bag, but like Ventura said last year 'That's Hulkamania for ya'. I really liked this Rumble.

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#2 Posted on 11.1.15 1346.17
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Hogan's win really gave legitimacy to the Royal Rumble as a big deal. I feel like 1990 was the first year where people started to seriously take notice and realized this was THE match to win, if you were going to win one all year.

Of course, it could only get better once they put something on the line. I can't recall if the 1991 Rumble featured the #1 contender slot for Mania, or if Hogan had already been handed it. Obviously, 1992 is exciting and I look forward to re-reading that one - and from that point forward it was definitely the recognized kickoff point to the "Road to Wrestlemania".

Good series so far, Big Daddy.
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#3 Posted on 11.1.15 1454.43
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    Originally posted by cfgb
    I can't recall if the 1991 Rumble featured the #1 contender slot for Mania, or if Hogan had already been handed it.
1991 wasn't for the title shot. 1992 for was the belt, and 1993 and onward was for the Mania title shot.
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#4 Posted on 11.1.15 1631.29
Reposted on: 11.1.22 1634.43
I always thought that the "Title Shot at WrestleMania" stip ruined it for the first few years. At least, it took them a while to do it right.

The first year, Yokozuna won in a dumb finish to set up a WrestleMania main event that didn't really feel worthy of the event.

The second, they did that weird Luger/Bret ending that was pretty convoluted.

The third, HBK - who was a RAW commentator at the time - won in a clever finish, although in what was HBK's overall problem during this run, his matches were technically great but he was always misplaced and never quite became the star they wanted him to be. Diesel/HBK was a big feud, but not so much a WrestleMania main event.

The fourth year, they finally did it right, although HBK still had the same problem. It's also the same one Roman Reigns does this year, where you could see it coming a mile away that he was going to win.

And then the fifth, Austin "won" but didn't win and didn't even get the shot.

I think the sixth time was a charm, when Austin won, he had the crowd solidly behind him, and Tyson's blessing as the "Cold Stone" era began.

What I really missed, and what they did a pretty good job of from 1997 onwards for some years, was that feeling that anyone could win. Once the "Title shot at WrestleMania" stip was introduced, they always had to either make the Rumble too predictable, or make it too much of a clusterfuck to create "controversy" over the win so the rightful challenger could get their shot.

I miss the days like the 1990 Rumble, where Hogan could be in the match as the champion, and you weren't sure whether he'd win or not. The Rumble used to be a Championship in and of itself, and once the stip was introduced, it became a stepping stone.

Stakes are fine, but when everything else is so reliant on those stakes, it's hard to not limit possibilities.

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