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28.5.17 0225
The 7 - Pro Wrestling - Survivor Series Results
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#1 Posted on 23.11.14 2204.45
Reposted on: 23.11.21 2208.02
Team face Dvia
Rose and Bunny
Wyatt by DQ
Team Cena...Sole Survivor is Ziggler thanks to...STING!!

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The Guinness.
Potato korv
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#2 Posted on 23.11.14 2214.50
Reposted on: 23.11.21 2216.12
Holy crap, that match really tired me out. A lot more exciting than I thought it would be. Ziggler comes off huge in this match. Although the end result was he had help, the fact is that he had the match won twice.

Then my Jaw dropped when Sting actually showed up to stop the Authority nonsense.

Looks like HHH/Sting is a go for Mania.

The rest of the card didn't do it for me. Wanted more out of Ambrose/Wyatt instead we got some brutality that really was just a set up for TLC.

Bye AJ!
Spank E
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#3 Posted on 23.11.14 2217.43
Reposted on: 23.11.21 2218.02
The show in general was just there until the main event, which somehow managed to be a giganticly worthless clusterfuck and totally awesome at the same time.

I loved the beginning sequence of HHH firing up Henry, Henry running straight into a right hand and Big Show shrugging with a "what else ya got?" expression.

I figured that they weren't going to have Rusev lose decisively, but I never imagined that they would Wile E. Coyote him out of the match. The only thing missing was "ACME Announce Tables" printed on the table.

I'd be more surprised at the heel turn if it hadn't happened NINE HUNDRED TIMES BEFORE.


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#4 Posted on 23.11.14 2226.08
Reposted on: 23.11.21 2227.57
That's what you get for putting Sting in your video game.

The main event was a lot of fun. It's good to see they can still do an overbooked free for all correctly. They needed this match to deliver because the rest of the show was mediocre to poor. Sting coming out was cool and what will be remembered here.

Big Show must feel awkward now.

That cyst on Kane's spine really concerned me.

Sting's hair and soul patch are ridiculous.

If this is the end of AJ I won't be sad as I haven't enjoyed her second run.

I hope this doesn't mean Sting is in charge now, I can't stand him on the mic. Actually, it kind of makes you wonder why Sting got involved at all.

The feed was okay,but the camera work was very bad all night.
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#5 Posted on 23.11.14 2237.19
Reposted on: 23.11.21 2239.10
    Originally posted by The Guinness.
    Holy crap, that match really tired me out. A lot more exciting than I thought it would be. Ziggler comes off huge in this match. Although the end result was he had help, the fact is that he had the match won twice.

When HHH jumped the second ref, the ref's hand did seem to finish the count by hitting the mat. Surely unintentional, but IJ noticed and she was spazzing the fuck out over it.

Of course, she was spazzing the fuck out over everything else, too. It's probably recency bias talking but she was more fired up over this than Bryan winning at WrestleMania. That was just an all-around exceedingly well done PPV.
Summer sausage
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#6 Posted on 23.11.14 2240.06
Reposted on: 23.11.21 2241.02
This is my first time watching a WWE PPV live, and I have to say ... WOW does the Network suck. The stream was going OK up until the Main Event, when the occasional freezes multiplied by a factor of 10. If this is how bad it is every PPV, you can keep your Network, thanks. The finish was completely frozen out; I had to rewind the live feed in order to actually watch the finish, and it came in 10-second fits and spurts. I knew that Sting had came out, and that Team Authority lost, but had zero idea how that happened.

That main event was pretty awesome, though the constant freezes really messed it up for me. From the instant knockout on Mark Henry to Ziggler's Last Stand to fucking STING appearing out of nowhere to put the final nail in the Authority's coffin, it was a Survivor Series match for the ages. Big Show's betrayal was seen a mile away, and turned out to be for nothing (other than making Ziggler look awesome). I'm so glad Dolph is getting a solid push, and going 3-on-1 for a thunderous victory. Sting never laid a finger on Rollins, after all; both of them stayed pretty much knocked out for the entire HHH/Sting confrontation, and all Sting did was roll Ziggler on top so that the guy who was gonna win before all the interference got the victory.

Gods, will I ever be glad to never hear Steph's nasally, shrill-ass voice again. I know she's gotten a lot of credit for her improving mic work, but gods that voice is worse than Vicki Guerrero's.

I enjoyed the undercard as well.

-I loved that Miz squared won the titles, and that it was Mizdow who got the pin (after doing virtually nothing the entire match).
-The Divas Elimination Match was better than it had any right to be, and I noticed Emma had a lot of time in the ring. That may be the longest match of Emma's I've seen in the entire time she was in the WWE, though I was a little sad that Paige lost. I'm really hoping they'll eventually do an Emma vs Paige feud, since it looks like they're done punishing her for the shoplifting charge.
-Ambrose vs Wyatt was a great match with one of the nastiest clotheslines I've ever seen, spoiled with yet another screwjob ending. Ambrose ends up losing via DQ but at least he wasn't left laying in the ring at the end like he usually is. It looks like they're going to have a TLC match next month, since Ambrose involved tables and chairs and even pulled out a ladder (even if he didn't do anything with it).
-The Divas title match was incredibly short, with basically a rehash of Daniel Bryan at WM 28. If this really is AJ's last hoorah, damn was that ever a 'GTFO and don't let the door hit you on the way out' way of getting rid of her. Presumably this will lead to a Bella vs Bella match for the title, hooray.
-The best thing that could be said about Adam Rose w/Bunny vs Slater Gator was that at least it didn't take too much time. They clearly couldn't think of any other way to pad out the PPV (more time in one of the real matches would have been nice), so they stuck a RAW match in the middle. Great booking there, WWE.

So a mixed bag, but overall I leave pretty satisfied with the PPV (if not the Network's streaming capabilities). Was glad that all the naysayers who thought Team Authority would win another one were proven wrong. I doubt we'll see the end of HHH though, if nothing else he'll return as an active competitor and start the build for Wrestlemania against Sting.

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#7 Posted on 23.11.14 2244.32
Reposted on: 23.11.21 2245.20
Well, as exciting as Adam Rose and the Bunny beating the freshly reunited Slater and the Gator was, the real story here was the Main Event.

Everybody had a story to tell in this Match. Ziggler is your video game hero of next year; you know, that one pain in the ass match where you have to beat three guys when your stamina is at 10%. The whole finish to the match was amazing, kudos to Kane, Luke Harper, and Seth Rollins too, but Ziggler's comeback was the biggest brightest thing I've seen on any WWE programming in quite some time...

And 5 minutes later, it got even bigger and brighter. Pick one: "You destroyed my home, now I destroy yours." "You're the one man I've never beaten." "You're the one man I've never faced." None of them compare to what I saw in the ring. Old Ass Sting and Proud Papa HHH.

Big Show turns heel and face so fast it's a miracle there aren't segments dedicated to his being manic. You'd think that if a company would do so well to send a Semi-Demonic entity that can cause fires to erupt out of metal containers to anger management, they'd find someone to talk with Big Show. I mean, Erick Rowan being eliminated is what sent him over the edge?

Lana pointed at a table and said "CRUSH!!!".

All that maneuvering to get Ryback and he's the first guy you lose? Hahahahahahahaha.
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#8 Posted on 23.11.14 2258.27
Reposted on: 23.11.21 2259.01
    Originally posted by Lexus
    And 5 minutes later, it got even bigger and brighter. Pick one: "You destroyed my home, now I destroy yours." "You're the one man I've never beaten." "You're the one man I've never faced." None of them compare to what I saw in the ring. Old Ass Sting and Proud Papa HHH.

I am worried that they'll turn it into Sting saw this before in Hogan/N.W.O. in wCw so he had to stop it. Sting needed a dye job. Brown hair Sting is a no go. Bleached blonde or Jet black are his only two options.

Miz is the tag team champions.

The Big Show(The Giant)'s record for longest K.O. in a match at Hog Wild is still safe, but was that a 120 count Rollins was down for off one Zig-Zag?
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#9 Posted on 23.11.14 2303.20
Reposted on: 23.11.21 2303.57
This was a one-match show, although I'm happy that Miz are the tag team champions, but man, what a match.

It was perfectly executed, I thought. I mean, yeah, who cares about Big Show turning again, but the fact that it led to Cena's elimination in the MIDDLE OF THE DAMN MATCH was completely unexpected. This was his penance for SummerSlam 2010.

And Ziggler really shined tonight. The best part about how he went over is that, as Blind_Guardian pointed out, even though Sting was obviously in the spotlight, he didn't really change the outcome of the match other than to act as the equalizer to HHH. Rollins still fell to all the damage Ziggler inflicted upon him.

Ziggler got his SuperCena moment, Rusev went out pretty much the way I expected him to (by his own hand), and everything unfolded in a pretty dramatic and unpredictable way.

The Sting/HHH staredown went on a bit long, but I thought the killer Scorpion Death Drop made up for it.

Sting's new music is... interesting. I could say the same for everyone's post-Shield music, too, though. Very guitar heavy and par for the course with the new WWE theme people. It wasn't bad, and it'll probably grow on me. I always wondered what his WWE theme would sound like and that's not what I expected, but I didn't hate it. His TitanTron was pretty sweet.

They did a great job for a free PPV to deliver a show people would remember.
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#10 Posted on 23.11.14 2342.17
Reposted on: 23.11.21 2344.24
Dolph <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 THE FACE OF PERFECTION

Everyone had Ziggler - 4 eliminations, Cena - 0 right? Insanity. The only shame is sort of that Dolph had to play Daniel Bryan, since that would've been a perfect full circle blowoff. Then again, Bryan already got to do all that and more. I cannot believe what I witnessed.

Big Show reverting to his true nature -- the opposite of whatever his current nature is -- was simply amazing, like Show's whole career distilled into one gif. Big Show has already done that once to John Cena! It was only two years ago. Even better: Big Show and Mark Henry can team again. This is so preposterous I have to love it.

Speaking of true natures, Ryback is truly Mr. PPV. The Tony Romo of the WWE, Michael.

Man, how can Sting not have his music after that great commercial. Oh well. It's showtime.

Randy Orton's going to be confused when he returns for revenge.

The Bella stuff ... ok. Brie turned heel. After everything Nikki did. But she got revenge for ... Daniel Bryan?

Congratulations to Team Nattie on pulling off the full #Visionary.

Wait, I turned off the pre-show after Fandango. Cesaro lost to Jack Swagger? Okay bud, we'll get to your triumph over adversity next.
Summer sausage
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#11 Posted on 23.11.14 2348.00
Reposted on: 23.11.21 2350.47
I'm not really sure Brie turned heel there. While she did help her twin sister win the Divas title, that benefits Brie as well, since she probably intends to go right back to feuding with Nikki once her indentured servitude is up. Of course, if they come out on RAW with both of them all smiles and have a big celebration hug, then I guess I'm wrong.

Also, Dolph getting 4 eliminations (if you count Rusev) then he's tied with Reigns for most SS eliminations ever (they mentioned during his interview that he'd had 4 last year). Ziggler probably gets an asterisk, though, since he eliminated Rusev via countout, not pinfall or submission.

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It's False
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#12 Posted on 24.11.14 0255.06
Reposted on: 24.11.21 0255.31
I can't say that this was a GOOD show, but I will say that I personally feel a lot better coming out of this show. I said on Monday that things were starting to cross a line from "Why should I pay for this crap?" to "Why should I bother watching this crap?" They certainly addressed the latter part of that with the main event, that's for sure.

There was just so much to feel good about after the main event. The Sting debut was handled very well, with the exception of the announce team's grating voices. I swear, Michael Cole is like WCW in that he ruins everything. The actual confrontation between him and Triple H was very well-done and actually had me interested, even if it was so slowly paced that everyone around them had to go into extended comas. There was also the fact that for all that was made about this being yet another episode of John Cena going against all odds and Rising Above Hate for the millionth time, he had almost no effect on the actual match itself. Instead, it was long-time unsung hero Dolph Ziggler that got to shine with FOUR eliminations and arguably would have pulled the entire thing off on his own before the Hunter/Sting events kicked in. I will say, though, that the idea of the future of The E coming down to Dolph and Seth Rollins and not a combination of John Cena/Randy Orton/The Big Show/any of the other guys we've seen in that spot a million times is such a breath of fresh air and was genuinely nice to see. Yeah, there were a few things about the match that stunk, like Big Show's hundredth heel turn (only two years after the last time he turned on John Cena) and Ryback getting jobbed out after the last few shows focused on him SWINGING THE PENDULUM OF MOMENTUM or some other such nonsense, but hey, you can't win 'em all, right? As someone that was teetering on the outs with The E again, it's nice to genuinely look forward to Raw again.

The rest of the PPV was a massive load, though.

Fare thee well, AJ. You won't have to worry about the likes of Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler finding new ways to make fun of you, like some juvenile high school scene. You certainly earned your leave and your service was genuinely appreciated. In fact, it's pretty nice to see the rare case of two people finding love and getting out of wrestling with their health, money, and relationship completely 100% intact to go live happily ever after.

(I'm sure we'll all find the humor in the last paragraph the day we see the divorce headline pop up.)

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Pickled pork
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#13 Posted on 24.11.14 0353.26
Reposted on: 24.11.21 0354.34
Well, missed this one. Overall I'm guessing this was forgettable. But I'm sure the Sting debut added much needed spice to things & will be talked about. My fear was that he simply shows up at the end, doesn't do anything & we don't see him till WM season, nothing more than a plot for subscribers.

But nope, he actually got involved, apparently.

Watched some of the sure-to-be-taken-dow​​​​n-filmed-on-a-potato you tube footage of the end. A genuinely surreal moment to see him there.

Part of me is glad they're seemingly angling for HHH vs. Sting as opposed to Taker vs. Sting. Save that for when they need to sell out the cowboys stadium at 32.

Besides, it makes more sense for Taker to skip a Wrestle-Mania if they actually want to sell the streak being over.

Apparently Reigns cut a cringe-worthy via-satellite promo tonight, this *cannot* be the guy that beats Lesnar, surely?

This has to be a work, surely they know he's not ready and this is just WWE putting out the feelers for a heel turn? It's just these promos have a suspicious similarity to the Rocks late 2002 satellite promos, where he would cleverly skirt between heel & face gauging the crowd reaction, shortly before his full on turn when he came back in 2003.

Also, part of me is relieved that they didn't actually turn Cena tonight.

Hear me out.

The problem is there have been much better opportunities before now to turn him that they've passed up on.

Doing it in a random ass tag match would just be wack. Hell, it would make it even more of an insult that it didn't happen on the other occasions when there was actual, visceral, character motivation for it to happen.

*cough*Wrestle-Mania 28*cough*

(the problem was that we were all distracted by the fact that the Rock had actually frigging won that match to notice that they'd just missed the best opportunity in years to turn Cena heel)

Contrast that to here, & there just wasn't a strong motivation for Cena to betray his team, don't get me wrong, I'd dearly love for it to happen, but this just isn't the time to do it.

Randomly blowing the biggest angle of the decade to pop some network subscribers would be a waste, it should be done as part of a long game to make a new star.

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Amos Cochran
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#14 Posted on 24.11.14 0502.14
Reposted on: 24.11.21 0504.06
There can only be one reason for Sting's return: he's here to reclaim the "Dumbest Man In Wrestling" crown from The Big Show, who has now *twice* punched John Cena in the face at the behest of people who have humiliated and belittled him, only to get absolutely nothing out of it. What a turd you are, Show.

One match card, of course, but what a match. Up there with the Great Shawn Michaels Sympathy-Fest Of Aught-Three as a classic elimination match. Dolph getting to be the number one guy for the face team was aces - have they finally realised what they've got with him?
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#15 Posted on 24.11.14 0521.18
Reposted on: 24.11.21 0521.26
On behalf of Dolph Ziggler, I felt exhausted after watching him. I am enjoying the "we're not best buds but we respect each other" thing he's got going with Cena.

Dumb Michael Cole call-- When Ambrose was mocking the upside-down thing Wyatt does: "Because that's what Wyatt does, King!!!" We know, we know.

Is it me or does is it like the fans like Ambrose but never go completely nuts for him? There seems to be a hesitation there, or maybe they just aren't miking the crowd noise right.

These satellite interviews are not helping Roman Reigns at all. He seems to be trying, but Austin, Rock, or Foley he is not.
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#16 Posted on 24.11.14 0620.56
Reposted on: 24.11.21 0623.20
This was a much better show than it was on paper. Every match was really as good as it possibly could have been (the Diva's title match had Nikki Bella in it, it was as good as it possibly could have been), and the Diva's elimination tag was a lot better than I expected. I liked the finish to Ambrose/Wyatt, just because I knew there was no chance of a clean finish, and this at least made Ambrose look strong instead of stupid. There's nothing I can say about the main event that hasn't already been said, but let me just agree that it was a real treat to see Ziggler come out as the big hero on that one. Genuinely want to see what happens to Rollins now without HHH protecting him all the time. Hopefully he gets good and interesting again. I think I may be ready to forgive WWE for Hell in the Cell now.
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#17 Posted on 24.11.14 0654.25
Reposted on: 24.11.21 0656.02
Sting (the singer) also returns to TV this morning on The Today Show. Coincidence?
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#18 Posted on 24.11.14 0727.40
Reposted on: 24.11.21 0727.40
    Originally posted by Tenken347
    Genuinely want to see what happens to Rollins now without HHH protecting him all the time. Hopefully he gets good and interesting again. I think I may be ready to forgive WWE for Hell in the Cell now.

I think everything they have done with Rollins has been great. I love his character. It's Ambrose who I worry about. His nickname Lunatic Fringe is from an okay Red Rider song from 1981, but doesn't sound great when said over and over. He has one emotion which is CRAZY. I feel his character has gotten lazy and sloppy, it can come back but everything he has been involved in has been less interesting than it should be.
Mr Shh
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#19 Posted on 24.11.14 0731.10
Reposted on: 24.11.21 0732.42
    Originally posted by The Guinness.
    Looks like HHH/Sting is a go for Mania.

    Originally posted by The Guinness.
    Bye AJ!

A part of me (probably the dumb part) just thought hey, I wonder if they originally offered the Sting spot to Punk to build to Punk/HHH at WM (or Punk & AJ/HHH & Steph). Punk laughed heartily at the proposition, WWE started laughing along, then got all serious and said Girl, Bye (Cole said Bye, Girl).
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#20 Posted on 24.11.14 0738.04
Reposted on: 24.11.21 0740.07
I concur with the sentiments of the main event. It is so hard to surprise fans these days but there were so many little things that were pleasant surprises in this match. Mark Henry going down right away, Ryback being the first one eliminated after being pushed so strong the last two weeks, Big Show's turn. Yeah, Big Show turns all the time but after eliminating Henry I thought he was all in. But of course the big surprise was Cena being eliminated and Ziggler winning. Unfortunately, Sting's appearance was not one of the things that surprised me because that had been a rumor on the internet. It was cool, but Orton spoiling Triple H's fun would have made more sense.

    Originally posted by dwaters

    Is it me or does is it like the fans like Ambrose but never go completely nuts for him? There seems to be a hesitation there, or maybe they just aren't miking the crowd noise right.

I think the booking is hurting him. The WWE isn't letting him complete anything and it's very anticlimactic. For months they dragged out the Rollins/Ambrose feud then when it was time to finish it they made the Hell in the Cell a preview for Ambrose/Bray instead. Now this match is just a preview for next month's match. He sorely needs a big win with a conclusive end to a feud. I mean even his scaling the ladder was anti-climactic. I'm going to scale this ladder! And then I'm going to...pose. Come on, that's the end of Raw type stuff, not PPV stuff. If you climb the ladder at a PPV then you jump or fall off of it.

I was pleasantly surprised by the women's Survivor Series match. I love everything Alicia does, Emma got some time for once and Paige did the best she could with a pretty weak team. The Tyson Kidd celebration at the end was aces too.

The rest of the card was terrible. I think the tag match would have been better if it was elimination style. Have the Los Matadores go out first, then let the Usos do their spots before getting eliminated, then give Miz/Mizdow and Goldust/Stardust five or six minutes. Instead it was just kind of the Matadores getting beat up by rotating teams.

They really should have done away with the Reigns interview, the backstage segment and match between Slater Gator/Adam Rose and had some kind of NXT showcase instead. Maybe even a Survivor tag team match with some combination of Neville/Kidd/Ascension on one side and Zayn/Itami/Balor on the other side. They do have another special coming up December 11th so it would have been beneficial to promote that at a big show like this that probably had more viewers due to the free month of the Network.
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