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The 7 - Video Games - Xbox One cuts price $50 for the 2014 holiday season
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#1 Posted on 27.10.14 0932.17
Reposted on: 27.10.21 0933.53
all consoles and bundles are $50 off, starting 11/02 (in the US, may vary elsewhere.) Sale lasts until 01/03.

PS4 has beat XBox 1 in sales each the last seven months, though I don't know that either one has really taken off. The sense last week was that Sony would NOT cut PS4 because it'd been winning the 'war', but perhaps they'll be forced to match.

It's about a year in now, have we reached any definite decision between the two systems?

I've been disappointed by the AAA* titles I've gotten for PS4 so far. Watch.Dogs felt like a game with limited vision and a lot of focus groups (the last DLC was more enjoyable than the rest of the game), inFamous had bad story and repetitive gameplay and while I haven't played Destiny, lots of people who have are not huge fans. The best stuff have been the smaller games. It's not crazy to suggest the best PS4 game has been the port of Last Of Us**, which is not a ringing endorsement for buying a new system. And it doesn't seem to be technological issues, because the games do all superb, but the stories and gameplay which have been weak. Maybe Uncharted 4 will knock it out of the park, because PS4 really could use one killer big game, but I don't even feel like that's a sure thing because of how shaky Uncharted 3 was at times.

XBox 1 still feels like it's digging out of the hole from that E3 presentation and the following reversals of policies - I think their games may be about the same quality (plus or minus) but they stumbled into making themselves into the anti-consumer brand and haven't been shaking it off. If someone I know wants a video game machine, I'd be wanting to point them towards the PS4 just because cross platform gaming is still not a thing, but I don't know that either box has really separated themselves or made them compelling upgrades at this point.

* - as horrible a name as "IWC"
** - which is still sitting next to my TV, unplayed, because life
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#2 Posted on 27.10.14 1234.10
Reposted on: 27.10.21 1235.03
It really has been a lackluster first year. consoles usually have a somewhat slow start but this ones seems even more so than usual. Maybe part of it is that power-wise they are not as big of a leap as last time so companies are relying so heavily on upgraded ports for a cheap cash in. In some instances that is good for games like Last of Us so that 360 owners last generation that switched over can catch a game they missed. Either way both are selling great, one just better than the other.

I had both systems last generation and told myself I would stick to just one this time. I leaned more towards 360 for playing multi-platform stuff last time but went with PS4. Despite the One's flaws early on it is looking like a really good deal for a $349 bundle, especially with Halo: MCC, Halo 5, Sunset Overdrive and the next Tomb Raider coming. Maybe I will go back on my word of only owning one system eventually. I give them credit for fighting back so hard and think they will be just fine in the long run. by the end of the generation things should pretty much even out.

As for the PS4 I am not dissatisfied- just not wow'd. The best part of it is how slick and smooth and lightning fast the interface is. I love bouncing between things so seamlessly. I have been enjoying most of the PS Plus offerings each month and a couple other indie games I purchased. Watch Dogs was good but kind of blah and could have been played on any system. My biggest disappointment was Infamous. I was so excited as I absolutely loved the first two. I don't know what went wrong. The city seemed small, you did the exact same objectives in each area the same number of times and it was way too short. And I hated that main character. Maybe they rushed it to have it out in the first year and should have waited. Hopefully Uncharted and Bloodborne will really kick off a surge in good exclusives because they are kind of just running on third party stuff for now. That is fine but will hurt them in the long run.

Oh, and despite the somewhat negative backlash against Destiny I have been having the most fun with that as far as AAA titles this generation. I agree that it could have been more robust but what is there is fun. Feels like Halo and Borderlands, and doing missions/strikes with friends is a good time and can get intense. I don't mind grinding in games for loot though, so if you don't I can see why this game would be a turn off.

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#3 Posted on 27.10.14 1911.19
Reposted on: 27.10.21 1911.28
I play my PS3 about 10 hours a week, at least.

I power the PS4 on to download the plus games, once per month.

Nothing is really driving me to the PS4.
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#4 Posted on 27.10.14 1943.15
Reposted on: 27.10.21 1943.31
    Originally posted by Eradicator
    Maybe part of it is that power-wise they are not as big of a leap as last time so companies are relying so heavily on upgraded ports for a cheap cash in.

THIS. The graphic are an improvement but for the last three generations, you had the Playstation/N64 introducing 3-D gameplay, followed by the PS2/Xbox refining it, and then the PS3\Xbox 360 introducing HD play. This is just better HD play, and its not even that much better. All the real improvements are on PC, except that plenty of games coming out cross-platform need to be nerfed to console levels (or at least Ubisoft thinks so). We saw that last generation launch at $600, which was insane, but it meant that the consoles were appropriately powerful for the time (powerful enough that the generation lasted almost a decade before their successors debuted) and everyone understood you take a loss on the console to sell the games. For some reason, Sony and Microsoft decided they can make a profit from the start and this is what we've got.

I don't have either console, but I usually don't buy one until they drop to $300 later in their lifespan, and my PS3 is still more than adequate for my needs. I've heard good (enough) things about Destiny, Sunset Overdrive, Shadows of Morder (although that's on PC, too, isn't it), and other stuff that I'm sure anyone looking for their gaming fix can find it. I feel like something's coming that's going to shake up the way we look at consoles (someone's going to fulfill the dream of the Ouya and the Steambox and give us a cheap pc that we can upgrade and attach to our tv and use with a controller, but it won't be any of those things because they would have done it already. Or our phones will kill consoles, as the *experts* tend to predict...) This generation is fine so far, but fine is a step down from MIND-BLOWING like we used to get.

Then again, maybe we just haven't had that generation defining game yet that changes everything.
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#5 Posted on 27.10.14 1943.16
Reposted on: 27.10.21 1943.36
I'm with Guru on this - I still get a lot of play out of my 360 - I have about thirty games in my collection that I haven't beaten yet, so yeah - still not really interested in buying the Xbox One yet.

I will admit that I hate that the PS4 and Xbox One systems aren't backwards compatible. And I don't care about some subscription service Sony is launching or whatever.

The only thing that would inspire me to get a PS4 would be the new Uncharted game - I've played and beaten the entire series so far.
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#6 Posted on 27.10.14 2319.18
Reposted on: 27.10.21 2319.37
I'm likely going to go PS4 soon (January maybe?), even though I have played my 360 a lot and barely touched my PS3. The 360 is the victim of its own success - if I replace the 360, I lose all of my Rock Band songs (and now that I'm into customs, I'm at something like 1,600 songs). Plus the 360 gives away two free Games With Gold every month so I basically have enough games to last me for years that I haven't even started in on yet, and more are coming. The PS3 is easier to swap out because I'm less attached to it.

Having said that, I'm only doing it because I'll have saved up enough gift cards for it. I wouldn't bother if I had to pay cash.
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