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27.11.15 1227
The 7 - Pro Wrestling - Night of Champions
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#1 Posted on 21.9.14 2149.08
Reposted on: 21.9.21 2152.10
Tag Title Match opens the show. Usos and Gold and Stardust are in special PPV attire, Goldust looking like a golden tribute to Bam Bam Bigelow. Match was good, kept a very solid pace, hooked the crowd in as an opener should. Crowd seemed into some of the wilder spots.

We then see Dolph and R Ziggler with matching shirts and open bottles of Diet Mountain Dew that nobody has drank out of. Words happened!

US Title match is next. Cesaro's PPV attire consists of less opaque chest hair and solid black trunks with his name on the front. Sheamus has orange handwraps, but I'm not sure if that's normal or not. They work the corner forever. Rough brawling ensues, the crowd is rather slack over all of it though. Sheamus does the crawl up the corner (lotta corner work here) and gets uppercutted to the outside. Cesaro follows up with snapmare, knee drop, then headlock after a 6 count to cool down the action. Sheamus does 2 backbreakers in a row, but they aren't finishers so Cesaro kicks right out. Cesaro counters the chest beats, climbs the top rope. Sheamus does some wackiness I haven't seen, then after a minute to cool down the action, White Noise gets countered, Brogue Kick misses, uppercut for 2. Cesaro going for something but Sheamus blocks by sandbaggery. Cornerwork. Tilt-a-whirl slam by Sheamus, 2 count. Brogue Kick counter into a roll up for a 2 count. Everything is picking up, fans are getting into it again with all the rapidfire missed Brogues into not Cesaro's finisher into 2 counts. Cesaro slaps Sheamus a ton, then more brawling ensues. Then Sheamus insists Cesaro hit him more. Finally Sheamus hits a Brogue kick for the win as Cesaro sold it like it was a shotgun. Fans are either shocked into silence by Cesaro's loss, the brutal brawling action, or the fact that it's just the US title.

#USTitle is trending. I question the definition of trending.

Night of Champions set is very much like Raw's with yellow lighting. Sting in WWE 2K15 runs again. Mark Henry is backstage hollering by himself looking like he's in a room that's way too hot. Big Show comes out to yell at Henry. Henry yells back. It's all in a very friendish way, though. Big Show bought Mark a present. It's Henry's special PPV attire.

Special guests! Florida Georgia Line. Never heard of them, but they're dressed like 2004 indy workers/meth addicts.

IC Title Match is next. Quiet on the set. Miz's special PPV attire, matched by Sandow, is a black, uh, future jacket? Ziggler's special PPV attire is also flat black daisy dukes with some pink gobbledygook on his butt, R-Ziggler is wearing pink pants of similar description. Official Purple Stand of the Intercontinental Title is not here. Match is fast paced, much like SummerSlam. Sandow is very, VERY loud, which is awesome. Miz goes on the offensive, dancing about and delivering boots. Miz and Dolph spill outside, Miz eats barricade, then Mizdow cheats and beats up R-Ziggler. Mizdow hollers at the special guests. Special guests ear cup and double shove Mizdow. Mizdow then gets run off by R-Ziggler. Figure 4 is in, which turns into the Dolph sell show. Famouser, 2 count because that's not a finisher. Mizdow comes out to distract, and Miz pulls Ziggler's tights so far that he makes him moon the entrance ramp. Miz wins the belt.

We hear from Roman Reigns in his bed. His special PPV attire are hospital gowns. Seth Rollins comes out next holding his Money in the Bank briefcase. Seth's special PPV attire seems to be his normal intergalactic future suit but with grey trim. You sold out chant. Words happen. Seth is going to give Roman 10 seconds to get to the ring or Seth wins via forfeit. Charles Robinson is a dick and rings the bell, then counts to 10. Then Rollins does more words. Issues the open challenge to anyone in the back. Taxi arrives, and Ambrose gets out! HOT SHIT!!! The crowd goes wild. Ambrose's special PPV attire is a black t-shirt and jeans. They brawl to the outside as the Authority comes out to get Ambrose under control. Ambrose climbs the set and clears the security team and continues to chase Rollins. He brawls with Rollins back through the crowd, to the ring, and security (Jamie Noble) takes Ambrose down. They zip-tie his hands behind his back and carry him out. Rollins has a tantrum. HHH and Stephanie's special PPV attire is matching in purple.

They show a Diet Mountain Dew commercial, followed by the kickoff panel. The only time anybody drinks Diet Mountain Dew on WWE TV is in an actual soda commercial. They recap the night so far.

Mark Henry is out in his special PPV attire that Big Show got him, a spangly suit variant of his normal attire with a nice scarf. Henry starts getting emotional while Lillian Garcia sings the Star Spangled Banner. HYUGE USA chant. Here comes Rusev. Rusev's special PPV attire is a more ornate ribbon for his medal. Bear brawl to start, Rusev bails. More clobberin' and Rusev bails. I think I see a legit welt where Henry punched Rusev in the gut. Rusev bails a third time and Henry gives chase. Rusev plows Henry into the steps. Both back in, Henry selling the back, Rusev doing corner work. Rusev dominates, Henry powers out of an Accolade attempt, Worlds Strongest Slam, but Henry couldn't make the pin. Rusev bails, and kicks Henry for looking at him, then Henry starts to hulk out. Rusev goes bonkers and does a running super kick, then locks in the Accolade. Henry taps. Rusev wins again. Who set up the huge Russian flag?

Hype for the ME. Cole shows clips from his interview with Lesnar.

Jericho is out next. His special PPV attire includes red lights on the jacket and grey trunks. Orton's special PPV attire is black turnks with his name in the same color and trim as the ring. Match was long and good. Orton wins by RKOing Jericho who was coming off the top rope.


Triple Threat for Divas Championship is next. Words of Paige. AJ doesn't appear to have special PPV attire. Nikki is in black with red trim. Paige is in sparkly red. Honestly, I was grabbing a snack while some stuff was happening. Good match, the camera got in close on some corner work and I could catch Paige and AJ having a chat. Seriously, though, this was a good match. AJ wins via submission to win the title.

Recapping everything Lesnar did to Cena at SummerSlam. Go to the panel. Here's more recap of SummerSlam. Here's recap of every Raw since SummerSlam. Challenger's music starts, famous chorus of boos mixed reaction. Cena's special PPV attire are Snow Camo pants with neon green and black sneakers. Brock Lesnar's special PPV attire is Mike Tyson at the end of Punch-Out!!, but that's the actual stuff he wrestles in since he always wears athletic pants on Raw. Lesnar's music hits after a moment. They announce the challenger's hometown and weight. Then Lesnar's. Match was good, back and forth story, Rollins attacked after a 4th AA on Lesnar. Rollins was ready to cash in but Cena saved Lesnar, chasing off Rollins. Lesnar repays Cena with an F5. Cena wins the match, Lesnar is still the champ. Um, what? I guess Cena/Lesnar 3 in HIAC.

Show was pretty good. I liked it. Weird end to the Main Event, though.

And the show is over. Postin'
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#2 Posted on 21.9.14 2156.19
Reposted on: 21.9.21 2159.01
Glad I only paid $9.99 for that crap finish.

I'm so sick and tired of roll up finishes. And there were two tonight.

U.S. Title match rocked as did Orton/Jericho. Everything else was just OK in my opinion.
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#3 Posted on 21.9.14 2157.12
Reposted on: 21.9.21 2159.02
If you're going to have Seth cash in on Brock Lesnar, have Seth cash in on Brock Lesnar. Obviously, it's a bit early for Seth (and they probably haven't made his side plates yet) but I really think they passed up a star-making moment right there.

I enjoyed a lot of the top card matches, but didn't like AJ and Miz winning at all. Glad to see the Usos finally fall.

The Main Event was pretty good up until the blue balls non-cash in moment. I was in a heightened state of suspense the whole time.
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#4 Posted on 21.9.14 2158.16
Reposted on: 21.9.21 2159.03
Really blah PPV.

Enjoyed the Ambrose going from taxi to ring moment. How was he aware of the open challenge, though? Was he watching the event from inside the cab?

Was not expecting the MITB cash-in attempt. Anytime they can surprise me, that's a good thing.

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#5 Posted on 21.9.14 2201.02
Reposted on: 21.9.21 2201.43
    Originally posted by dwaters
    Really blah PPV.

    Enjoyed the Ambrose going from taxi to ring moment. How was he aware of the open challenge, though? Was he watching the event from inside the cab?

    Was not expecting the MITB cash-in attempt. Anytime they can surprise me, that's a good thing.

On his iPhone 5? Get the APP!

You may mock it, but I like when wrestlers change up their gear for a ppv.

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#6 Posted on 21.9.14 2206.06
Reposted on: 21.9.21 2211.16
I thought the Tag Match was great - The Usos have probably been in the best match of the last two or three PPVs they've been featured on. I look forward to the inevitable Ascension feud after they win the belts from the Dust Brothers tomorrow (I'm standing by that prediction until it finally happens!)

And Dean Ambrose returning felt like a huge breath of fresh air and if the WWE is smart he'll get that rocket-push they were planning to give Reigns. Nothing else was awful persay (except that ending, whatever the hell a Florida Georgia Line is and maybe Henry/Rusev), but nothing else will be particularly memorable by next month either.
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#7 Posted on 21.9.14 2208.14
Reposted on: 21.9.21 2211.16
The show looked like a train wreck going in, and turned out to be so-so.

The first two matches were good. Cesaro vs Sheamus was so good it makes you wonder why they get stuck spinning their wheels for months at a time.

Ambrose showed up just in time in a taxi he was able to get into the backstage area to accept the challenge. That must have looked cooler on the drawing board.

Miz vs Ziggler wasn't good. I don't care about these two and I care less about some country singers who barely know the product.

Face Mark Henry is a downgrade from evil wig splitting Mark Henry. I felt bad for him though, not because he let me down as an American, but because my back has hurt for a couple of weeks and he sold that part well.

Jericho vs Orton was good, but there is nothing at stake, no real feud, and everyone knew Jericho was losing so how do you get into a match like that?


...and it looked like it tasted like burning.

The Divas match was better than expected.

I was really into Brock vs Cena. Then Rollins ruined that and I was really into The Curb Stomp and cash in. Then Cena ruined that and then it was like all to be continued and now Cena is going to cut agonizing promos, so I don't know how I feel.

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#8 Posted on 21.9.14 2236.28
Reposted on: 21.9.21 2238.17
The Good: Usos loosing.
Shamus v Cesaro
The Divas match (at least it was short)
Lesnar beating up John Cena

The bad: Zigglar loses again
Florida Georgia Line?
Henry v Russev

The UGLY: Orton v Y2J.

Liked the way they were keeping track of the number of suplexes and Attitude Adjustments throughout the match. Not a great match, but it was fun for what it was. I liked the ending, especially since they didn't show Rollins running from the back.

Ambrose gets taken away in zip ties, because "the authority" didn't like him beating up Rollins? We don't need a Steve Austin rehash. Let Ambrose do his thing.

Jesus that Randy Orton match was BRUTAL. He's always been my least favorite "superstar". He's plodding, predictable, slow, sloth like, not quick and like molasses. Jerricoh on the top rope for five minutes, when you knew the second he started climbing, it was ending in an RKO was brutal as well. Not sure why people are saying this was a good match, overall it was the drizzling shits.

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#9 Posted on 21.9.14 2256.10
Reposted on: 21.9.21 2256.33
    Originally posted by dwaters

    Enjoyed the Ambrose going from taxi to ring moment. How was he aware of the open challenge, though? Was he watching the event from inside the cab?

For just $9.99 you can watch it on any device. Ambrose probably watched it on a blackberry or some other modern phone. Maybe a Nokia flip phone.
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#10 Posted on 21.9.14 2334.22
Reposted on: 21.9.21 2337.32
    Originally posted by dwaters

    Enjoyed the Ambrose going from taxi to ring moment. How was he aware of the open challenge, though? Was he watching the event from inside the cab?

Seeing his buddy Roman in the hospital and Seth now having no match to wear him down for the night, Dean realized that there would be nothing keeping Seth from cashing in after a sure-to-be-brutal main event. He got on the first plane he could and the taxi arrival at that moment was a lucky coincidence.

That would be the easy solution for WWE writers to have him recite tomorrow.

Except they somehow knew to have a cameraman at the back door of the arena.
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#11 Posted on 21.9.14 2337.36
Reposted on: 21.9.21 2340.38
JBL was horrible tonight. The way he got upset at Mark Henry after he lost doesn't build up Rusev in any way, it just buries Mark Henry.

Plus, he compared Randy Orton to a young Barry Windham. What?

Oh, and I wanted Nikki to lose the Divas match via reverse twin magic where Brie runs in with matching gear and gets herself pinned.

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#12 Posted on 22.9.14 0001.43
Reposted on: 22.9.21 0006.54
    Originally posted by texasranger9
      Originally posted by dwaters
      Really blah PPV.

      Enjoyed the Ambrose going from taxi to ring moment. How was he aware of the open challenge, though? Was he watching the event from inside the cab?

      Was not expecting the MITB cash-in attempt. Anytime they can surprise me, that's a good thing.

    On his iPhone 5? Get the APP!

    You may mock it, but I like when wrestlers change up their gear for a ppv.

    (edited by texasranger9 on 21.9.14 2201)

I'm not mocking, per se; I appreciate it myself. I loved the fact that Big Show knew Henry's size and they played the whole of it up.
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#13 Posted on 22.9.14 0202.33
Reposted on: 22.9.21 0204.48
Well, if they were going to deliver the September Non-Finish (tm 1996, 1997, 1998, 2001, 2002, 2005, 2007, 2012, 2013), at least they put on a strong show up to that point. I hope "good undercards on PPVs" is something they might continue bothering with.

Happy for the Dusts to get back the belts they never should've lost to the Outlaws in the first place in the match with the Usos they should've gotten to have at Wrestlemania. Usos have a really nice portfolio of PPV matches this year, which will hopefully continue next month since these two teams must have another dozen awesome spots for dips and twists thought up. COSMIC KEY CHANT.

Seeing that Sheamus/Cesaro, a match I was looking forward to a lot, was up next was pretty deflating, since the laws of card configuration made it extremely unlikely they'd do two heel title wins in a row. The good news was they had a superb match that felt like the first time since Mania that they'd put Cesaro in a position to contribute everything he has to offer. Just an awesome battle. Hope we can pivot back to news about "everyone's very impressed, big Cesaro push coming" for the third or fourth time as the cycle continues.

In turn, the card layout pattern did not bode well for the finish of this match either. Alas. Miz and Ziggler were working their shiny pants off with nothing less than the championship of many-to-most continents at stake while the announcers killed the match yukking it up with Florida-Georgia Line like it was the 10:20 segment of Any Raw. Oh well. FL-GA also made the big announcement that and I quote "we're doin' that honor the troops thing in December."

Well. I wonder if Roman Reigns' return will get a reaction like Ambrose's. Hell yes to Noble and Mercury, Stooges 2014.

The Rusev Challenge has become a surprisingly consistent PPV staple for crowd emotion. Mark Henry, with real tears not seen since his fake retirement, joins the Big E and Swagger as strong and formidable competitors who gave it their all.

Watching Jericho and Orton having a excellent match was kind of like watching the Midnight and Rock'n'Roll Express have an excellent match on that WCW PPV in 1990 -- well after the peak but still knowing exactly what to do. This was one of Jericho's two or three best matches out of any of his post-2010 comebacks. I saw them work a PPV in Pittsburgh in 2007 and that time when Jericho pulled the Walls into the middle of the ring and the crowd exploded, JBL jumped out of the booth and kicked Jericho in the head. Nice to see Jericho deliver like old times for one night before he returns to his mid-life crisis. He showed tonight that he'd be a lot more of an asset if they booked him as a big deal on these returns. Farewell!

The ladies threeway was a minor miracle. Everything was crisp and they worked in Nikki without incident. I thought the point of threeway title matches was to prolong chases. :-/

It was strange to see Cena and Lesnar have something closer to a regular heel-face match after their incredibly unique first two matches. I'd be down for Hell in a Cell, but hopefully Cena saved enough face with his showing here that they'll be comfortable beating him. I'd also be down with the Authority just refusing to give Cena another title shot due to Reasons though.

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It's False
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#14 Posted on 22.9.14 0232.46
Reposted on: 22.9.21 0232.59
The E really needs to start looking into their PPV calendar, because it's become so blatant that there's Summerslam in August, Hell in a Cell in October, and the September PPV in-between is now officially a throwaway show to set up for HIAC. The silver lining is that the shitty finish to this PPV is still worlds better than the shitty finish to the last September PPV. Baby steps and all that, I guess.

Sheamus and Cesaro was such a beautifully stiff match and a great reminder of what these two guys are capable. And honest to goodness, it just makes me furious to see that the writers just continually get bored with these two guys to the point that they continue to languish on TV when it's so clear that they're both ready and willing to tear the house down if given the opportunity. I guess they just aren't reaching for that brass ring, I guess.

It baffles me that the purpose of these Chris Jericho comebacks is to put over the new guys and yet the guy that gets to take him out is Randy Orton, because that train hasn't left the station enough times, I guess. What was so wrong about having Bray Wyatt be that guy?

I really hate to keep saying this about Mark Henry, but it always proves true. It's all fun and games until we actually have to watch him wrestle and this proved to be another case of that. But the heat for this one was pretty decent. The Rusev thing is really starting to take off, which is why it's going to be such a huge shame when they feed him to John Cena in a few months and then realize they have nothing else for him to do.

I'm really happy Nikki didn't get the belt here, but I'm not naive enough to think that this is the end of it. I'm very willing to bet that Nikki gets the title tomorrow night when Stephanie forces a title match.

    Originally posted by JustinShapiro
    I wonder if Roman Reigns' return will get a reaction like Ambrose's. Hell yes to Noble and Mercury, Stooges 2014.

You know, given that Ambrose is the one actively getting the McMahon-Helmsley Regime screws put to him all the time and getting the fan reaction that comes with that, I'm almost wondering if The E should just call one giant audible? There are plenty worse ideas that having Reigns make his triumphant return...and turn on Ambrose to become the Authority's new muscle. It's a pretty enticing idea for the short term and it's not like they can't try again with the Reigns babyface turn later down the line.
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#15 Posted on 22.9.14 0347.06
Reposted on: 22.9.21 0349.00
I liked this PPV. I've had the Network since the beginning and there has only been one PPV that I thought wasn't worth it, even though I don't really bother to watch Raw anymore.

The WWE isn't really doing anything with Cesaro or Sheamus, so just give us a rematch next PPV and I'll be happy.

It sounds like nobody here is a fan of Florida Georgia Line but they are a big deal in country music and therefore over in Nashville, it's actually one of their celebrity guest appearances that has made the most sense lately. I thought they were pretty funny on the mic but didn't want to see them get involved.

Mizdow had one of my favorite moments of the night. As Miz's stunt double he was imitating everything Miz did. At the end of the match when the Miz grabbed his injured head and then hugged his title, Mizdow did the same.

The Orton/Jericho match was so good at one point that I actually thought Jericho might win.

I agree with It's False about Mark Henry and Nikki. Rusev has been on a great roll lately with the Big E and Swagger matches, this was a step down from those. And Nikki winning the title tomorrow night makes sense, I think they moved the belt to AJ just so that Nikki takes the belt from a face. Paige is clearly better as a heel and Nikki taking the belt from her might inadvertently make her a face again.
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#16 Posted on 22.9.14 0612.48
Reposted on: 22.9.21 0616.37
Going match by match:

Usos/Dust Bros.
What I liked - Great, hot match.
What I didn't - The feed managed to cut out on me right before the finish. I got it back just in time to see that the Dust Bros. had won. This was the only issue I had with the feed all night.

What I liked: Everything, really. Good, brawly match with Cesaro doing fun power spots.
What I didn't: You know what? Nothing. I could nit-pick the finish, but really, I liked this match.

What I liked: Well, I like Ziggler and I like the Miz.
What I didn't: But I didn't like this match. With the title on the line and these guys busting their asses, we spent so much time at ringside with the announcers and a couple of terrible country singers. They just buried everything that was going on in the ring.

What I liked: Ambrose is back!
What I didn't: But he didn't actually wrestle. There was no match, and the ratio for Ambrose appearances to Ambrose matches is not very good these days. Is it too much to ask for that he actually get in the ring and be allowed to do moves?

What I liked: This was the one and only match whose finish I correctly predicted. This was not a good night for PPV predictions for me.
What I didn't: Man, this Rusev and the evil Soviets routine does nothing for me, and Mark's matches are not typically that great. Didn't like the match at all, really.

Actually, this one was right down the middle for me. I like the whole thing alright, but not that much.

And I'll be honest here: I dozed off during the match. It's not that I hated the match or anything, I was just tired. What I saw actually looked pretty good, but I couldn't really comment.

What I liked: This was a really good match, and I liked it a lot better than SummerSlam.
What I didn't: But that finish, oh that finish. It'd have been okay if Rollins cashed in, but he didn't. It'd have been okay if I thought they were moving to a Rollins/Cena feud, but with Ambrose back they're clearly not. I don't know where you really go from here: I guess you get another rematch at HitC, but really Heyman should come out tonight and say that Cena had his match, didn't win the title, and goes to the back of the line. He'd be right. Just a terrible, disappointing end to an otherwise very fun match.
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#17 Posted on 22.9.14 0630.04
Reposted on: 22.9.21 0631.23
Thumbs up from me. I think the strong undercards are here to stay. There's too much talent on the roster. The first two matches were excellent, and Jericho/Orton had a kind of nostalgic aura that made it feel different from the rest of the show. The bad writing and head-scratching booking make Raw hard to watch, but once a month they take a backseat and leave you to bask in Cesaro and Sheamus joyfully brutalizing each other with wild power moves, and the Dusts and Usos trading highspots and character antics, and Dean Ambrose jumping off furniture, and Brock Lesnar being the consummate monster heel, best one WWE's had since Brock Lesnar. They certainly could go out of their way to repress all that, but...

I found a lot of the booking really curious. A few lousy finishes (my favorite: wily veteran Jericho resorts to a top-rope Flying Nothing to polish off Orton - Orton!), and the title switches were just plain weird. Sheamus? Keeping the championship of the United States on a face so that it may quickly find its way to Rusev, I guess? Could be a fun feud. I'd look forward to that match. AJ? Yeah, the theory that they want specifically her to transition it to Nikki makes sense. I would not look forward to that match. Guess Paige/AJ Hell in a Cell can wait another year. Cena wins by DQ? Why protect him so much and run such an unsatisfying finish unless it's leading to the Cell? If they do go that route, makes you wonder whether just how long those plans have been in place. Miz?? I have no earthly idea. You got me.

Line of the night honors - and how often do you get to say THIS - go to John "Bradshaw" Layfield for his bemusement at Dean Ambrose's absent-minded urgency. "Didn't even pay his cab fare."
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#18 Posted on 22.9.14 0714.19
Reposted on: 22.9.21 0714.21
Thanks for jobbing to a guy who doesn't need it, Jericho. Enjoy your Fozzy tour. Where exactly was the Wyatt family? Not a lot of this makes sense other than minus the IC title, the heels control the belts. They missed making Rollins a star and giving Ziggler some momentum. Ray Liotta in Goodfellas was in less protective custody than Cena. The entire storyline Heyman of Cena going darkside went nowhere. Paul can cut his 20 minute promos, but if they lead to nothing then its IWC baiting.

Ambrose. Jesus Chris, Dean Ambrose. This guy, this fucking guy needs more big moments. He should have stopped the cash in not Cena. Ambrose needs to destroy HHH tomorrow. Just have him single handily end the Authority angle on Raw, because this needs to die when real TV comes back this week. They need some fresh ideas, because Brock/Cena Hell in a Cell without blood sounds as boring as we are making. Technically its still Cena 2 and Brock 1.
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    Originally posted by LostInUbe
    Oh, and I wanted Nikki to lose the Divas match via reverse twin magic where Brie runs in with matching gear and gets herself pinned.

That would have been outstanding.
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    Originally posted by OlFuzzyBastard
    Nothing else was awful persay...
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