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The 7 - Pro Wrestling - WWE Money in the Bank
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#1 Posted on 29.6.14 2323.01
Reposted on: 29.6.21 2324.31

- In the Preshow, Daniel Bryan showed up to promise he'd be back better than ever, though he gave no specific timeframe. Bo Dallas interrupted, only for Daniel to call him a Bo-ner and ask him to Bo-leave. They also announced that Wade Barrett had injured himself and was out of the MitB match.

- The Usos beat the Wyatt Family after successive splashes on Erick Rowan.

- Paige beat Naomi with a sort of Hangman's DDT to retain the Divas title.

- Adam Rose defeated "Paul Revere" with the Party Foul.

- Money in the Bank: Seth Rollins won after activating Plan B (The DemonKane). Ambrose had a shoulder injury midway through the match and was escorted to the back, but returned to make Rollins's life hell until Kane stepped in and Tombstoned him, clearing the path for Rollins to climb and claim the briefcase.

- Double Dust (Sons of Dust?) beat Rybaxel after the Crossrhodes on Ryback.

- Rusev beat Big E with the Accolade.

- Layla beat Summer Rae with a kick to the face.

- WWE World Title: John Cena won after fighting off a badly bleeding Randy Orton and Kane.

A fun PPV. Both ladder matches were entertaining and there was enough outside of the two big matches to justify the $10 price tag.
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Boudin blanc
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#2 Posted on 29.6.14 2325.49
Reposted on: 29.6.21 2328.02
    Originally posted by used2bcool

    - Double Dust (Sons of Dust?)

I vote for The Unnaturals.

I'm convinced that Seth Rollins is taking over The Undertaker's gimmick. I'm pretty sure Kofi killed him on that ladder bridge and Rollins is now a zombie.
Big Bad
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#3 Posted on 29.6.14 2339.34
Reposted on: 29.6.21 2340.23
Celebrities in attendance included Jon "Embarrassed To Be Seen There" Stewart.
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#4 Posted on 29.6.14 2343.06
Reposted on: 29.6.21 2343.08
Aw, there it is. The first MITBPPV that was not top notch superb. Still good enough, but the difference is every other past PPV had two good world title matches to fill out the card, whereas this one had a strong Usos match and a whole lot of filler in between the laddering.

Cena getting the call would be rather upsetting in a vacuum, but I suppose it's not that bad when we've been sort of tipped off that he's filling in as the most heavily pushed fall guy ever.

If Daniel Bryan does need a second neck operation, just let us know how/when to peak the fan overthrow of whatever they've got planned for Mania that isn't his triumphant return.

As usual, they did one stunt show ladder match and one main event storyline brawl ladder match. The main eventers one was good but not really up to the Bank standard -- too many bodies and not enough athletic guys. Not enough Cesaro showcase spots either, save one crazy Inception-style tipped ladder. But the highspot match was great as always, up until the flat finish with the storyline-style intruding on the action. The highlight of the show was Ziggler's frenzied and furious comeback, but that match more or less confirmed that Dean Ambrose is both the company and the fans' new CM Punk.

GET THE GIF: Kofi's tight-rope trampoline, Rollins' ladder backdrop that taught about five different physics lessons at once

If RVD can't even look good in a multi-man ladder match ... well, I heard his match with Neville was good.

Langston/Rusev continues E's streak of surprisingly good clobbering matches with big men built around the crazy apron spear spot.

I'm considerably displeased that Fandango and Summer are not back together.

I'm reading here that Damien Sandow won Money in the Bank last year, but that couldn't be true.

(edited by JustinShapiro on 30.6.14 0050)
It's False
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#5 Posted on 29.6.14 2352.22
Reposted on: 29.6.21 2352.29
I think the most notable item to come out of this entire night is that we should not be holding our breath for Daniel Bryan to return anytime soon, if ever. All the good feelings I came out of Wrestlemania with are pretty much gone and this depressing news was the cherry on top of a rotten sundae.

So where are we now? Well, John Cena's world champion again and the end of show indicated that he'll be the next guy to challenge The Authority. Because no one epitomizes "anti-authority rebellious champion" like John Cena, who appears at every company function, makes the company millions of dollars, is literally the face on every company poster, and brings nothing but positive PR with every charity appearance. Look, I get suspension of disbelief and all, but come ON! They keep trying to tell this same story every couple of years and it's just impossible to buy any of it.
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#6 Posted on 30.6.14 0006.16
Reposted on: 30.6.21 0010.14
    Originally posted by JustinShapiro
    Not enough Cesaro showcase spots either, save one crazy Inception-style tipped ladder.

It was more subtle than his usual feats of strength but Cesaro hanging from the titles with one arm while punching with the other was pretty impressive. Especially since it was clear Sheamus needed to use both arms and was still hanging on for dear life.

My only problem with Cena winning was simply how it ended. Cena was nowhere to be seen towards the end. It was all about Reigns overcoming Orton and Kane and then in the end Cena just waltzed in and took it. It seemed anticlimactic. It would've made more sense if it was Kane/Orton vs. Reigns/Cena for the entire ending, maybe with Reigns even taking out Kane to allow Cena to take out Orton. Then tomorrow night Cena can do his whole babyface respect spiel and at least put Reigns over that way.

Other than that I'm fine with Cena winning. I'm probably in the minority but I think Lesnar and Cena would put on a good match at SummerSlam if that is the plan and it is a legitimate big main event.
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#7 Posted on 30.6.14 0011.44
Reposted on: 30.6.21 0021.40
    Originally posted by JustinShapiro
    If RVD can't even look good in a multi-man ladder match ...
I thought he looked great! Did I stop watching halfway through? (Maybe?)
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#8 Posted on 30.6.14 0050.24
Reposted on: 30.6.21 0050.30

    I'm probably in the minority but I think Lesnar and Cena would put on a good match at SummerSlam if that is the plan and it is a legitimate big main event.

I think so too, but - gosh, Battleground is already looking like a challenge. Cena vs Kane? Cena vs Orton? Cena vs Kane vs Orton???? And a cycle of RAWs to build up either one of those matches too. When the most appealing option is Cena vs Rusev, there might be problems here.

(The problem with Cena to me isn't as much as him, but him doing the same things - Cena as a top guy wasn't that big of a problem when he was having those matches with Cesaro earlier this year, but WWE's inability to build up new heel challengers is their fault in the post-WM disappointment.)

(It's kind of got to be now for Rusev, or not for a long time, right? Lesner is SummerSlam and Night of Champions, and WWE's liable to get bored and give up by Rusev by fall.)
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#9 Posted on 30.6.14 0121.25
Reposted on: 30.6.21 0121.52
I'm amazed at how well-built the undercard was for this show, especially when you consider the top 14 wrestlers on the roster were contained in two matches. All of the matches announced for the show had been given ample TV time to build. The matches may not have been all that great, but they had a PPV feel to them, at least to me. It was a nice departure from the usual thrown-together nature of the undercard on most PPVs.

I thought the best spot of the two Ladder Matches was Roman Reigns lifting the ladder on Cesaro and Sheamus. That was really neat. But it was about the only thing memorable from that match (not counting Orton's gruesome cut). The contract Ladder Match was much better paced. Would've preferred Rollins to win cleanly but we're in an era where no heels are allowed to do that, or so it seems.

This felt like the time to put the belts on Rowan and Harper. Do they do a rematch even though the Wyatt Family lost cleanly? It's not like there's a line of credible heel challengers waiting for The Usos. Unless WWE calls up The Ascension.

Did anyone miss Josh Mathews?
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#10 Posted on 30.6.14 0123.48
Reposted on: 30.6.21 0125.27
Why on God's Green Earth was that not-good-enough-for-Sunday Night Heat match with Fandango refereeing the next to last match on the card?

Overall okay PPV, the first not great one since the network launched. Loved the first ladder match, lots of insane spots.

The second one? Eh.... not so much. Although Reigns running around the ring spearing of Superman punching everything in sight was pretty cool. The ending sucked. Why not have Orton and Reigns battling on one side of the ladder and have Cena sprint up the other side and steal the belts while they were busy?

Steph jumping (and bouncing) up and down was a positive.

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#11 Posted on 30.6.14 0324.11
Reposted on: 30.6.21 0327.13
Meltzer's saying the Bryan doom and gloom stuff was a work, for what it's worth.
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#12 Posted on 30.6.14 0456.49
Reposted on: 30.6.21 0459.01
Henning's singlet: it was either on backwards or it was two sizes too small. I don't remember ever seeing so much nipple exposure by anyone wearing a singlet. Decent match between the two teams, although it dragged at times. I want to blame Rybaxl for that more than the sons of a son of a plumber.

Cody, Sandow, and Barrett are amazing people with great passion for the business who are willing to run with whatever creative gives them and try their hardest to get over. It's impressive to watch and makes me fans of theirs more than squash matches ever could. I would put Ziggler and Kofi in that category as well, but creative hasn't had anything for either in a very long time. Thankfully they're phenomenal workers.

That was the most anti-climatic end to the Championship Ladder Match they could've booked. As was said, not enough Cesaro or Reigns showcasing. Too much stalling for my taste.

Lana should keep her promos short, as she did tonight. She has a tendency to go from passable Russian, to Borat, to Yakov, to American if she has to to go for too long. Kills it for me, but she's over with the Universe, so what do I know.

When did Big E become Reverend Brown from Coming To America? And why?

I don't remember a USA hero losing as much as Big E has. At least have him pass out from the Accolade instead of tapping every time. America should never tap out.

Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose, never stop loving what you do. Continue to innovate and don't fall into the five-moves-of-doom trap that everyone does. You're better than that. I hope they stay rivals forever, trading heel-face status. The chemistry and passion between the two of them is palpable.

The two least likely workhorses, Rowan and Harper, continue to be the most consistently entertaining part of whatever show they're on. For throwaway sidekicks, they have developed into must see workers. I hope that if/when the Wyatt Family part of the gimmick has run it's course and Bray goes full solo, wwe has something meaningful for them to do. They're too talented to disappear.

Bo Dallas is great.
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#13 Posted on 30.6.14 0508.55
Reposted on: 30.6.21 0510.34
    Originally posted by CRZ
      Originally posted by JustinShapiro
      If RVD can't even look good in a multi-man ladder match ...
    I thought he looked great! Did I stop watching halfway through? (Maybe?)

I haven't seen RVD look that motivated and.crisp since maybe the early ECW on Spike days. I did think he tore his knee up on that fall where his leg got stuck in the rungs.

6 men MitB ladder matches are the way to go. 8 has too many guys laying around outside for no reason.

Kane's role was what I had hoped, enforcer not participant.

Having both a Fandango segment/match, whatever you want to call it, and an Adam Rose match on the same PPV is wrong.

Good tag match. Wouldn't be surprised if the Usos lost tonight in some sort of rematch.

Stardust needs entrance attire.

This show had some really good stuff, but no flow and the ending didn't leave me particularly inspired.

No post show? What does that mean?

(edited by BigDaddyLoco on 30.6.14 0901)
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#14 Posted on 30.6.14 0739.15
Reposted on: 30.6.21 0740.16
Cena is their only option to face Brock which says how badly their main event scene is. Ambrose is going to be the MVP out of Shield. Rollins is an interesting choice, but I get the feeling he may not have that briefcase for long.
Dr Unlikely
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#15 Posted on 30.6.14 0837.54
Reposted on: 30.6.21 0843.25
I'm fine with The Greatest Champion in WWE History winning if and only if they are definitely doing My Client Brock Lesnar Ended The Undertaker's Streak At Wrestlemania vs. The Greatest Champion In WWE History at The Summerslam with Brock winning. After that, the entire rest of Cena's career in WWE should be an insane Ric Flair returning and doing everything in his power to prevent Cena from winning #16. Flair managing stables to stop him, hiring guys to try to kill him in parking lots, coming out of retirement and being ECW Flair again, and more for two years until they finally give Cena #16 and then almost immediately have him drop it and win again to get #17 and erase Flair from history.

The Money In The Bank match was good stuff minus way too much Jack Swagger, but I give everyone but Jack Swagger a pass on that since I assume you take every other "Swagger stops a guy from winning" spot and put in a "Barrett stops a guy from winning" spot in its place if Barrett was there. Hated the ending, though. Not Rollins winning, but Kane showing up and the whole thing killing the crowd. Ambrose coming back out got the biggest reaction of the night and he seems like the most over guy they have at the moment, so please, please do not be heading for Ambrose/Kane to Daniel Bryan Dean Ambrose.

Also, now that he's done everything he can in set-piece matches without being able to win one, please turn Kofi heel so he can be an Evil Leaper now.

The title match was definitely less good stuff, though not bad by any means. I'd say it needed about 158% more Cesaro and (surprisingly) about 53% more Del Rio, the fastest guy in it and the one with the best, most underrated ability to do nifty spot-work involving leaping. That said, shout-out to Sheamus for that thing he did to flip himself up onto the turnbuckles (I think I've seen him do it before, but to do it so casually and with no notice from anyone was pretty amazing). Really, I'd call Sheamus the MVP of the main event. Seemed to be everywhere and worked perfectly as a wrecking machine. Curious if Orton gave him the OK to bust him open the second time on the ladder at the end or if Randy was just extra bleedy on the night as a whole.

I guess I appreciate the idea of trying to get everybody on the PPV instead of forgetting they ever existed*, but keep junk like Rose/Sandow to the pre-show so it feels like less of a Raw, please.

Speaking of pre-shows: since they didn't do the "Cena is mentally crushed by the Wyatts and seeks out Bo Dallas as his new guru" angle I wanted, now I wish they'd introduced Bo as Bryan's secretly evil physical rehab specialist.

Layla/Summer was probably one of the worst PPV matches ever, right? What a world we live in, Fandango.

Tag match was fun, and at this point, I assume they have to be looking at Uso Brothers vs. Dust Brothers next.

    Originally posted by Stefonics
    Henning's singlet: it was either on backwards or it was two sizes too small. I don't remember ever seeing so much nipple exposure by anyone wearing a singlet.
This was, indeed, a fascinatingly weird bit of ring gear. I was wondering if it wasn't a rib on him or if he was wearing someone else's gear. Possibly, somehow, CW Anderson's gear?

Liked Big E/Rusev (and Big E teasing that he could escape the Accolade, which will surely be appreciated when The Greatest Champion in WWE History gets to do it), and this is further proof that Rusev is helped considerably more by competitive matches vs. squashes. I love Big E's energy, but he really needs someone to help him guide that energy to a better place, I think. Or something. I dunno. Help him out, someone good. I thought he was trying to do Jesse Jackson last week, but it occured to me he may also have been trying to do Apollo Creed when seeing it in the context of the flags this time.

*Emma never existed.
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#16 Posted on 30.6.14 0855.24
Reposted on: 30.6.21 0855.50
    Originally posted by Dr Unlikely
    Really, I'd call Sheamus the MVP of the main event. Seemed to be everywhere and worked perfectly as a wrecking machine.

Personally, I thought Bray Wyatt did the best spot work in that match, but I'll admit that Sheamus was doing enough neat stuff in that match that, by the end, I wouldn't have minded if he'd won. Cena winning was probably the third most underwhelming finish they could have gone with (1. Orton, 2. del Rio), and almost certainly the most boring going forward. A lot of folks are predicting Lesnar as his first challenger, but what I'm hoping for, based on the rumor that Daniel Bryan is healthier than they're letting on, is that we're going to try for Cena/Bryan II at SummerSlam, whith the once-again uncertainty of The Authority's pawn holding the Money in the Bank case.
Amos Cochran
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#17 Posted on 30.6.14 0923.56
Reposted on: 30.6.21 0924.19
These last few months have really done a number on the Wyatts as an exciting new force. All the doomsaying about Bray feuding with Cena seems to have been vindicated at this point. Where does Bray go for SummerSlam? There's nothing for him to do.
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#18 Posted on 30.6.14 1108.41
Reposted on: 30.6.21 1113.23
    Originally posted by Quezzy
    My only problem with Cena winning was simply how it ended. Cena was nowhere to be seen towards the end. It was all about Reigns overcoming Orton and Kane and then in the end Cena just waltzed in and took it. It seemed anticlimactic.

This and also "oh, by the way, the way to win is to unhook the whole two-belt-holding-contraption off the main hook, NOT unhook the belts from the hanger. Should we tell anyone besides John Cena? Naaaaaaah."

IJ was super excited that Cena won. The show started super-hot with the tag match and the first ladder match, but wow was it dragging in the middle. IJ spent large portions of the middle on her Kindle and at one point was doing the math out loud "there's HOW MUCH longer? And HOW MANY matches left?" Not the greatest sign.

And also, WWE, we can't regret missing the pre-show if you are just going to replay EVERYTHING from the pre-show DURING THE SHOW. Stop. Doing. That.
Mr Shh
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#19 Posted on 30.6.14 1140.14
Reposted on: 30.6.21 1141.19
That opening match was beautiful...basically, just Total Nonstop Action.

Why is Fandango even entertaining the possibility of getting back with Summer Rae? She can't pronounce his name correctly.

Just because Cena winning makes a lot of sense, it doesn't mean I have to like it.

ETA: I know it's really more of a meme now than anything else to chant for CM Punk during shitty segments, but it'd be really nice to hear crowds chant for AJ Lee during the shitty Divas segments. Last night during the Summer Rae/Layla thing was a perfect opportunity. Boston failed here.

(edited by Mr Shh on 30.6.14 1314)
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#20 Posted on 30.6.14 1201.09
Reposted on: 30.6.21 1206.56

Stardust & Goldust ... the Brothers of Dustruction?

Not a bad PPV, especially for $10.

I think they're saving Rollins vs. Ambrose for SummerSlam, as Ambrose might take on Kane at Battleground.

Curious to see where they now go with Reigns, Wyatt & Cesaro.
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