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The 7 - Movies & TV - Game of Thrones 4x7 "Mockingbird"
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#1 Posted on 18.5.14 2206.52
Reposted on: 18.5.21 2211.52
Neat! They added Braavos to the opening credits.

Jaime scolds Tyrion for throwing his life away but Tyrion said he couldn't stand Shae's lies any more. Jaime tells Tyrion he can't be his champion as he isn't as good as before without his right hand. Tyrion asks for Bronn. So who is Cercei going to choose as her champion for the Trial by Combat??

The Mountain! We see him destroying people. Cercei casually walks towards him, over blood and intestines, to thank the Mountain for coming to King's Landing so fast.

Daario, busy from guest starring in Orphan Black, is in Daenarys' chambers with wild flowers. He is getting stir crazy. He is good at war and good with women and he can't do either at Mereen. Send him to go kill her enemies (i.e. he has to go back to Orphan Black). Danny tells him to get undressed. Later on, Daario is leaving as Ser Jorah is coming in... he looks pissed. Danny tells him that he sent Daarios to go kill the masters at another land. Jorah is able to convince her to spare the masters. He used to sell slaves... should he be killed, too? He is lucky that Ned Stark spared him. They can live in her new world or die in their old.

Bronn finally visits Tyrion in nice clothes. He made a deal to marry Lollys Stokeworth, who is the 2nd daughter. The first born Falyse is 40 and barren and people fall off horses break their necks all the time. Tyrion suggests that Bronn be his champion because Bronn was his friend, when asked what Tyrion did for him... Tyrion didn't have an answer. I guess they had an amicable split.

The Hound and Arya runs into a man bleeding to death. He has been fatally wounded. The Hound puts him out of his misery and teaches Arya where the heart was. Someone bites the Hound's neck from behind before he could flip them over and break his neck. Another guy stood there to inform the Hound there was a bounty on his head. They were also informed that the King is dead. Arya remembers him from when she was being shipped out of King's Landing as trying to hurt her. Asked if he was on Arya's list, Arya said no only because she didn't know his name. The Hound asked him what his name was, and Arya proceeded to stab him in the heart. Later on, the Hound is trying to sew his neck wound. Arya tried to burn it so it doesn't get infected but the Hound is terrified of fire. Arya's brother gave her a sword, the Mountain gave the Hound a burnt face because he thought the Hound stole his toy. His father covered it up, too. Arya feels sorry for him and offers to wash his wound and help him sew it up.

Brienne and Pod are in a inn. Hot Pie is their server and he starts going on and on about making pie. Brienne asks if he has seen Sansa. Hot Pie immediately leaves denying he knows anything. Outside, Podrick let Brienne know he doesn't think it's wise to advertise their mission but Hot Pie came out and told them he knew Arya and she was with the Hound last he saw her. All this time, everyone had thought Arya died as no one has seen her since Ned Stark was beheaded. Hot Pie gives him a direwolf shaped pastry to give to Arya if they find her. Pod tells Brienne if Arya would be anywhere, it would be at the Eyrie where Lysa Arryn is at as she is the last known relative with any money. Apparently Tyrion taught him all the families and who hated who. There's a chance Sansa would be at their Aunt Lysa's, too.

Back at the Castle Black, Jon Snow suggests that they seal the tunnel to stop the Wildlings from attacking. Alliser Thorne reminds Jon that he is only a stewart and to listen to what the Builders have to say. The gates are made of 4 inches of rolled steel. It's funny to listen to these British guys talk about inches and feet.

Prince Oberyn Martell visits Tyrion in his cell. Oh, that reminds me that Oberyn has a beef with the Mountain. Sure enough, he volunteers to be Tyrion's champion to get revenge on the Mountain murdering his sister's children and raping and killing her while their bloods were still in his hands.
Very touching story about how Cercei warned him that Tyrion was a monster when he was born and wanting him dead, and Oberyn saying he wasn't the monster the Lannisters made him out to be.

Sansa wanders outside and sees snow. She builds what she remembers of Winterfell with the snow. Robin sees her and they start to bond. He asks her where the Moon door was. Since Winterfell wasn't elevated they didn't have one. Robin tries to build one for her in the snow but knocks the building down. Sansa said he ruined it so he got crazy and crushed the whole sculpture down. Sansa slaps him like he was little Joffrey. He runs off to tell his mom. Littlefinger saw all this and assures her that Lysa won't retaliate against her. Sansa asks why Littlefinger killed Joffrey FOR REAL this time. Littlefinger said because he loved Caitlyn Stark and it was revenge. He tells Sansa she is even more beautiful than Caitlyn ever was and kissed her. Yikes. Meanwhile, Lysa saw the whole thing! She asked for Sansa by the Moon door. Uh oh. Lysa tells her it must be a 100 feet drop and confronts her about what she did earlier. Sansa apologizes for slapping Robin but that wasn't what Lysa was talking about! She saw her kiss Littlefinger! Littlefinger was able to convince Lysa to not throw Sansa off and he will send her away. Littlefinger tells Lysa he only loved ONE WOMAN his whole life... Caitlyn Stark. Wheee look at Lysa fly!

Edit: Forgot there was a scene with Melisandre naked in a tub talking to Stannis' wife about potions to trick people. I think the whole purpose was she wanted Stannis' daughter Shireen to go with them for some reason.

Only 3 episodes left this season and there isn't a new episode next week during Memorial Day weekend.

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#2 Posted on 19.5.14 0451.32
Reposted on: 19.5.21 0453.38
WWE should be envious of this build towards Oberon vs. the Mountain. I have no idea what's going to happen in this duel. In just seven episodes, Oberon has become a terrific, well-developed character and seemingly has the narrative advantage on his side --- while GoT loves killing off its stars, surely it seems too early in the story for Tyrion for die...right? (And Oberon dying seems like a stretch as this point too.)

On the other hand, the Mountain has been almost a mythical force for the entirety of the series, looming as a threat off-screen (and played by different actors, to boot). Having him get killed the first time we directly see him in action would seem odd, not to mention the fact that an eventual Mountain vs. Hound showdown has been hinted at for years.

To go back to wrestling again, this seems like a schmozz ending has to be in the cards. Can't wait to see how this situation plays out. Oberon/Mountain is just one of many huge climaxes that are still on the books for the next three episodes. We have the duel, the wildings' attack on the Wall and Castle Black, the culmination of Arya/Hound and Breanne/Pod all going to the Vale, plus a few other minor developments of whatever will happen with Daenerys' storyline, whatever new hell will be brought upon Theon and the ominous nature of this Baratheon story.

The idea of sacrificing Stannis' daughter has already been broached, and I shudder to think why Melisandre wants her brought along. You'd think that might be the thing that finally gets Davos to turn on Stannis, or perhaps even gets Stannis to turn away from Melisandre. I guess he'd be turning on his wife too, though Selyse has been portrayed as such a lunatic that it's hard to regard her as one with any real power in Dragonstone. This is also only Melisandre's second appearance all season; curious that we never got her take on Stannis' plans with the Iron Bank.

    Neat! They added Braavos to the opening credits.

It was there last week, too. The opening credits map has been weirdly stable all season, as they've stuck to King's Landing/Dragonstone/Dreadfort/Winterfell/The Wall/Meereen and now Braavos despite the fact in several weeks we don't visit character in (or from) those locations. No usage of the Eyrie, for instance, though it's been an opening credits location in the past.

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#3 Posted on 19.5.14 1217.58
Reposted on: 19.5.21 1221.26
I absolutely love everything they have done with the build to the Mountain vs the Viper. Can't really throw any more praise on it than has already been levied.

I do have to say I'm left VERY puzzled at the choices they made during the pacing/execution of Littlefinger's arc. Lysa's death has much more of an impact in the books, because Littlefinger's involvement in Jon Aryn's death and the conflict that became the War of Five Kings is only revealed moments before Littlefinger shoves her out the moon door (and Sansa is present for all of this information).

For whatever reason, the show decided to reveal all of this in an almost throwaway scene halfway through the season by having Lysa just talking about it randomly while she is making out with Littlefinger. The only explanation I can come up with is that for the purposes of the show, Sansa is NOT supposed to know about Jon Aryn murdering/warmongering Littlefinger.

I also think they should have spaced out the snow castle scene and the moon door scene in separate episodes, or at least done one at the beginning and the other at the end of the episode. I don't know why they took possibly the best shock reveal from the entire series and for some reason tried to seemingly foreshadow Littlefinger's actions.

I thought for sure this was going to be my favorite season, but its been pretty inconsistent so far. The good stuff has been among the best portions the show has ever produced, while the "original" material has been hit or miss. The ironborn debacle and the Craster's Keep episodes were VERY bleh for me, but for every one of those type of things, we get something like Tywin/Arya or Littlefinger/Varys or Tyrion/Pod/Bronn interactions that don't feel out of place at all.

The one thing the show usually does not whiff on are the major cornerstone events of a book. However, this season has given us two so far, with Jamie/Cersei's not rape/rape and this Littlefinger nonsense.

To be fair, I'm majorly biased against the show's portrayal of this scene because it is my absolute favorite from the books, and all this is probably just sour grapes over that because I did not get what I wanted. I already called the whambulance for myself.

Ending on a positive note: Sansa smiling in the snow garden while that sad theme song of the Stark family played for a few bars was one of the most powerful images the show has produced. Beautiful scene. Sansa is TALL!

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#4 Posted on 20.5.14 0338.47
Reposted on: 20.5.21 0339.21
I have not read the books so I don't know all the who/what/when/where's of the characters. During the second season, I found myself complaining that there were just too many characters on this show and not enough stuff for them all to have a reason for being there. Now, obviously, I see that the reason all these characters are on the show is simply to kill them off in hilarious ways.
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#5 Posted on 21.5.14 1043.41
Reposted on: 21.5.21 1047.48
    Originally posted by Shadowhendrix

    I also think they should have spaced out the snow castle scene and the moon door scene in separate episodes, or at least done one at the beginning and the other at the end of the episode. I don't know why they took possibly the best shock reveal from the entire series and for some reason tried to seemingly foreshadow Littlefinger's actions.

I loved Sansa's snow Winterfell scene from the book. I agree that it should have been portrayed better instead of a lead in to the moon door scene. It's a great scene because it gives a Stark a glimmer of hope which they haven't had in a long while.

Spoiler Below: Highlight text to read
Does Littlefinger promise Sansa that he will rebuild Winterfell AND reveal her to be a Stark complete with grey dress and direwolf sigle right after the snow castle or is that yet to come? I couldn't remember and I love that part, too
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