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28.2.17 1635
The 7 - Pro Wrestling - Extreme Rules 2014
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Boudin rouge
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#1 Posted on 5.5.14 0104.54
Reposted on: 5.5.21 0104.54
What? No tread yet? This was my first PPV using WWE Network and the quality was good, but it froze up 5 times on my computer...had to refresh the page to get it back live. It's still annoying that your screensaver and monitor power saving is activated even on full screen mode.

I only caught part of the WeeLC match, it was actually entertaining. They had Jerry Smaller, Micro Cole, and JB Elf on a tiny Table (which El Torito broke by elbow dropping Hornswoggle from the apron). They had tiny chairs, tiny tables, and tiny ladders. I was surprised Los Matadores and 3MB took bumps through tables and ladders. The crowd was chanting "This is awesome" and "Holy Shit" at some of the spots. El Torito won after bouncing off the top rope and sitting on Hornswoggle through a small table.

RVD vs Jack Swagger vs Cesaro. For some dumb reason, Michael Cole said it was a one fall match even though I'm pretty sure on Smackdown Paul Heyman told him that it was an elimination match. Cole got super confused when RVD pinned Swagger and didn't know if the match was over or did Swagger allegedly kick out? Lillian Garcia announced that Swagger was eliminated. Cesaro won by crushing RVD through a cheapo aluminum garbage can with the Neutralizer. Bring back Micro Cole!!

Rusev vs Xavier Woods and R-truth... ugh. This should've been the pre-show match. Rusev took out Woods in the outside and beat Truth with the Accolade camel clutch.

Bad News Barrett vs Big E. Crowd was behind Barrett and boo-ed Big E. Hmmm ever since he did the elbow, I don't think he has able to beat anyone with the wasteland. Barrett wins the Intercontinental championship via flying Bullhammer elbow.

Evolution vs The Shield. Weird to have this match now. Wow, no one from Evolution had cool lighting or pyro. Don't know why it took the Shield so long to come out, and the commentators said they were playing mind games and making Evolution wait. Some highlights was Orton and HHH were brawling into the crowd with Ambrose and Rollins and Rollins jumped off the balcony into Orton, Hunter, and Ambrose Jeff Hardy style. After Roman Reigns kicked out of a Pedigree and RKO, I was pretty sure he wasn't going to lose. He Superman punched and speared Batista for the pin. Poor Batista... came back to job 2 PPVs in a row. It was pretty long.

John Cena vs Bray Wyatt. I thought they would've put the Divas match now but guess not. Was pretty good match... every time Cena tried to leave, Harper and Rowan would force him back in. Eventually Cena was able to take out all 3 members of the Wyatts and when he was about to step out through the door the lights went out and some little boy was singing the "He's got the whole world" song but in a deep witness protection voice. That freaked Cena enough to get Sister Abigailed and Bray just casually walked out. Bray called the boy "Little Johnny." Ohh kaayy.

Divas Championship Match. Paige took a sick bump outside.. tried to do a spinning hurricanrana and Tamina spun her head first into the barrier. Yikes. Paige eventually wins with the "modified Scorpion cross lock." The crowd was pretty dead.

Main Event. Well, before the main event Stephanie offered Daniel Bryan a chance to just forfeit his belt(s) but he said no. Had some cool spots fighting in the back on a car. Daniel knocked Kane out with a tire iron. He couldn't get Kane back to the ring so he commandeered a forklift and moved Kane back to the ring on a palette. Daniel lifted the forks up as high as it could go and dumped Kane down. Daniel then climbed on top of the palette and did a flying headbutt. Kane brought out a table, poured gasoline on it, and lit it on fire. Daniel Bryan was able to send Kane though the flaming table, though, and the staff was able to extinguish it as fast as possible. Daniel wins with a flying knee inside the ring.

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#2 Posted on 5.5.14 0105.53
Reposted on: 5.5.21 0105.53
You beat me by one minute.


Almost three hours later, and nobody's posting anything? Okay.

- El Torito pinned Hornswoggle after a springboard Thesz press (kinda) through a wee table
- Cesaro won the triple threat; RVD pinned Jack Swagger with a frog splash, followed by Cesaro pinning RVD with the Neutralizer
- Alexander Rusev won the handicap match, making R-Truth submit to the Accolade
- Bad News Barrett won the IC title from Big E, pinning him after a bull hammer
- The Shield beat Evolution when Roman Reigns pinned Batista after a spear
- Bray Wyatt beat John Cena after okay you know what you'll have to read on for that one
- Paige made Tamina Snuka tap to the scorpion crosslock
- Daniel Bryan pinned Kane after the kneestrike

There was a midget referee, a midget ring announcer, and midget commentators - Micro Cole, Jerry Smaller, and JBElf. Smaller was Short Sleeve Sampson, who is beloved by one of my coworkers because of a newspaper story that referenced him as "Short Sleeve Sampson (not his real name)." The ring announcer introduced Hornswoggle as "Hornwaddle" and Regular-Size Lawler would NOT LET THIS GO. Anyway this was a comedy match with lots of interference and some crazy bumps by the 3MB guys and Los Matadores, because if you're going to kill yourself doing a swanton over the top rope through a table, THIS is the match to do it in. Was relatively fun, all things considered.

Great confusion when RVD pinned Swagger because the idiot announcers had no idea this was an elimination match. The end came when RVD tried frog splashing Cesaro, but Cesaro moved so RVD hit a garbage can with his face and cut himself open. Neutralizer on the trash can to finish. This was fine.

What you'd expect. Rusev took out Woods on the floor, then fought off Truth before winning with the Accolade.

This match should have ended with Rusev calling Lana a skank and a whore. Then he'd be Vince Rusev. Then Rusev could be managed by Aksana and his finisher could be the What Is Camel Clutch.

okay i'm done

This was fine. Crowd loooooves Barrett. Not so much Big E. One bull hammer missed but a second one hit.

Somewhere in here was a Bo Dallas promo that talked about achieving your dreams and the visual was a close-up of a pregnancy test showing a positive result. You gotta BOlieve.

Also they showed up a whole bunch of Special Olympics athletes sitting around the ringside area.

This ruuuuuuuuled. Seth Rollins is a crazyman, diving off of everything. The guys who aren't Batista and Reigns brawled into the crowd, leaving Reigns to drop Batista with the Superman punch and the spear for the clean win.

I can't get into Evolution's new shirt because my cousin once had a shirt that was covered with skeletons but they were all fucking. He wore it to Disneyland and they made him wear it inside out. Anyway that's what the Evolution shirt makes me think of.

Okay so apparently people online have been suggesting that Cena needs to lose a match when one of his Make-a-Wish kids turns on him. Well. I was watching this show with Jeff, who came up with the idea of Cena losing the match when the Special Olympics kids swarm the cage in sheep masks while singing He's Got The Whole World In His Hands. This was a wonderful idea, but it was too beautiful to exist.

Maybe it was just my dreams of what could have been, but this match was no good. Tons of interference by Harper and Rowan. Really slow for most of the match. Cena beat up all three Wyatts and tried leaving the cage but DJIIT lights out, lights on, and there's a small child in a black robe blocking the doorway, singing He's Got The Whole World In His Hands through a Shockmaster voicebox. So, basically what I wanted but not nearly as awesome. Cena could not handle this spectacle and got Sister Abigailed and Bray walked out of the cage for the win. The young boy was later revealed to be Little Johnny. Yup.

This was fine but nobody cared. Paige won with the scorpion crosslock. That is a cool move but it really looked like Paige was struggling to lift Tamina up.

They brawled backstage. Bryan knocked out Kane with a tar arn and drove him back to the ring on a forklift. This was all slow and the forklift stuff was really contrived, and the final bump off the forklift into the ring looked like nothing. Anyway, Kane lit a table on fire, Bryan put Kane through the table, and some guy with a fire extinguisher put Kane out. Bryan knocked out Kane with the kneestrike for the win. As Bryan was walking to the back with the belts, Kane sat up and set off his pyro, so I guess this must continue. Must it?

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#3 Posted on 5.5.14 0107.40
Reposted on: 5.5.21 0107.45
I am also beaten by one minute! Lets not waste my writing...


On the pre-show, which I didn't get to see in Canada, the WeeLC match ended with El Torito pinning Hornswoggle with a seated senton through a mini-table. There was apparently special commentary on the match by Micro Cole, Jerry Smaller and JBElf. Make of that what you will!

As for the show itself...

Antonio Cesaro w/Paul Heyman d. Rob Van Dam and Jack Swagger w/Zeb Colter: Swagger was the first man eliminated when he took a Cesaro apron superplex into a Five Star Frog Splash. Of note, the commentators seemed confused here, having forgotten that this was an elimination match and acting like Swagger had somehow kicked out, when he clearly hadn't. Cesaro went on to pin Van Dam with the Neutralizer onto a trash can, which was legal due to the no-DQ rules.

Александър Русев w/Lana d. R-Truth and Xavier Woods: Woods was taken out before the match even officially began. Truth got a bit of offense in, including his axe kick, but the Little Jimmy was blocked and Русев finished him off handily with the Accolade. Lana dedicated the match to her role model and hero, Vladimir Putin, and said that Rusev had moved to Russia. His new Titantron had a shot of the Kremlin in it, though he was still called the Bulgarian Brute.

Bad News Barrett d. Big E for the Intercontinental Championship: The crowd was behind Bad News, as might be expected. Big E survived the Winds of Change and Wasteland, and ducked the first Bullhammer, but fell prey to a flying Bullhammer off the ropes to take the loss.

The Shield d. Evolution: It was somewhat surreal to me to see Triple H selling big for Seth Rollins! Evolution got heat spots first on Rollins, then on Ambrose, before Roman Reigns finally got into the match. A triple powerbomb on Batista connected, but Triple H pulled the referee out, and a pier six brawl broke out. Rollins, Ambrose, Orton and Triple H wound up fighting into the crowd, where Rollins dove off the top of an entryway onto the rest of them to take them all out of the equation. Meanwhile, after napping for a few minutes in the ring, Reigns escaped a Batista Bomb and hit the Superman Punch and Spear for the win.

Bray Wyatt w/Luke Harper and Erick Rowan d. John Cena inside a steel cage: The Wyatts cheated like mad throughout the whole match, repeatedly stopping Cena from climbing out of the cage and pushing the door shut when he tried to get out of it. At one point when Cena had climbed over the top, Rowan climbed up after him and got him in an electric chair position, powering him back over the top and inside the cage. Harper wound up bring brought in over the top by Cena, where he later saved Wyatt from the AA. Cena still found a way to overcome the odds, getting all the Wyatts down and heading for the door, when the lights went out and a low voice could be heard singing "He's got the whole world". When the lights came back on, there was a little kid on the ring steps singing to Cena, the voice distorted through the mic. The sight of this demon child scared Cena, letting Wyatt hit Sister Abigail on him and walk out of the cage for the win. In a later backstage segment, the kid was dubbed "Little Johnny". Little Johnny became the #1 trend on Twitter.

Paige d. Tamina: Tamina showed off some power moves, but Paige triumphed in the end with the Scorpion Crosslock.

Daniel Bryan d. Kane in an Extreme Rules match: This one exceeded my expectations, as Kane brought it. Bryan, meanwhile, was showing no ill effects from the beatings he'd taken, taking the fight to Kane all match. Chairs and a Singapore cane were both used, and the brawl eventually went into the back, where Bryan dodged several attacks that wound up going through car windows, before finally getting a hold of a tire iron in a trunk to take Kane out. Bryan used a forklift to transport the comatose Kane back to the ring, lifting him on it and dumping him over the top rope, then climbing the forklift to hit the diving headbutt for a near fall. Kane crawled out of the ring to escape the YES!lock, caught the following suicide dive and nailed a chokeslam through the announce table, then went under the ring to set up a flaming table. Bryan fought out of the chokeslam attempt and shoved Kane off the apron through the flaming table, then hit the Solid Knee Plus back in the ring to take the match. Kane, however, sat up as Bryan retreated up the ramp. It doesn't look as though he's done with Bryan yet...

A pretty strong show from top to bottom, though this is one year where Wrestlemania definitely outshines the followup Backlash/Extreme Rules. But that's just because Wrestlemania was so strong. Where do things go from here?
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#4 Posted on 5.5.14 0108.58
Reposted on: 5.5.21 0109.01
Also, we watched on the Network and the stream was perfect. I was a bit nervous - I was watching an on-demand show beforehand and at about 4:50 my time (40 minutes before the pre-show started), the whole thing froze. I switched to the livestream and it took about 5 minutes to start, and then was super pixellated for about 5 minutes after that. But the PPV itself had no problems, apart from when I'd forget to jiggle the mouse and the monitor would shut itself off. I really have to remember to adjust my settings before the next show.
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#5 Posted on 5.5.14 0159.50
Reposted on: 5.5.21 0159.51
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#6 Posted on 5.5.14 0200.34
Reposted on: 5.5.21 0200.40
Six way and main event were good, and am digging the Cesaro push. Someone in the booth is likely to get fired over the elimination miscommunication as well as forgetting to properly edit the dangerous RUBBER TIRE IRON.

Good show. 4/5.
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#7 Posted on 5.5.14 0203.45
Reposted on: 5.5.21 0203.50
Who let Kevin Sullivan book the Bray vs Cena match?

For me The Shield match was the only match worth seeking out.

Danial Bryan vs Kane was okay for what it was, but it's not what most people want to see Bryan doing.

The feed on the Xbox was not very good. It froze up twice, lagged and skipped. Was smoother for all things WrestleMania
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#8 Posted on 5.5.14 0215.53
Reposted on: 5.5.21 0215.59

I have a different feeling than those who have posted already; I thought every match had something great with the exception of Rusev and the Diva's title. I feel very positive coming out of this card, especially considering how shitty the build was.

Heyman seemed off his game on the mic. It was a brief stutter, but enough for me to notice and not think that it was intentional. The match itself was a good opener. RVD looks much better than he did two weeks ago. I wish there was more to the match; Swagger was just kind of there. And the manufactured beef between Cesaro and RVD wasn't compelling at all. A straight up Cesaro-Swagger match would've made more sense but for whatever reason, we didn't get it. The announcers were terrible, as always. For anyone who is fluent in Spanish, have you tried listening to just the Spanish announce team? It must be more coherent, cohesive, and correct than what we get.

After initially being impressed by Rusev, this match was terrible. Woods and Truth aren't the biggest guys in the world, yet Bulgaria couldn't toss them around as much as I wanted him to. The spinning heel kick was nice though. He's clearly not as advanced as any of the other NXT graduates...

Or maybe he's on par with BigE. He hasn't been over since he was the muscle for Ziggler and AJ, and his level of over-ness then is debatable. I don't think they realized he had the belt until they "unified" the heavyweight championships. On the other hand, BNB is fantastic and, as has been said before, really made the best out of an almost impossible situation through sheer will and charisma. Good decision here with an enjoyable match for the transition.

Shield-Evolution was phenomenal. All three Shield members shined in meaningful ways. Rollins is the unsung and previously overlooked member of the group. RR is a monster in the best sense of the word and Ambrose looks to be having the time of his life breaking out all kinds of old school face tropes. Also some great little buddy moments between HHH and Orton. I know that Big Dave was going for scruffy, but his hair doesn't grow anymore so it looked awful. Shaved head-scruff beard would've been fine.

Cena-Wyatt was good for what it was, but the ending was awesome. I also was hoping for the Special Olympics team to stop Cena, but this works too. I've said it before: if this is solely the work of Bray Wyatt from a creative standpoint, the wwe has something special in him.

Women's match was placed very strangely. I thought they were going to scrap it. After I saw it, I wished they had. Nothing special and I've seen better from Paige. She's not clicking in the ring for whatever reason.

The title match was an excellent Kane Brawl. I don't think it should continue and don't really want it to but I guess it will. Bryan showed a ferocity that we haven't seen since he almost killed Maggle.

All of the right people went over in their respective matchups. The younger stars are shining in ways that I would've never thought possible. If this is the vision of HHH, then it was worth all the years of suffering.
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#9 Posted on 5.5.14 0510.20
Reposted on: 5.5.21 0510.20
I'm with Stefonics in that I enjoyed the show better than I thought I would based on the buildup.

No streaming issues here, same as WM. Watched via Roku, looked great. However, during the initial preshow the sound feed was out for about the first ten minutes. Luckily it came back in time for the Wee-LC match.

Although I can't stand Superman Cena, I did love how Bray has clearly identified his Kryptonite: children. Didn't care for the voice warping, but that isn't stopping me from enjoying the story.

The kids *loved* the Wee-LC match, that was all they had time for last night before heading to bed.
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#10 Posted on 5.5.14 0527.57
Reposted on: 5.5.21 0528.03
    Originally posted by Stefonics

    I have a different feeling than those who have posted already; I thought every match had something great with the exception of Rusev and the Diva's title. I feel very positive coming out of this card, especially considering how shitty the build was.

I agree that I was very happy with the show and thought there was something good in just about every match. At the very least the right people went over and each of those people, except Rusev, looked really good doing so. Both in the way they were booked and in the way they performed. That being said, Evolution vs. The Shield is the only match that I'd say people must see.

Roman Reigns is a beast and Seth Rollins is getting crazy over as the new Jeff Hardy, who is willing to risk his body for the sake of entertainment, but I still think when they eventually break up that Dean Ambrose is the best. He's just a ball of uncontrollable energy and even if Reigns and Rollins get pushes before him he's going to make great entertainment out of angles and feuds that most people wouldn't.

Does The Shield winning mean that this feud is over? I'd like to see more but I've heard the rumors Batista is leaving. Maybe Evolution replaces him tonight since he's the one that took the pinfall?

RVD did look better than usual this match, although I still thought my WWE Network feed was in slow motion at times. I think Swagger is crazy underrated though. I want to see a proper one-on-one PPV match between Cesaro and Swagger.

I like Wyatt having children followers against Cena but that fake voice thing was pretty cheesy. They really need to pull back a little bit before they ruin the Wyatt Family.

Finally, mad props to the 3 Man Band. El Torito and Hornswoggle did some good things but 3MB bumping their asses off made that match. I have a new respect for those guys. They could have complained they were putting over midgets and half-assed it but instead decided to give the fans a show. It was refreshing seeing some good company men play their role just minutes after the crowd was chanting for the main event baby who has been given everything in the WWE and still took his ball and went home. They kind of remind me of a quirky baseball bullpen who doesn't get much attention, just does their job every night.
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#11 Posted on 5.5.14 0615.29
Reposted on: 5.5.21 0615.32
WILD show! Shield v. Evolution was my favorite. Seth Rollins is a crazy man!

Cena/Wyatt was nearly ruined by all the interference, but I for one liked the ending, spooky voice and all.

Bryan/Kane was good, too.
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#12 Posted on 5.5.14 0735.06
Reposted on: 5.5.21 0735.15
    Originally posted by Stefonics

    I have a different feeling than those who have posted already; I thought every match had something great with the exception of Rusev and the Diva's title. I feel very positive coming out of this card, especially considering how shitty the build was.

I'll also agree that this was a much better card than it looked like on paper, but I think even the Divas match had a great bit - the sick bump Paige took when Tamina swung her into the barricade. I thought that the IC title match was pretty good, and the WHC match was also a fun brawl, but obviously the match of the night was SHIELD/Evolution, to the surprise of no one. From the SHIELD clearing the ring at the start of the match to Rollins' New Jack dive, it was a definitive showcase for these guys. I figure the next stage in the angle is "divide and conquer," with three singles matches. Then maybe HHH pulls up some new talent to fight them?
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#13 Posted on 5.5.14 0852.20
Reposted on: 5.5.21 0852.22

I'll echo that same sentiment in that the 6-man tag was head & shoulders above all else on the card. I'd like to see these 6 go at it again at Payback with the stakes a little higher.

How much longer until Bad News Barrett is a full-fledged babyface?
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#14 Posted on 5.5.14 0853.16
Reposted on: 5.5.21 0853.25
    Originally posted by KJames199

    I can't get into Evolution's new shirt because my cousin once had a shirt that was covered with skeletons but they were all fucking. He wore it to Disneyland and they made him wear it inside out. Anyway that's what the Evolution shirt makes me think of.

Funny that you mention Disneyland, because when I saw Orton's skeleton my first thought was that it was doing some whacky dance from the Haunted Mansion ride at Disneyworld.

Great show for the price considering the Shield match alone, plus the rest of the month of the Network for $15 or whatever it's costing me to get up here.
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#15 Posted on 5.5.14 0855.45
Reposted on: 5.5.21 0855.50
What else? Lana doing the Putin tribute was legit funny. Also, Lana.

Divas match was much better than expected minus the crowd not caring, which can't be attributed to their effort. Cesaro looked cool. They were weirdly respectful to one or both of Truth/Woods by essentially making it 1 on 1 and only having Rusev make one of them submit. Some neat spots in Bryan/Kane.

I'm attributing the many, continued production screw-ups on the night to the pre-show, when they introduced the mini-announcing team. It went:

Cole: Who are you?
Mini-Cole: I'm Micro Cole!
Lawler: And who are you supposed to be?
Mini-Lawler: (45 second pause) Uh, Jerry "the Mini-King" Lawler?
Mini-JBL: And I'm mini-JBL?

Cue what I imagine is an enraged Vince just literally destroying everything in the gorilla position backstage because they didn't get his jokes in, followed by Cole eventually saying "By the way, these guys are Micro Cole, Jerry Smaller and JBElf! Ha ha ha!".

That Cena/Wyatt match, though. Oof. Harper/Rowan didn't interfere nearly as much at WMXXX and that necessitated a cage match where they interfere almost constantly, complete with Harper in the cage with them for long stretches. And really, I get giving the face one, maybe even two "he coulda won this if it wasn't for these jerks!" spots, but Cena got maybe 10 of those. Even without that finish, it's a terrible match that doesn't help Wyatt in the least. And then that ending.

    Originally posted by cfgb
YES. Who among us saw the triumphant return of Heidenreich as the Devil commanding Bray Wyatt as the June surprise? Not this commenter, fans!

It's such a fine line between stupid and clever*, and Evil Kid With Distorted Demon Voice falls on the bad side. I think, specifically, it was having him with that voice again in the segment in the back. There's an art to doing dumb shit, and I don't know how to define art, but I know it when I see it. This was not that.

Based on that photo floating around where Cena and the Wyatts were accidentally caught on camera sitting in the stands before the match almost certainly going over the finish, I'm inclined to pin the ending of this match on Cena and declare him the Worst Finish Man in the game. Or maybe it's just him and Arn together, if I'm correctly remembering that Arn came up with the chair avalanche on Barrett? Anyway, with this, the awful "screw that match, I'm goin' away forever, PSYCHE!" speech after beating Lesnar and the dumb finish vs. Ryback last year, I think the only finish to a John Cena Extreme Rules match that I've liked is that time he killed Osama bin Laden. He should do that again.

Would have been fine with Kane/Bryan if that was the end of the feud, though the end of the match itself should have been Bryan countering the zombie sit-up with the Knee. If, however, they're going to stretch this out to a full second month (and not just have a rematch tonight to end it, which I guess would be fine), I may move over into the "they're trying to actively sandbag Bryan" camp.

*Case in point: the ending of Bryan vs. Kane should have been Bryan cracking Kane's mask in half with the Knee and all of the evil Kaneforce exploding out of Kane forever, possibly with Kane being pulled into a vortex of some sort while reaching out to Bryan, who tries to save him in a tribute to the end of Monster Squad.
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#16 Posted on 5.5.14 0858.46
Reposted on: 5.5.21 0858.48
The next time your IWC friends bitch about HHH pushing his friends and ignoring great talent, show them this match and tell them to STFU. They made SHIELD look like supermen, and that wouldn't happen if he was "holding talent down".

That dive off the guard rail, while not New Jack life threatening, was pretty bad ass, and they did a great job of not showing Rollins getting into place before the leap,

Bryan's rubber tire iron still isn't as bad as Scott Steiners foam 2x4, so I will let it slide.

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#17 Posted on 5.5.14 0930.14
Reposted on: 5.5.21 0934.18
I don't know if it's a universal truth, but watched the pre-show and the beginning of the PPV on the WWE Network via our Xbox 360, and there were bouts of significant slowdown (like it would run in slow motion and then "skip" back to the live feed) ... Switched to the PS3, and (besides one split-second of buffering after the Shield win) the rest of the PPV ran without a hitch.

The moral of the story: I'm watching all PPVs on the PS3 from here on out.

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#18 Posted on 5.5.14 0946.18
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Just curious: did anyone NOT watch this ppv/special event on the Network?
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#19 Posted on 5.5.14 0949.34
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I really dug the show.

The WeeLC match was just so ridiculous that it came around full circle and became legitimately entertaining.

RVD/Cesaro/Swagger was a decent opener, and a nice throwback to the old three way dances from ECW.

Barrett/Big E was a good match and hopefully the start of them acknowledging the IC title as a championship worth fighting over and not just a prop for random midcarders to carry around a few months at a time (they may as well just go ahead and unify the IC and US championships).

The handicap match was filler but was at least short and achieved what it needed to.

The Shield/Evolution match was an awesome MOTY contender and easy highlight of the night.

The cage match was the only disappointment of the night. Just far too long with way too much interference from the Wyatts. By the end of the match, they'd pretty much gone from creepy backwood monsters to incompetent bumbling fools ala the Three Stooges. The finish, while different and kinda creepy, helped neither the match nor Bray Wyatt.

Paige/Tamina was a perfectly decent Divas match. The crowd seemed far more willing to give Paige a chance in that spot than they have done with any other Diva in a long time. Which has to be a good sign.

And I really liked the main event. It wasn't a classic or anything but it was fun. Felt to me very much like a throwback to a late 90s WWF main event - all over the arena brawling, announce table spots, chairshots, vehicular shenanigans... even a flaming table.
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#20 Posted on 5.5.14 1002.31
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    Originally posted by Dr Unlikely
    Would have been fine with Kane/Bryan if that was the end of the feud
According to Meltzer on the Observer Radio review of the show:

Spoiler Below: Highlight text to read
Vince wants Bryan defending against Batista at Payback. However, Batista doesn't want to stick around - he's unhappy that his promised Mania title win didn't happen and the money isn't as good as he expected. He was planning on being done in June anyway (at least temporarily, to promote Guardians of the Galaxy), so he's finishing up on TV this week unless they can talk him into staying. They had Batista lose the fall last night because there's no deal in place for him to stay on after this week.

Kane sitting up after the match was to set up a Buried Alive rematch for Payback if they can't convince Batista to hang around for that show.
Not sure the spoiler tags were necessary since Meltzer talk doesn't necessarily mean anything, but better to be safe than sorry.
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