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17.4.14 0342
The 7 - Pro Wrestling - Elimination Chamber 2013 Results Thread
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#1 Posted on 17.2.13 2156.13
Reposted on: 17.2.20 2159.02

-"The Funkasaurus" Brodus Clay & Tensai d. Team Rhodes Scholars after a double big fat splash on Rhodes
-Alberto Del Rio d. The Big Show with the jujigatame to retain the World Heavyweight Championship
-Antonio Cesaro d. The Miz by DQ to retain the United States Championship after a circumstantial nutshot

-"A Real American" Jack Swagger wins the Elimination Chamber
*Mark Henry d. Daniel Bryan with the World's Strongest Slam
*Mark Henry d. Kane with the World's Strongest Slam
*Randy Orton d. Mark Henry with the RKO
*Randy Orton d. Chris Jericho with the RKO
*Jack Swagger d. Randy Orton with a roll-up

-The Shield d. John Cena, Sheamus & Ryback after Reigns spears Ryback and Rollins gets the pin
-Dolph Ziggler d. Kofi Kingston with the Zig Zag
-Kaitlyn d. Tamina Snuka with the spear to retain the Divas Championship
-The Rock d. CM Punk with the Rock Bottom to retain the WWE Championship


Didn't see too much of this one, but made it around the time of the hot tag. Brodus cleaned house on Cody and looked to finish with the funky SHEE-plex before Sandow cut it off. Pier 4 breaks out. Brodus and Tensai dispose of Sandow with a FAT GUY SANDWICH! Double headbutt and double big fat splash will end Cody and win this one for the fat guys.

WINNERS: Brodus Clay & Tensai - The Scholars continue their inexplicable freefall.

Post-match, the fat guys dance!

And now it's time for the PPV proper!


The Road to Wrestlemania goes through The Elimination Chamber! Here's your opening video package.

Opening pyro! We are live from New Orleans, LA! Your hosts are Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler, and JBL!

Ok, I understood the idea of The Big Gold Belt jerking the curtain last month, but why is it opening this time? Announcers recap the last month of this feud, including that REALLY silly bit from SmackDown. Ricarado brings out ADR, as the announcers introduce our Spanish announce team.

Show wastes no time in rushing Del Rio and overpowers him to start, giving Del Rio no offense. Del Rio tries a brief comeback, but eats a spear for 2! It's pretty much all Big Show in the first five minutes, Ricardo tries to rally the crowd. Vaderbomb gets 2 for Show. Del Rio grabs the jujigatame out of nowhere, but Show muscles his way to the ropes, even as Ricardo tries to pull it away! Del Rio comes off the second rope, but right into a bear hug! This allows Cole to segue seamlessly into Bruno Sammartino's HOF induction! Show grabs the Mexican bucket and chucks it right in Ricardo's face! Show tries for a powerbomb, but Del Rio reverses into a 'rana! Del Rio follows with a suicide dive! Show barely beats the count back in, so Del Rio meets him with a top-rope seated senton for 2! Running boot is caught with AAAAAAAAAAHHHHTHECHOKESLAM!!!! IT GETS 2!!! Del Rio slides out of the ring as Show moves in for the Mayweather Sucker Punch. So Show simply palms Del Rio's head and yanks him back in! Second chokeslam is countered, but the sunset flip goes nowhere. Show tries to pick Del Rio up, but eats a DDT for 2! Running corner enziguiri gets 2! Del Rio grabs the jujigatame again! Show powers out and drops Del Rio! Show disposes of Ricardo, as Show holds up the bucket. Del Rio tries to come in with the enziguiri and COMPLETELY MISSES THE SPOT! So he REPEATS THE SPOT (tm Scott Keith) and hits the enziguiri, sending the bucket into Show's head. Another enziguiri puts Show down! Del Rio grabs the jujigatame again and Show tries to reach the ropes again...but finally gives up and taps out!

WINNER: Alberto Del Rio - A big statement win for Del Rio. This should hopefully get the guy over.

Let's waste some time with a short sneak peek at G.I. Joe Retaliation!

We cut to Josh Matthews standing with D.J. Cotrona and Adiranne Palicki of G.I. Joe Retaliation. God, Matthews looks like such a dork. Miz is sporting shoulder tape (but not DDP Memorial Rib Tape) from Cesaro giant swinging the shit out of him last Monday.

Cesaro's offense misses to start, but he quickly dumps Miz. Cesaro starts to work the injured arm. Miz tries a leap frog and it's CAUGHT with a shoulderbreaker! We quickly hit the half-nelson. Miz comes back with a running boot, but Cesaro wrings the arm down. Cesaro muscles Miz around, because the guy can even make RESTHOLDS look cool! But that doesn't take away that it's a LOOOOOONG resthold. Corner charge eats elbow and Miz hammers away in the corner. Straddling clothesline hits. Miz comes off the top with a Savage Axehandle, but Cesaro catches it with an armbar! Miz rolls Cesaro up for 2! Cesaro charges and gets backdropped out! Miz tries to give chase and gets caught. Miz shoves Cesaro into the steel steps and he TOTALLY eats it, kneecap first! Miz tries to focus on the knee now. DDT gets 2. Miz hits a seated dropkick to the knee and sets up for the shitty figure-4 (BOO!) before Cesaro fights his way out of it. Cesaro points at his knee and...the ref calls for the bell?

WINNER BY DQ: Antonio Cesaro - Sweet Jesus, that's an AWFUL finish! Replay shows that Cesaro swept the leg, sending Miz crashing down on Cesaro's crotch. Because circumstantial nutshots are a DQ, apparently. LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAME!!!

Post-match, Miz hits Cesaro with a Greco-Roman Kick in the Nuts! Hit his music! This feud MUST continue!

Backstage, Hell No have a confrontation. Daniel Bryan wants to know why Kane's so grumpy. Kane says he's focused. Kane says the winner of the Chamber match goes on to main event Wrestlemania. I guess "main event" is the new buzz term for "curtain jerker." Bryan wants UNITY tonight, so they HUG IT OUT! Kane like this idea. "I'll tell you what. You watch my back...and I'll watch my back, too!" Kane exits, as Bryan makes a realization.

As the Chamber gets set up, here's a Chamber video package.

Swagger comes out first with some newer, slower Tea Party-style music, finally retiring his Rage Agaisnt the Machine knockoff theme. Swagger grabs the mic and says he uses the mic to shower people with truth. He gives way to Zeb Coulter. Zeb gives us some more Tea Party-style ramblings and goes for some New Orleans-related cheap heat. Swagger yells "WE, THE PEOPLE!" a lot. Yeah, this gimmick's going to rule it if they do it right. By the way, how sad is it that I forgot who was even IN this match until all the participants were announced? They REALLY need to move this PPV to a different month.

Bryan and Jericho start with a wrestling sequence. Jericho tries for the Walls early, but Bryan tries to reverse into the NO! Lock! Jericho tries to turn THAT back into the Walls, so Bryan throws him off and hits some NO! kicks in the corner! Corner charge eats boot and Jericho chops away. Bryan backflips out of a corner charge, but can't suplex Jericho onto the Chamber floor. Bryan tries the NO! Lock again, but can't apply it! Jericho catapults Bryan into the Chamber wall! Back suplex gets 2. The countdown comes up and we're joined by Jack Swagger!

Swagger goes straight for Jericho and hits his standard offense, something that has NOT been refreshed by the gimmick. Vaderbomb gets 2. Swagger drives Bryan into the Chamber wall. Swagger works over Bryan along the wall and drives his face into the Chamber floor. Jericho comes back with a dropkick. Jericho charges into the corner and misses! Swagger chucks Jericho into the Chamber walls. Bryan suddenly swoops in and catches Swagger with a top-rope knee to the face! Now Bryan and Jericho are going at it again. Bryan wants the swan dive headbutt, but misses! The countdown is up again and we're now joined by Kane!

Kane destroys Jericho and Swagger, as Hell No start to work as a team! Hell No start hitting their big double-team spots. This doesn't last long, as Bryan rolls up Kane for 2! Bryan begs off and tries to calm Kane down. Bryan wants to HUG IT OUT! Kane doesn't want any of this nonsense, but Bryan insists. This quickly falls apart, so Bryan piefaces Kane! Kane nails him with an uppercut, but Bryan takes control and starts taking it to Kane, hitting him with a running corner dropkick! Time for some NO! kicks, but he eats the GOOZLE! Bryan tries to grab a NO! Lock, but gets a side slam for his troubles. Kane goes up top, but gets crotched. Superplex attempt is cut off by Jericho. Kane and Jericho hit Bryan with the Doomsday Device! Swagger swoops in for the pin, but gets 2! Now Swagger and Kane go at it, as Kane suplexes Swagger for 2. Countdown's up again and that brings in Randy Orton!

Orton cleans house on everyone, but is cut off by Kane. Orton dropkicks Kane! Slingshot suplex (!) for Bryan! Kane grabs the GOOZLE, but Orton chucks Kane into the Chamber wall! HANGING DDT ON THE CHAMBER FLOOR! Everyone is trading off and it's becoming obvious that they're waiting for Henry to come in and kill each and every one of them. Orton and Jericho give us STEREO SUPERPLEXES! Everyone's down and the countdown's up! Here's Mark Henry!

Henry comes in and KILLS EVERYONE without breaking a sweat! World's Strongest Slam for Bryan! Goodbye! (ELIMINATED: Daniel Bryan) Henry THROWS ORTON RIGHT THROUGH ONE OF THE CHAMBER PODS!!! GOOD GOD!!! Kane tries to go toe-to-toe with Henry and fails. Kane tries for the top-rope clothesline, but HENRY CATCHES HIM WITH THE WORLD'S STRONGEST SLAM! See ya! (ELIMINATED: Kane) Henry focuses on Jericho, as this is now Mark Henry's world and we're just living in it. Jericho shoves Henry into the Chamber wall, as Jericho and Swagger double-team Henry. Double suplex onto the Chamber floor! That was a VERY loud crash! That leaves Jericho and Swagger one-on-one! Top-rope crossbody gets 2 for Jericho! Corner charge eats boot. Swagger Bomb is blocked with a Walls attempt, so Swagger flips him over. Jericho hits the bulldog. Jericho wants the Lionsault, but Henry catches him with a double choke and chucks him into the Chamber wall! "THAT'S...WHAT I DOOOO!!!" Henry throws Jericho at Swagger! Henry stacks Jericho's corpse on top of Swagger. Vaderbomb misses and Jericho and Swagger double-team Henry! Codebreaker from Jericho! Orton suddenly swoops in and nails Henry with the RKO to eliminate Henry! (ELIMINATED: Mark Henry) Oh, boo! Everyone's dead, as Henry slowly lumbers out of the Chamber...or DOES HE? Henry's gonna KILL SOMEONE! World's Strongest Slam for Swagger! World's Strongest Slam for Orton! World's Strongest Slam for Jericho! The referee brigade desperately try to clear Henry out. BOOKER T and TEDDY LONG try to clear out Henry, too! Henry finally leaves peacefully. Swagger comes to and covers Orton for 2! The faces double-team Swagger and chuck him into the steel post with Swagger's head bashing the pod! Orton and Jericho go at it. Jericho climbs up, but jumps right into an Orton dropkick for 2! Swagger charges in and runs into an Orton powerslam. Powerslam for Jericho, as well. Orton wants the Hanging DDT on Swagger, but Jericho nails Orton with the springboard dropkick! Jericho wants the Codebreaker on Swagger, but he gets caught! Belly-to-belly suplex gets 2! Running Vaderbomb eats boot...or DOES IT! Swagger turns it into the Patriot Act! Jericho comes in and nails Swagger with the enziguiri! Patriot Act for Jericho, but Jericho rolls away and clamps on the Walls of Jericho! Orton saves Swagger, because he's idiot. Swagger charges at Orton and gets backdropped onto the Chamber floor. DOUBLE HANGING DDT! VIPER COIL! RKO misses! Lionsault hits knees! RKO hits this time to take out Jericho! (ELIMINATED: Chris Jericho) Swagger suddenly swoops in and rolls up Orton to win the Chamber match!

WINNER: Jack Swagger - That's Vince McMahon for you. He sees one xenophobic gimmick with a modicum of potential and he IMMEDIATELY pushes the guy to the moon. It's the JBL phenomena all over again. Great Chamber match, especially when it came down to Orton, Jericho, and Swagger.

Wrestlemania promo

Here's a video package on the Cena/Sheamus/Ryback/Shield feud.

Pier 6 breaks out immediately! The faces all hit simultaneous suplexes...sort of. Sheamus jumped the gun on his, because he's a jerk. Bell rings to start this one proper, as Sheamus works over Dean Ambrose. Corner shoulder thrust and running knee hit. Here are the Ten-Count Chest Strikes! Sheamus bops Rollins at four and continues through to ten. Sheamus wipes out Rollins with an apron shoulderblock and continues to work over Ambrose. Reigns runs distraction, allowing Ambrose to nail Sheamus. Reigns tags in and we get some nifty triple-teaming from the Shield guys. Seated dropkicks from each guy hit! Rollins grabs the armbar. Ambrose tags back in and pounds away on Sheamus. He pauses for a moment, allowing a desperation Brogue Kick! Tags are made on both sides and Cena hits Reigns with The Usual to heel heat. Rollins tries to save and gets tossed. Cena grabs the shitty STF, but Ambrose breaks that up. Ref is distracted, allowing Rollins to swoop in with the springboard curb stomp! Reigns works the power advantage over Cena. Ambrose tags in and works over Cena, as the heat for this match is just nuts! Rollins tags in and continues beating Cena down, as The Shield continue to prove themselves as a freakishly cohesive unit. Cena tries to come back by nailing everyone, but turns around into a Rollins dropkick for 2. Dueling chants are up, as per usual with John Cena, despite Rollins' best efforts to draw heel heat. Ambrose comes in and STOMPS CENA'S HAND! That's a deliciously dick move! Rollins tags in and bounces off Ambrose for a corner clothesline, before Rollins tosses Cena into a Reigns clothesline! Good God, these guys are REALLY pro! "FEED ME MORE" chant starts up, as Reigns hits a Samoan drop for 2! Time to hit the chinlock! Cena reaches for the tag and gets dragged back to the middle of the ring. Cena breaks the chinlock with a back suplex...sort of. Another Reigns clothesline gets 2. Ambrose tags in and boxes Cena's ears in. Hangman's neckbreaker gets 2. Now we hit the headscissors. Cena powers out, but Ambrose follows with a DDT for 2. Ambrose continues with that WICKED Heath Ledger Joker impression! Jeezum Crow, this guy is REALLY good! Ambrose charges in and gets backdropped to the outside! Tags are made on both sides and Ryback kills everyone! Ryback winds up, but gets blindsided by Reigns. Pier 6 breaks out again! REIGNS SPEARS SHEAMUS THROUGH THE TIMEKEEPER'S TABLE!!! And that'll be the end of Sheamus! Ryback catches Rollins, but he can't escape the triple team! Triple Powerbomb looks to finish, but Cena pulls out Reigns! Ryback escapes his predicament and picks up Rollins for Shell Shock! Attitude Adjustment on Ambrose hits, but REIGNS SPEARS RYBACK and Rollins (the legal man) covers Ryback (the other legal man) for the pin!

WINNERS: The Shield - This was a VERY good match! Goddamn, The Shield is just BANANAS good! They're quickly hitting Godlike status!

Post-match, the company's top 3 faces are left at a complete loss.

Do Not Try (Recapping) This At Home!

Here are some replays of The Shield's complete and utter dominance!

Well, it's time to go from a bunch of awesome winners to a complete loser, so here's DOLPH ZIGGLER. Dolph laments not being booked and makes fun of Jack Swagger for his long vacation. Interruption quickly comes from BOOKER T, who says Dolph's wasting everyone's time. I love shoot comments and all that. Booker has a match for Dolph right now!

I'm sorry, but after that Chamber match and that AWESOME six-man, I can't be bothered with Chapter 647 in this series. Let's FFWD a bit.

Heel miscommunication leads to Kofi hitting Trouble In Paradise and Big E misses his cue, so Dolph has to kick out at 2. Lovely. Dolph wins with the Zig Zag.

WINNER: Dolph Ziggler - I'm growing really tired of Dolph and it'll probably stay that way until he's out of this holding pattern.

Post-match, Big E kills Kofi dead, for fun.

Here's Michael Cole explaining the WWE App, as we segue into the pre-show happenings.

Backstage, Brodus Clay and the Funkadactyls shill some WWE toys. Tensai enters the picture, so Brodus shows him his Brodus action figure. Tensai takes umbrage at being called "Sweet T" and wants to know where the Tensai figure. The Funkadactyls cheer up Sweet T by hitting the music. Everybody dance!

You know, we've hit the 10:15 mark. Do we even need to have this match? We go back to WWE Active from last Monday, where a chick fight breaks out. It's about as ugly as you'd expect. Here's a Wrestling Challenge promo for Kaitlyn. How much do you want to bet that the pre-match hype goes longer than the actual match?

We start with...a WRESTLING SEQUENCE? It's surprisingly NOT terrible! Backslide and dropkick send Tamina out. We go backstage to see the remnants of the Divas division watching this match. This crowd is D...O...A! Tamina bashes Kaitlyn's head on the ring post. Samoan drop hits to ZERO heat. Tamina takes her sweet time to climb the ropes. Superfly Splash misses and the spear finishes in this two-minute special.

WINNER: Kaitlyn - I do not care. Yet, this match was better than it had any right to be.

Another Wrestlemania promo

Here's a video package for the Punk/Rock feud

Punk has Justin Roberts introduce him as "The People's Champion." Justin Roberts gives us the championship intros.

Feeling out process to start. Dueling chants are up. Punk outwrestles Rock, as Heyman keeps score on the outside. Ha! Punk grabs a headlock and takes Rock down with a shoulderblock. Rock comes back with armdrags and Punk bails. We are off to a VERY slow start here. Punk goads Rock into pounding on him in the corner, as he tries to draw a DQ. Punk spits in Rock's face! Hey, remember when Randy Orton stupidly let himself get DQ'd with that move? Rock shows a little more discipline, but does give Punk quite the beating. Punk comes back and hits the chinlock. Punk wears down Rock with elbowdrops and hits the chinlock again. This is NOT dream match stuff, folks. Vertical suplex gets 2 and it's ANOTHER chinlock! Can we pick up the pace a little, guys? Rock tries to mount a comeback, but a corner charge eats boot. Springboard clothesline gets 2. ANOTHER chinlock! I'm going to go out on a limb and say Rock still isn't "in ring shape," because this is bad. Rock tries to mount his comeback and works over Punk in the corner, but Punk gets the high knee! Another corner knee and clothesline hit. Savage Elbow gets 2! Punk tosses Rock out and starts clearing out the Spanish announce table, but stops to kindly ask JBL to clear away his cowboy hat. HA! Rock comes back and tosses Punk back in. Rock Bottom is countered with the roundhouse to the head for 2! Punk tosses Rock back out again, as Heyman argues with the ref. Punk Bottom on the table...AND IT DOESN'T BREAK!!! It's the opposite of what happened last month when the table broke too early! Rock slides in at 9, so Punk goes to the mounted punches. Rock suddenly catches Punk with the Samoan drop! Both men answer the count and trade blows. Rock makes the babyface comeback. Rock Bottom is blocked! Springboard clothesline is caught with the Rock Bottom! IT GETS 2! Punk tries to take a breather, so Rock retrieves him. Heyman distracts the ref and Punk tosses Rock into the ref! GTS hits, but there's no ref! Second ref comes out...and checks on the first ref! Heyman DESPERATELY tries to get the second ref to call the match! Punk wants a second GTS, but Rock shoves off and hits the spinebuster! People's Elbow hits! Second ref slides in! PEOPLE'S ELBOW GETS 2!!! Rock tries to pick up the second ref and the ref gets caught in the crossfire. Punk lays out Rock with another roundhouse, but the second ref is citing an ankle problem! So we have no ref again. Heyman passes the belt to Punk! Heyman holds Rock, but here's heel miscommunication! Rock Bottom hits! The first ref comes to and counts the pin!

WINNER: The Rock - That match...was not very good. And man, that HURTS to say. But this was slow, plodding, and overbooked like all hell.

Post-match, Rock celebrates. And we see the official graphic: Rock/Cena II at Wrestlemania. So it begins. Closing credits are up and we're out!


For a lame duck PPV, this was actually REALLY good! The Elimination Chamber match, despite arguable stakes, turned out to be fantastic, especially once it escalated into another gear in the final half...even if the result is VERY questionable. The six-man with The Shield was balls-to-the-wall awesome! And the main event, though still disappointing, wasn't enough to drag the PPV down as a whole. I came out of this PPV very satisfied.

Until next time! Take us home, Roman Reigns!

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#2 Posted on 17.2.13 2221.41
Reposted on: 17.2.20 2223.36
June 25, 2012–RAW: U.S. Champion Santino Marella defeated Jack Swagger to retain the title.
June 29, 2012–Smackdown!: Tyson Kidd defeated Jack Swagger in the MITB qualifying match.
July 5, 2012 – Smackdown!: Zack Ryder defeated Jack Swagger.
July 9, 2012 – RAW: World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus defeated Jack Swagger non-title match.
July 23, 2012 – RAW: Brodus Clay defeated Jack Swagger.


What an historic turnaround.

    Originally posted by JustinShapiro
    If you follow the "lose to win" philosophy that WWE will sacrifice someone in a clean job when they know they're about to give them a big win

SO CLOSE, if I had written this about Shield getting laid out on the last Raw.

Awesome show with some surprise finishes. Babyface Alberto Del Rio vs. racist Jack Swagger managed by Dutch Mantell is almost certainly the weirdest world title Match in Wrestlemania history. I'd rather see Jericho vs. Ziggler, but good for Swag. He's looked great and, well, Dutch has had a pretty horrible year so this is a nice thing for him. I fear the build-up but they could have a nice match. Are the crowds outside the southwest going to cheer Del Rio over the American Values Suplex Machine?

Chamber was also a great showcase for Mark Henry, and appears to be his babyface turn as well. (Jerry Lawler doesn't arbitrarily point out that "the WWE Universe is supporting Mark Henry!" unless something's up.)

The EC was the usual excellent Chamber match with the usual socialist booking where everyone gets a share. Bryan/Kane get their angle; Mark Henry destroys everyone and beats two guys; Orton gets to pin Henry; Jericho gets to go from first to the end; Swagger gets to win.

The Shield match was awesome. Both of Shield's, um, two matches have been beautifully laid out with Shield going beyond regular heel tag team psychology to work in a lot of creative spots to outnumber the babyfaces. That finish was just perfect -- Cena and Ryback set up for the dominant double finisher wins to cruise into Wrestlemania BOOM SPEAR and Seth Rollins pins the goddamn Ryback. Incredible.

Punk made his point by checking his pulse, but the layout of the Rock/Punk finish made sense. They saved their finisher kickouts from the Rumble to do them here, and it was designed to protect Punk to keep him strong to semi-main Wrestlemania against ... I guess we'll see.

Ziggler vs. Kofi was like a spectacular Ziggler/Kofi 25 minute Main Event match in fastforwardx4.

Kaitlyn's babyface promo. Oh boy. :-/

    Originally posted by JustinShapiro ON TUESDAY
    Cena vs. Rock
    Undertaker vs. Punk
    HHH vs. Lesnar
    Del Rio vs. Swagger
    Jericho vs. Ziggler
    Ryback/Sheamus/Orton vs. Shield
    babyface Mark Henry vs. Big Show
    Rey/Sin Cara vs. Hell No
    Miz vs. Cesaro
    Bo Dallas vs. Barrett

Oh man. This could end up being my greatest achievement.
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#3 Posted on 17.2.13 2231.50
Reposted on: 17.2.20 2232.07
No, I want to live in a world with Heel Mark Henry not Face Mark Henry.
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#4 Posted on 17.2.13 2251.58
Reposted on: 17.2.20 2253.01

Jack's new music sounds like the boss stage of a video game.
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#5 Posted on 17.2.13 2252.42
Reposted on: 17.2.20 2254.22
Here's my stupid guess: a newly heel Ryback (via post-match demeanor after eating the pin PLUS Cena's reaction to said demeanor ALSO the way Ryback's been booked since Hell In A Cell) vs. a newly babyface CM Punk (via his dumping Heyman after tonight's outcome PLUS the creepy smile during the hug last week) OR Heyman dumping Punk via Brock Lesnar F5 and then Lesnar vs. Punk. (with HHH in his corner.)
The only question is, if Undertaker is off the table, and your #2 star is without a WrestleMania match, does WWE exec Paul Levesque decide it's better for business to get that #2 star a showcase match or is it better for business to get HHH a showcase match?
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#6 Posted on 17.2.13 2338.24
Reposted on: 17.2.20 2340.41
Loved the Shield match. I thought that maybe Roman Reigns was the weak link but they put him over strong. He looked like a Dothraki out there. Hopefully on Monday Night Raw he'll eat a horse heart and have his way with his Khaleesi.

Ziggler's promo starting with a mention of Swagger makes me think he's going to cash in the MitB to make the WHC match a three-way. Where that leaves Jericho I don't know. I still think it could be Punk/Jericho. Even though they had that match on Raw a few weeks ago it was great and got a crowd reaction. Ryback is also a possibility for either Punk or Jericho too I suppose. They definitely seem to be using Jericho as a guy that they feel comfortable putting in there with just about anybody so who knows really.

I'm kind of hoping rather than another six man tag they give The Shield a tag title match, which they win when Team Hell No finally breaks up for good.
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#7 Posted on 17.2.13 2351.06
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Dat Shield bro! I'm shocked they went over actually. I really like the idea of how indestructible and hive-minded these three have been booked. Creative really learned from the mistakes they made with Nexus. They feel more like ex-soldiers that fought in the same platoon than a heel stable.

Ryback does not take jobbing easy. He should talk to Dr. Shelby or better yet talk to Daniel Bryan about how to eat a pin in a tag match and still love thyself.

If Cena does the inevitable WM win over Rock and a heel turn isn't even teased this is gonna be a slow 2013. Those "Cena Sucks" chants are not disappearing when he beats Rock, you may as well give a blatant reason for people to boo him and then set up Cena v. Ryback as FEED ME SNORES is mega over right now.

Maaaaaaaaan Mark Henry is hilarious! Right as he began to walk out of the chamber I told my friend "I hope Randy knows Mark is gonna kill him very soon" and then Mark says fuck it and grinds everyone to powder almost immediately. It's like I think it and he does it. Mark Henry found the right combination of crazy facial expressions, intimidating body language, and bellowing to make him look like a legitimate violent threat after all these years. I don't want to see him be a face yet.

Swagger won? Really? I really like the xenophobic extreme right wing Cody-from-Final Fight Jack Swagger and I like that Zeb is a crazy Doomsday Prepper racist, but it's still Jack Swagger we are talking about here. The man who had no crowd reaction for the combined year of 2012. Meh, it's a placeholder for Ziggler cashing in anyway.

Rocky winning was forgone. Punk looked strong but man, Rocky has "Show Muscles" now. I seriously believe he gets gassed early in matches despite how conditioned he looks. What is Rock injecting in his bloodstream, potatoes?
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#8 Posted on 18.2.13 0135.55
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    Originally posted by CruelAngel777
    Rocky has "Show Muscles" now. I seriously believe he gets gassed early in matches despite how conditioned he looks. What is Rock injecting in his bloodstream, potatoes?

You're not the only one who feels this way:

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#9 Posted on 18.2.13 0557.24
Reposted on: 18.2.20 0557.28
So, I am not going to say I am regretting getting Mania tickets, but man this card looks shit. Cena/Rock, ADR/Jack Swagger and maybe Brock/HHH? Ugh. Jericho/Ziggler was an easy show stealer. I don't mind Shield going over, but the question is who is going to stop them at Mania? Rock and Cena are off the table. Any other face would be a rematch.

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I'd wait until this time next week at least before crying into your WrestleMania Axxess collectible soda cup.
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WWE is advertising a "special announcement" on Monday afternoon at 12:00 p.m. EST, streaming on WWE's website, YouTube, and Facebook.

WWE is advertising a "special address" by WWE CEO Vince McMahon the day after the Elimination Chamber PPV in New Orleans. Plus, appearances by Triple H & Stephanie McMahon and WWE champion The Rock and John Cena.

Also, it's cool to see Rocky carrying the belt with him while doing promotional interviews for G.I. Joe 2.

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Do I understand correctly that (Uncle) Zeb mentioned Papa Swagger last night?

Could we get a return of Jimmy Golden or maybe even the Eagle?
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    Originally posted by odessasteps

    Do I understand correctly that (Uncle) Zeb mentioned Papa Swagger last night?

    Could we get a return of Jimmy Golden or maybe even the Eagle?

On SD!, the announcers said that Zeb served in Vietnam with Swagger's father, ergo their connection.

And yeah, I'm all for rebuilding Jack, but pushing him into the 4th-biggest match on the Mania card that quickly seems a bit much...

Also, I commented about Rocky's freakish muscles last week...his arms are really grotesque right now.
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I'm not entirely convinced that Swagger-Del Rio one-on-one is where we'll end up. One way of making that title seem at least halfway towards the level of the other MEs would be an epic multiman match. Another reason why having the chamber in February kinda stinks - Del Rio/Swagger/Henry/Jericho/Orton/Show or something similar would defnitely be welcome on the 'Mania card.
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    Originally posted by Amos Cochran
    I'd wait until this time next week at least before crying into your WrestleMania Axxess collectible soda cup.

Fuck Access, if you want to meet anyone popular, it cost about the same as my ticket. I am pulling for Punk to worm his way into Cena/Rock. Taker doesn't seem to be ready and Punk doesn't to job.
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The Shield just absolutely rocks. I missed their first match so I was waiting to see if they could pull it off again. So many creative, cool spots. And isn't Dean Ambrose just a great slimy psychotic guy?
The only problem is, there are three of them, so what do you do with them for Mania? I guess though it's kinda like Demolition in that regard and they pulled off the three-man group very well.
I'm ready to see more of their matches.
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I don't have a problem with Swagger in the WHC match. If it's going to be like fourth from the top of the card then who cares? I wouldn't be surprise if it was early in the card like the WHC match was last night.

Yes, before the Chamber match Swagger and Zeb cut a promo and Swagger talked about Swagger's father.

I just tuned into the WWE Live Stream to see R-Truth in a suit rapping and pointing to Lil Jimmy while a bunch of gray, 50 year old white people in the seats wondered what was going on. So bizarre.
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    Originally posted by lotjx
    So, I am not going to say I am regretting getting Mania tickets, but man this card looks shit. Cena/Rock, ADR/Jack Swagger and maybe Brock/HHH? Ugh.
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We knew two out of three of these matches about six months ago.

ADR/Swagger really turns you off that much that you're moaning about WM now where before you were excited?
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This show was pretty much what it had to be to keep on course for WrestleMania. The Shield going over is great, I think Swagger going over was the next best thing to Henry, and Rock needed a strong win over Punk for Mania.

Del Rio/Swagger for Mania has a built-in story which will help both of these guys, so I think it's a good idea here. I just hope they stop forgetting about Ziggler's briefcase which needs to be dealt with already and have him capitalize on the winner. I don't even care if Ziggler loses his cash-in at this point.

Cena/Rock II has been inevitable since last year and I'm okay with it, but this should be where it all ends. I don't want to see a rubber match next year, just leave them both with having wins over each other and Cena getting the belt back. The Rock needs new people to fight and Cena has... stuff, I dunno.
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    Originally posted by SKLOKAZOID
    This show was pretty much what it had to be to keep on course for WrestleMania. The Shield going over is great, I think Swagger going over was the next best thing to Henry, and Rock needed a strong win over Punk for Mania.

    Del Rio/Swagger for Mania has a built-in story which will help both of these guys, so I think it's a good idea here. I just hope they stop forgetting about Ziggler's briefcase which needs to be dealt with already and have him capitalize on the winner. I don't even care if Ziggler loses his cash-in at this point.

    Cena/Rock II has been inevitable since last year and I'm okay with it, but this should be where it all ends. I don't want to see a rubber match next year, just leave them both with having wins over each other and Cena getting the belt back. The Rock needs new people to fight and Cena has... stuff, I dunno.
Yeah you can't really think Rock an Cena will end tied at one match a pierce can you? The three match series has been inevitable since the Rock at last years WM press conference said he'd like a thee match series with Cena that ends at WM30 and that's exactly what's gonna happen. We will probably get a Rock Vs Brock match in between Rock vs Cena's third and final battle which Cena will unquestionably win.

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