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It's the go-home show for Survivor Series! And we all know what that means. Raw recaps! This is Smackdown!

We get the "previously on..." recap again, going over the WWE Championship, Team Foley adding the Miz, and finally the World Championship. What's the point of opening with the Punk/Cena/Ryback recaps when that's not going to get furthered tonight, because Punk and Cena rarely appear on Smackdown? I don't know, but I don't write this stuff.

The show starts with Sheamus in the parking lot in street clothes, apparently awaiting the arrival of the Big Show. And we're in Cleveland, Ohio today! To the ring, as Tony Chimel introduces Cleveland's own, The Miz, who comes down in suit and tie, looking quite smug with the ovation he receives. It's MizTV! "Miz is Awesome" chant stops Miz from talking at first. "It's good to be home! So welcome to the most must-see WWE talk show in history, welcome to MizTV! In two days, the 26th annual Survivor Series will take place, and I will now be on Team Foley because of YOU. Yes, the WWE Universe selected me in a RAWactive vote during Raw last Monday, but was there any doubt? I mean, I'm on the poster." He helpfully gestures to the Survivor Series poster in the middle of his set in the ring. "And there's a reason I'm on the poster, it's because I am a survivor. But not only am I a survivor, I've accomplished more than any other Survivor Series participant, so I'm not going to fall blindly in line under any team captain, whether it's Dolph Ziggler or my guest at this time, the Hardcore Legend, Mick Foley!" And here comes Foley in his green flannel jacket with a Dude Love-esque tye-dye shirt on too.

"Y'know Miz, um, I appreciate you having me out here on your, your show, but I'll be honest I'm not gonna mince words, ah, I had some reservations when I first put you on the ballot at RAWactive, and not just because you portrayed the biggest bully in the history of children's literature in my new book, A Most Mizerable Christmas, available at Amazon and Barnes and and bookstores everywhere, including bookstores right here in Cleveland, Ohio!" Foley actually pulled the book out from under his flannel to give the cheap plug and receive the cheap pop, though he got a decidedly mixed reaction for calling Miz a bully. "Don't you go for a cheap pop in MY hometown." "You're, you're from here?" "Yeah." "You're from right here in Cleveland, Ohio?" Yup, still gets a cheap pop. "Alright Miz, seriously alright, although I called my book a Most Mizerable Christmas with a very nice likeness of you, had the book been written by another bestselling authour, Charles Dickens, it might have been called A Tale of Two Mizes, because that's indeed what you are to me, a tale of two very different people, and now as we get closer to Survivor Series I have to wonder who's going to show up to compete for Team Foley. Will it be the Wrestlemania main eventing, John Cena defeating, awesome-inducing self-survivng WWE Superstar that I know you can be, or at Survivor Series will it be the vacation-taking, chair-sitting, makeup-wearing, weak-beard-growing Miz who shows up on Smackdown and Raw from time to time? Which tale of which Miz will this turn out to be?" "You need to ask that question, really? Really? Really? Really? I'm the least of your problems, Mick, I don't need you to give me a rah-rah speech. What you need to do is look at the rest of your team. You have Tag Team Champions that don't like each other, you have an Apex Predator that doesn't play well with others, and you have a cheapshot artist that stole my Intercontinental Championship." "Well, I'm glad we're all getting it out in the open, because I took the opportunity to have a team meeting right here on your show, let me announce the participants. First, the current Intercontinental Champion, Kofi Kingston." Kofi's got some new entrance graphics featuring his "I Can Fly" logo. Mid-entrance, a blast of flame heralds the arrival of WWE Tag Team Champions Kane and WWE Tag Team Champions Daniel Bryan. "And the WWE Tag Team Champions, Team Hell No!" They argue on the way to the ring, presumably about why Bryan has to enter to Kane's music. "The final member of Team Foley, the Apex Predator, Randy Orton!" And he makes his way to the ring. In the ring, Miz stands on the other side of FOley from his four teammates, as Foley continues. "Gentlemen, now that you're all here, I want to open up the lines of communication, whoever feels it first, please, begin talking." Nobody talks. "Somebody, somebody begin talking please." Everyone looks at each other uncomfortably. "I'll start." "I'll start!" Both Bryan and Kane speak up at the same time. "No, I'll start!" "I'll start." Bryan wins out and just keeps talking. "I think Kane is trying to apologise for his constant insinuation that I am the weak link of our tag team." "Actually, I just wanted to thank Miz for being such a great tag team partner Monday night." Miz beams, as Kane continues. "My back feels SO strong from NOT having to carry somebody." "Oh, you think that's funny? Without me, you'd be roaming basements and scaring little children." "I roam basements and scare little children regardless." "Oh yeah? Well, I'm the Tag Team Champions!" "No, I'm the Tag Team Champions!" This goes back and forth for a while until Kofi talks them down. "Guys, guys, guys! C'mon, man, you're supposed to be a team here, c'mon! What is this?" "Really. Really? You're going to play the peacekeeper? Last week I went to shake your hand and you kicked me in the face." "And if you don't take two steps back, I'm going to do it again." Foley quickly steps between Kofi and Miz. "Guys, c'mon c'mon, show some team unity, this is not going very well at all. It's hard to believe that the voice of reason on Team Foley may turn out to be Randy Orton." Orton gives Foley a 'who, me?' look, before stepping up with his own mic. "You want me to be the voice of reason. Mick, I've spat in your face, numerous amounts of times. You threw me in a pile of thumbtacks long ago. But even though all that happened between us, I still like you more than any of these people standing in this ring right now. As a matter of fact, there's not a single member of this team that I do like. Or trust." And he smacks the Survivor Series poster with Miz on it down. The crowd doesn't like that, and neither does Miz, but before anything can come of it, here comes Dolph Ziggler. And in tow behind him is Team Ziggler! Wade Barrett, Alberto Del Rio w/Ricardo Rodriguez and the Black Scarf of Mourning, and Your Intellectual Saviour Damien Sandow. Ziggler is in a suit, the rest are dressed to compete. Huh, the chryon says 'Team Rhodes Scholars', but I don't see Cody here. Talk to us, Ziggler!

"Take a good look in the ring, boys, that is the definition of dysfunction. Hey, pretty sad Mick, even for you. See, Team Ziggler doesn't have any egos. All we are are prime, elite superstars, all united behind one charismatic leader. And further.." Ziggler stops, distracted by Del Rio, who's chatting with Rodriguez and not paying attention. "Hey, Del Rio, one meeting, man, one meeting. And furthermore, the last time- hey, Del Rio! What's the problem?" "You know what, Ziggler, to be honest, I don't think you have what it takes to be the team leader." "Oh, oh, that's something you couldn't have brought up backstage?" "In fact, in fact, there's only one person in this place with the (Spanish) to be the leader of this team, and it's not you, Ziggler." "That's something you couldn't have brought up before we came out here?" "Listen, don't you talk to me like that, I'm a former WWE Champion." "Former? That's great, I'm a FUTURE Champion, and I'd rather be a future anything than former anything." Foley interrupts them in the ring. "Wow, Dolph, you're sure showing us how to remain united-" "Shut up, Mick, stay out of this." "Actually, Dolph, I, I am involved in this, because I don't know if you remember way back when when I used to run this place, I made some pretty good matches. So I asked Booker T if I might have the opportunity to make some pretty good matches... right here in Cleveland Ohio!" Miz rolls his eyes at another cheap pop. "And he said I could do it. With Team Ziggler's blessing. So as long as it's okay with you, I'm going to hit you with my first suggestion. Because it seems to me Dolph, that you and Del Rio need to learn how to get along before Survivor Series, and what better way than to form a tag team here tonight and face two members of Team Foley who need to learn how to get along. It'll be you two against the Miz and Randy Orton." "You know what, Foley, that's fine by me. You know, I'm glad Miz quit Team Ziggler, he couldn't cut it over here anyway. We've got someone who's way better than Miz. Wade Barrett." Barrett smiles and lifts his mic. Yep, everyone has a mic today! "Thank you very much, Dolph, you're making me blush. But the way I see it, Team Ziggler has replaced a quitter with a winner." "That's, that's catchy, Wade, and personally I've always been a fan. I want to see how you stack up against one half of the World Tag Team Champions tonight.." Bryan starts thumping his chest and smiling, so we know where this is going. "..when you take on Kane." "No! No! No! No! No! No!" "Silence! Silence! Silence!" Damien Sandow tries his best to cut off Bryan's petulant no's and the crowd's exuberant yes'. "It is obvious that Team Foley is in complete disarray. You have a goat-faced one-word wonder running around with an anger problem, his tag team partner Kane whose unbridled brutality is the very reason my tag team partner Cody Rhodes is not with us this evening, and then you have a braided neon mute who now claims he has the ability to fly, and-" And Kofi cuts him off there. "Whoa whoa whoa, hold on now, now you call yourself a scholar, I'd expect you to say something a little bit smarter than that. I mean, look, you want to question my flight abilities? I'd be more than willing to show you first-hand, son." "You know, Kofi, you two just made my job real simple because the first match tonight is going to be Kofi Kingston vs. Damien Sandow. And that match starts now." Kofi and Sandow both look content. Daniel Bryan looks annoyed that he has no match. But the opening match is next!

Your Intellectual Saviour Damien Sandow vs. Kofi Kingston: Lockup, headlock by Sandow, and a headlock takedown. Kofi fights back to his feet and pushes Sandow off the ropes, but Sandow hits a shoulderblock. Off the ropes, Kofi goes under, leapfrog, a second leapfrog, then a jumping back elbow by Kofi sends Sandow to the floor. As Sandow regroups, a replay shows from Main Event on Wednesday that explains the lack of Cody, as on that show he took a big back body drop from Kane and landed awkwardly on his shoulder. Apparently his status for Sunday is in question. In the ring, Sandow's kick is caught by Kofi, who spins him around and hits an armdrag. Another armdrag, then a hold on the arm applied. Kofi hits a kneedrop to the arm, but Sandow kicks out at one. Arm-wringer by Kofi, and Sandow cuts him off with a forearm. Headbutt by Sandow. Whip off the ropes, Sandow's hiptoss is countered into a monkey flip, and Sandow bails to regroup again. Sandow baits Kofi into chasing him on the outside, then cuts him off on re-entering the ring, stomping him repeatedly. Whip to the corner, Kofi goes up and over, dropkick takes Damien down. Two count! Arm-wringer again, a kick to the thigh takes Sandow down to one knee, at which point Kofi steps over the arm to give him a mule kick to the face. Back around and a kick to the ribs. That gets two. Sandow hits a shoulderblock as he rises, and tries to throw Kofi over the top rope, but Kofi reverses and tosses Sandow instead. Kofi follows up with a suicide dive before Sandow can recover! He's looking really strong, but will he still be in control after this commercial break?

Yes he is! We surprisingly return to Kofi stomping on Sandow in the corner. Sandow hits another shoulderblock after the ref pulls Kofi off. Kofi cuts off Sandow's comeback with forearms. Whip, reversed, Sandow hits a kick to the leg to double Kofi over, then goes off the ropes with the somersault neckbreaker to take Kofi down! 1, 2, no. Knee to the back, and Sandow rakes the face. He facewashes Kofi into the mat, then takes a bow! Side Russian leg sweep, and that's followed by the Elbow of Disdain! That only gets two. Kofi with punches as he gets up, but Sandow kicks him in the gut. Whip, reversed, Sandow kicks Kofi with his head down, but Kofi comes back with double-chops! Dropkick by Kofi, then the high clothesline! Off the ropes, Boomdrop connects! Kofi wants the finisher, but Sandow sees it coming and ducks away, fleeing to the corner. Kofi pursued, and the ref tries to break it up. Sandow lands an elbow and charges, but Kofi ducks the clothesline, jumps off the second rope, and hits a springboard crossbody! Sandow kicks out at two! Jawbreaker by Sandow to turn the tide, but Kofi hits a back body drop. Sandow tries again to retreat, crawling under the bottom rope, and as Kofi tries to stop him Sandow kicks his leg again to drop him. Sandow tries a schoolboy rollup, stacking him up something fierce, and that gets the three count! It was hidden by the camera angle, but Sandow had a handful of tights as well. Sandow departs quickly, not even having time for his celebratory cartwheel.

Backstage, Sheamus is still waiting for the Big Show, so lets cut to commercial!

Back from the break, we get the AJ Scandal recap. We saw this on Raw! And hey, there's a match ready to go after the recap.

Kaitlyn, Layla and Beth Phoe.. er, Natalya vs. Eve Torres, Aksana and Alicia Fox: Natalya and Aksana start out, and lets see what Nattie can get out of everyone's favourite Lithuanian. Lockup, Aksana backs Nattie into the ropes. Knee to the gut interrupts the clean break, and Aksana gets an arm-wringer. Natalya rolls out and gets a schoolgirl for a one count. To the corner, Layla tags in. Layla spanks Aksana! Whip off the ropes and a double shoulder tackle before Nattie leaves. Butt-butt by Layla for two. Whip to the ropes, but Alicia makes a blind tag and they double-team Layla, throwing her to the mat for a one count. Northern lights suplex by Alicia for two. Hairpull throw to the corner, and a tag to Eve. Slam by Fox, Eve goes off the ropes and hits her somersault senton for two. Eve chokes her on the second rope. Two count. Snapmare by Eve, kick to Layla's face for one. Tag to Alicia, and a side kick to Layla's gut. Forearm shot, and Layla comes back with an elbow. She nearly makes it to the tag, but Fox grabs her leg. Layla shoves her off and makes the tag to Kaitlyn! Here she comes! Clothesline! Back elbow! Jumping back elbow! Whip off the ropes, Fox kicks Kaitlyn when her head is down. Kaitlyn ducks her clothesline, then hits a flapjack on the rebound! Whip off the ropes, flying shoulderblock! Aksana breaks up the cover, tso Natalya dumps her to the floor. Layla is still down on the outside, so Eve is looking interested in the odd-woman advantage they have. Fox tries to whip Kaitlyn at Eve on the apron, but Kaitlyn reverses. Fox pulls up before hitting Eve, but Kaitlyn dropkicks her in the back, sending her into Eve and Eve spilling to the floor! Reverse DDT by Kaitlyn, and that'll get her team the win! Will she also win this Sunday, live on pay-per-view? Up next is the tag match Foley booked. How will these teams co-exist?

Sheamus is still in the parking lot, but this time he's approached by Booker T. "Sheamus. I need to talk to you. Look man, I know you're upset, I've been there, done that. But right now you're putting me in a very awkward position. Word is Big Show's not even going to show up tonight with you standing out here, aight. He's not going to show up." "Alright Booker, I'll move, but when you see Big Show, you tell him if he's got any guts at all, he'll see me out in the ring, alright?" "Hey. Look man. 48 hours. 48 hours to Survivor Series, you get to get your hands on him, you get to rip him limb from limb. All I need you to do tonight, Sheamus, is just keep your cool, just stay in check." "I can't promise you anything." "Sheamus! I'm serious, dog. If things get out of hands out there, there will be consequences and repercussions. You feeling me?" "Fella, you've got that right." Sheamus stalks away, leaving Booker looking perturbed.

Randy Orton and the Miz vs. Dolph Ziggler and Alberto Del Rio w/Ricardo Rodriguez, the Black Scarf of Mourning and a $200,000 Mercedes: Hey, Del Rio is on Twitter now, @VivaDelRio! I wonder how much coercion that took? A recap of last week's Falls Count Anywhere match airs during his entrance. So who isn't on Twitter yet? Kane, Undertaker, Triple H. There's probably others I'm forgetting. Feel free to let me know in replies! Ziggler and Miz start. Lockup, Ziggler with the arm-wringer, into a hammerlock, into a headlock. Miz shoves him off the ropes, Ziggler takes him down with a shoulderblock. Off the ropes, Miz goes under, big leapfrog by Miz, and a flapjack for one. Ziggler cuts him off with a kick, but Miz fights back. Ziggler sidesteps a Miz charge and throws him over the top rope to the floor. Del Rio rushes into the ring and shoves Orton off the apron as well while he's looking at Miz! Ziggler flicks his sweat away as we go to break!

When we return, Ziggler has a chinlock on Orton. Orton elbows out, and hits a headbutt. Off the ropes, Ziggler catches him with a knee to the gut. Jumping elbowdrop gets two. Tag to Del Rio. Kick to Orton's gut, and stomps in the corner. Orton fires back, coming out of the corner with punches and uppercuts. Del Rio cuts him off with an arm Codebreaker, for two. Tag to Ziggler. Ziggler kicks the left arm, helping Del Rio out. He goes for the cocky one-foot pin, but Orton kicks out at one. Orton fires back again, and whips Ziggler off the ropes, but eats a kick. As Ziggler comes off the ropes again, Orton presses him high up in the air and drops him! A stomp to Dolph's head while he's down, and Orton walks over to the corner to the eager Miz, who's ready for the hot tag. Orton just glares at him and slaps him in the chest. Miz doesn't take umbrage, immediately racing in to take Ziggler to the corner and beat him down. Running jumping corner clothesline connects! The crowd goes nuts! JBL: "The crowd's going wild for their hometown boy, the Miz! But they turned on Lebron James, so they'll turn on him too." Miz goes up to the top and hits the double axehandle, for two! Miz takes Dolph's head to the buckle. Whip, reversed, Miz gets the boot up to stun Ziggler. He goes up to the second rope and beckons Ziggler to come in, but while the ref is occupied, Del Rio runs the apron and shoves Miz to the floor! Dolph goes out to get him, dropping him ribs first on the barricade. Tossed back into the ring, cover gets two. Tag to Del Rio, kick to Miz's thigh. Head to the buckle, kicks to the ribs. Ziggler adds a kick while the ref is distracted. Del Rio with a springboard kick to the ribs in the corner for two! Armbar applied, and Miz gets back to his feet. Headbutts by Del Rio to stop Miz's momentum. Del Rio charges Miz in the corner, and Miz backdrops him over the ringpost to the floor! Miz crawls slowly for the tag, as Rodriguez helps Del Rio back in. Tag to Orton! Clothesline to Del Rio, again! Shot to Ziggler on the apron, powerslam for Del Rio! Another powerslam to Ziggler! Del Rio is in position. Second-rope DDT! Orton plays to the crowd, getting ready to coil, but Miz makes the blind tag. He's learning well from his former student Bryan! Miz picks Del Rio up, and hits the Skull-Crushing Finale on Del Rio! 1, 2, 3! Orton looks displeased, as Miz eagerly takes credit, basking in the adoration of the hometown crowd. Orton is most certainly not basking. RKO on the Miz! That gets a very mixed reaction, tending more towards boos than cheers, but then this is a partisan crowd. This was actually really well timed, being in Ohio this week, because Miz has still been acting like a heel this show but has been getting the cheers anyway. JBL asks if anyone has Dr. Shelby's number.

After the break, Sheamus makes his way to the ring, still in street clothes. "Hey Big Show. You crossed the line. Y'know, I was happy about my match, about our match at Hell in a Cell, because we pushed each other to the limits, we beat lumps outta each other, and we had the fight of a life. But then you had to go and attack myself and my friend William Regal from behind in a cowardly act. You just showed us you're a bully, nothing but a bla- a big coward. But here's the thing. I'm tired of all this talking. I'm tired of all this running around. And even though our match is at Survivor Series this Sunday, I don't feel like waiting until Sunday. As far as I'm concerned, the time for talking is over. I say it's time to fight!" And it looks like he's finally arrived, because here's the Big Show, title over his shoulder, walking out to the ramp and shaking his head. "Man. Man, Sheamus, you've.. you just don't get it, do you. Just like last week, you're out here running your mouth, you're calling me out. What's going to happen? Just like last week, nothing. Nothing except, you know, maybe getting your friend William Regal knocked out again. Sheamus, you think I'm scared of you? You know what, you're right, Sheamus. I am scared of you. But I'm not scared of what you might do to me, I'm scared of what I might do to you. So instead of sitting there being all angry, Sheamus, you know what you should do, you should just do the right thing and thank me, just say thank you." "Thank you? You know what, that's the best idea you've ever had, because I think I'll go up there and personally thank you right now!" He throws down the mic and starts out of the ring, as we hear Booker T protesting. "Whoa, whoa, whoa whoa whoa! Sheamus! Hold it! Hold it right there, Sheamus!" Booker has to physically grab and restrain Sheamus halfway up the ramp, as Big Show looks on impassively. "Sheamus, just stop, this is not Monday night where everything got totally out of control. This is Smackdown! This is MY SHOW! Now listen up! In two days, Survivor Series, you get the Big Show, aight? But tonight? I've gotta ask you, Sheamus, to leave my building. Aight? It's not gonna happen, it ain't going down." Sheamus replies off-mic, but close enough to Booker's for us to hear. "I respect ya, but I can't do that, 'cuz I'm about to kick his big giant arse!" Sheamus tries to push past Booker, who grabs onto him. Big Show turns and slowly walks away to the back. "Sheamus! Sheamus! Sheamus, you don't, you don't wanna do this, you don't wanna do this, aight? Now right now, Sheamus, I'm not asking you. As Smackdown General Manager, I'm TELLING you to leave my building, aight? Lets go! Come on. Lets go! This way, Sheamus. You don't wanna do this. Come on. Not tonight. Do it for me." Sheamus, subdued, listens to Booker, as we cut abruptly to commercial.

Backstage, Big Show is walking around, and he spies Booker. "Booker T, my man! You know what, I love how you handled that, dog, I love how you handled that. Who's that kid think he is, talking to us, right?" "Us?" "We go back fifteen years! That's what I like about you. See, you get me, you understand me, you realize there's nothing bigger than the Show." "Look man, you can cut the act. I'm glad, I'm glad you appreciate how I handled my business, because, uh, there's going to be a main event tonight, and you're in it." "Okay, who's my opponent?" "Don't worry about that, man. You'll find out when you get to the ring tonight." Booker departs, as Big Show looks a little concerned. "Hey Booker, Booker! It's not against Sheamus, is it?" "Naw, naw, it's not against Sheamus. But remember, no one's bigger than the show. See you out there tonight, big dog."

WWE Tag Team Champions Kane vs. Wade Barrett: Barrett opens with a kick and punches, but Kane lands a kick to the gut and goes off the ropes. Barrett immediately catches him with the Winds of Change! We're not wasting any time here, are we? Cover for one. Whip, reversed by Kane, big boot drops Barrett. Clothesline takes him to the floor! Kane throws him back in, then climbs to the top rope. Clothesline connects! Kane wants the chokeslam already, but here comes Team Ziggler w/o Cody Rhodes running in for the mass attack on Kane, and the DQ! Kane can't fight them all off. Or can he? Nope, he can't. The four men beat him down, but here comes WWE Tag Team Champions Daniel Bryan for the save! Del Rio and Barrett cut him off and beat him down too. Mick Foley appears on the ramp and waves for Kofi Kingston to join the fray! Flying clothesline drops Barrett! It's still four on three, though. Now here's Randy Orton running down to attack Barrett! Now Team Foley has the advantage. Kofi tosses Del Rio out of the ring, Kane tosses Barrett out of the ring. Damien Sandow tries to attack Orton from behind but receives an RKO for his trouble. Ziggler also tries to attack, and also gets an RKO! Team Foley stands proud, and Mizless, over the four men of Team Ziggler. Ah, here comes the Miz now, rubbing his jaw and glaring at Orton. He stares his team down from the apron. Up next, the WWE Championship situation! Oh yay!

There's a Triple Threat match for the WWE Championship this Sunday. Here's a recap of what's led up to it! We saw this on Raw! And parts of it at Hell in a Cell. Sheamus has apparently retired to a bar, where he's been drinking a pint and tweeting about it. R-Truth w/Little Jimmy makes his way to the ring in street clothes. He'll get a UW Title shot this Sunday, but for now he's doing guest commentary! Antonio Cesaro is in action with Sin Cara, next!

Antonio Cesaro vs. Sin Cara: On the Survivor Series pre-show, Just Kidding will face 3MB w/o Drew McIntyre. Update your predictions! Wait, the pre-show matches don't count, do they? Lockup, go-behind by Cesaro, waistlock takedown. Facewash into the mat, stomp to the back, and a taunt. Sin Cara kips up and hits an armdrag. Cara grabs Cesaro's hand, jumps up to the top rope, but hits a hurricanrana off of it instead of the normal armdrag! He charges Cesaro but takes a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Kick to Cara's back, for two. Cesaro hits the deadlift gutwrench, then wipes his hands off. European uppercut to the back ot Sin Cara's head. Cara tries to fight back, but Antonio will have none of ot. He tries to hiptoss Cara into the ropes, but Cara bounces off them upside down and turns it into an armdrag! Clothesline ducked, tilt-a-whirl headscissors with an extra spin! Kick in the corner, Cara hits a springboard hurricanrana for two! Whip, reversed by Cesaro, who presses Sin Cara up into the air and hits the Shoryuken on the way down! Sin Cara is done like dinner. The Neutralizer is unnecessary, but it's delivered anyway. 1, 2, 3, Cesaro wins! But R-Truth is up on the announce table with a mic. "Can I have your attention please? I said, can I have your attention please? With all due respect to Little Jimmy, I would like to quote another Jimmy. Hacksaw Jimmy Duggan. USA! What? What? What?" Truth leads the crowd in the USA chant in his own way, entering the ring as Cesaro backs off. Cesaro leaves the ring, title in hand, intent on saving his fight for Sunday. And judging from Twitter, Sheamus has finished his pint. The main event is next! Who will Big Show's opponent be? We'll find out next!

Big Show makes his entrance for the main event, title raised overhead. Who is his opponent? It's The Great Khali! Big Show does not seem too thrilled with this. I don't think I am either, to be fair.

Big Show vs. The Great Khali: Well, I shouldn't have any trouble keeping up with this play by play. Big Show ponders the matter, then goes for the lockup. Khali shoves him off to the corner. Show with a kick this time, and a headbutt. Gut punch, but the shh chop is blocked. Khali turns it around and hits his own chop! Big Show staggers to the other corner, but he receives another chop there. Clubbing forearm, and stomps by Khali. Back elbow in the corner! Clubbing forearm takes Show to his knees. Another one! Headbutt drops Show entirely. Khali poses! Show is choked on the second rope. Stomp to the ribs, another headbutt. Show tries to come back with punches to the gut, but the whip goes nowhere. Khali whips Show, but Show hits a spear! 1, 2, no! Show is slow to get up, Khali is slower to get up. Show wants the chokeslam! Khali shoves his arm away and hits the brain chop! 1, 2, no! Now Khali wants.. whatever his move is now. The Punjabi Plunge? The head vice? It's the Punjabi Plunge, but Big Show uses bodyshots to break the hold, then lands the KO Punch! That'll do it. Big Show picks up the pin. Uh-oh, here's the music of Sheamus! Show looks around in a panic, but he doesn't appear to be anywhere. Show strokes his beard thoughtfully, and eventually Sheamus' music stops and Big Show's resumes. Show starts back up the aisle, yelling as he goes, and we get some replays of the match. Backstage, Show is departing the arena, but is approached by Matt Striker w/Ridiculous Mustache. "Excuse me, Big Show, Big Show I'm sorry, listen, we're 48 hours-" Big Show starts to lunge in Striker's direction, so he flees immediately. Show starts to get onto his bus, but as he opens the door Sheamus leaps out of it to attack him! Sheamus lands a barrage of punches, before Show tries and fails to turn things around. Show is thrown into a car window, which breaks! As referees try to intervene, Show beals Sheamus onto a windshield, which shatters under his weight! Show casually regroups, puts his hoodie back on, and walks away, pausing behind the car to gather himself. Sheamus, however, climbs up on the roof of the car and leaps off, showing Show into the hood of another car, the windshield of which also cracks! Sheamus delivers the beatdown, as Booker T and various agents are now also trying to break it up. Show is left laying. Will this be his fate on Sunday? We'll see you next week!
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I should note that either they forgot the Sin Cara lighting, or they've finally scrapped it. Hopefully the latter.

Josh called the Neutralizer the "Equalizer" and JBL didn't correct him. I was sad.

That was about all I paid attention to, to be honest. I also barely watched Main Event tonight and man, they are gonna get some mileage out of Rhodes' concussion.
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I thought this was one of the better SD episodes of the past months.
The promo fest at the beginning was fun as everyone played their role well.
Bryan and Kane got a nice moment with the basement/scaring kids lines, Ziggler saying only one man deserves to be captain and 3 guys nodding and pointing at themselves, and Kofi speaking up against Sandow.

Decent action too, and that includes the divas match.
Kaitlyn has improved a lot over the past few months.
It's as if they knew Beth were leaving and suddenly decided to train Kaitlyn properly!

The survivor series matches were all useful, be it for in-ring action or plot advancement, and even Khali vs Big Show made sense. Show did a good job when Khali came out showing that "oh shit. This might be the only guy big enough to give me some trouble"

A good go-home show for the blue show.
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