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22.4.14 1229
The 7 - Pro Wrestling - Elimination Chamber 2012 Results Thread
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It's False
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#1 Posted on 19.2.12 2154.35
Reposted on: 19.2.19 2156.27

-CM Punk wins the Raw Elimination Chamber
*Punk pins R-Truth with the Savage Elbow
*Jericho pins Dolph Ziggler with the Codebreaker
*Jericho eliminates Kofi Kingston with the Walls of Jericho
*Chris Jericho falls and bangs his head on the outside and is declared unable to continue
*CM Punk pins The Miz with the GTS

-"The Glamazon" Beth Phoenix d. Tamina Snuka with the Glam Slam to retain the Divas Championship

-Daniel Bryan wins the SmackDown Elimination Chamber
*Show pins The Great Khali with a spear
*Rhodes pins The Big Show off a Wade Barrett second-rope elbow
*Santino pins Cody Rhodes with a roll-up
*Santino pins Wade Barrett off a Daniel Bryan diving headbutt
*Daniel Bryan eliminates Santino Marella with the LeBell Lock

-"The All-American American" Jack Swagger d. Justin Gabriel with the anklelock to retain the United States Championship

-John Cena d. Kane in an Ambulance Match


LIVE from...a friend's house. Yes, a friend of mine ordered this one. I am mocking him mercilessly for it.

WWE - The Champ is Here!

We open with a video package for...Wrestlemania? No, it's a package on how the Chamber matches are the last chance for someone to main event Wrestlemania. The Road to Wrestlemania goes through the Elimination Chamber!

We are LIVE from Milwaukee, WI! Your hosts are Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler, and Booker T.

Really? REALLY? THIS MATCH is jerking the curtain? I'd be sweating bullets if I was Santino right about now, because the odds of him getting jumped before his Chamber match just skyrocketed. We are reminded that Chris Jericho is entering the Chamber match last by virtue of his win in the Six-Pack Challenge a few weeks ago.

We start with Punk and Kofi, who give us a wrestling sequence to start. Kofi leaps over the top rope...for some reason. Back to our wrestling sequence, which Punk wins with a series of kicks. We get a nice pin reversal sequence, followed by a second one that Punk nearly turns into the GTS. Kofi gets a spinning heel kick for 2. Buzzsaw Legdrop is stopped mid-move when Punk kicks him in the face! Punk tries to suplex Punk onto the Chamber, but Kofi floats over and backdrops Punk onto the Chamber. Kofi tries for a catapult, but Punk reverses into his own and catapults Kofi into Miz's pod! Punk hits a vertical suplex onto the Chamber! Slingshot senton gets 2! Punk gets a bodyslam for 2, as we are now joined by Dolph Ziggler!

Dolph pounds away on Punk to start and rubs his face into the Chamber wall! Dolph hits a fireman's carry onto the Chamber and stops to do pull-ups on the Chamber wall! He hits a legdrop and noticeably comes up limp! Uh-oh! Dolph hits Kofi with a corner splash. Dolph tries another corner splash, but Punk moves out of the way. Punk and Kofi take turns on Dolph. Punk and Kofi try for stereo springboard clotheslines, but Dolph ducks it and they crash into each other! That takes us to the countdown and we're joined by R-Truth!

Truth cleans house on Dolph. Truth armdrags Dolph onto the Chamber floor and follows with a slingshot splash! Truth hits the Ask Kick for 2! Punk hits Truth with the running corner knee and fluidly transitions into the superplex for 2! Kofi misses Dolph with Trouble In Paradise and Punk dumps Kofi! Punk slams Truth and stops to mouth off to Jericho before hitting the Savage Elbow to eliminate R-Truth! (ELIMINATED: R-Truth) Dolph and Punk have a pin reversal sequence and Kofi wipes out Punk with Trouble In Paradise! Kofi takes too long in disposing of Dolph, so the cover on Punk only gets 2! Kofi launches himself and catches himself on the Chamber wall! Kofi tries to fly at Dolph with a Tornado DDT and both guys completely eat it on the Chamber floor! YIKES! Everyone's dead as Miz comes in off the countdown.

Miz immediately hits Punk with the straddling clothesline and chucks Punk into the steel post. Miz tosses Kofi into the Chamber wall! Miz bodyslams Kofi onto the Chamber floor. Dolph rushes Miz, so Miz launches him onto the Chamber floor! The cover only gets 2. Miz sends Kofi into the steel post. He places Kofi on the top rope and tries to charge, but the charge eats Miz simply shoves Kofi onto the Chamber floor. Miz charges at Punk in the corner, which Punk nearly turns into the GTS. GTS is almost turned into the Skull-Crushing Finale, but Punk escapes it. Miz hits the DDT for 2! Miz chokes off the ropes, but Punk comes back with a neckbreaker. Corner charge eats boot, but Punk hits Miz with a powerslam for 2! Punk transitions to the Anaconda Vise as the countdown comes up! That brings in Chris Jericho!

Punk breaks the Vise to go after Jericho, as we get the standoff to a big pop! Jericho hits Punk with a corner clothesline and seated dropkick for 2. Punk tries to come back with kicks, but Jericho catches the last one and tries for the Walls! Punk escapes and tries for the GTS, but Jericho slips out and hits the bulldog and Lionsault for 2! Dolph suddenly rolls up Jericho for 2, so Jericho disposes of him with the Codebreaker for the pin! (ELIMINATED: Dolph Ziggler) Punk catches Jericho on a charge and catapults him onto the Chamber floor! Punk bashes Jericho repeatedly against the pod until Jericho comes back with a thumb to the eye and runs back into the pod! Punk forces his way and pounds on Jericho some more. Jericho slams Punk's shoulder against the pod and slams the door on the shoulder! With Punk out of the way, Jericho focuses on Kofi and shoves him against the steel post. Jericho moves in, but Kofi nails him with the S.O.S. (not called by the announcers, of course) on the Chamber floor! Miz tries to steal a pin on Jericho, but only gets 2! Miz pounds away on Kofi in the corner. Corner charge eats boot! Miz stops Kofi from heading up top and looks to set up for the superplex. Superplex is blocked and Punk nails Miz from behind. Punk hits the powerbomb pin for 2! Meanwhile, Kofi climbs to the top of the pod and hits a crossbody on both Punk and Miz! The cover on Miz only gets 2! Jericho suddenly swoops in and clamps the Walls of Jericho on Kofi for the submission! (ELIMINATED: Kofi Kingston) Jericho tosses Kofi onto the Chamber floor and tosses him into the wall for fun. Jericho tosses Kofi out of the Chamber. Punk suddenly kicks Jericho in the head and he falls into the cameraman! Jericho's out cold on the outside! The referee brigade check on him and it looks like he's out of it! The match has come to a halt. Jericho hasn't been declared eliminated yet, so your Spidey Sense should be tingling right about now.

So we're down to Punk and Miz, for the moment. Miz sneaks up on Punk from behind and hits the backbreaker, but Punk catches him with a kick to the head for 2! Bulldog gets 2! Springboard is caught with the Skull-Crushing Finale for 2! Miz continues hammering on Punk, for lack of any other option. Miz's corner charge eats the steel post and Punk finishes with the GTS! The match ends and apparently, there's no comeback here for Chris Jericho.

WINNER: CM Punk - And here's your Wrestlemania angle, because Jericho was never pinned. Good opener, but really, the top title in the company should NEVER be jerking the curtain.

Post-match, Punk walks by the still-unconscious Chris Jericho and simply shrugs him off before walking away.

We take a look at what happened last Friday with Santino winning his way into the Chamber match. That leads us into...a training segment. Santino drinks raw eggs to the sounds of Eugene's old theme music! Santino gags, but looks rather pleased with himself.

Here's a LONG video package on John Cena, because God knows we don't have any actual MATCHES for this wrestling PPV!

After sitting through a lengthy John Cena video package, I can't imagine this match picking the live crowd up.

Beth gives Tamina a chance to leave peacefully. Tamina opts to attack her, instead. Beth tries for a headbutt, but...oh, those Samoans and their hard heads. Tamina tries for the Superfly Splash and gets shoved to the outside. We now move into a catfight sequence on the outside, because...well, just because. Beth hits the chinlock. BORRRRRRRRRING!!! I hope no one's taking a drink every time the announcers mention Jimmy Snuka, because you'd be TRASHED right about now. Tamina hits a Samoan Drop and tries for the Superfly Splash, but gets crotched. Beth hits the superplex! Both women exchange blows and Tamina makes the babyface comeback to almost no reaction. Corner splash and superkick hit. Tamina tries for the Superfly Splash again and hits it for 2! Her moveset thus exhausted, Tamina tries for a second one before Beth rolls out. Tamina rolls her back in, but Beth chucks her into the steel post and finishes with the Glam Slam!

WINNER: "The Glamazon" Beth Phoenix - BORRRRRRING!!!

Be A Star promo

Here's a second Santino training segment. Santino boxes a giant ham. He beats the meat with his Cobra. Yup.

Backstage, Josh Matthews notes that they'll talk to Chris Jericho later tonight. We see Jericho getting checked on by the medics.

Here's Super Dave Laurinaitis to talk. I mock my dopey friend some more for spending a perfectly good $50 on this. Laurinaitis says that he'll hopefully stay on as GM of Raw, but demands the same scrutiny for Teddy Long. Interruption comes from...holy crap, it's ALBERTO DEL RIO! He arrives in a 1985 Excalibur! Del Rio rags on Teddy Long and points out that he's always busy with Aksana. Del Rio endorses Laurinaitis as GM for both shows. Next interruption comes from Mark Henry. Henry also piles on Teddy Long. Gee, what does all this remind me of? It looks an awful lot like the start of THE EXACT SAME WALKOUT ANGLE THAT EVERYONE HATED FROM LAST YEAR!!! Why would they even tease going to this well AGAIN? Next interruption comes from Christian, also making his return! And seriously, I'd be a lot happier to see him if it wasn't for THIS angle. Christian hates Teddy Long, too. Blah blah blah... David Otunga takes everyone's picture. What a colossal waste of time AND money this was! People are paying REAL MONEY for this!!!

Here's ANOTHER Santino training segment! He power walks a lot! He runs up a set of stairs and blows a RUSTY TROMBONE! And a rusty trombone is a perfect metaphor for this show so far.

Backstage, it's MORE TALKING! Josh Matthews is backstage with Big Show. Show is ready for tonight's Chamber.

Jumping Jiminy Christ on a Cracker, they're actually going to close this show with Cena/Kane! Even though that feud has been a complete and utter disaster at every turn, they're seriously going to end this show with Cena/Kane! What the hell are they thinking???

We start off with Show and Barrett. Show tosses Barrett around to start and starts chopping. Barrett takes Show's leg out and hits running boots. Barrett works over Show very slowly. Show shoves off with a leg and hits a vertical suplex for 2. Big headbutt. Another chop. Crowd chants "boring". Jeeze, how bad do you have to be to get one of those chants started during an ELIMINATION CHAMBER MATCH? We mercifully move to the next guy and it's Cody Rhodes.

Rhodes doesn't want any part of Show. Show gives Cody the same treatment he gave Barrett. He stops to mouth off to Bryan, allowing Rhodes to take control. But it doesn't last long, as Show armdrags Rhodes onto the Chamber. Rhodes' bump is rewarded with more "boring" chants. Barrett charges in and gets chucked into the wall. Another chop for Rhodes. Rhodes gets launched like a javelin into the wall. This is all Show. Barrett and Rhodes are just bumping around like pinballs. Barrett takes down Show to finally get some offense, but that involves more restholds. Show tries to come back, so Barrett and Rhodes finally start double-teaming Show. That lasts about a second until Barrett turns on Rhodes and chucks him into the Chamber wall. Barrett slams Rhodes onto the pod. He whips Cody into the steel post. Crowd is not into this one AT ALL! Rhodes makes the comeback as we countdown to the next guy. It's Santino and that wakes up the crowd!

Santino hits Barrett with his comedy offense. Saluting gorilla press hits, but Show stops Santino in his tracks and destroys him to take the crowd out of it again. Rhodes stomps away on the faces to no reaction. Show makes the comeback and destroys Rhodes and Barrett some more. Crowd chants "Santino", because there's really no one else to cheer for here. Barrett and Rhodes finally get a big spot, as they suplex Show onto the Chamber floor! Unfortunately, that leads to everyone laying around and that leads to ANOTHER "boring" chant! Rhodes wakes up the crowd with a top-rope moonsault press onto Barrett for 2! Rhodes whips Santino into the Chamber wall. Rhodes bashes Santino's Cobra hand onto the Chamber wall. The countdown comes up again and we're joined by The Great Khali.

Khali comes in with a JUDO CHOP~! for Barrett! Big boot for Barrett! Tree slam for Rhodes! Tree slam for Barrett! JUDO CHOP~! for Santino! Show comes in and spears Khali for the pin. (ELIMINATED: The Great Khali) Yeah, that's about as much as you could have expected from a waste like Khali. Show stares down Bryan and everyone's just laying around playing dead. Come on, somebody DO SOMETHING!!! Show tries to reach into Bryan's pod and grab him, but his reach doesn't go that far. Show tears open the top of Bryan's pod! Show climbs into Bryan's pod and that gets the biggest pop of the match! Show destroys Bryan, as they both barely fit! We get our first "Holy Shit" chant of the match! The countdown finally elapses and Bryan escapes after a thumb to the eye.

Show chucks Bryan into Bryan's pod and destroys it! Show puts Barrett down with a headbutt. Clotheslines for Bryan. Corner splash/shoulderblock combo hit. Chokeslam for Bryan! Barrett cuts off Show with a boot to the face! Barrett ties up Show and hits a running boot, but nearly gets rolled up by Santino for 2! Barrett chucks Santino onto the Chamber floor as Rhodes nails Show with a pair of Beautiful Disaster kicks! Rhodes hits Show with a DDT, as Barrett comes off the second-rope with an elbow. Rhodes covers Show for the pin! (ELIMINATED: The Big Show) And man, is the crowd PISSED, because the end result is a foregone conclusion now. Santino rolls up Rhodes for the quick pin! (ELIMINATED: Cody Rhodes) Rhodes doesn't take this well and puts Santino down with Cross-Rhodes. Barrett covers Santino for 2. Barrett goes nuts on Santino, tossing him around. Crowd gets behind Santino, as Barrett ties Santino up on the Chamber wall. With Santino disposed of, Barrett and Bryan exchange blows. Bryan tries for the backflip spot, but slips! Bryan gets a crucifix pin for 2 and tries to turn it into the LeBell Lock! Barrett tries to turn that into a catapult, but gets shoved off. Bryan hits corner kicks and tries to climb up top before getting crotched. Barrett launches off the top turnbuckle with a clothesline in a nice callback to their Summerslam match. Barrett picks Bryan up for a powerbomb and chucks him into the Chamber wall! Barrett chokes Bryan with the pod door and slams it on his head. It only gets 2! Meanwhile, Santino tries to come from behind, but gets knocked down again. Barrett wants Wasteland, but Santino slips out. Barrett puts him down with a big boot. Santino gets shoved into the Chamber wall, as Bryan catches Barrett with a flying knee from the top rope! Bryan chucks Barrett around into the pods and climbs up top before getting crotched. Barrett slams Bryan against the broken pod. Barrett tries for a second-rope Wasteland before getting caught by Santino. Santino tries for a superplex, but gets shoved off. Barrett misses with a Savage Elbow and Bryan soon follows with a diving headbutt! Santino covers Barrett for the pin! (ELIMINATED: Wade Barrett)

Bryan starts laughing, knowing he only has Santino left. Santino gives him something to laugh about with a hiptoss, but Bryan starts working over Santino with a YAAAAAH running dropkick. Snapmare and kick to the back. Bryan hits Tajiri kicks, but Santino keeps getting up. Bryan misses with a corner dropkick and Santino rolls him up for 2! Bryan puts Santino down with a DDT, but misses with the diving headbutt! Sanitno whips out the Cobra sock to a big pop! COBRA~! hits and it only gets 2! Santino can barely let out a sigh before Bryan shifts into the LeBell Lock! Santino tries to fight it, but taps out.

WINNER: Daniel Bryan - As boring as he was making that match, it was a big mistake to eliminate Show that early, because at that point, you just knew who was winning. Not that it was unreasonable to assume that anyway. As for the Chamber match itself, it had a nice finishing sequence, but it was mostly a huge bore.

Post-match, Bryan celebrates until Sheamus' music hits! Sheamus is still a little miffed by Bryan spitting in his face last Friday. Bryan tries to attack Sheamus, so Sheamus hits him with the Celtic Cross! Hit Sheamus' music!

Backstage, Hornswoggle eats cheese! He offers the cheese to Natalya and...oh, fuck you, The E! This somehow leads to Teddy Long booking Justin Gabriel and Jack Swagger. Good thing they happened to be wearing their ring attire! Swagger tells Teddy Long that John Laurinaitis should be running both shows. I swear to God, if this leads to #OccupySmackDown...

Someone must have smacked Cole in the back of the head, because instead of burying Gabriel, he actually talks him up! That's a weird concept, trying to actually SELL your guys!

Swagger outwrestles Gabriel to start and plants Gabriel with a powerbomb. Swagger shows off with push-ups. Gabriel makes a quick babyface comeback, we we're hitting FFWD on this match. Announcers note that Swagger beat Zack Ryder for the U.S. title. Yeah, remember when Ryder wanted the U.S. title? Gabriel hits the corkscrew tope and kicks Swagger some more. Swagger catches a kick and slams Gabriel's leg into the steel post. Anklelock quickly ends this one.

WINNER: "The All-American American" Jack Swagger - Total TV match.

We recap the Cena/Kane feud.

If they're smart, they'll have Cena win in a complete squash to build up his match with The Rock and never, EVER speak of this feud again.

Cena tries to pound away, but gets nowhere. That leads to the dueling chants. That leads to a fight up the aisle. Cena slams Kane's head on the rail. Kane opens the ambulance, but Cena tries to pound on him. Kane chucks him off and takes out a stretcher. Kane tries to throw Cena on the ambulance, but Cena takes out a backboard and waffles him with it. Cena hits Kane with the backboard some more. Kane quickly makes the comeback, as we come back towards the ring. Why are we going back to the ring if the object is to stay around the ambulance? So Cena can throw Kane against the steel steps, I guess. We go back inside the ring, where Kane hits Cena with an uppercut. Kane hits a big boot and goes to the mounted punches. Kane pounds away some more to slow down the match. Cena tries to make the comeback before running into a side slam. Top-rope clothesline is countered with a dropkick from Cena! Cena comes back with The Usual. Attitude Adjustment is countered with the KANE CLAW~! Cena's out, so Kane takes him to the outside. Kane reaches under the ring and pulls out a wheelchair. Cena's put in the wheelchair and Kane slowly wheels him up the ramp until Cena wakes up. So Kane clamps on the KANE CLAW~! again. Cena fights back and we're back to the ambulance area again. Cena chucks Kane at the ambulance. Cena grabs the wheelchair and bashes Kane with it. Cena places Kane on the wheelchair and shoves him into the production area! Kane grabs an object and bops Cena with it. Kane chucks a laptop at Cena and hits him with the wheelchair. Cena fights back with a fan's chair, before giving it back and shaking the guy's hand. The fight has gone to the sound area, as Kane tosses Cena into the equipment. Kane tries for a whip, but Cena reverses it and whips Kane back to the ringside area. Cena grabs a mic and hits Kane with it before asking if he's in Booker's Fave 5. Cena grabs a TV monitor and bashes Kane with it. Next, Cena nails Kane with the steel steps! Now Cena's re-arranging furniture, setting up the steel steps. He hits Kane with them again! The steps are set up by the Spanish announce table. Cena picks Kane up, climbs the steps, but Kane recovers and nails Cena with a chokeslam through the Spanish announce table! Cena's out, as Kane returns to the ambulance area and grabs the stretcher. Kane picks up Cena and lays him on the stretcher. He wheels him to the ambulance and puts him inside, but can't shut the doors! Cena makes another comeback, slamming the ambulance door on Kane! Cena climbs the ambulance and the fight goes to the top of the ambulance! Kane tries for a chokeslam, but Cena counters and hits the Attitude Adjustment off of the top of the ambulance! Cena picks up Kane's corpse and tosses him into the back of the ambulance for the finish.

WINNER: John Cena - This was worlds better than their anti-classic at the Royal Rumble and better than anyone could have expected. They wisely kept Zack Ryder and Eve out of this one, too.

And so our show ends with Cena pointing to the Wrestlemania sign. You can't see me and whatever.

This show featured a pretty decent Raw Chamber match, but got really ugly, really fast. The Divas match was terrible, the SmackDown Chamber match was bordering on bad, and they shouldn't have even wasted their time with Swagger/Gabriel if they weren't going to put on a full match. I never would have guessed that Cena/Kane would save this show, but it came pretty damn close.

Thumbs square in the middle for The Elimination Chamber.
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#2 Posted on 19.2.12 2210.28
Reposted on: 19.2.19 2210.33
That wasn't very good. Now that they've got those pesky $55 PPVs out of the way they can start building Wrestlemania.

Raw Chamber match was good but a step down from the last few years' great Chambers. R-Truth is not good at the Elimination Chamber, he runs his record to 3 matches, 0 eliminations, and about 6 total minutes.

SD Chamber had great heat at the end and a big smile-inducing finish. It was boring until the last stretch but it made due with the talent it had. Khali really should've been replaced by anyone else who could've done anything else. Santino ended up being a big positive but they still badly missed Randy Orton who would've done all the real work on the babyface side and been the difference between a great match and the match we got. Ultimately though, Daniel Bryan won! Daniel Bryan is going to Wrestlemania! Yes x 4!

Two Chamber matches usually guarantees a great PPV in the same way two MITBs has, but not this time. I think there was more starpower in the heel best friends interview segment (which happened, on PPV) than either EC.

No more Cena and Kane ever.

Sounds like Teddy Long and Johnny Ace are going to be having a match with some surrogates at Wrestlemania for total control. Hopefully they don't replace MITB with a big Johnny's Guys vs. Teddy's Guys match.

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#3 Posted on 19.2.12 2211.21
Reposted on: 19.2.19 2211.35
Big Show is doing some of the best work of his career and him and Daniel Bryan compliment each other perfectly. In fact, I think this is the most over the Big Show has been in his entire WWE career. I guess the finish had to be a weak one in order not to make Daniel Bryan too strong of a champion.

I guess they are saving Kharma for a Raw episode instead, that is assuming Kharma will be cleared for a full match by Wrestlemania.

I was disappointed once again with this version of Chris Jericho. I think at this point, Jericho really needs to belt to be over.

And logically, no one on the planet would choose the Smackdown belt over the Raw belt but Sheamus did just that.
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#4 Posted on 19.2.12 2213.27
Reposted on: 19.2.19 2213.28
Santino had the crowd in the palm of his hands. Wonderfully executed underdog story, exceptionally enjoyable ... Very disappointing they didn't pull the trigger. The place would have gone mental.

If they can keep from over exposing Santino's act, and just have him squash the undercard with his silly Cobra with matches once every 2-3 weeks on TV, they can probably hold off riding this newfound popularity wave right through to another match down the line.
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#5 Posted on 19.2.12 2251.29
Reposted on: 19.2.19 2253.50
When I started watching it was in the middle of Tamina's multiple MedicoreFly (because they sure aren't "super") Splashes onto Beth. Which means I missed the Raw EC match, which was an AWFUL development.

Everything I *did* see? Pffft. Honestly, they could've just run the Smackdown EC with Bryan, Barrett, Big Show, and Cody. Those guys all brought it tonight. (Although I was amused by Santino making it to the final two I knew there was no way he was going to win.)

And Cena/Kane seemed a LOT like "this sounds good on paper" but the execution was lacking. Again, there was no way to have Cena *lose* with WrestleMania next, and it makes sense that the match was last because Cena is the Big Star and all that. But, the FU off the ambulance was pretty weak considering the landing and super-contrived.
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#6 Posted on 19.2.12 2305.20
Reposted on: 19.2.19 2306.24
I don't understand why you people are calling the Smackdown EC Match boring because I was on the edge of my seat for it. By gawd, I thought Santino was gonna pull the upset of the century. Last year, he was almost the Royal Rumble winner and this year, he was almost the Elimination Chamber winner. Next year, he deserves to be in the main event of Wrestlemania and almost win that too. Hell, maybe even let him win the big match, finally. That audience would have fucking exploded with the biggest pop you'd ever hear.

I like Del Rio, but if they keep putting him around Christian, it's no good cause Christian is far superior than him on the mic and it really shows how bad Del Rio is on the mic.

No Undertaker, no Kharma, no Rocky... boy were those people live in the arena screwed. 5 weeks out from Wrestlemania and the two main draws were no where to be seen. ...Wow!
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#7 Posted on 20.2.12 0009.08
Reposted on: 20.2.19 0011.03
I only caught the last half of the Raw Chamber also so I can't comment. Tamina is going the same route as Sim Snuka (With three times as many references to their much more charismatic father) and that is right into Future Endeavor land. Swagger and Gabriel got less reaction than poor Natalya's walking poops and it felt like 1/3 of the PPV was just a commercial for Wrestlemania.

The Smackdown Chamber was an unusual scene. It starts off with a dead crowd chanting boring at the WWE's biggest face for the match, but ends with the crowd going insane for the last minute match replacement. Big Show to me has never been Main Event material despite being the largest guy on the roster. The fact that he can't wrestle for longer than five minute stretches before needing to rest about five to eight minutes after, and the fact that he never channeled that hilarious version of himself from the SNL that the Rock hosted way back have kept him from staying a top face.

Basically Big Show is a giant bore. The WWE knows this and have known he never stays over with fans long enough to keep him in the main event picture for longer than a PPV or two. After all the build up for him versus Daniel Bryan that has been going on for months. The crowd was dead until Santino entered the ring. The same Santino who was just thrown into the match as a last minute replacement for Orton, the same Santino who is usually thrown on Raw to be killed in 2 minute squash matches and badly written comedy sketches. Big Show might wanna consider retiring after Wrestlemania as I feel this was his final main event shot. Even if he won the belt tommorrow, tepid reaction would get that title pulled the very next month.

Why was Khali even there?

I popped pretty huge when Rhodes pinned Show. I see Show moving onto Cody for WM unless Shaq is really showing up.

Wade Barret looked like a beast in the match. Especially the Jesus Christ Crucifixion Kick(!) to Santino.

Cena vs. Kane was what it was. An inevitable conclusion and credibility for Cena for WM #pointstosign

Cena tonight made me think of the old Thuganomics Cena that I was actually a pretty big fan of back around 2004 - 2005. Less PG more post-attitude era. When Cena felt like a street fighter and less like a fake marine company boy. He keeps that going those "Cena sucks" chants will be dead by Summerslam.

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#8 Posted on 20.2.12 0033.00
Reposted on: 20.2.19 0035.10
    Originally posted by CruelAngel777
    I popped pretty huge when Rhodes pinned Show. I see Show moving onto Cody for WM unless Shaq is really showing up.

It would seem to me that with Cody and Wade doubling on Show throughout the match, they could be going to ShowShaq Redemption vs. Rhodes & Barrett. It lets both Show and Shaq be babyfaces, it gives the celebrity rub to two young acts instead of the old giant, and it'll probably be a much more workable match.

Between that and setting up Team Ace of Del Rio, Henry, and Christian to go against three babyface playas, that would manage to account for all the important heels except Miz non grata without using them in a MITB. (edit: whoops forgot Dolph. [did not forget Swagger.])

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#9 Posted on 20.2.12 0109.14
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    Originally posted by JustinShapiro
    It would seem to me that with Cody and Wade doubling on Show throughout the match, they could be going to ShowShaq Redemption vs. Rhodes & Barrett. It lets both Show and Shaq be babyfaces, it gives the celebrity rub to two young acts instead of the old giant, and it'll probably be a much more workable match.
Plus it helps Show's WrestleMania win-loss record.

I like how this PPV went, although it seems like a total waste of money since next month is what really matters. Basically, WWE has a good thing going and this PPV did nothing to mess it up. It really helped the two champions keep their momentum and sets up Cena for Rock.

Everyone's poised going into the big show. Although I can't imagine Sheamus losing now, I have genuine curiosity as to who will win what match since Punk/Bryan/Cena can't all be going over.
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    Originally posted by SKLOKAZOID
    Plus it helps Show's WrestleMania win-loss record.

Yeah exactly, Show finds Wrestlemania joy by teaming with instead of losing to a celebrity.

    Although I can't imagine Sheamus losing now, I have genuine curiosity as to who will win what match since Punk/Bryan/Cena can't all be going over.

Extreme Rules is in Chicago, a fine place for a man to get a win and a belt back.
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#11 Posted on 20.2.12 0352.10
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Playas Vs. Hatas: Christian/Del Rio/Henry/Otunga Vs. Santino/Kofi/Ryder/Funkasaurus
Show/Shaq Vs. Cody/Barrett
MITB: The Miz Vs. Dolph Ziggler Vs. Jack Swagger Vs. R-Truth Vs. Uhhhh Rob van Dam? Vs. Rey Mysterio?
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    Originally posted by It's False
    David Otunga takes everyone's picture. What a colossal waste of time AND money this was! People are paying REAL MONEY for this!!!

(image removed)
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    Originally posted by It's False
    Blah blah blah... David Otunga takes everyone's picture. What a colossal waste of time AND money this was! People are paying REAL MONEY for this!!!

Did this knock an advertised match off the card? Did the people paying "real money" not get the show they ordered? Were any of the matches starved for time by this segment's presence - this segment which featured the surprise return of two main eventers? What a weird complaint.
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#14 Posted on 20.2.12 0703.55
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Haven't seen the show but I have seen the pics on CM Punk is now clean shaven, once again copying the clean-shaven Chris Jericho.
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#15 Posted on 20.2.12 0712.25
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Everything is being set in place for Mania. Punk/Jericho, Bryan/Sheamus maybe adding Orton, Rock/Cena, HHH/Taker and Team Teddy vs. Team Big Johnny. If anything else, they really need to rethink what they want to do with Santino. If he is this over, they need to either have him take the belt off of Rhodes or throw him as the number one contender at Extreme Rules to test the waters. If anything keep the Rocky Balboa angle. So, lets see Johnny's team will be Swagger, Otunga, Christian, ADR and Henry vs. Rey, Santino, Kofi, Ryder and Foley? I just hope they are able to squeeze ten minutes for that. Wade/Rhodes vs. Big Show/Shaq is going to be Survivor Series again, where no one is going to take the heel team seriously. If they go down this route. After hearing the results, glad I skipped this PPV.
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    Originally posted by Amos Cochran
      Originally posted by It's False
      Blah blah blah... David Otunga takes everyone's picture. What a colossal waste of time AND money this was! People are paying REAL MONEY for this!!!

    Did this knock an advertised match off the card? Did the people paying "real money" not get the show they ordered? Were any of the matches starved for time by this segment's presence - this segment which featured the surprise return of two main eventers? What a weird complaint.
I felt like Swagger/Gabriel was a bigger waste of time than the return of two superstars from injury.

Am I crazy, or did they do a lot more foolish bumps on the steel grate in the Raw EC than usual? Seemed like everyone was young and stupid and thought they were going to live forever. I was stunned when Jericho did one; I thought he was smarter than that.
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#17 Posted on 20.2.12 0820.42
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    Originally posted by It's False
    Dolph and Punk have a pin reversal sequence and Kofi wipes out Punk with Trouble In Paradise! Kofi takes too long in disposing of Dolph, so the cover on Punk only gets 2! Kofi launches himself and catches himself on the Chamber wall! Kofi tries to fly at Dolph with a Tornado DDT and both guys completely eat it on the Chamber floor! YIKES!

Kofi was on KFAN about 45 minutes ago hyping up tonights Raw in Minneapolis. He said he now has six staples in his head, and I'm pretty sure it's from this bump. Got 3-1/2 hours sleep on the trip to Mpls from Mealeewaukee, they had a driver, got some shut eye, blahblahblah.

He was on for about 10 minutes, talking about how Taker is going to be there tonight, how he got into wrestling, graduated from Boston College with a degree in communications, worked ina cubicle for an office supply store, had enough, got lucky enough to get a big tax return, went to Killer Kowalski's (if I remember right) school in Boston, got a tryout with Steamboat, AA, Teh Shootre, Nova and Tim Horner giving him the thumbs up, and here you have it.

he was asked what his worst injury was and said one time while kicking out, ripped the cartilage in his ribs, could barely turn over in bed, never took time off and to this day, one of his ribs still sticks out a bit.

Said his Trouble in Paradise kick has legit knocked a couple guys out.

Oh, and KFAN's obligatory Lesnar question to a wrestler (Any word on him going around the hallways?) "I hoonestly haven't heard anything."
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I'd say thumbs in the middle for this show too. The Raw EC was well done with six fine competitors but for some reason it just didn't have a special feeling to it. Smackdown EC started slow--I don't think starting with Show/Barrett was wise--but Show's elimination on was pretty good.

Show/Shaq vs. Cody/Barrett would be awful though. Rhodes and Barrett are the number one and number two guys that should not only compete in MitB but win it. Second, all of Big Show's 3 Wrestlemania wins have been tag team matches. If they are going to run with the Big Show-has-a-poor-record at WrestleMania angle then it should be a singles match, winning another tag match doesn't prove anything.
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#19 Posted on 20.2.12 0911.02
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If they go with Bryan vs. Sheamus at WM, it is further proof they just don’t give a crap about Smackdown. In the last few weeks, they have given away several potential WM title matches on free TV, including: Show/Orton, Orton/Bryan, and just last week, Bryan/Sheamus. Maybe they add Orton (if healthy, what else does he have to do?) to the mix, but even that 3 way match would not be fresh.
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#20 Posted on 20.2.12 0918.05
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Maybe Orton gets to be captain of Team Teddy, with a tense few weeks of Henry/ADR/Christian trying to turn him to the dark side by pointing out how Long's booking led to him getting injured twice and missing the EC. Seems silly to waste two babyfaces on one title match when there's such a dearth of 'em for the midcard.
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