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29.1.16 1901
The 7 - Ladies Only - Le Grand Machine Rouge - Raw 7/7 Register and log in to post!
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Lap cheong
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#1 Posted on 8.7.03 0830.26
Reposted on: 8.7.10 0830.51
If you haven't figured it out already, it's french for "Big Red Machine". Interesting show last night. Randy continues to look like a winner, and say what you want about Christian, but I think that he's really been fun in the last few weeks. Mark Jindrak looks rather cute, but good enough for L'Evolution? Don't know about that. Even without HHH (who's gonna wrestle on Heat for the first time in about three years), Raw went pretty well with the eye candy available. Kane is creeping me out, and you know, I had reservations about him sans mask, but I have to admit I'm enjoying this a lot. I'll leave my Test comments to myself this week however. Okay ladies, YOUR turn...
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#2 Posted on 8.7.03 1216.28
Reposted on: 8.7.10 1220.33
If I may borrow from Excalibur, what that show needed? Was a little more Triple H. Hell, that show needed hella more Triple H! What was that? I for one was disappointed with the fact I have to wait ANOTHER 6 fucking days until I see him. Trips has officially been moved to second in command and Orton moved into the number one spot for fantasy play. Oh well, Hunter, next time show up for me.

Anyway, other than that boy not showing up at all the show was awesome! I was actually excited! Well, more so than usual. IC match - straight off?!?!?! I ask myself, Self: Is this Raw? No 20 minute opener promo? See, I should have known from the beginning when I first sensed my unease with this show...Austin in charge, match right off the bat and then a title change? To Booker T.?!?!?!! Whoa. I had to switch from the light stuff to the straight Corona's for the rest of the night...I was gonna need it. Congrats to Booker T. though - job well done, may you reign supreme as the one time IC Champion and may many spinarooonies be in your celebrations. Christian, he's a funny bastard...I like him.

Hi, Jindrak. So, that's Jindrak? Too many clothes. Tommy Dreamer, he'll do anything for airtime won't he? I'm kidding! Relax!

Long, Mack, blah blah, even the Hurricane couldn't keep my interest with those jabronies. I think Corona may be the finest summer beer. I mean, I don't like the Corona when it's warm out, or cold, but when it's blistering hot and I'm sweaty and dirty after a debacle of a softball game? Corona is's like heaven itself came down and kissed me on my lips. Showers are good, too, on hot, steamy days. Showers would be good to break some of this heat, maybe a thunderstorm, or a hurricane! Speaking of Hurricanes...yeah, so, Hurricane that play on words? Nifty, huh? Although, what I said about Corona is true...

I missed the Rico thing! I must train the girlfriends better not to call during wrestling!!!

Victoria - she's a crazy bitch. I love her!!! Gail Kim - still trying to figure out what I think of her. She looked nervous (not that I blame her being that close to Val's technology). Missed Trish and Test, but I saw Molly Holly beat the crap out of her! Molly! She rocks! I heard Trish is getting buried for some comments she made on some off the air interview or something? Anyone know about this?

Jericho and Michaels. I got confused somewhere in there, the Coronas were kicking in around this time. Kind of interesting they brought this up, at least to me it was. I thought it was just kind of taboo, but it results in a match between the two and the fans were into it and probably enjoyed it, or enjoyed hating it. Jericho is golden. Always.

Nash v Test, whew, totally missed that one. I didn't even know Nash wrestled until I read it this morning. I'm still trying to figure out how I just totally missed that whole match...

Two things I learned about Jindrak: 1) he's got great hair. Did you see his hair? I would kill for thick hair like that! 2) he's got a great ass. Did you see his ass? Uh, yeah, there needs to be an eye candy stable. Now I know why the chicks get their very own forum. Hehehe

Ringmistress, I think he'll be okay in Evolution. He'll look better teamed up with others so he can work on his skills a little more. I realize he's not a rookie, but I think he'd be ok; Orton improved tremendously over the past months (not injured) with Evolution.

Ah, Orton. That's the reason you get top spots because YOU decided to show up tonight! I don't give a rat's ass about this match because I know many things: 1) Flair was on the phone and Orton was drinking a protein shake when the attack took place on Dreamer. 2) RVD will no sell the entire match. With these two things in mind I can safely sit back and concentrate on Orton. STILL I hope Trips will show up, you know, like a little tease, a little joke, a little haha I fooled you. *narrows eyes* That's not funny. Neither is RVD pinning Flair.

Kane beating the crap out of Austin is funny though, laugh out loud funny even. Austin bashing Kane over the head with a chair is crack up, giggling funny. Austin apparently saw that Kane didn't have any real scars on his face, and Austin's all about continuity, so he thought he'd give Kane a few scars to start with. ;-) Ringmistress: Agreed, Kane is creepy.

I must say a very, very entertaining Raw. Though the missing Triple H thing just plain bothered me. Maybe it's a good thing though because I'll actually watch Heat now and maybe I'll like it. Who knows.

Was it me or were the microphone people blowing their spots left and right?

Worth the price of parking: Molly
Worth the price of admission: apparently the actual ticket was because at least those in attendance got to see Triple H
Cherries > Peaches
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#3 Posted on 11.7.03 0554.28
Reposted on: 11.7.10 0557.42
Tomboy, if I can train my friends not to call during wrestling, I'm confident that you can too. But you must not reinforce the aberrant behaviour. Your answering machine is your friend.

Consider the upside of no HHH on Raw: We get Sean O'Haire on Velocity Saturday night, HHH on Heat Sunday night, then HHH again the very next day on Monday! I do need to observe though, during the replay of the Screwjob footage, while Vince is at ringside getting spat on by Bret, who's that hunky guy with the long, blond ponytail escorting Shawn back to the locker room? Huh? See!

Jindrak -- hmmpf. I was thinking that in the nearly 8 months since last we'd seen him, that he'd probably tightened up his game & fiddled his look. Not really. And he mumbles -- even when you turn up the volume when the sound guys screwed up, he mumbles. I'm thinking no, not L'Evolution material.

Was Booker one happy camper or whut? The guys are all so cute when they're happy! ("Check my smile out.") Nice match.

The good news is that Hurricane's back to his previous cape. Hopefully the Hefty Bag & chest protector look is gone forever. The bad news is that he had to job to Rosie.

So now Rosie's conflicted? Mongo confused.

I thought this Gail Kim match was more representative of what she can do. She was getting in more of the flippy stuff & using the ropes, which I think she does pretty well. Gail & Val ... dunno. I think I prefer him without female attachments.

I thought the Y2J / Shawn Michaels / Montreal crowd segment was good. Chris & Shawn can both certainly move a crowd around when they try.

Test is doing some good stuff as super-slimy, mysogynistic dick.

Two matches with women in the same show - wow. (No pun intended.) I like Molly, she's good, but that signature tumbling run across the ring needs to go. It is good & proper when the women she's wrestled dozens of times see it coming (from across the ring!) & counter it.

I think the thing I appreciate most about Randy Orton at this point (besides just looking at him), is that he really puts out every match. That's the kind of enthusiasm that we like to see!

Kane chokeslamming Austin -- works for me! Hey, maybe Lance Storm will flip out & do the same thing. See Steve, this is what happens when a redneck dabbles in psychology. You've created an uncontrollable monster, haven't you Steve? Next thing, you're both going to be sneaking in lines from Young Frankenstein, aren't you?

This show definitely needed more HHH though.
Toast Jr
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#4 Posted on 11.7.03 0635.24
Reposted on: 11.7.10 0636.40

    Originally posted by Tomboy
    Uh, yeah, there needs to be an eye candy stable.

Silly! That's what Evolution is. We have Flair as the Sliver Fox - I'd still do him, he's Rick F'ing Flair! We have HHH as the present day Fox. ANd Randy Orton as Fox who is hot and will only get hotter. All they need to do is some how work Shane in there...

I really enjoyed RAW this week. Everything was working for me and I was a happy girl.
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#5 Posted on 14.7.03 0035.06
Reposted on: 14.7.10 0041.16
Maven got some ring time with HHH on Heat, didn't he? It was something like 13:30 (counting the commercial as realtime). It was fun! We got the smirky, cocky HHH who's so good. Almost worth not having him at all on Monday if we get that much of him on Sunday, eh? Maven did good. And I loved Al doing the coaching-commentary thing.
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