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The 7 - Video Games - PS4 the Winner?
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#1 Posted on 9.1.14 0528.50
Reposted on: 9.1.21 0529.01
4.2 million PS4's sold
3 million Xbox Ones sold

So which one did you get?

I went with the PS4 because I didn't want the Kinect. I'm in the camp with the people who just want something to play video games and that's it. I have no interest with all the bells and whistles the Xbox One may provide.

I would have actually gone for the Xbox One and passed on the PS4 if it had come out without the Kinect. If in the future they release a new version of the Xbox One without the Kinect, then I'll probably get one.​​sites/​​insertcoin/​​2014/​​01/​​08/​​why-​​sonys-​​ps4-​​is-​​crushing-​​microsofts-​​xbox-​​one-​​in-​​sales-​​so-​​far/​​print/​​

Why Sony's PS4 Is Crushing Microsoft's Xbox One In Sales So Far

I’m the first to admit when I’m wrong, and when Microsoft came out and said they sold 3M Xboxes in January, I said Sony would follow with their own numbers soon after. While I was right on that point, I was sorely mistaken thinking the two totals would be “pretty close.”

As we now know, Sony sold a massive 4.2M PS4s worldwide in 2013, which dwarfs Microsoft’s already impressive 3M number by quite a substantial sum. It’s particularly surprising given the fact that the console sales have been relatively close to date. Both systems sold 1M units within 24 hours of release. Microsoft hit 2M consoles sold about a week or so after Sony said they’d hit 2.1M. They were behind, but within striking distance.

As such, it stood to reason that after the holiday season, if Microsoft was announcing 3M consoles sold, Sony might come out and say they sold 3.3 or 3.4M. But 4.2? I think that surprised everyone.

Now it’s time to dig into the “why” of it. Why is Sony outselling Microsoft by such a wide margin these last six weeks? Though both totals are impressive by themselves, and 3M Xbox Ones is certainly record-setting for Microsoft, a 1.2M unit gap this early is fairly substantial.

There are a few factors at play here:

1. Territory release

Sony’s PS4 has been released in far more territories to date. The PS4 is being sold in 48 territories around the world while the Xbox One is only out in 13. This alone might account for a huge portion of the difference, though it should be said neither the One or PS4 are out in the all-important market of Japan yet, and that release will obviously pad Sony’s lead further.

2. Time of release

Technically, the PS4 has been out a week longer than the Xbox One as there was a difference between its North American release and its premiere two weeks later in other parts of the world. This could be some small factor, but not enough to explain much of the disparity.

3. Price

Lest we forget, the PS4 is $400 USD while the Xbox One is $500. Obviously that’s going to make it easier for Sony to move more units across the world at a lower price. The problem is that just because the One costs more, it’s not that Microsoft is making huge profits on it. It’s priced that way because of the added cost of the Kinect, so the margins of the two consoles are likely pretty similar.

4. Kinect

I’m willing to make this a factor all by itself. In my estimation, the Kinect still hasn’t proved its worth for Microsoft, and shown that it was worth increasing the price of the entire system. In addition to the $100 extra cost which most may not think worthwhile, there are still fears, however tinfoil hat-ish, about a US-made machine with a video and audio recorder permanently pointed at your living room. I think the Kinect prevents more sales than it brings in at this point, as its functionality is overshadowed by fear and sticker shock.

5. Lingering doubts

After the Xbox One launch fiasco where Microsoft was forced to change policy after policy regarding the system, there were bound to be some hard feelings with consumers who viewed the One as damaged in their eyes. This was bound to translate into a few lost sales during the initial launch window, but as things were relatively close until this point, it didn’t seem like much of a factor. But now with the holiday over, it seems when people were given the choice between the PS4 and One, they ended up choosing the PS4 more often, so perhaps hurt feelings and distrust still lingers.

So, is the Xbox One in trouble? Probably not. Six weeks is too early to start declaring anyone a winner or loser in a console generation, even if a 1.2M sales disparity this early is somewhat eyebrow-raising. The big headline here is that when combined, the two next-gen consoles have moved over seven million units in a little over a month, which is absolutely stunning by any metric. No one is “losing” the console war. Even if Microsoft is behind, their numbers are still incredibly impressive. It’s just that Sony has managed to pull ahead with a somewhat substantial early lead.

I will say that stacking the two up next to each other, given the capabilities of each system, the launch line-up and the price, the PS4 seems like the more appealing of the two at present. Both console’s exclusive game catalogs are pretty lackluster, and the PS4 may have a slight performance edge. But the biggest factor has to be the price, and the Kinect just has not justified its $100 additional cost to many. I expect the numbers would be a lot closer if Microsoft agreed to de-package the Kinect in order to sell a $400 One without it, but they’re determined to make fetch happen, so to speak. The Kinect may end up being the revolution it wants to be, but I don’t think we’re there yet.

I own both systems, and though I’m happy with my purchases, I’ll be a whole lot happier when 2014 comes around and must-have games finally start being released for the two consoles.

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#2 Posted on 9.1.14 0741.32
Reposted on: 9.1.21 0741.46
I went with the Xbox One. I prefer the offset thumb sticks of the Xbox controller and I liked the 360's interface better than the PS3's. I don't make extensive use of it, but so far I like the new Kinect, particularly the voice commands. The voice component is much improved from the 360 and I think it works really well. The motion tracking also seems to be improved, though I'm still not convinced that using motion to navigate menus is any easier or better than using voice or a controller. I did think it was kind of cool when I was playing Forza and it tracked my head movement and changed the view accordingly.

And speaking of the Kinect, I don't see any way that MS will ever release a version of the Xbox One without it. It is too tightly integrated into the entire interface and user experience for them to not include it. Which isn't to say you have to use it, but MS is trying to make it an attractive option. Plus, if they release a version without it, suddenly it becomes an optional accessory and developer support will drop like a rock.
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#3 Posted on 9.1.14 1214.47
Reposted on: 9.1.21 1215.22
I got the Xbox One of course and I'm really happy with it. Neither system has a line up of games that make it a must have at this point, but the Kinect has been really amazing and I think the more people experience it themselves the more they'll realize it's a big plus. Not just the TV integration which is slick, but stuff like getting a Technical called because I cussed at the TV while playing basketball. Mind blown.

I figure I'll get a PS4 when the game lineup makes it worthwhile.
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#4 Posted on 9.1.14 1240.37
Reposted on: 9.1.21 1243.22
I bought the Xbox One first because I wanted Killer Instinct and Dead Rising 3. I didn't buy Forza5 or Ryse because of all the stupid microtransactions on a game you already paid $60 for. The $500 wasn't a big factor as I traded in my iPad3 and original 60GB PS3 Fat to pay for it.

I got the PS4 when Amazon had it in stock. It was so hard to come by so I had to buy it. I really like Resogun which you get for free with your PS Plus membership and I bought Killzone Shadow Fall (having never played a Killzone game ever) and really liked it enough to beat the campaign. I want to trade Killzone in but there's no good games to get until Titanfall in March.

I thought the gap would be a lot more as the PS4 is $100 cheaper and has better graphics (most games in 1080p vs 720p). The stupid Xbox One Scaler also darkens 720p games (nasty crushed blacks) and over-sharpens it so you have to set your output to 720p to avoid automatic scaling.

If I could only afford one I would probably have only gone with the PS4 as it's the better value. I'm certainly going to buy all multi-platform games on PS4 like I used to buy for Xbox 360 over PS3.

But yeah, both are doing a lot better than Nintendo and their Wii U. Console gaming is not dead. Being in my mid-30s I have stopped playing games for a while but the PS4 and Xbox One has gotten me back into it.
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#5 Posted on 9.1.14 1536.33
Reposted on: 9.1.21 1538.31
I used this opportunity to get an xbox360.
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#6 Posted on 10.1.14 1249.10
Reposted on: 10.1.21 1249.30
I went with the PS4, but I never planned on getting a XB3 no matter what the plans were for the PS4/XB3. I just do not like how MS does business.

    Originally posted by Caliban
    I don't make extensive use of it, but so far I like the new Kinect, particularly the voice commands. The voice component is much improved from the 360 and I think it works really well.

I think it is hilarious that the XB3 can sign you out against your will.

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#7 Posted on 11.1.14 1237.51
Reposted on: 11.1.21 1237.51
I don't think there has to be a winner. As long as both are doing as well as they are then they are both winners. If PS4 didn't exist Microsoft would still be ecstatic with 3 million sold I'm sure. Third party support will remain strong on both systems, so it's win/win for the companies and the people that support whichever system they choose.

All around great news for the industry. I have to admit that I am surprised sales are this high already. The old systems still had/have lots of great games coming out and I figured that many people wouldn't be ready to fork over $400-$500 yet. Plus, while there is a lot of cool things with both systems the jump from last gen to this gen isn't anything near the jump we had to HD last time so I thought it would be a tough sell until the libraries really got built up some more.

As for me, I had both PS3 and 360 but only used PS3 for exclusives and Blu Ray. I preferred the 360 controller, the interface and most of my friends were on Xbox Live. That being said, I feel like Sony has exclusives that interest me more than Microsoft. I am not into FPS so Halo doesn't do too much for me. Infamous Second Son, though is something I am dying for as I loved the first two to death. Which system your friends buy (both real life and ones you have made playing games) is probably a big factor as well so that is what we might be seeing with the sales since so many people jumped on the Sony bandwagon after E3.

I was leaning heavily towards XBox One as the Kinect really intrigued me, not for games but for the instant switching and Blu Ray playback controls, as well as the snapping. I also wanted to keep my achievements score going. In the end though some of my friends siding with PS4 as well as the price swayed me (along with Infamous and the Order 1886). Granted $100 isn't the biggest deal in the world, but for some reason half a grand is just a psychological thing for me so I just couldn't do it. And even though I would keep my Gold account going if I had bought an XBox One I still hate the fact that most of the apps don't work without it- seems ridiculous when you are paying $500. If my PS Plus lapses I temproraliy lose access to the free games I have downloaded but I can still use every entertainment app.

Maybe I will get an Xbox One someday after a price drop but since I can do Sony Exclusives, all the great third party stuff, PS Now eventually, as well as Netflix/Hulu I will be just fine with the PS4. And thank god the cotroller got a pretty substantial overhaul. It no longer feels like a little toy that I will crush with my hands. My only complaint so far is the interface does seem rather bland at this point, but that should change with updates over the years. I will miss my Achievements but my 360 still has some life in it as I still have a backlog of games to get through on that.

Oh, and you have to love PS Plus. Even though the free perks for PS4 are just indie games so far they are great games that deserve to not be overlooked. Resogun is an addictive retro-ish side scrolling shooter with great graphics, Contrast is a short platformer but with an interesting concept and story and the newest, Don't Starve, is the best. It is such a crazy survival game and I played it for hours straight yesterday. Check it out asap if you have a PS4 and Plus.

PSN is broctooon if anyone wants to add me

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#8 Posted on 11.1.14 2348.27
Reposted on: 11.1.21 2348.31
I think the PS4 might pick up a few of the more "casual" gamers that Xbox usually gets, due to the lower price. That would be where the shift between the two systems has happened.

I will get a PS4. It would take a monumental game for me to consider an Xbox. Otherwise I'll stay with Sony, who I've supported since the Ps1
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