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The 7 - Pro Wrestling - NXT TakeOver: Orlando (4.1.2017) Register and log in to post!
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#1 Posted on 2.4.17 0945.48
Reposted on: 2.4.24 0945.48
I'm not sure if we have the NXT TakeOver logo here at the W.

Live from Orlando, FL.

Tye Dillinger, Roderick Strong, No Way Jose Kassius Ohno, and Ruby Riot vs. Sanity -- Dain pinned Dillinger with the Ulster Plantation.
Poor Jose got laid out by Sanity earlier, so he's replaced by Ohno, who FINALLY untucked that damned jersey. The match didn't go all that long, considering there were 8 people involved, and poor Ruby and Nikki never really got to shine in the spotlight. Ohno and Roddy looked good in their spots, as did Wolfe. We never did get the big Eric/Tye blowoff, so I guess this is still building to something? The train may have left the station on that one, though. Eventually, Tye gets Numbers Gamed (tm Cole) and pinned with the Ulster Plantation. I thought the whole point of the four-on-four was to even out the numbers, but what do I know? A pretty disjointed match that didn't deliver particularly great action or the big babyface win.

Andrade Almas vs Aleister Black -- Black pinned Almas with the Black Mass.
Black had a nice entrance, but his night went downhill from there. The match was okay, but Black looked largely lost and Andrade did his best to try to hold it together. Black seems athletic enough, so there's probably something to salvage there, but his "striking" offense (and particularly his finish) looked like shit, especially when Roddy and Ohno were throwing out sick strikes in the opener and you have Nakamura in the main. The match made me a fan of Cien, though, and now I want to see a lot more of EL IDOLO, so there's that. After the match, Nigel accidentally mentioned Aleister Black as the future of Ring of Honor, so you'll have that to look forward to in an upcoming edition of Botchamania.

NXT Tag Titles Triple Threat: Authors of Pain vs The Revival vs DIY -- AoP elimiated DIY with the Last Chapter, then eliminated Revival with the Super Collider.
New belts tonight, and the tag ones were particularly nice and shiny. This match was laid out really, really well to the point where when all three teams were still in it, it was heading into the ****+ category. Lots of great spots abound, especially as DIY and Revival called back to their previous wars before realizing that they needed to work together to try to put AOP away, but couldn't put aside their animosity long enough to take the monsters out. And when they did, like the tandem finishers spot, the monsters kicked out anyway! After the dives, the arena was rocking, but then the Revival tried to wipe out DIY, opening it up for the Authors to score the first elimination. From there the match went downhill, the Authors essentially just stopped selling, and finished off Revival in relatively quick fashion. The crowd was into it until DIY was eliminated, and I think they saw the writing on the wall then and started chanting "bullshit." For establishing AOP as unkillable monsters, this was the right way to structure the match, but they had to sacrifice the quality. And while the Authors look better every time I see them, who is left in the division to challenge them now, especially as DIY and Revival seem destined to fight each other forever (on Raw or SmackDown)?

Probably match of the night either way.

NXT Women's Title: Asuka vs Ember Moon -- Asuka pinned Ember with a Buzzsaw Kick.
The new title isn't pink, and doesn't have Brad Maddox's bodily fluids on it, so that's a plus. There was a clever story at play here, with Asuka's underestimating Ember as a threat looking like it was going to cost her, until she showed the first cracks in her invincible aura and used a subtle ref bump to her advantage. They structured the match to have Ember look Asuka's equal for the most part, and if they had pulled the title switch after the buildup into the big Eclipse, I'd have bought that as a viable finish as well. Instead they went the other route, and it still felt logical. The match was perfectly acceptable wrestling, and probably Ember's best televised match up to this point.

NXT Title: Bobby Roode vs Shinsuke Nakamura -- Roode pinned Nakamura with the Glorious DDT.
Roode's entrance consisted of two piano players strumming a beautiful tune, and I'm torn on whether it trumps the choir.
The new NXT title is just a bigger version of the Women's belt. They're all gold plates on black leather, though, and you can't really go wrong with that classic combination. The match was very much WWE main event style, it started slow and built to a big finish. Again the story centered on Nakamura injuring himself while trying to mangle Roode, and Roode ultimately taking advantage. Nakamura still seemed to be going at around 75%, which I hope changes by the time he hits the main roster. The match went about half an hour, which it maybe didn't need to - but it was the format that allows Roode to shine with his character stuff while hiding his in-ring flaws. The problem with a match centered around injury, of course, is that Nakamura has long been an inconsistent seller, and that popped up on a couple of occasions here as well. I realize now that all of that makes me sound as though I soured on the match, and I really didn't. It kept my attention for the 28 minutes, the work was crisp and without any obvious botches, the crowd was into it, and it heated up for the nice finish.

Is it up there with the greatest NXT TakeOvers? No, it doesn't have that defining MotY candidate that almost all the other TakeOvers do. It was a safe show, and just like the NXT weekly shows leading up to TakeOver, you wouldn't regret investing the time to watch it, and you wouldn't regret saving the time if you missed it.

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#2 Posted on 2.4.17 1025.12
Reposted on: 2.4.24 1025.16
WOw, I totally don't agree with you on the opening match.
I thought it was GREAT. So much chaos-but that's to be expected when dealing with Sanity.
Everyone looked strong, though I agree of all the women got the least time. Also, didn't expect the heels to win.

Black..I thought he looked good.
Loved the entrance, with the rising up like a dead man or something. I immediately said he's the future because it shows how much they're investing in his gimmick already.
Liked the backflip into meditation.
But yeah I love Almas. He always gets the crowd going once the match starts. Great guy and I hope they give him a direction asap.

Tag match was once again match of the night. The history between DIY and Revival came into play so often and/but when they worked together the crowd ate it up. It's all about character work. It went "downhill" once DIY was gone but that made sense. You need more than 2 guys to stop these monsters.
Or..Heavy Machinery!

I was afraid the women's match wouldn't deliver. Asuka hasn't been doing much as of late other than "kick.done"
But they told a great story here and I totally agree with u2c.
Oh, Asuka's face after the heel moves were great. The looks she gave the ref and the crowd, knowing very well that she cheated. Great stuff.

Nakamura-Roode was probably the least of tonight's matches imo. Still good, as they told a great story.
I liked that Shinsuke didn't hit the Kinsasha since that oughta be a match-ender.

Probably not the best-best Take Over, but that standard is really freain' high. And as usual, I think the match quality on this show might end up much better than that of WWE's main show.
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#3 Posted on 2.4.17 1030.57
Reposted on: 2.4.24 1032.43
    Originally posted by used2bcool
    It was a safe show, and just like the NXT weekly shows leading up to TakeOver, you wouldn't regret investing the time to watch it, and you wouldn't regret saving the time if you missed it.

I'm pretty sure I liked the show more than you did, but this is a very fair description. I thought that it was an overall fun show that's not likely to overshadow Mania like they did in Dallas last year. I stand by my comments in my last recap - not much sizzle, but quite a bit of steak.

I thought the opener had a lot of fun spots, and the addition of the racoon make-up for SAnitY was just the last finishing touch that turned a bunch of guys in shitty gear into full-fledged Batman villains. Ruby and Cross didn't do too much together here, but it was pretty damn clear that they go together like Peanut Butter and Jelly, and I CAN NOT wait for them to get a full one-on-one match.

Black/Almas didn't live up to my unreasonably high expectations, but I liked it well enough. I agree that Black's finisher is a little weak (although "Black Mass" is a fantastic name), but I think it works nicely as a signature move. Maybe give him a submission hold?

The crowd sure turned on the tag match when DIY went out, didn't they? It was an absolutely stellar match to that point though. That superplex spot alone was worth watching the whole show for. Like you, I can't fault the finish if that's the direction they want to go in. I think that we almost certainly see the Revival get called up this week, and now maybe DIY, too. Revival would do alright on RAW, but DIY NEED to go to Smackdown, or they're finished. RAW is a bad environment for white-meat babyfaces.

Oh, also, the old NXT tag belts were probably my favorite belt design in the company, so the new belts leave me very cold. I'm super sad to see those ones go.

The women's match wasn't the best women's match I've ever seen, but it did everything it needed to do perfectly. I want Asuka to get called up as the undefeated NXT Women's Champion, with the hook of "who can defeat her?" so badly.

The NXT championship match was the opposite of the Black/Almas match for me. It surprised me with how much it exceeded my low expectations. That was Roode's best match since he got signed, and Nakamura at lease sold the knee at the critical moments - selling is kind of optional in a lot of the Japanese matches I've seen, so I get it. The finish put Roode over strong, and now we get Nakamura on the main roster. Smackdown needs top guys more, and who doesn't want to see Nakamura fight Cena, so that's where my vote goes.

Again, I had a lot of fun watching the show, but no, it was not a top show for NXT. Worth your time, though, definitely.
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#4 Posted on 2.4.17 1044.55
Reposted on: 2.4.24 1046.45
The "our shared history!!!" spots in the tag title match put to terrible shame everything done with the Shield in their post-split matches that should've been so so easy. What an ultimate thrill ride.

Loved the last 3 matches, loved that Asuka had someone who could take her offense and hit her back, excited to see Nakamura on Monday or Tuesday (but decidedly apprehensive after that).

I think DIY is better than Alpha. They should never break up, they should be having that Revivalry on the main roster forever. I mean, they should, but you know. AA/Usos are in the battle royal, so what's it really matter. Same with Asuka, she's the best of 'em all, but what would she do on a Raw getting ENDlessLY LECtured by CHARlotte in HERweird unPUNCtuated CAdence.


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#5 Posted on 2.4.17 1123.07
Reposted on: 2.4.24 1124.22
So, is it safe to say that Triple H did the lay out for that last match? Very deliberate (slow). Bobby Roode bores me and Nakamura is someone I only seem to like against the right opponent. The Nakamura NXT run has been underwhelming.

I liked the New Japan eight man tag to start the show. Dillinger was the weak link on his team, so they deserved to lose. I'm really excited to see more of Ruby, Ohno and Strong.

Black-Almas was good too. Almas is in a weird spot now. I'm not sure what he does from here.

The tag match was tremendous, much better than I expected. AoP came away looking like monsters. Match of the night.

The Women's match was fine. I don't know what Ember Moon is supposed to be. That division will be carrying the show soon so this is a solid place holder.

The NXT camera crew was horrible. They missed spots all night and couldn't stick with a camera angle for more than six seconds. They constantly had to go to replay so we could actually see the big spot that just happened.

I'm looking forward to the next chapter here. I'm expecting a lot of call ups.

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#6 Posted on 2.4.17 1141.07
Reposted on: 2.4.24 1142.18
I am with used2bcool. Nothing really happened. All the titles stayed in the same hands and Sanity continues to be too much for our plucky heroes. AOP is a Windows 8 version of Shield. The fans seem to hate them beyond they are heels so lets boo. Its more like, we know your only offense is being big and strong, so we hate you. The tag match was great til DIY got eliminated then you could just feel the fans ready to revolt. My wife saw I was watching Black-Almas and said you are not watching anything important with generic wrester 1 and 2, its time to do house work.

I like Asuka being a full blown heel. However, minus Black, all the heels won. I am hoping that is not the lay out for this year's Mania, because it would be nice if the faces actually won something at the biggest event of the year. NXT and their fans are in this weird place. NXT is the new ImpactZone where they mark out for their guys and not much else. They also want so and so to go to the next level thus leaving them with more people who are not their guys. AOP's heat is systematic of that. You can't call up everyone from NXT and expect it to be good. You also can't call them up and think they are going to be good with how bad Raw is right now.

I feel bad for Jose. Not only did he lose his spot on this card, but he is out of Wrestlermania. Does he have a sex tape of all the sudden?
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#7 Posted on 2.4.17 1326.16
Reposted on: 2.4.24 1329.01
    Originally posted by BigDaddyLoco
    The Nakamura NXT run has been underwhelming.

    I don't know what Ember Moon is supposed to be.

    (edited by BigDaddyLoco on 2.4.17 1226)

Nakamura's issue is that he cannot carry a feud. He's got everything else (even the mic skills at this point), but just has not show any feud chemistry with anyone, and needs to show he can get fans to care about the other guy in the ring also.

I don't get the feeling Ember is supposed to be anything other than a good wrestler with a cool look. The contacts & such is just that - a look, not a gimmick. I mean, if it isn't they should really be announcing her as from somewhere a little more exotic than Dallas (as an aside, going blue & not red control acts was a solid PPV look switch-up too). I like Ember a lot, although she really needs some work on her promos to get to
be main-roster ready.

(edited by MoeGates on 2.4.17 1450)
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#8 Posted on 2.4.17 1337.50
Reposted on: 2.4.24 1347.07
Does this mean Nakamura goes to the main roster? Please say yes. OhpleaseohpleaseOHPLEASE. Put him on SmackDown and give him five-star matches with AJ Styles.

Drew McIntyre is back! I used to kick serious ass with him in WWE '12 online. Everyone was picking Cena, Undertaker, Orton, the usual suspects. "You're picking Drew Fucking McIntyre? Your funeral, body." Hahaha, NO. Your funeral.
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#9 Posted on 2.4.17 1405.48
Reposted on: 2.4.24 1408.12
That extended run during Revival/DIY/AoP that starts with Ciampa trying the sunset flip powerbomb from the apron to the table, getting the assist from Gargano and then getting the double assist from Revival and ends with DIY getting eliminated was really, truly some of the best, most fun, most exciting wrestling the entire company has done in a long, long time. Just perfectly orchestrated, brilliantly booked, flawlessly executed pro wrestling with all six guys playing their parts.

I mean, damn, Gargano running in on babyface autopilot to break up Dawson's submission attempt and stopping himself when he realized what it meant? Then Dawson, Wilder and his *own partner* begging him not to not to interfere, so he teams up with Dawson on a double submission, and then Wilder and Ciampa teaming up to try to stop the other author...I couldn't have loved that more. I would seriously watch DIY/Revival interact forever, and get more and more impressed with all four of them - maybe especially Dawson - every time they do.
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#10 Posted on 2.4.17 2004.01
Reposted on: 2.4.24 2004.03
Bobby Roode has the best theme song currently in use.

(edited by StaggerLee on 2.4.17 2004)
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#11 Posted on 2.4.17 2034.25
Reposted on: 2.4.24 2034.25
1. Taker (still counts)
2. Shinsuke
3. Sasha
4. Zayn
5. Bayley

    Originally posted by StaggerLee
    Bobby Roode has the best theme song currently in use.

    (edited by StaggerLee on 2.4.17 2004)
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#12 Posted on 3.4.17 0403.49
Reposted on: 3.4.24 0403.57
First time I ever saw an NXT episode.

So the WWE can only afford one set of padded ring barriers? I guess it's done on purpose to give the NXT a minor league feel.

SAnity immediately made me think of the Jokers henchman.

The woman wrestler in SAnity would make the perfect Sister Abigail if the WWE writers ever decided to find a way to resurrect her.

I think the Aleister Black character would've been so much better put on Baron Corbin. Corbin definitely has the look for it. The current Aleister Black just looks like a biker.

Whoever is writing the NXT wrestlers theme music is absolutely killing it.

How the hell is Asuka not up in the WWE yet?

I see ESPN reporting that Drew McIntyre has a contract with NXT. Good for him. I want to see more ex-WWE wrestlers get a second chance.

Both the Roode and Nakamura entrances were better last year. (I watched clips of them on Youtube)

Nakamura does need to work on selling an injury.

I enjoyed the show.

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#13 Posted on 3.4.17 1623.53
Reposted on: 3.4.24 1623.55
    Originally posted by Kevintripod
    First time I ever saw an NXT episode.

    So the WWE can only afford one set of padded ring barriers? I guess it's done on purpose to give the NXT a minor league feel.

    The woman wrestler in SAnity would make the perfect Sister Abigail if the WWE writers ever decided to find a way to resurrect her.

    I think the Aleister Black character would've been so much better put on Baron Corbin. Corbin definitely has the look for it. The current Aleister Black just looks like a biker.

No way. COrbin looks way more of a biker (young guy with a receiding hairline who loves to ride his bike because it makes him forget about his office job) than Black.

And Nikki Cross is too good toplay Abigail. Too lively as well (don't even mean that S.A. is supposedly dead, just she nails the insane-cannot stand still type)
The best thing she did at this show btw was hug Dain's foot after the pin and him just kicking her away like he had no clue what was going on.
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