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17.1.15 1028
The 7 - Pro Wrestling - NXT #259 1/14/15
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#1 Posted on 14.1.15 2201.14
Reposted on: 14.1.22 2201.50
They've loaded up the first Wednesday edition of NXT from top to bottom, including a main event that would be good enough to headline any PPV you can name. With that said, we don't have time for nonsense this week, and we get started in the ring with Tyson Kidd and Finn Balor. I wasn't sure if the first Wednesday show would be a big enough deal to warrant makeup; it wasn't, so they're playing very conservatively with it, which I again think is a good thing. The match starts with Balor looking to hit his top-rope double stomp and finish it fast, but Kidd is able to keep moving out of the way. Eventually, Kidd absolutely wrecks Balor by ramming him into the barricade at ringside. Balor is in dire straits until he counters with his pele kick, which lets him move Kidd into position on the ramp for a big outside dive. Kidd tries to get back on offense, but it's no go; Balor nails his inverted brainbuster, and that's enough to land the double stomp and get the pin.
Match Rating: Not Quite Up To My Unreasonably High Expectations.

We take a quick breather here. Our announce team for the night introduce themselves (Renee, Alex, and Rich; definitely a solid grouping for the night), and we also have a short package recapping Neville and Zayn's encounter at (R)Evolution.

We also get a promo from Bull Dempsey, of all people. He says... something, probably, but I'm far too distracted by the progression of his metamorphosis into Rhino. I'd put him at about .87 Rhino here, with no signs of his condition going into remission.

Anyhoo, we've got another match; the first in-ring confrontation between Bull and Baron Corbin. This is kind of a nothing match, but Corbin manages to demonstrate generally good basic offense. It's all punches and shoulder tackles, and I'm not complaining because that's what the match calls for. After just a couple of minutes, Bull goes up for his top-rope headbutt, but Corbin dodges and hits the End of Days.
Match Rating: Too Short To Tell Us Anything Interesting.

I wasn't kidding about the show being loaded, as we've got nothing but matches for the rest of the show. First is the women's tag match that they were teasing a few weeks ago. Before I get to the match, I need to focus on the commentary for a second. These guys are great, and provide everything I'm looking for from a team. It's not just that they're better than the low bar JBL and company set; they're actually great all on their own. Right out of the gate, they let us know that Natalya and Becky Lynch used to be tag partners 9 years ago, and this is their first time fighting each other. That's great background. Anyhoo, Charlotte and Natalya open this match with some incredible tandem offense. They hit a double baseball slide, a double delayed vertical suplex, and and a wheelbarrow slam that Renee Young correctly identifies as lifted from the Lucha Dragons' playbook. Sash Banks is able to counter an Irish whip, setting up her incredibly painful-looking double knee drop in the corner. After a quick face in peril spot, Natty tags in Charlotte, who hits a textbook neckbreaker - seriously, that's the neckbreaker that you should study in wrestling school - but after things start to break down a little, Banks is able to roll her up with the old Handful O'Tights.
Match Rating: A Delight For Both The Eyes And The Ears.
After the match, Sasha is rightfully delighted at finally beating Charlotte. I love Sasha Banks.

Our main event, as promised, is the championship rematch between Sami Zayn and Adrian Neville. The match starts with the sign of indy respect, the handshake, and then we move into standard main-event chain wrestling. There are a lot of great flips and counters here, and the story of this match becomes the idea that both guys know each other so well at this point that it's virtually impossible for either of them to hit their regular offense. Eventually, they just kind of stand around in the middle of the ring, and then Sami apologizes to Neville, and then blasts him in the face with a forearm. Neville responds, and the match breaks down into some solid brawling. Neville knocks Zayn out of the ring on the non-ramp side, and hits a big tumbling dive to take control. He's able to nail one of his hurricanranas (by the way, Neville has the *best* 'ranas. They just look brutal every time), and that lead to him going up for the Red Arrow. But again, Zayn is ready for it, and instead tries to counter into the Blue Thunder Bomb, but Neville's ready for that, and counters back, but *Zayn* is ready for it, and nails the Blue Thunder Bomb! Neville comes back, and does the spot where he backflips up onto Zayn's shoulders. At this point, we've seen just about every variation on this spot, so they bring it full circle and Neville hits another 'rana. Sami's not looking so good after taking this one, and the ref comes to check him out a couple of times. Sami says he can continue, so they do. I was sure at this point that Zayn is playing possum, but in retrospect I think he was just trying to sell the punishment he'd taken over the last few weeks. Either way, it's all the same as Zayne tries to lock in the Koji Clutch when Neville finally moves to continue the match. Our finish comes when Neville goes for the Red Arrow one more time, but Zayn dodges again, but this time Neville's ready for the dodge and rolls Zayn up. Zayn narrowly kicks out of the pin, hits the exploder and the Helluva Kick, and the champion retains.
Match Rating: The Two Are Physically Incapable Of Having Anything Less Than An Amazing Match.
After the match, the expected happens; Kevin Owens breaks up Zayn's celebration with a pop-up powerbomb. He stands with his foot on Sami's head, and then kicks the belt at him to close the show.

This was another great show. The main event all alone is worth the time, and my recap above probably does it very little justice. Besides the main event, the matches were all solid, but probably hurt a little bit by the lack of time for them. Overall, though, this was a fantastic way to start the new night and time.
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#2 Posted on 15.1.15 1936.21
Reposted on: 15.1.22 1937.15
I tried to watch the show just now. Kidd vs Balor was quite good. Dempsey vs Corbin was such stupid booking that it killed my desire to watch the rest of the show. Glad I went with Lucha Underground last night instead.
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#3 Posted on 16.1.15 0842.00
Reposted on: 16.1.22 0844.57
The ending to the Big Hoss Fight was disappointing but I wasn't entirely surprised. The show was loaded and when it came to distributing the (limited) time available to those four matches, you knew the Corbin/Bull fight was going to get the short straw. In any case, we haven't seen either Bull or Baron show an ability to work anything more than a three-minute squash, so perhaps this was the best way to go about it. I'm more positive about Bull's prematch promo, in which he pointedly mentioned Devin's oversight regarding Baron being the undefeated one in their match (Bull is was also undefeated, you see).

Kidd. Balor. What can go wrong? Nothing. If they feud with each other for a while, and that somehow leads to a ladder match that gets 20 minutes at the next big show, I'd be a happy man.

The commentary, as Tenken mentioned, is quite fantastic, and has been for a while. Pretty much any combination of Alex, Renee, Rich, Jason, and new addition Corey is usually a pleasant experience. Renee went through a rough patch a couple of months ago, but she sounds much more in-flow now, and I've never quite understood the A-Ri hate on the interwebs.

The main event didn't evoke the same emotional response as their last match, which really goes to show how well that particular story was told. That said, this was still a fantastic match. Loved the mid-match nod to some strong-style fighting spirit (I've been catching up on my G1 Climax), and Neville trying to break Sami's neck with his ranas. Holy shit that last one looked killer! I was kinda sad that the crowd wasn't there with them the whole way (there were some very quiet periods during the middle), but once Neville starting whipping out hurricanranas, they got right into it. The counters that came from the overarching "these two know each other too well for their own good" theme were glorious, especially the kick to the head that stopped Sami's ridiculous suicide dive DDT. Great stuff all around. Of course you knew KO was lurking in the shadows, and sure enough he returned to fuck Sami up post-match and left to loud boos. Expect follow-up on that next week.

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#4 Posted on 16.1.15 0922.46
Reposted on: 16.1.22 0923.19
I have no problem with Bull and Baron being a shorter match. The hits looked hard, the efforts were fantastic, and the ending was pretty cool. This isn't a blowoff match by any stretch, so I welcome their next encounter.

Kevin Owens killed that crowd dead. When he attacked Zayn...the crowd just died. Wow.
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#5 Posted on 16.1.15 1130.37
Reposted on: 16.1.22 1135.22
I LOVED the ending of Corbin vs Dempsey. This entire time Dempsey has been trying to one up Corbin, and hasn't. Then in a full match, he just flat out fails. He lasts longer than the jobbers, but literally lands on his face. As an over-confident heel, it's fascinating when they are subject to hubris - and this is one such case. And man, that End of Days was SICK.

I'm still not a fan of Riley on commentary. My preferred booth would be Rich, Renee, and Corey Graves.

next live-special looks amazingly amazinged.

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#6 Posted on 16.1.15 1230.25
Reposted on: 16.1.22 1235.08
    Originally posted by InVerse
    I tried to watch the show just now. Kidd vs Balor was quite good. Dempsey vs Corbin was such stupid booking that it killed my desire to watch the rest of the show. Glad I went with Lucha Underground last night instead.

You passed on the Neville/Zayn rematch because you didn't like how Corbin/Dempsey was booked?
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#7 Posted on 16.1.15 1311.11
Reposted on: 16.1.22 1311.42
    Originally posted by El Nastio
    My preferred booth would be Rich, Renee, and Corey Graves.

That's my pick, too, but I'm a big supporter of Riley and Jason Albert as well, both of whom are able to contribute quite well during the flow of the matches. I like the way Riley has his gimmick of "The Analyst," so he actually gathers statistics for the matches he calls. I appreciate the follow-through on what could otherwise be a pointless moniker.

The play-by-play crew can get a little interchangeable at times, but they're all good, and out of them I think Rich is the best now that Byron Saxton's been moved up to Smackdown.
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