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Lap cheong
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#1 Posted on 11.6.03 1603.57
Reposted on: 11.6.10 1610.04

I was about to reply to the US title thread, but since I've been thinking about some other Smackdown things lately (with a Goldberg SummerSlam title win seeming pretty much a lock on the Raw side of things) with my ideas to follow I put to the rest of would you book the main Smackdown angles through SummerSlam?


First off, let me say I realize that Brock vs. Kurt is likely the Vengeance main event. That stinks. Having the rematch at WM XX makes a lot more sense, and with a couple of twists it would not be hard to extend their storyline in a believable way until next March.

Next week on SD, Benjamin & Haas (B & H) should win the belts back from Guerrero & Tajiri. I like both Eddie and Tajiri, but I'm just not buying them as a team. Plus, with the US title back in play and the CW title (knock on wood) getting more exposure now through Mysterio's win and Dragon's arrival, both guys have more to work with in the singles ranks. The former Team Angle is helped to their title win by their new mouthpiece, either Heyman (my preference) or Cena (as has been suggested elsewhere).

The following week, B & H and manager give a promo about how they never needed Kurt Angle to be stars (again, this makes much more sense with Heyman in the role). They beat down Kurt later in the night during a match with the newly turned Rhyno, also managed by Heyman, until Brock makes the save.

The main event of Vengeance has B & H successfully defend the tag titles against Brock & Angle on interference by Rhyno (who earlier in the night was beaten by Chris Benoit), establishing:

a.) Benjamin & Haas as a solid uppercard tag team
b.) the formation of a top heel stable under Heyman
c.) increased importance of the tag team title

(and save me the lines about the titles being cheapened because they're just props in the world champ's feud, or the heels looking weak because they cheated to win...a big win over big guys in a big spot still works...and none of those afore mentioned clichés stopped the New Age Outlaws from getting over huge five years ago)

Anyhow, as I was saying, now you've got Brock and Angle unsure about their alliance, and Kurt still wants his return match for the title. They both also want a piece of Rhyno, making it a three way for the title. But hold up, Benoit beat Rhyno at Vengeance, now you have a fatal fourway for the championship. Fans get a tease of the Brock vs. Angle confrontation they want, Rhyno is in the main event of SummerSlam which certainly doesn't hurt him, and Benoit...well, Benoit gets the title when a Brock/Angle miscommunication and an assist from Rhyno reveals his heel turn. This gives:

a.) Benoit established as a main event heel and new champion
b.) Rhyno as his muscular backup
c.) lays a bit of groundwork for a Brock/Angle match without making it a necessity right away
d.) sets up another Benoit/Angle feud over the title, while Rhyno and Brock engage in an uppercard big man feud that could actually be good

Now, I know that's not going to happen, but hey, I'm an optimist...for the rest of the roster:

1. US Title

The tournament field includes:

*John Cena
*Eddie Guerrero
*Rey Mysterio, Jr.
*Matt Hardy
*Sean O'Haire
*Chris Benoit

O'Haire beats Undertaker in the finals at Vengeance, as going over Undertaker is probably the biggest "new heel" win a guy can get on SD right now. Of course, Mr. America decides that he should be the United States Champion, what with his name and all, and challenges O'Haire for the title in a mask vs. belt match at SummerSlam. O'Haire wins, and something stupid happens with Mr. America so he can keep the mask on.

A six-man cruiserweight elimination match at Vengeance including Ultimo Dragon, Matt Hardy, Spanky, Tajiri, Jamie Noble, and Billy Kidman (or Nunzio if he's not back yet) sees Tajiri win a title shot at Rey Mysterio for SS. A declaration from Stephanie McMahon that Rey doesn't have to defend until SS makes that match seem important, while the heel CWs spend the month trying to beat Tajiri for the title shot. The face vs. face aspect ending with a mutual respect handshake after Rey retains makes the title seem more important as we seldom see the face vs. face matches in a big spot except when it's supposed to mean something.

Benjamin & Haas successfully defend the tag titles against Undertaker & Nathan Jones in a match that serves no purpose other than getting B & H over big name guys.


Now, work may be mind-numbing at times, but not bad enough that I want to plan out a two month plan for the FBIs, Rikishis, and Torrie Wilsons of the world. The rest of the stuff will fall into place somehow. But if I were Dave Lagana and Bruce Pritchard (or whoever the hell is in charge of Smackdown these days), that's how I'd lay out my show.

How 'bout you?
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Big Bad
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#2 Posted on 13.6.03 0048.36
Reposted on: 13.6.10 0049.02
I'd make Benoit the world champ and have him wrestle Angle every week in an iron man match.[/scott keith]
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#3 Posted on 13.6.03 0106.06
Reposted on: 13.6.10 0106.30
I haven't been really thinking as far ahead as Summerslam, but this little storyline popped into my head earlier:

At the MSG Smackdown on June 26, have a three-way dance between all the members of team Mattitude to determine Rey's challenger at Vengeance. Shannon gets the upset win.

Later that night, Ultimo Dragon debuts with a victory over Jamie Noble. Matt gets upset about losing AND getting overshadowed by Ultimo, so he does a beatdown on the Dragon.

This can lead to a PPV match between the two at Vengeance. If the feud can be stretched to Summerslam, they can interfere to eliminate each other from the U.S. title tourney. They can then have a blow-off at Summerslam.

I just think that Matt would be a good fit for Ultimo's first feud.

If that didn't make sense, it's probably because I'm sleepy.
Notorious F.A.B.
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#4 Posted on 13.6.03 0310.27
Reposted on: 13.6.10 0316.35
That idea RULES and I'm giving you a GOOD RATING for it!

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From: Kentcky

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#5 Posted on 13.6.03 0429.47
Reposted on: 13.6.10 0434.05
I think i would have the hulkster against brock in the rematch from when brock put hulk in the meat wagon.
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#6 Posted on 13.6.03 0747.49
Reposted on: 13.6.10 0748.23
The scenarios/matches I like for SD side of SummerSlam

WWE title match: Benoit (heel) vs Lesnar
Angle vs Benjamin & Haas (somehow using to reintroduce Cruiserweight title match: Heyman as their mouthpiece)
Ultimo Dragon vs Matt Hardy vs Rey Mysterio
Mr. America and Zack Gowen vs Vince and Shane McMahon
U.S. title finals: Undertaker vs John Cena
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#7 Posted on 13.6.03 0830.27
Reposted on: 13.6.10 0833.16

BigVitoMark, that is an excellent idea. Unfortunately, it probably won't happen because 1.) it's a good idea, 2.) it makes sense, and 3.) WWE screws things up. (i.e. wCw, nWo, Booker T and RVD's world title reigns (or lack there of) )

okay ... I'm done ranting ... *stepping down off of the soapbox*
Lap cheong
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#8 Posted on 13.6.03 1726.47
Reposted on: 13.6.10 1727.56
Thanks...and I know it's all a moot point since this would require thinking months in advance rather than days in advance, but hey, it was still fun to write that out. I also like the idea of the Ultimo/Hardy feud.
HarleM HeAt
Pickled pork
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#9 Posted on 13.6.03 1740.00
Reposted on: 13.6.10 1740.43
yeah macmohns vs america and zack would be cool.. shane-0-bump vesues the one legged bump machine could be cool.
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