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The W - Pro Wrestling - RAW #682 06/19/06 Play by Play Report (Page 2)
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#21 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.84
    Originally posted by rinberg
    Say, what's the over/under on Chyna or X-Pac returning? I don't want to see it, but I'll bet it's only a matter of time. The odds must be pretty slim on both of them returning, though.
I was wondering about that too, in regards to how badly bridges have been burnt. Is it totally impossible to see Gunn, RD, or Waltman back? It doesn't seem to me that the plan is just for the two of them, wouldja think? I did actually think it was X-Pac in the alien suit....
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#22 Posted on | Instant Rating: 2.32
I'm pissed because I missed the first segment of the night, which was apparently the best segment of the night. DX to me didn't quite hit the mark. They seemed to be trying to hard, for starters. As some of the others on the board have posted, they are too old to be doing the 90's DX shtick, although Hunter hasn't been this entertaining in years. Still, after all the character development that has gone on between these two over the last decade or so, the "E" might be better served toning down the childish antics a tad. I always thought that HHH and Michaels were always at their best (and funniest) when they were being more themselves. DX would really work if, instead of pretending it was 1997 again, they truly ran with the "reunited after such a long journey" angle. Why not have Hunter show flashes of his angry, intimidating persona mixed in with the degenerate version of himself? I'm ranting, I guess. I figure Shawn and Hunter are trying to find the range, and are probably going to refine the DX act over the next few weeks/months until it is honed to perfection. It must be tough to play one character for 6 years and then switch to a COMPLETELY different character virtually overnight.

That said, good RAW.

Also, Were my eyes playing tricks on me? I saw an ad for a movie written by Warner Bros. that was billed as being from the Waynes Bros. What? It was from the Waynes Bros? But it looks like a shot for shot remake of the old Finster Baby-Bugs Bunny cartoon from like 40 or 50 years ago! Oh, I see! There's booby references in this version... The Waynes (or is it Warner?) Bros are so great!
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#23 Posted on | Instant Rating: 3.44
The opening segment was excellent. My favorite line was Dusty, "Hey I wonder if those strippers want to buy one".

When HBK asked what kind of man wear a thong, Trips just stammering was good too. Also when HBK asked who would have knocked up Steph, Trips saying the guy must be hung. That was a nice wink to the smart fans that know he is the husband of the McPrincess.

I bet most of the Smackdown roster wishes they could be punished like Nitro & Melina and get moved to Raw and put in a title match on a PPV.

I can see Waltman returning possibly. Chyna not so much. I doubt even Trips wants his ex working there. Billy Gunn and Road Dogg are locked up in TNA for at least one more year I think.

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Big Show: Why is he getting the Intercontinental Title shot and not me?
RVD: Ahhh...maybe 'cause you're a tool.
Big Show: Look. I am 7'2". I am 500 pounds. I'm a giant.
RVD: Oh ok. You're a giant tool.

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#24 Posted on | Instant Rating: 3.53
I am not wondering who will join DX, I am wondering how long until HHH turns on HBK. I figure by the next PPV there will be signs of a heel turn by HHH followed b y a title run.

I hate DX, but the only thing this does that makes me happy is gives other wrestlers a shot at the title. I feel with little HHH's pending arrival and DX, HH and HBK will stay out of the title picture through the summer. That frees up two spots for the title which will be a breath of fresh air.

Also, with Mr. Kennedy gaining face time on Smackdown, how soon before he is moved to RAW? I say two months tops.

Well, that's just drunk talk! Sweet, beautiful drunk talk....

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#25 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.67
I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought "I don't know" would have been a better lead-in for the green slime. That was a criminal missed opportunity. Of course, Michaels and HHH are too old to have watched YCDTOT, which really drives home why they shouldn't be doing this act in 2006.

On a related note, I'm as disoriented by the HHH gimmick disconnect as anyone else, but I don't even think that's the biggest problem with the DX reunion. The biggest problem is that Trip's character was going in a really good, interesting babyface direction, with his angry intensity gaining an anti-authority focus to replace his heel all-about-me focus. The fans were really liking it, and I was sure he was in for a good babyface run of the sort he couldn't quite pull off when he returned from his quad injury. But now, out of nowhere, that's just over. It would have been a much better way to go full-blown face given his current age (advanced) and skin texture (leathery). Another missed opportunity.

Sometimes Foley really rules it. I love love love his two-out-of-three-falls rationale. He's not going to beat Flair -- he's going to humiliate him by making him have a terrible match in his hometown! That's totally awesome. I feel like I might have seen him or someone else do this before, but whatever. Seven-year rule, you know. (I think it might just remind me of his old ECW anti-hardcore gimmick.)

It is beyond me why Hollywood and the advertising industry have yet to learn that nobody wants to see creepy talking babies. Over and over, the public resounding tells them, "No talking babies!" Yet they never listen.

I have nothing witty to put here.

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#26 Posted on | Instant Rating: 3.17
I have no problem with a DX reunion, but can they maybe come up with something a little more original for them to do? I know that is asking a lot from the Fed these days. I did laugh at the "cocks" line, and Trips talking about Steph's baby's daddy. But how about they explain why they are so buddy buddy now, after trying to kill each other for the last 4 years? Also, could we have a little wrestling on our wrestling show?

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#27 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.19
Horribly paced show, I fell asleep after the Cena match. Too many jobber matches for my liking and the second consecutive week of Crash TV. The more I think about it though, it was one of the funnier Raws, but they needed at least one good match. I woke up at like 11 and finished the show. Pacing works better when you can FF.

Opening segment was SNL at its best. Got to like the alien being there, you figure that's an in-joke towards sci-fi not letting them have an alien on Tuesday. I, as well, want random Dusty Rhodes cameos plugging his DVD every week now.

The T and A match worked. Mickie just demolished everyone (liked her stealing JR's hat, second week in a row that one of the divas messed with JR---wonder if someone is pulling a joke on him---)the greatest moments were when Mickie yelled at Candice to raise her and then when she attacked the plant and yelled 'get that hooker out of here.' I hearts Mickie James.

Nice fire from the Spirit Squad during the Haas/Vis match.

Estrada is getting OVER.

Cena and Balls wasn't much and doesn't do much for Mahoney, but I think we get at this point that most of the ECW vets aren't long-term anyway. The Sabu spot was pretty amazing. Honestly, I respect Sabu and what he helped innovate but I take him for granted. The guy really is a one of a kind performer and I'm glad he's getting his time to shine on the main stage. Nasty cut on Cena.

Orton got the big pop. Nothing says ECW like Orton and Edge vs Cena and Angle. I'm sure it'll be the second coming of Raven/Stevie vs the Pitbulls.

I think there's a lot of potential in Foley *intentionally* putting on a horrible performance on Sunday. I can see it eventually frustrating Flair to where he grabs a chair and bludgeons him, leading to the hardcore rematch. Incidentally, Foley on commentary riffing was ~brilliant.~ Him talking about how the card is so stacked, it doesn't matter if he takes the night off was unbelieavably awesome and slowly, my love for Mick Foley comes back.

Nice pop for Van Dam, I kind of wish he'd y'know actually wrestle on Raw, I think in a different situation his title reign could have really been something fresh, instead of as a means to an end in the brand building.

And then the DX stuff, I was kind of annoyed that the whole night was building up to us hearing the theme music, but y'know...the segment worked. I wanted to hate it, but I couldn't help myself. Shawn and Hunter riffing on who knocked Steph up was great (and seemed to genuinely amuse the crowd, too) The midget stuff was '97-riffic, but that's the point of this stuff. What made the segment work for me, what really turned it from silly humor to something great, was Shawn putting on the blindfold when the cheerleaders came out. For all the talk about how he could do the DX thing without compromising himself, that moment there was inspired. Shawn wasn't going to be tempted by scantily clad women. The midget moon was something out of Russo's playbook, but y'know Russo did produce some ratings so we shouldn't throw it out just yet.

So, middling show overall. Horribly paced with no matches to speak of, but had enough stuff to make you interested in what's next.
The DX stuff will get old quick, but last night they delivered what the people wanted.
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#28 Posted on | Instant Rating: 8.80
I thought this show sucked (sorry, Jackson), but I'll grant that Foley promising to tank his match with Flair is a totally novel way to ask people to part with their money to see a WWE PPV.


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#29 Posted on | Instant Rating: 3.46
The Spirit Squad has become the Eugene of 2 years ago: Thought it would suck when it started, was pleasantly surprised/shocked, then it was vastly overexposed. And yet, despite the overexposure, they don't defend the tag titles.
Flair couldn't get any mic time? Knowing Foley's going to tank it does save me 40 bucks, so thanks Mick.
This is at least twice the spawn has been involved in angles already. They might be playing with karma doing that.
Flipped midway through the Vince walk and somehow missed the Dusty portion.
When they show a clip with Gordon Solie calling a match, anyway they could run a small picture in the corner of the screen of him rolling over in his grave?
I'll ask early this year: If they do a This Week in Wrestling History on July 3rd, I'm begging WarGames gets mentioned for the 4th of July, not Hogan tagging with Edge.
Spray painting in wrestling. That is very original.
I'd rather see Hack Myers than Balls Mahoney without AC/DC. At least yelling Shah had some entertainment. But, at the words Extreme Championship Wrestling can be used in old theme music.
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#30 Posted on | Instant Rating: 3.04
I'm surprised people are actually using words like "entertaining" to describe the opening segment ... it reminded me of how insufferably stupid RAW used to be back in the day (flashbacks to "Meat" taking Viagra during a match with Big BossMan popped into my head during that segment, although that might have been from an episode of HEAT, come to think of it). Of course, back then pro wrestling was the hottest thing going on television, so such things were forgiven; I don't think cock jokes and Chris Farley impersonators are going to equal ratings nowadays (but then again, the crowd WAS into it).

And yet, after having said all that, I must admit that the closing segment was the thing that I actually did find entertaining (excluding the midget mooning, of course). They were able to convey that feeling of rebellion and "anti-establishment" - no matter how old they actually are - that reminded me of some of those "Attitude"-era skits/promos that actually were compelling televison. A fleeting bit of nostalgia, perhaps, but I was digging it.

As for Estrada, was it "planned" for him to walk out before finishing his catchphrase, or did he catch on that the crowd was chanting along (a la the Rock) and he decided to ad-lib some outrage and "storm off"?

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#31 Posted on | Instant Rating: 3.44
    Originally posted by flairforthegold13
    The T and A match worked. Mickie just demolished everyone (liked her stealing JR's hat, second week in a row that one of the divas messed with JR---wonder if someone is pulling a joke on him---)the greatest moments were when Mickie yelled at Candice to raise her and then when she attacked the plant and yelled 'get that hooker out of here.' I hearts Mickie James.

You know, the rest of the show (which I didn't care for) actually made me forget how much I liked this segment. You forgot to mention the best part, though. After Mickie turned on Candice, she started yelling at her "Get out of my ring!" Great stuff there, really went out of their way to make Mickie look head and shoulders above the other women (because SHE IS).
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#32 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.68
DX was trying way too hard. Some of it was funny because I like stupid shit like that but there was a total lack of sincerity to their antics. They need to look at their buddy Kevin Nash to see how a man in his 40's who's a father acts like a degenerate.

Nash singing, "Happy Slammiversary, Sabin, I gotchu on my MIIIIIIIINND!!" is so much more effective and irritating than DX spray painting Coach's ass with a backwards D.

Nash doesn't need bare ass, cheerleaders and labored cock jokes to still come off like a total asshole douchebag, and I love him for it.

Foley on the other hand was gold. Foley's style of storytelling works in so many clever levels that are sorely lacking from the rest of the show. I can't wait to watch Foley put on the worst match of his career on Sunday.

Where the hell is Trish? Two weeks now she's been MIA. Her shoulder should be healed. Could she be leaving RAW to Mickie and spending the summer in ECW? (I feel like Mean Gene right there. Call the hotline now!)

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#33 Posted on | Instant Rating: 6.94
    Originally posted by John Orquiola
    Nash doesn't need bare ass, cheerleaders and labored cock jokes to still come off like a total asshole douchebag, and I love him for it.

But DX did follow his midget-mocking example from last week's "Impact."

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#34 Posted on | Instant Rating: 6.64
I was with the DX humor all the way to the end. Excessive? Juvenile? Yes, but that was part of the charm; it's like they wanted to both provide stupid, immature humor and MOCK that they're providing stupid, immature humor. The snarky lines about thongs (when HHH had one last week) and Stephie's baby were nice touches, as was Shawn's "IT IS!" running gag.

Buuut, then he had to trot out the tired midget thing. I feel obliged to post every time the E does this, because I'm freaking sick of My Peeps (being 3'2" myself) being nothing more than comedy props on TV. I stopped watching Smackdown when they introduced the "Juniors", for instance. (I'm 30. Call me Junior and I'll smack you one.)

I clicked off at that point. Hypocritical to like the lowbrow humor but hate midget abuse? Probably, but I call it like I see it. I hope ECW doesn't resort to this. Although if they have zombies and vampires, I guess other mythological creatures like midgets might show. :P

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#35 Posted on | Instant Rating: 3.31
    Originally posted by Mayhem

    In regards to the green slime, I wondered if the Spirit Squard said "I Don't Know" (from the You Can't Do That on Television days).

Tune in next week when DX tricks Coachman into saying "water" and during an opposite sketch they profess that they are totally not gay.

I wouldn't be surprised one bit to see X-Pac return. I'd say Chyna is a big fat no though. I don't even think the NAO would be completely out of the question. Billy has said some pretty bad stuff about them since leaving but stranger things have happened.

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#36 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.43
The problem I see with dX is three-fold:

1. Two forty-year-old men doing stupid juvenile skits that have already been done to death and trying desperately to be hip is good for a nostalgia pop but can get real old real quick (see also: "The James Gang" and in particular the past six years of "Roaddog's" career). What dX needs after this is some new blood, perhaps a couple members that weren't alive when Nixon was elected President. Then you easily have a built-in out - the young guys turn on the senior members, claiming they're hogging the spotlight and (ludicrously) claiming to be feeding off their heat, etcetera. I'm willing to give the E the benefit of the doubt, though, and point out that they have plenty of time to do something like that. In the meantime, however, it comes across to me as lame and terribly unhip.
2. It's forced. Just one example - the spraypainting in the office looked WAY too professional and overdone for my tastes. Also, I'm to believe that they're rebellious and working against the system, yet somehow were able to get green paint to dump from the ceiling?
3. When the antics of dX in its first incarnation (Michaels & HHH) were interesting, they were heels. When they did offensive and outrageous things, they weren't doing it to play to a crowd.

By the way, bringing in Roaddog, Gunn, X-Pac, and/or Chyna for this would be AWFUL. AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL. How anyone can even entertain the idea is beyond me.

As for the rest of RAW:
- The build for Mickie in that tag match was great. I just wish she had someone to, you know, actually wrestle. It did its job in the meantime, however, until Beth Phoenix and/or Trish heal up (although if Beth's early reactions are any indications she is NOT going to get over).
- Why did they bother with a build-up segment for a match (Vis/Haas) that was going to end in a meaningless Spirit Squad run-in? That's bad time management right there.
- Geez, as much as they've been burying Smackdown, at least they're not using the show as a third hour of RAW like they are ECW. Again, though, they only had two weeks for the Vengeance PPV, so I'll cut them some slack unless it continues afterwards (which the pessimist in me says it probably will).
- Any Ws read Kane's book that could perhaps shed some light as to who this disturbed character from Kane's childhood could be? Or has WWE just completely forgotten that they had that written and subsequently published?
- Kudos to Armando for throwing the hissy fit for fans pronouncing his name along with him.
- Ballz jobs out pretty quickly. Not that he should necessarily have a win over Cena, but seeing as how the "ECW roster" is ten old guys who they've portrayed as jobbers and two WWE guys, it wouldn't hurt them to make people think the brand has a chance of competing with RAW. They need younger guys called up for that promotion FAST. However...
- ...the Sabu attack on Cena completely made up for the previous folley. I gotta say that as of late I completely agree with flairforthegold13's sentiments up top about Sabu.
- People rag on Snitsky, but stuff like last night shows me that the guy's honestly trying. And it's not like he's the absolute WORST GUY to EVER get a WWE contract. Orton's popularity continues to confound me.
- The Nitro/Benjamin/Carlito feud over the IC title is the first time that title's scene has been interesting in quite awhile. All three guys have come off as great upper-midcarders, rather than just placeholders between segments.
- Eugene being shocked at his own violent outburst was interesting. Alright, they might as well pull the "not really mentally challenged" turn. Seriously, why not?
- Foley's motivation was compelling, to say the least. Which one hasn't been able to say about a wrestling character's motivation in quite some time. While some may crap on it, I'm interested to see exactly what he does to make it such a "horrible" match. Don't forget, this is the guy who wrestled anti-ECW matches (complete with inappropriate restholds) and actually did it in a way that made it entertaining and compelling.

At some times entertaining, most other times flat-out bad. The final shot is one of the few things that make me legitimately embarrassed to be a wrestling fan. And considering the nature of professional wrestling, that says quite a bit to me.


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#37 Posted on | Instant Rating: 6.94
If we were following the logic of "the enemy of my enemy is my friend", then Viscera and Haas should join DX. Note: I don't condone this.

I don't think X-Pac is reliable enough to come back, and, oh yeah, we all hate him. If they want to fill out DX as a face faction, Cena and Flair are right there. If they want to lean heel, there's Edge and Nitro, each with the obligatory female valet for a stable.

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#38 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.03
If DX were to even last beyond Vengeance and add some numbers, the first guy I'd like to see in that group would be Johnny Nitro. He's already a gay-like sleazy degenerate. A guy like Nitro would benefit from the rub of Triple H and Shawn Michaels, so to speak.

Also, to lessen the gay, a DX chick helps. Chyna served that function back in the day, although she didn't exactly lessen the gay so much as add new levels of disturbing gay. Should Nitro join DX, then Melina would come with, but a better DX chick would actually be Trish. She has that sarcastic sense of humor already and she's the top Diva in the company so she's not out of place standing next to Triple H and HBK as main eventers. It would also let some of her 2004 heelishness come through again.

But enough of this. I got two words for me: fantasy booking, and fantasy booking can suck it.

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#39 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.97
    Originally posted by Deputy Marshall
    What dX needs after this is some new blood, perhaps a couple members that weren't alive when Nixon was elected President. Then you easily have a built-in out - the young guys turn on the senior members, claiming they're hogging the spotlight and (ludicrously) claiming to be feeding off their heat, etcetera.

That's what I'm hoping for, but I won't hold my breath. As previously mentioned, if they could make a reasonable story of it, I would like to see Nitro & Melina and *somebody else* get a little rub from working as part of dX. I would hesitate to add Edge because he might actually lose some of the heat that he's already gained.

However, knowing how much Vince likes to recycle, I have no doubt that I will eventually see Chyna or X-Pac or maybe both. ("Kip" & "B.G." seemingly are contractually obligated to their current home....)


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#40 Posted on | Instant Rating: 2.58
Was there live and DAMN I've never seen such little wrestling. It was an entertaining show and all but outside of Carlito's brief spurt NOTHING interesting happened in the ring. But it is RAW.

Saw the wrestlers exiting and Balls was definetly the coolest. He came out puffin' hard on a smoke and waved away the police to allow the fans to come up to him. RVD and Shelton also were social but nothin' like my man Balls!

Now, I wanna hear what geemoney has to say.
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