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The W - Pro Wrestling - RAW #681 06/12/06 Play by Play Report
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Lap cheong

Since: 4.4.03
From: Nitro WV

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#1 Posted on | Instant Rating: 1.09
UNLIMITED: Lillian singing the national anthem. JR out and King out for commentary.

Opening: In Memory of John "Earthquake" Tenta show...the Power is back runs. Paul opens the show talking about the controversy surrounding the championship match last night. ECW rules meant anything goes. To refs go down and the only person left to make the three count is Paul Heyman. Meaning ECW recognizes RVD as the WWE and ECW champion. Edge is invited to ECW tomorrow night to take on RVD. Paul introduces RVD and he is R...V...D the WWE Champion...spin belt.

IT'S TIME TO WAKE UP!!! It's Monday Night Raw! Live from Penn State.

Raw Opener plays...rundown of the night. Orton is out and through hell fire and brimstone it's Kane. Kane starts in control but Orton takes control of the match. Works Kane in the corner then leading to a dropkick. Kane does the sit up. Back and forth action Kane body attack in the corner, side walk slam in the center of the ring. To the top Kane...Orton attempts a superplex reversed and the top rope clothesline. Orton escapes the chokeslam attempt in the ropes but Kane boots him to the head. They're fighting up the ramp to a double count out. On the stage Orton goes for the RKO and Kane blocks it. Kane music and red lights come on. It's the impostor Kane on the stage...some sloppy fight on the stage takes place which leads to Kane getting shoved off the stage to concrete in very unimpressive choke push off the stage. That leads to our first ***AD BREAK***

UNLIMITED: Kane sells on the floor.

We're Back: Charlie Haas it out and he's admitting to Lillian he's a goof up. Big Vis is out I think Haas is going to get eating tonight by Big Vis. Big Vis says he doesn't like the apology by Charlie. He's giving Charlie beating and squash in the corner. Big Vis splash on Haas in the middle of the ring and he gives Lillian a blowing kiss. Exits the ring and we go to a reviews of HHH not wanting to kiss Vince's ass. HHH outsmarting Vince. Coachman in the locker room talking to the WWE crew because he's going to deliver the "State of the WWE address". ***AD BREAK***

UNLIMITED: Trivia of the night! C: Al Snow and Mankind lost to the New Age Outlaws. C: 2002 was where the did the Draft lottery at this location. I know this one...C: Dean Malekno!

We're Back: So, we see talk about ECW, Eugene in the back with Hacksaw who's going take Umaga. State of WWE address is now. Vince acknowledges RVD and turns his attention to HHH and what he did. Spirit Squad vs HHH five on one gauntlet. It's going to be slow and painful sending HHH straight to hell. ***AD BREAK***

UNLIMITED: Matt Strikers class room. He's saying he's smarter than ECW wrestlers...for once I'm actually bored he's talking about ECW. Chant "Lets Read Books." He's Matt Striker and he is our teacher.

We're Back: First ever wet and wild water contest...Torrie Wilson vs Candice Michelle. I should have had Clohe the dog in fantasy. Lawler "already wet" well if I every hear to much information that was it. They're wearing white...this could be slightly wild. Lawler "What a menu." I'm not even going to call this action...all I know is the ring is going to be wet the rest of the night. Go Daddy dance. "Stink Face". X Factor for Torrie to win...what the hell did I just watch?!? Cold water anyone?
They review the award show Trish hosted in Canada. Reviewing the controversy.

UNLIMITED: Signs of the Night...someone slept with Mae Young for tickets...BARF! Chuck Norris can see John Cena. Kane slay your daemons.

We're Back: Last night RVD is the NEW WWE champion...bottom line. Review...of all the controversy. Matches still to come. Cena/Edge and HHH/Squad. Promo from the Squad...tonight it's GAME OVER!


We're Back: ECW is on Sci Fi at 10pm so if you want to get HARDCORE ACTION check out Sci Fi tomorrow at 10pm. It's time to play the GGGGGGGGGGGGGAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMEEE!!! Vince is out! He looks upset. Showing us how the Spirit Squad killed HBK. HHH dominating Mikey in the gauntlet. Here comes Kenny. Now it's two on one. Spirit Squad working over HHH in the corner. Now in the center of the ring. Flip sault by Mikey onto HHH. Well a spin buster leads to more members of the Spirit Squad coming out. Nickey and Johnny are out to help. Clubbing HHH on the outside. HHH into the steel steps. Choking HHH with a camera cable. Trampoline slam by the Spirit Squad. Steel chair around the leg of HHH. Vince calling out Mitch finally. HBK is out. He's taken out Mitch. HBK and HHH cleaning house! They in each others face...HHH...HBK...HHH...HBK...they high five each other. I JUST MARKED OUT! Holy gawd I'm GIDDY! Talk about pulling a trigger. Crotch chops! Vince shocked. Jim Ross: DX is Back! ***AD BREAK***

UNLIMITED: HHH: "Cut the music. Vince it's quite simple we've got two words for you! SUCK IT!"

We're Back: Review what just happened...D-X vs Spirit Squad at Vengeance. HOOO. Hacksaw is out and he's taking on Umaga. Jim "Hacksaw" Duggan goes after Umaga. Wow a three move match...Duggan hung upside down in the corner, the butt charge, and the Samoan spike. Eugene getting attacked by Umaga. You know what...Estrada is going to be the one to revive lost role of the manager...I'm digging him. Mouth piece and all. ***AD BREAK***

UNLIMITED: Eugene helping Duggan to the back...he's crying.

We're Back: See No Evil...go see it...I did and it wasn't to back...not really scary either. Foley's out taped up from the fight last night. Foley saying it's going to be a new chapter...WHOOOO!!! Flair! Flair is out and here comes Flair...are these two going to kill each other? These two have been pot shoting each other for 20 years. Now Ric's been wanting to say it for three years. Flair said it...glorified stunt man. Whoa! BULLSHIT from Ric Flair...Foley saying the things he did drove him crazy. HOLY CRAP! I couldn't even keep up with that. I now want to see Vengeance because they're going old school. ***AD BREAK***

UNLIMITED: Lawler says you want another match not in ECW come get it Joey and Tazz. Out comes the current top champion on Raw now the IC champ Shelton.

We're Back: Johnny Nitro out with Melina review of Carlito beating Shelton. Carlito is out to take on Nitro. This has to be quick match with the Cena/Edge left. Melina stole Carlito apple...well I wouldn't be that upset. Nitro WHIFFS the standing moonsault and wins! Someone screen cap that! Carlito selling his nose. Oh crap we actually have the women wait they're all injured so it's just Mickie James reminding us she's healthy...Randy says he wants Kurt to come to the WWE Vengeance PPV for a rematch.

UNLIMITED: Show the opening again.

We're Back: Highlanders are coming...WWE Raw will be there home. Review of the reunion of DX. The Edge Promo, ECW Wrestlers come out and we go to the ***AD BREAK***

UNLIMITED: Stevie Richards Promo saying they're there to support Edge and watch ECW tomorrow.

We're Back: Edge it out, Cena is out and he's after Edge like a rabid dog. Oh crap there's an actual sign that say Cena got Screwed. Lita causes a DQ. Edge runs toward ECW. ECW hits Edge and Cena takes them out with a steel chair. Cena Promo as we're running really over. Cena is fired up as Cena is going to ECW tomorrow night. He's coming to have a good time because he liked it. He's going to do whatever the hell he wants. Copyright logo, WWE Logo, and cut to black.

Hmm...does anybody have the sudden feeling of being overwhelmed?

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Since: 3.1.02
From: Calgary

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#2 Posted on | Instant Rating: 6.07
Pretty decent RAW, but the lack of healthy women's wrestlers seriously hurts the flow of the show, as the T&A showcase slowed things way the hell down.

That said, Vengeance is stacking up to be pretty decent.

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Since: 7.11.02
From: Riderville, SK

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#3 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.46
If this is going to be a yearly tradition, where they pack the Ven gea nce card right after an enjoyable ECW show, I'm not going to complain. I always need something like this to recharge my wrestling batteries. (Most recent examples: the awesome draft last year coinciding with Christian's main event push, and then Edge's surprise win.) Makes me feel good about being a wrestling fan.

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Packman V2

Since: 16.3.04
From: Albuquerque, NM

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#4 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.92
Vengeance is quietly becoming one of the major PPVs of the year. Last year we were loaded with matches, and same this year, 4-5 buy worthy matches, with more possiblities to come.


Since: 12.12.01

Since last post: 1827 days
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#5 Posted on | Instant Rating: 8.53
What a night for great promos. Foley and Flair of course, those guys were fired up, they were YELLING, intensely PAUSING, and calling one another ... a SON of a BITCH! But Mickie James did a wonderful promo. Orton did a good promo. Cena did a very good promo. Edge & Lita did a good promo and Lita said "ooh wee ooh."

And DX. Geez. It really pays to make people wait.
Ne Luumaet

Since: 25.3.06

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#6 Posted on | Instant Rating: 6.54
Did anyone else catch the mild "Samoa Joe" chant after the Umaga match?

Since: 2.1.02

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#7 Posted on | Instant Rating: 3.68
Visera makes a great King Kong to Lillian's unwilling Jane.

I was really expecting an HBK Superkick once the crowd was going nuts.

A lot of my intrest in the ECW show kind of went away after all the WWE guys said that they were going to be there. Three guys on the roster already played cannon fodder to Cena, so I don't really like the rest of the roster's chances. It'll be interesting to see how they use the hour.
Spaceman Spiff

Since: 2.1.02
From: Philly Suburbs

Since last post: 1398 days
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#8 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.05

    Nitro WHIFFS the standing moonsault

C'mon, man, that was obviously a Shooting Star Knife Edge Chop (WOOO!)


Since: 12.2.02
From: Cleveland, Ohio

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#9 Posted on | Instant Rating: 3.93
RAW from my DVR:

Orton/Kane: eh. Still wondering where they are going with this.
Haas took his beating like a man. I was half waiting for Lillian to get in the way and get injured by Vis.

A lot of FFWD thru Vince, T&A, and the initial Spirit Squad beatdown. Stopped and rewound when Mitch was supposed to come out - that was quite the fling thru the curtain.

I am so torn on this whole DX thing. Wasn't a huge DX fan in the first place, and frankly they just looked *old* out there. It just feels like the whole gang (Vince/Shawn/HHH) is monkeying around and overshadowing the title holders. Considering that left to their own devices, the Spirit Squad was able to dispatch Kane and Big Show, I hope they can be allowed to show up against DX. Oh, and I can't believe they didn't make extensive use of the trampoline last night. I mean, come on it's right THERE.

Hacksaw/Umaga - I still dig Estrada. The rest was FFWD.

Mick came out, and I was enjoying his promo. Then Ric came out and I started drooling with anticipation. I just wish we had longer to build this match up, cause I really could listen to these two promo endlessly.

Did Johnny Nitro really bust Carlito's nose with his botched standing moonsault?

I was almost waiting for Victoria to have some cooked-up reason to go after Mickie during her promo.

Well, I am looking forward to ECW tonight but I wish there was more separation between the brands. I do not like that they are putting Angle on a WWE PPVE, and I do not like the WWE'ers "dropping in" to ECW. Eh, I know they're trying to lure people in to get the brand established again, just not my cup of tea.

Overall, a good RAW.

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Since: 23.1.02
From: Maine

Since last post: 625 days
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#10 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.48
-Nothing got me to want to watch a match more in months than the promo between Flair and Foley.

-Is Edge injured? He seemed to be running rather gingerly around the ring.

- Umaga=Goldberg. Except for the cool finisher.

- Dial up sucks. I haven't seen a video of the Lillian fall yet and I always seem to be away from the TV when they show it. Was it really that bad?

- John Cena going to ECW to stay to be a heel there? Also did it seem like Justin did not even want to be there?

- DX. The moment was cool. It will make a ton on merchandising.

- R.I.P. John.


Since: 2.1.02

Since last post: 3578 days
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#11 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.42
I predict that sometime between tonight and Vengeance, we learn that Edge is in fact Heyman's RAW draft pick. Unless somewhere he specifically said RVD was the pick and I missed it.

DX might have been cool if we didn't know it was coming for months. Also, these guys are OLD. When I think of Triple H, I no longer think anti-establishment, I think establishment.

Foley and Flair were of course great. I'm not sure how good the match is going to be, but the promos last night were gold.

Where the hell are they going with Umaga? The character's OK I guess, and Estrada is cool. But is this guy going to be a world champion like this? Are they trying to recreate Yokozuna? Because I just don't see this guy ever doing more than squashing a few midcarders.

And Nitro's miss on the moonsault was so bad that I thought for a second that he had to have been trying something else. That was UGLY.

EDIT: Also, I love Benjamin and Carlito.

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Matt Tracker

Since: 8.5.03
From: North Carolina

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#12 Posted on | Instant Rating: 6.95
    Originally posted by RecklessEric
    Is Edge injured? He seemed to be running rather gingerly around the ring.

Considering he almost broke his back last week, I'm not surprised. That table debacle looked BAD.

Shawn's blouse-like shirt again disturbs Chez Tracker deeply.

I was all OVER this show tonight. They managed to turn my curiosity for Eugene, who I hope has some surprises for Umaga, and I even liked Mickie. Everyone's wearing his wearing working boots.

The Spirit Squad, alas, is losing its fun. They shouldn't play the enforcer role, expeically how horribly they fail. Take out Cena? Nope. Take out Hunter? Nope. Take out Shawn. Temporarily. OK, they put Val on the shelf. But, come on, It's Val Venis. VAL VENIS.Their match with DX may be the one I look forward to the least for Vengeance. The Triple Threat for the belt might be a humdinger.

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#13 Posted on | Instant Rating: 3.41
Whoever finally reminded Flair and Foley it is all about making money and Flair/Foley is a moneymaking match deserves credit. However, this should be a match with a 6 week build-up going into SummerSlam, not thrown together at the last minute. The cynic in me looks at this match as a way to prevent Vengeance being a dud buyrate wise due to it being so close to the ECW PPV and causing the DX reunion to tank in the process.
I never cared for the original version of DX 9 years ago, so this reunion isn't like the Horsemen being reborn to me.

Since: 27.2.03
From: Parts Unknown

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#14 Posted on | Instant Rating: 3.63
I think my feelings on the Wild Samoan gimmick are well publicized, but I would like to add that I loved watching Umaga break the 2x4 on his own thick skull. I'm not loving the DX reunion, but then again I didn't like them that much the first time around. Also, I am TIRED of Vince McMahon. Never my favorite, he has totally worn out his welcome with me. Pick a GM already, and get off the air. Foley/Flair promo was golden, although I wish they weren't making Mick such an obvious heel. I'd rather they just let each one stand on his own merits and let the fans decide who they're with. Finally, I'm starting to get why they keep teasing the Cena heel turn but they never do it. They know the fans want it bad, but by NOT turning him, they actually get fans to boo him louder.

Since: 2.1.02
From: nWo Country

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#15 Posted on | Instant Rating: 6.21
This DX reunion is awesome, mainly because, after YEARS of the popular online credo being touted as "give the fans what they want", it's proven that the ACTUAL credo is "give the fans what they, not THOSE fans. Us! US!!!".

Good show. The DX thing was very well-executed, and the Foley/Flair feud felt like it was just gearing up. I'm thinking Foley cheats to beat Flair, then Flair beats Foley in a hardcore rematch.

Did NOT like the casual chairing of the ECW contingent, though.

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Since: 25.4.03
From: Nashville, TN

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#16 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.90

Vengeance is shaping up to be a great show, especially with the addition of Foley vs. Flair, which is easily a Wrestlemania caliber match.

I'd love to see Nitro get the IC strap ...

At least Charlie Haas didn't get dry-humped as part of his "punishment" ... yet.

Since: 21.4.04
From: New York, NY, USA

Since last post: 6403 days
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#17 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.52
I thought the original DX was just about the most super-awesome thing in the history of wrestling (and by "original," I mean Michaels/Helmsley/Chyna, not Helmsley/X-Pac/NAO, which I didn't really like from the beginning and grew to despise), but no, I am not excited about the reunion at all. Original DX was doing things you'd never seen on a wrestling show ever. It was totally edgy. But you think of what they used to do, and nine years later, it's been done a million times.

Is it just me, or was that the lamest State of WWE (I continue to refuse to say "the WWE") Address ever? All that hype and lighting and serious demeanor, and then: "The state of WWE is strong. We're all really excited about ECW. Triple H, you're going to get your ass kicked tonight by the Spirit Squad!" What?

I really wanted to like Flair-Foley, and I guess I kinda did, but there was something a little disjointed about it. I don't think either one of them was totally on his game. My wife wondered if Flair was drunk. (I told her that by God, Ric Flair is way too much of a professional to come out there drunk! Wooooooooooooooo!)

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Since: 20.3.02
From: California

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#18 Posted on | Instant Rating: 7.14
I'm surprised they let the RVD decision stand, but that's really cool that they did. This also means that Shelton Benjamin is the top singles champion on RAW! I'm sure the Cena/Edge program is a setup to get the title back onto RAW somehow, with RVD still claiming the ECW Title in the end.

The Foley/Flair promo was both of their best promos in ages (Elbowdrop onto the microphone!). They played really well off each other. They didn't really go into their WCW history much, but even still, you got the feel there was some real bad blood between the two. It was very well done and I hope they do this up until SummerSlam. The 2/3 falls stip was a great thing to throw in. Wonder if Flair will be getting into the barbed wire baseball bats soon... Probably not, but Hardcore Flair would still be interesting.

Since: 17.1.02
From: South F’n Carolina

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#19 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.75
Terrific edition of Raw mostly for the Flair/Foley confrontation and the DX official reunion (and the crowd popping for it as if Hogan just pinned Andre The Giant).

Nobody else will say it, so I will. That was one of the better T & A showcase matches I have ever seen. So many times we are supposed to be excited by the Divas, and the match or whatever just seems stupid. But last night, both women went at it pretty well and it was sexy...I can't deny it.

Bah...I think I need a cold shower.

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#20 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.69
I'm sorry I missed this edition. It looks as though it would have been absolutely awesome.

I'm honestly surprized to see Justin Credible back, especially after he was disallowed to use his stage name in other feds. I hope he requested that attain all ownership and copywrite to it when he signed the contract.

They couldn't have at least put RVD's nameplate on the title, could they?

In the past, the "BIG FOUR" shows have been dual brand that WWE has restarted ECW as a third brand...w'll they be involved in Summerslam, Survivor Series, the Royal Rumble, or most importantly, Wrestlemania?

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I really liked the Knox/Kane v. Kofi/Rey match. It was a good speed v. power match that was really well done. Some of those moves were awesome, like the plancha on Knox's knee. It was well paced, and I'd like to see a rematch.
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