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20.6.18 1721
The W - Pro Wrestling - WWF Wrestlemania IX rant...
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Wrestlemania IX

Date: April 4, 1993

Location: Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada

Announcers: Jim Ross (his WWF debut), Randy Savage, and Bobby Heenan

- A lot of preshow acts are shown. "Cleopatra" and "Julius Caesar" are brought to the ring. JR and Macho Man make fun of Heenan for smelling like a camel.

IC Title Match: Shawn Michaels (c) followed by Luna vs. Tatanka w/Sherri
You know Sherri has hell of a body on her. Take away the old age and she would look pretty damn good. Shawn has his kick ass white IC title tonight. Tatanka is undefeated coming into this match. HBK takes his time taking off his jewelry and clothes. Quick sequence to begin, neither man gets the advantage. They exchange wrist locks. Shawn hits a headlock take down from the top rope and holds on to it. He tries it again, but Tatanka hits a back suplex. He loudly chops Shawn in the corner. Quick note: something must've been done to the acoustics of this arena because every chop and smack is loud as hell during this show. Tatanka catches HBK with an arm drag in mid air and holds it for an armbar. HBK with the Flair corner job and Tatanka chops him to the outside. Sherri keeps Luna from Shawn. Tatanka doesn't allow HBK back in. Shawn rakes the eyes and Tatanka botches HBK's sunset flip attempt. It only gets a two. Tatanka catches him with a Manhattan drop. Big chop by Tatanka, then a single-arm DDT. He works Shawn's shoulder with an armbar and punches. Shawn goes for a clothesline but hurts his arm. Armwringer leg drop combo by Tatanka. Shawn goes shoulder first into the post. Tatanka back to the shoulder. Shoulder breaker by Tatanka and hits an elbow drop. Big chop to the shoulder by Tatanka off the top rope. He tries it again but HBK catches him with Sweet Chin Music on the way down. On the outside, Shawn sends Tatanka head first into the ring and hits a beautiful flying clothesline from the ring apron to the outside. Michaels keeps Tatanka on the outside. Swinging neck breaker by Michaels gets two. Standing dropkick by Michaels gets two again. Reverse chinlock on Tatanka. Tatanka fights out of it but Shawn stops him with some left jabs. Shawn botches a top rope victory roll and gets two. But since this was before Shawn became "big" he doesn't throw a tantrum; see Vader at Summerslam 96. More jabs leads to Shawn trying the victory roll again. Tatanka counters and drops him on his back. JR calls it a fall away slam. Double KO. Tatanka covers for 2 and 7/8s. Shawn hits a second rope ax handle, but Tatanka "Hulks up." Loud chops by Tatanka leads into a top rope body press for 2. HBK head first into the post, The crowd is loud now. Shawn reverses the Samoan drop into a pin for 2. Tatanka gets caught in mid-air and is planted with powerslam. He only gets 2. Funny spot: on that pin attempt you can clearly see the ref Joey Marella slow his hand down as it came down for a near 3. Tatanka is thrown outside and Shawn misses another flying clothesline and lands HAND first onto the steel steps. That looked really bad, and not in the good way. Shawn pulls the ref to the outside just as he counts to 10. Shawn gets in the ring and Tatanka hits the Samoan drop. The ref rings the bell. Tatanka looks pissed but he gets the win via countout. **3/4 After the match, Luna clotheslines and slams Sherri on the outside and they sell it like she was hit by a car.

- Mean Gene interviews the Steiners.

The Steiners vs. The Headshrinkers w/ Afa
Bill Alphonso is the ref for this match. Just a note, slobberknocker makes its ugly debut no less than 10 seconds into this match by JR. Scott and Fatu begin. Arm drag by Scott. Scott takes him down and pins him for 1, which goes directly into an armbar. Fatu headbutts him in the corner, but gets hiptossed. Shoving contest turns to slugfest and Scott eventually wins. Big Steinerline and Fatu does his flipping sell. Scott gets beat down by the Headshrinkers, and Rick comes in only to get thrown outside. Scott follows. The Steiners hit tandem clotheslines off the top and you can clearly see when Rick motions to the Headshrinkers when they were ready (watch his arm). Rick tagged in and gets beats by Samu. Rick reverses an Irish whip and hits a clothesline then throws Samu face first into the post. Scott back in and hits Samu with a double underhook suplex and dropkicks Fatu. High spot of the match: Scott and Samu reverse Irish whips, and Scott gets stun gunned OVER the top rope. He hits the mat hard on the outside. Great spot. The Afa cracks the kendo stick across Scott's back. Seriously, it was hella loud. Back in Samu bits Scott and beats him down. Fatu in and hits a backbreaker. Hits the flying headbutt, but Rick breaks it up. Boot to the face in the corner, but Samu tags out. Scott gets kneed outside. Scott tries slamming Fatu's head into the mat, but it didn't take, so Fatu thrust kicks Scott in the face. Weak elbow to the back of the head, leads into a standing dropkick by Samu. He fights back, but gets poked in the eye by Samu. Demolition Decapitation and a headbutt by Fatu still only gets two. Double KO spot. Samu in, no tag to Rick. Nice chop on Scott. Bodyslam and a missed flying headbutt by Samu allows Scott to tag Rick. He cleans house. Tries to double headbutt the Headshrinkers, but it doesn't take, of course, so he gets beat down. Best wrestling spot of the match: the Headshrinkers were looking for a modified Doomsday Device, but Rick catches Samu in MID AIR and powerslams him off of Fatu's shoulder!!! Fatu breaks the count up at 2. Scott in and hits a weird looking belly to belly suplex on Fatu. Another thrust kick by Samu. Scott reverses the Irish whip, and hits one of the ugliest looking Frankensteiner's ever. JR calls it a Steinerline. Scott pins for the three count. **1/4 The match was okay, but Scott Steiner can't play Ricky Morton very well.

- Mean Gene interviews Doink. What a loser.

Crush vs. Doink the Clown
Crush has a great looking mullet. Evil Doink kicked ass too. Chase sequence starts on the outside with Crush slamming Doink onto the mat. Crush keeps Doink in the corner and chokes him. Irish whip knocks Doink down in the corner. Back outside, Crush beats on Doink. Doink crawls in and gets hit with a neckbreaker. Snapmare and face rack leads to a rope choke oversell by Doink. Crush punches Doink on the rope, but he reverses it into a rope Stunner. Doink with a top rope ax handle. His a flying forearm. Goes upstairs again, and hits another ax handle. A very weak looking Terry Funk pulling piledriver. Bodyslam by Doink, but he eats boot on the way down from the top rope. Doink stays in control until he gets powerslammed off the top rope. Crush clotheslines him out of the ring. Doink tries to climb under the ring, but Crush pulls him out. Gorilla press slam by Crush and he signals for the "Cranium Crush." Ref bump and Crush tries to revive him, as Doink heads under the ring again. Solebutt kick by Crush, and he returns to the "Cranium Crush." All of a sudden, another Doink comes from behind and hits him with a prosthetic arm. Doink gets the pin, yet he receives a pretty good pop. 3/4* Another ref comes in to look for the other Doink. He doesn't find him.

- Todd Pettingil talks to Asian people.

Razor Ramon vs. Bob Backlund
Backlund comes out to silence; both crowd and music. Backlund acts like a fool to begin. Though he hasn't turned face yet, Razor gets a pretty good "Razor" chant. Comedic mat sequence which has Razor getting tripped and pushed around by Backlund. Backlund looks like such a fag in the ring. Bodyslam by Razor, and another. Ramon knocks Backlund down with some punches, and begins to punch and kick at his head. Ugly hiptosses by Backlund (mainly Razor's fault), and then Bob misses a dropkick, but hits a forearm. Butterfly suplex by Backlund. Razor misses a punch and gets hit with a long atomic drop that looks awkward upon impact. Razor reverses a slam attempt for the three count. A crappy match. DUD

- Mene Gene interviews Money Inc. They recap how the match came to be.

Tag Title Match: Money Inc. (c) vs. Megamaniacs w/ Jimmy Hart
Brutus looks like a retarded yellow and red Hurricane. Picture the Hurricane, change the mask a bit, and color it yellow and red and you got it. Hogan is sporting his shiner he got from "Money Inc. thugs," though many believe it was Randy Savage who gave him the shiner because Hogan whined to get the title back. Money Inc. rush Hogan and Brutus before the bell, but of course, the Megamaniacs fight back and take control. I don't care what anyone says, Hogan was still VERY popular and very bald at this time. Lots of stalling to begin. IRS works on Beefcake's face. In comes Dibiase who elbows Brutus and brings in IRS. More double teaming, but Dibiase hurts his hands when he ax handles Brutus in the face. The crowd is actually very quiet. 10 count in the corner as Dibiase wobbles around and in comes Hogan. Big pop to that. 9 punches in the corner and Dibiase flops. Hogan clothesline. Brutus in and they double team Dibiase. The Megamaniacs are getting in too much offense. Hogan weakly ax handles Ted and punches him out of a headlock. Hogan throws both guys out of the ring and stalls. Money Inc. begins to walk to the dressing room, but are threaten that if they do, they lose the title. So they return. "Hogan" chant. Dibiase works over Hogan with punches and chokes. IRS chokes Hogan with a rope. More choking. This match is sooooo slow. Million Dollar Dream is applied, but as always, Hogan gets out of it. Brutus in with a sleeper. Hogan is out and so is Dibiase. The ref begins to count. Brutus and IRS in. Brutus takes control. High knee takes out IRS. Note not one pin attempt in this match yet. Ted hits Brutus with the briefcase. Knees to the chest by Dibiase. He tries ripping off the mask. He succeeds and gives it to IRS. God put the mask back on Brutus, please! Beefcake fights back with a double clothesline and Hogan wants in. Brutus with a sleeper on IRS, but Ted breaks it up and hits the ref. Hogan gets in and Ted runs off. He hits everyone with Beefcake's mask and knocks them all out. The Megamaniacs pin Money Inc., but there's no ref. Jimmy Hart comes in and counts the three because, yeah, he's a real ref. Him counting means jack shit and Money Inc. wins by DQ. 1/2* Hogan and Beefcake dance like losers and throw Money Inc.'s money everywhere.

- Mean Gene interviews Mr. Perfect. Perfect has a problem saying the Narcissist Lex Luger and leaves.

Mr. Perfect vs. "The Narcissist" Lex Luger
Luger is accompanied by some very hot women. So instead, they show us Lex. Perfect comes out to a nice pop. Dueling arm wringers ends in a stalemate. Perfect punches Luger in the stomach and hits a running knee. Dropkick by Hennig and Lex takes a break on the outside. So much stalling. Punches and elbows by Luger, but Perfect slaps, trips, and smashes Lex's leg. Luger is groaning and moaning like he is having an orgasm every time he gets hit. Hennig works the leg. Spinning toehold goes nowhere. Hennig wrings it in again. Huge chop by Perfect. Perfect gets thrown into the turnbuckle and hurts his bag. Hennig thrown to the outside where Luger rams him in the ring. Nice back breaker by Luger gets a two count. More orgasm selling by Luger as he's punched by Hennig. Luger reverses the Irish whip and tries to pin Hennig with his feet on the rope ala Flair. Ref sees it. Powerslam by Luger gets 2. Perfect gets a nice sunset flip for two. Luger swings and gets caught in the sleeper. Lex rams him in the corner, and gets punched in the stomach. Small package gets two for Hennig and leads into a bacccccck body drop. Hennig with a catapult into the corner. Two punches, and a two count by Hennig. Lex backs away. Ten punches in the corner is countered by Luger, but Hennig counters that and knocks him down. Swinging neckbreaker gets 2. Top rope dropkick by Hennig, he goes for the pin, but Luger gets a foot on the rope. They battle over a backslide, Luger uses the ropes for leverage. He pins Hennig, who has his feet on the rope, but the ref doesn't see. Winner Luger. * Luger proceeds to knock the shit out of Hennig with his loaded forearm after the match. After Perfect regains his composure, he proceeds to the back where he attacks Luger. HBK comes from behind and hits him with some cardboard and rubber trash cans. Officials separate them.

Giant Gonzales w/ Harvey Wippleman vs. The Undertaker w/ Paul Bearer
Undertaker comes to the ring on a cool black chariot with a black vulture. I'll let you know right now, this match may have some entertainment value if you're a huge Undertaker fan, but other than that, as Scott Keith would say, this match is an abortion. Gonzales talks to himself and raises his arms. Ooh scary. Undertaker with some throat thrusts and a choke in the corner. Gonzales chokes back. Gonzales goes low and misses an ax handle. UT with his top rope walk, but it doesn't bring Gonzales down. More punches and kicks by UT. Gonzales fights backs and pound on him a bit. Hiptoss by Gonzales, into a standing chinlock. You know how UT gets out of that. UT gets thrown out of the ring very weakly. Chop by Gonzales and rams UT's head into the steps, followed by throwing him knee first into the steps. Back in, headbutts and forearms galore by Gonzales. UT fights back. Gonzales goes to one knee and Wippleman gets on the apron. UT goes after him, but Harvey throws in a rag with some chloroform. Gonzales smothers UT and the ref throws this match away. UT wins by DQ. -*** Yes this match was that bad. Gonzales can't sell and walks like his ass it full of something. Refs swarm the ring, and in the one cool thing of this match, Gonzales chokes Bill Alphonso with one hand and easily picks him up like a rag down. Bill sells a choke slam nicely. Stretcher job for UT. Sadly, it's not over yet. UT comes out of the back and beats on Gonzales with some punches and many clotheslines and finally knocks him down.

- Mene Gene discusses the hype around Yokozuna. Flashbacks are shown of Hacksaw fighting Yokozuna. Yokozuna kicks his ass. Then they show the contract signing between Bret and Yokozuna from the Wrestling Challenge. Meantime, Hogan comes in and talks about the title match. Something seems a bit weird in that Hogan has an interview right before the match. Hmm.

- Todd Pettingil talks to some fags in the crowd.

WWF World Title: Yokozuna w/ Mr. Fuji vs. Bret Hart (c)
Aww the days when the WWF Title would get a pop. Bret comes out to a decent pop. Bret has his sweet pink alternate outfit on. Bret attacks quickly, but Yokozuna shrugs him off. Bret tries wrapping his arms around Yoko but can't. Yoko runs into Bret, who sells it like he's been hit by a car. Bret ties Yoko up in the ropes and trips him. He pounds on his head. Bret with his patented elbow. Clothesline doesn't knock Bret down, but Yoko connects with one. Scoop slam by Yoko, which is followed by a Hogan-esque leg drop. Beautiful camera work on that one. USA chant begun even though Bret is Canadien. Chokehold by Yoko. Bret counters an avalanche and hits a weird looking bulldog/sleeper hold combo off the top rope. It gets 2. Thrust kick by Yoko takes Bret down. Snapmare into a nervehold. Bret gets out and thrown into the corner, but again counters an avalanche and hits a nice bulldog off the top for 2. Bret comes with another elbow drop. 2 top rope clotheslines by Bret take the big man down. 10 punch combo is countered, but Bret yanks off the turnbuckle pad. Yoko gets slammed into the exposed corner and is placed into the Sharpshooter. He gets it on and holds it. Fuji grabs some salt, some of which lands on the ref, and throws it into Bret's eyes for the weak 3 count. New champ. 3/4*

- However, like I said before, it was weird Hogan had a prematch interview. Hogan comes down to help Bret. Fuji challenges Hogan to a title shot. Hogan agrees after Bret "reluctantly" urges him. Yoko grabs hold of Hogan and Fuji reaches for the salt again. Hogan ducks, and Yoko gets the salt in his eyes. Hogan clotheslines Yoko, legdrop, and its over. New champ. And honestly, the crowd goes apeshit. Bell never rang either. Maybe that is why Bret was pissed with Hogan for so long? Hogan wouldn't give Bret a shot at the title and hogged the spotlight.

This show has a lot of heat for being the worst Wrestlemania ever. To me, WM 2 and 11 deserve that distinction. Though none of the matches hit higher than *** and Hogan got the spotlight on him again, the overall atmosphere and feel of the event was great. The crowd was live, and the chops were loud. This is actually a favorite of mine. 1993 was a pretty bland year for wrestling, but I'll go with a slight YAY for this show only if you can watch a show for atmosphere alone.

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You know, I have NEVER seen this WM? I need to check it out just for historical purposes. Where would you rank WM X on the all time list?

January 4th 1999 - The day WCW injected itself with 10 gallons of Liquid Anthrax...AKA...The day Hogan "Defeated" Nash to win the WCW title in front of 40,000.
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is it me or didn't YOU do this BEFORE??? Click Here (The W)

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I don't think Wrestlemania IX is all that bad really. I've seen it atop many 'worst' lists. Maybe its because of the sentimental value of it to me, but while no match in partticular really worked, the event as a whole seemed important.

This could be because I was a subscriber of WWF Magazine at the time and would stay up until 2:00 AM to see Superstars on my local affiliate.

It could be because Giant Gonzalez seemed like a formidable opponent at the time.

It could be because Crush HAD to get his revenge on Doink.

Most likely because I was a huge Mr. Perfect mark and his match against The Narcissist seemed epic.

Hell, even the Sherri/Tatanka/Michaels triangle was sweet at the time. I ate it all up.

Truth be told, I think Mene Gene's Wrestlemania Center rundowns sold it to me...they need to bring those back.
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This was one of the weakest WM cards, but certainly one of the best (and certainly the most unique) atmospheres. Perhaps for WM 22, WWE can go back to Vegas and put on a worthier show.

And I STILL think that the WWF royally missed the boat on Doink.

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I remember this show being awful and I remember that weekend perfectly.

Wrestlemania III (1987) was the last one I watched before I went away to college in Texas. While living in Dallas, I rarely saw any wrestling. But I did catch a few indy shows at the Sportatorium in Dallas (where Slick bummed some Kools off of me). My brother and I moved to NYC in 1991.

Fast forward to April 4, 1993 and I was having a party at my apartment with some friends and their families. My buddy Ned's 2 kids (ages 8 & 10) were huge WWF fans and begged us to order the PPV. We ordered it and after the Brain came out on a camel (riding backwards) it was all downhill from there. Giant Gonzales was beyond awful and the Bret/Yoko/Hogan thing didn't work at all. Although the kids popped for Hogan (as did most of the adults casually watching).

I remember it so clearly, because we all went to the Mets opening day the following day (4/5/93) in what was the first game in Colorado Rockies history (Doc Gooden threw a shutout). That night Chris Webber cost me a bundle when he called "the timeout" (which Michigan didn't have) in the NCAA Championship game versus North Carolina giving "Mr. Four Corners" Dean Smith the national title. Webber's blunder made Doink vs Crush seem less awful at the time, but we couldn't believe how bad the show was.

Due to this horrible show, I didn't watch pro wrestling again until 5 years later when I heard Hogan went heel on CNN Headline news, now that was something I had to see.

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    Originally posted by Mystic Gohan 2003
    is it me or didn't YOU do this BEFORE??? Click Here (The W)

This thread is closed on account of the evidence presented.

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Just got back from the show in Winnipeg. The arena was pretty full, with only the very ends having empty seats. One of the upper decks along the side was open and filled up.
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