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28.3.15 1110
The W - Pro Wrestling - WWF make your own tag team kit (Page 2)
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Three Words: Minnesota Stretching Crew

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But how interested is the WWF in keeping Funaki?
It could be a cool idea though..Funaki going out solo doing the Kaientai gimmick (stereo type japanese stuff) and Tajiri getting pissed (ofcourse WWF style ignoring the fact that he also was/is pretty stereotype) at him and slowly turning him into a bad mofo too..

I believe the fact that Storm is mentioned so many times in the ideas, is because he is a good wrestler and has some sweet moves. And his gimmick of having no gimmick is great for a partner to play on.

Recently Kane has been nothing but this big guy that does some stuff (Btw, wasn't he supposed to be pushed as he stayed in last years rumble for about an hour??).
Kane needs someone to work with, relate to, feed off, whatever you wish to call it. That's the reason why the Kane/XPac team worked back then. Have him be Hurricane's sidekick..

Kanyon, Awesome, Venis, Kidman, D'Lo, Bull, Raven, Saturn are all guys who could be part of a reasonably successful team if healthy and given the chance.
In fact, I'd love the team that was suggested earlier; Raven & Saturn. I thought they ruled in WCW.

And as for the 'throwing two names together' thing. If you let two guys team for a while and things start working, they aren't two guys anymore. Remember how the Outlaws started?
Who knows where GUnn/Palumbo can end up..and the same could happen for any team as long as they are given the chance.

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The Funaki sounds good in theory, but I think it would be a LOT more interesting if it was Dick Togo in Sho Funaki's position. Then after that, DICKMANIA WILL BE RUNNING WILD!!! Or not. Maybe Funaki can become The Tidal Wave team with the Hurricane and become a super-hero duo to literally storm the division.

Speaking of Storm, they could team him with Steve Blackman and be the All-Business Team. Their promos would be "serious" but in that hilariously serious manner that both are so good at. Of course, they would have to denounce ANYTHING non-serious, making them heels. But that's just what I think they should do with Storm; it probably would be better in the long run than having him team with Test and Christiaaaaaaaaan.

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I still don't get why they dropped Hurricane and Storm, that team was getting over. But tradition of WWF they didn't get too over because we needed another Hardyz/Dudleyz part 284 during the Invasion angle.

I really miss Edge and Christian, there okay when they are alone, but together it was special. Team EAK was at a time the best thing on WWF TV especially there run ins with Folly...It's sad that a tired tag team like the Hardyz and Dudleyz are still are still together, but E & C isn't.

For some reason I've always been a fan of a Big giant guy with his little buddy (that sounds dirty...LOL) Big Show/Spike or Kane/X-Pac.

NOW my statment that will make internet snobs go crazy : Trish and the Rock winning the Tag Titles, I want to see that


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I think there are a lot of people wanting Lance Storm in a tag team role for many reasons.
1. He can make anyone look good, and not just his opponents but his teammate too. I personally never thought Credible was that good, but the Impact Players were a great tag team.
2. He'll probably go along with anything the WWF tells him to, unlike others who might complain about having to share the spotlight with others.
3. Most everyone I know likes Lance Storm, and let's face it, he's not going to win the World Title anytime soon, so the next best thing is the World Tag Titles I guess.

Speaking of which, with all the main eventers they have Rock, Stone Cold, HHH, Jericho, Booker T, Angle, Undertaker, RVD, not all of them can be contenders for the World Title, so I suggest they either tag Booker T or Angle up with Lance and give them a long Tag Title reign ala the Outsiders when they first went to WCW. Or maybe even Jericho and Lance when Jericho's title reign is over.

Other tag teams:
Venis and D-Lo (because Mark Henry is gone for now)
Brock Lesnar and Shelton Benjamin
Hurricane and Saturn
Raven and Kanyon (their promos in WCW were the best)

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#26 Posted on

...and let Torrie be their mouth piece.

What? You didn't just say that did you? Have you ever heard this woman talk? Plus, I think she's a big reason Tajiri has lot a lot of his heat. I also don't see why we have to stick all the Asians together as a team. I'd rather see Tajiri team up with some clown like Mikey Whipwreck. Now that team rocked.

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DDP and Raven. DDP should retain his motivational speaker gimmick, trying to be the personal motivator for the manic depressive Raven.

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DDP and Raven would be a fun combo indeed..
'What about me, what about Raven??'
'It is all about Raven indeed! Because you might not like you...but *I* like you! And if I can like aren't as terrible as you think..and that's a good thing'
and so on and so on..

In fact, DDP's motivational speaker act would go well with every team you want to get over with some sort of comedy routine. They could easily kick ass on the side but the comedy would be there.
Kane and DDP? being burned wasnt a bad thing. it was a good thing, it made you strong.

I think the WWF will go this way with its teams. Give them some sort of gimmick and then see if it works. Like Gunn/Palumbo.
It wouldn't even cross their minds to have two good workers together and have them just be an ass kicking team.

Venis and D'Lo together sounds good but how would you market them?
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Originally posted by cfgb
It's been reported his contract runs out real soon (I think this month) and the WWF has no interest in keeping him.


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I think Kevin Nash would be good in a tag-team to start. He's got to be rusty from not working (not like he was that great a worker to begin with) and maybe teaming him with a good worker for a while could cover up some of that until (if)he gets it back. Maybe Booker and Nash could work OK.


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Originally posted by CRZ
Taka ain't coming back, though...

Visit [slash] wrestling

From the Ross Report:

"Taka Michinoku may be able to return by early March from shoulder surgery."

So I guess he is coming back. Where did you guys read that he wasn't? I hope this means Kaentie will get a push in the near future.

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Originally posted by dMp
And as for the 'throwing two names together' thing. If you let two guys team for a while and things start working, they aren't two guys anymore. Remember how the Outlaws started?

Exactly. I'm tired of seeing two guys put together as a team with no matching tights, no common theme music, no collective name and no gimmick. It sucks.

Back in the day, tag-teams seemed to fall together quite naturally, because they would be repackaged as a TEAM, not as two guys who inexplicably work together.

IRS and DiBiase: Money, Inc.
Typhoon and Earthquake: Natural Diasasters

Heck, they used to give collective names to one-off stables like Colonel Mustafa, General Adnan and Sgt. Slaughter, who were known as "The Triangle of Terror" briefly.

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Taka seems to be on the list to be cut come March/April. That sucks big time. But he will have something to fall back on, cuz...

A showcase for his students (he runs a training center called...Kaientai Dojo!

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I'd love to see the Impact Players back together again. Bring up Lesnar and Constantino or Waterman or something and make them heel monsters. Get the Duds back to being faces, they suck as heels. How many times can we watch them beat up on Spike?

-The Big Kat
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From the Ross Report:

"Steven Richards and Tommy Dreamer are doing a good job as a tag team on the road."

That would be a good boost to the division. Have them feud with Raven and someone once again. I know it's been done almost to death, but it's better than watching Billy and Chuck on a path to the belts.

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Hmmm. Interesting question. A few thoughts--

As I've mentioned once before, I think the team of Chris Benoit and Lance Storm would be excellent. It'd remind me of the days when Benoit and Malenko kicked ass together in WCW (for a couple of months, then Flair turned heel, the nWo turned face, and Benoit and Malenko, as heels, were booked to lose to freaking Rey Mysterio and Billy Kidman).

But I digress. Anyway, I think Benoit and Storm, together as a team, could technical-wrestle through anybody.

I've always been a huge fan of cruiserweight tag-teams. Here's an interesting pairing for you-- Tajiri and Billy Kidman. Kidman would be the flier, Tajiri would be the asskicker. And Kidman would get all the face rub that Tajiri has to give-- which, you'll remember, is quite extensive. The fans love to see Tajiri. And so do I. At last, something the common fan and I can agree upon.

Chris Jericho and Christian would be an interesting tag-team. Funny I'm saying this now, because I remember what Jericho said about Christian on the 9/13/01 SmackDown, as he mocked his theme song...

“Christiiiiiian! Christiiiiiian! The jackass of the year!”

Just goes to show you how things can change with the stroke of a writer's pen.

I could make the argument that they shouldn't give the pen to someone who doesn't know how to use it correctly, but I believe I will postpone.

And that, as they say, is that.

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I agree with MC, the Minnesota Stretching Crew is exactly what the tag division needs. Those two beasts against Taz & Spike could be very entertaining.

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#38 Posted on

Originally posted by squiz
From the Ross Report:

"Steven Richards and Tommy Dreamer are doing a good job as a tag team on the road."

That would be a good boost to the division. Have them feud with Raven and someone once again. I know it's been done almost to death, but it's better than watching Billy and Chuck on a path to the belts.

"You can see a million miles tonight, but you can't get very far."
- Adam Duritz

Why would you have them feud with Raven? Do you think that would get them anywhere?
No matter how much ECW fans love Raven vs Dreamer, both guys are NOT over in the WWF.
Hell, Dreamer never even got a shot at being over as he hardly wrestled in filled arenas.

No, if Richards/Dreamer is to become a tag team you want to use on Raw/SD make them go after someone people already care about. Have them mock (notice mock, and not criticize in an RTC style) Chuck & Billy and let the people decide to cheer for. Wouldn't surprise me if they would support C&B and then Richards/Dreamer could be the evil vicious heels..

I think the WWF is trying to decide what to do with the tag team division right now. By having Spike & Tazz holding the titles they can decide what to do with the Dudley Boyz. Face, Heel..make em fresh again. Have them go after some other team that pissed them off..
Meanwhile T&S manage to hold on to the belts while other teams are being built..
Which teams? I don't know..perhaps we have some answers after the Rumble..

Oh..perhaps a nice way to start a feud for the APA. They arrive at their office and notice they are all out of beers. Someone drank them all..after doing some investigating and kicking people's asses for two weeks the signs point out to..Hall & Nash *grin* True, it's lame, but it sure beats Random guy 1&2 vs Other Random guy 1&2.

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You are so right and so wrong. Right because they put the title on the guy and thus should make him a more serious character. Wrong because the moniker is the funniest moniker in years and I would cry if we don't hear it every week.
- Torchslasher, Royal Rumble Prediction Thread (2009)
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